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Welcome to the Barnes & Noble customer service department. Here you can find customer complaints and contact information for the company including the CEO, mailing address, phone number, and email address. Barnes & Noble was started in NYC in 1917 and has 647 stores as of August 2015. It is publicly traded under the NYSE under the name "BKS" and has millions of customers around the world.

Have a complaint against Barnes & Noble? For general inquiries write your letter to Barnes & Noble Inc, P.O. Box 11, Lyndhurst, NJ 07071 or call the customer hotline at 800-962-6177. If neither of those options work for you, send a quick note to or find more info on the customer service website.

Here are some information on the executives you might want to include. Ronald D. Boire became the CEO in July 2015 because of his experience in consumer electronics. His background includes Best Buy and ToysRUs. Jaime Carey is the COO and the previous CEO, Michael P. Huseby has now become CEO of the recent split now called Barnes & Noble Educational Services.

On the B&N website there are several ways to contact the various parts of the corporation. You can email them, sign in, or create an account. If you choose the live chat option there is no expected wait. If you want to try an alternate phone number try 1-800-THE-BOOK, 1-800-843-2665, or for international customers 201-559-3882. You can also reach them on Twitter or Facebook if you have an urgent request.

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I have a complaint about the 2nd floor bathroom condition of the Union Square Barnes and Noble located in NYC. I have visited the 2nd floor bathroom in that location a few times and Everytime the room was filthy! The floor was always sticky, the toilet paper scattered all over the floor, out of 5 available toilets, 1 was splattered with poops (amazingly it happened Everytime I went in there). I understand being that it's children's department so things happen more frequently, but it's exactly the reason why it should be cleaned more often! I love Barnes and Noble store for the availability of the books, but the tardiness of it's bathroom condition of the location is really something they be ashamed of!


I was on you web site looking up this.Sensory Toys Stress Relief Hand Toys Squeeze Widget Therapy Toys for ADHD Autism Anxiety Small Toys Assortment. I was locked out of your web site for sexual contacts. There is nothing there that says sexual in nature It says Anxiety.
They need to read before knocking people off know what should I do with my gift cards to a book store that I once thought was good I can no longer get on to.
Katrina M Schmidt. .


I was trying to buy a book online. I had a gift card and a coupon. The coupon reads" 40% off for Members - In Store present the coupon. At enter the code at checkout". I am a member. The store doesn't carry this book so I was ordering online. The discount was only 20%. Also it would not take my gift card. It said there was a zero balance when I knew this was not the case. I called customer service. I was told there was some sort of error with the gift card on BN's end so I could buy the book now and call back in 48-72 hours to try to get the balance or I could wait 48-72 hours to buy the book and the balance should be restored to the gift card. No one can tell me what happened. Then I was told that even though the coupon reads 40% for members and then lists in store AND online instructions, it is only good for 20% when you buy online even though this book is not sold in the store. So very frustrating. I'll just get it from Amazon.


so Recently, about 2 years ago, I was reading a book and was minded my own business and not doing anything wired. and then an employee came up to me and asked me to leave the store. just a simple understanding as spitting on the floor. I tried to tell her i was sorry and I already learned my lesson. but then the next day the employee came back and this time she went to get her manager. and then he kicked me out. I Already learned my lesson and the the employee , the manager and a cop came to me. they made me sign a trespass noticed saying that I won't be going into any of the NYC Barnes and nobles again. This was incredibly wrong. I can take warnings just fine. but them giving me a trespass notice and banning me completely just crossed the line. This was a mistake the the employees and staff will regret for the rest of their lives. I needed to get unbanned and reinstated. This was a mistake that I have learned to not spit anywhere that is not appropriate. This will haunt me for the rest if my life. I was finally glad to get this off of my chest.


Went to Barnes & Noble around four pm. I was in the video area and there wasn't one person to help me. Went to customer service and not one person was around. Went up front and no one up front. Prove were waiting in line up front also. Finally the guy upfront showed himself and I asked why no one was in the video area. He said there is no one at this time of day working that I had to go to customer Services. I said no one is in customer service. He rudely said go back k their and I will call him. A man and woman were waiting for help in customer service.....finally a woman showed. When done I asked for help. Stated I would like my stuff rung up that is in the video area. She said to go into that area and bring the merchandise up. I said...isn't an alarm going to go off...she said yes...but it won't matter. I didn't feel comfortable told her she should get the things that I was not comfortable a setting an alarm off.. She said to just go and get it. Barnes and Noble use to have good workers but now it's just people getting paid for doing nothing. You also need to have a better variety of books in your store. All your showing is way too much liberal and Democrat stuff. You need to start being unbiased. It's obvious many people have stopped going to Barnes and Noble. I don't seem that book store open too much longer with the scrappy help to have at the Greenfield will store. I use to like going in there. The only ones nice are in the snack Shoppe.


We arrived at the store on th RIT campus to buy merchandise. We were there a minute after close (it was 5:01, they had just made the announcement) And the store manager came up to us and said harshly "the registers are closing now. It's now or never. Go." I undersrand they would like to go home
But we wrre not addressed polietly and ir was am exact minute after close. When we got to the register we asked if he was the manager, we were told he was, and my dad preceded to say how awful he was to customers. The cashier just said "managers can be hard". They should not be to customers. If this issue is not addressed I can assure you I will not be going to this location, or any, for my school books and will find other ways to acquire them for my next 4 years of college.


I went to pick up a book on hold for me. The phone person said that it would be at front counter.when I got there an African American girl said how may I help you, and while I was waiting, the cashier said rudely to me”ma’m the line is over there, I looked at him and told him I was waiting on a book, he rudely said it again, he is a retired looking white man with gray hair. When I did get to counter with my book I told him what I i was there for even though he was in was shot of the whole conversation and he rudely said of the African American girl”she didn’t belong up here anyway “
As an African American I took total offense to that.. he should not be up front servicing the customers, seems prejudice and rude, never smiled
Sadly disappointed.. his customer service skills lack


I ordered a book on line as a gift and learned the person's religion did not allow this book. The person told me she wanted it. I returned it to my local B&N and was issued store credit. That is disappointing but somewhere it must say that is how refunds are issued. That would be ok if there was something I wanted to purchase. I looked in the music department at the store and no one was there to help (it is in the back by itself.) I thought I might buy a meditation CD. I did not find any. My back is very bad and I walked through the store a bit and did not see anything I did not already have. I spent hours trying to order on line. I kept getting a message kicking me out about "running a long script." Finally I saw a book I ordered No 4077344203. I was under the impression B&N would send it to the Temecula Store and I would pick it up there. This morning I got a message that it was cancelled because of unavailability. The eMail directed me to go on line and order it shipped to me which I did 4077361179.

My complaint is more that this is the last time I order from Barnes and Noble. In the past 30 years I have purchased so many books, CD, videos etc from B&N and the store is no resemblance to what it used to be. While it does seem to have many books on line, the collection of what I want is almost nil. I have many of the books that are in the genre carried.

My experience is not good. Especially the difficulty of trying to negotiate the website. It is really just letting B&N know you have lost a long time customer. Oh, and even if I used the store credit gift card to go to the coffee shop, there are people there forever taking up the extra seats. The last time, besides yesterday, that I went to the store I could not find a seat even around the store to sit and review the books to determine which ones I wanted to buy. I have an extremely bad back and knee and I'm going on 82.


I needed a shopping bag to help me carry items not purchased at the store. The manager said he could not give or sell me a shopping bag--that it is against company policy. I realize this is not a big thing but a simple request created an awkward situation for me, your customer. I feel the manager should have handled this in a more reasonable manor-like give or sell me a shopping bag. How silly to loose a customer over such a minor request against an apparent staunch company policy. Silly, yes, but if the company is unable to handle a simple thing like this I question things.
John Barber, 913-568-8772


Today I visited the Cafe and thought I would complete the B&N feedback but each time I tried it wouldn’t let me complete the survey. I wanted to tell someone that I always get excellent service from the employees manning that area. Dillion was there and as always super friendly and as I didn’t want strong coffee offered to brew a pot of something milder. AS I don’t have the store # would at least give the location so you can recognize this outstanding Cafe associate...the store is located at Bandera Point. Everyone at this location is always friendly and courteous especially Dillion and John the manager.


I have used various Nook devices for years and been pleased. Now there is always a problem downloading the newspapers and magazines that I have purchased subscriptions for. This occurs both on my Samsung Nook Tab A6 and via the Reader app on my laptop. Your Nook support was unable to resolve the issue today of not downloading my newspapers. Their response, dictated by your policies, was that technical support will contact me by email in 1 - 5 business days. That is unacceptable.

So I am cancelling my planned purchase of Nook device for my wife. I am also looking for other methods of getting my news in a prompt and continuously smooth way. Which you cannot provide. No wonder B&N is in trouble.




An issue with a cafe manager needs to be addressed. I took my dog to a Barnes and Noble in Grand Junction, Co. and let it sit by a tree. I sat in the cafe where the dog could see me.
A woman and her child were petting the dog for quite some time. When I saw the cafe manager out there with her I walked out to see what they were doing. Brian, the cafe manager, informed me that the police had been called and were on their way, stating that nobody ties their dog to a tree there.
He continued to inform me that they had several complaints about it.
It turns out that the police had not been called and the store manager had animal control on the phone.
The woman stated that her child wanted to take the dog home.
This was in poor taste and blown way out of proportion. And telling me they had called the police and they were on there way, when the truth was that animal control had been called but they were on the phone. Not in route.
I hope somebody somewhere can see how flawed this is.


I have ordered for years from BN. My address book is set up with my email and there is a current credit card in my file. I placed 4 orders. They cancelled 3. I call the Fraud Alert line. I waited to order as they instructed. I even ordered thru customer service - 2 orders. They cancelled those. I made 2 more calls. I placed 2 more orders. They cancelled those. I have 12 wrong temporary authorizations on my card and 1 order is being processed out of 8. Why did this happen. I will never buy anything from BN again or visit a store. If they wanted to limit their sale on gift cards, $30 for $25, they should have listed a limit.


I have been trying to opt out of automatic renewal of my barnes and noble membership. Back in September (on 9/3/2018 specifically), I spoke with Margo and requested that she remove my information from the system and delete my autorenewal. She advised that she was unable to modify the information since the plan was only for one year. I escalated to a supervisor, LaTonya, who removed my autorenewal. I am currently on hold with another customer representative at Barnes and Noble. I requested to opt out of autorenwal. He said that he had removed my credit card information from the system. Obviously, the first time I requested to opt-out, it was not completed. I am not pleased to say the least. I requested a written letter confirming that my credit card information was removed from Barnes and Noble's system. He would not do so and said he could only email me. I told him that I had removed my email address from Barnes and Noble. He placed me on hold for over 15 minutes to speak with a supervisor. I finally hung up and called again. At this point, I would like all of my information deleted from Barnes and Noble's database, name, email, credit card --- everything. I am not sure what legal recourse I have but it is not acceptable to request removal of my credit card information and then not have it complete. I do not trust the customer service department of your company at all which is why I now require written confirmation of my request and that all of my data has been deleted. My next step is to research either filing a complaint with the CFPB or other such actions due to the refusal of Barnes and Noble staff to remove my payment method from their system so that I am not automatically charged for a membership that I will never want again.

I would like the following:

My data, including my name, my email address, my mailing address, and my credit card/debit card information immediately removed from Barnes and Noble's database.
I would like a letter confirming that this has been completed.

Thank you for your assistance.



Your website displayed information, telling me that an ONLINE ORDER for $39.66, was to come with FREE SHIPPING and arrive within "4 BUSINESS DAYS" . The website stated that any order, which exceeded $25.00, would BE APPLICABLE. BUT you have lied to me and are still requiring me to pay for shipping. Therefore, I will need to report this to the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU and THE DEPARTMENT OF CONSUMER PROTECTION. You have committed FRAUD!!!!! I will NOT DO BUSINES with any place of business, that perpetuates FRAUD!!!!


I try to order 4 books not that expensive, and now I have to pay more than I payed for my books on shipping.


I've been shopping at B&N for over 18 years. I've come to love the shopping experience as a young adult and a mom. As my income grew, I am spending more and more money at B & N.
It's now a tradition for our family of 5 to shop at B&N on Fridays. Kids get books, I get a latte from B & N cafe and a magazine. The kid’s toy section is a great addition. To safely watch my toddler, I grab a chair and pull it closer to the isle so I can watch her and not have a missing child case for B & N to deal with. Today our family tradition was shattered.
On 2/23/18 around 6:20 pm I was enjoying my Friday evening at a Gaithersburg, MD B & N on RIO. Ironically, I just instagrammed about the joys of local shopping at a local B & N, and the perils of Amazon Books taking over Montgomery County, MD. Five minutes later a B&N employee came up to me, to tell me that the chair that I was sitting on is not to be moved from the wall. I told her that in that case none of the kids’ isles are visible and I would quickly have a missing child if I sat back by the wall. I returned the chair back, and was disgusted to have an evening ruined by a B & N employee. I placed all the items we were planning to buy back, and walked out of the store with my kids.
I have never had such experience in any stores or restaurants. If there are chairs, and they are not nailed to the wall, then people will move them. Especially an exhausted mom with medical lower-back problem that just needs to sit down, drink a latte and watch a child as kids. I feel completely unwelcome at this B & N location, unsure of what I am supposed to be doing in a store that does not allow me to sit down on a chair where I can watch my child – also a paying customer.
Please, help me understand the store policy and reinstate the B & N hospitality that I have come to respect. I would hate to switch to online shopping, just as I was enjoying supporting and advancing local shopping in physical stores…. Even if I do move chairs.


i have been a customer with you for years and never had any trouble ever. as of now when i went into the store looking for a book i saw you had kids working there not the older employees who i have come to know. theses new kids you have working dont know anything about books or services you offer or gift cards nor do the ask about gift cards or ask if i found everything i was looking for. the older employees were always polite and knew all your store offers to customers. this kid cashier was rude and just said the amount we owed not asking for our membership card, and just stuffed everything in a bag and said bye. i found one person i knew that did still work there, i asked what happened to everyone who worked there. that's when i was told they were let go and your people where hired to save money. i dont know who in your company came up with that stupid idea but you lost the polite and knowledgeable workers you had. these young kids don't have manners nor know about the store. you are going to lose business and lose money with this change, not save any. i will be ordering from amazon now your store is no longer enjoyable .


I walked into Barnes and noble the other day here in Tyler Tx on South Broadway. My family and I were treated like crap and customer service was horrible. If your management treats everyone the way we were treated I will definitely not be coming back into the store. we were humiliated and totally embarrassed. Your management team and some of your other associates were completely out of line with their attitudes. The manager with the blonde hair and the other one with the dark long hair were completely unacceptable and it should not be tolerated.


Dear Barnes & Noble:
I have been a B&N customer and member for many years. Last night I presented to the Lincoln Park store in Dallas with the 20% off coupon X6LA5JTUQ6AQ8 that B&N sent to me for 20% off any one item in the store. I have used these coupons numerous times over the years on vinyl without issue. When I presented to the desk with a vinyl record, the clerk said because all vinyl was 10% off this weekend, that I could not use the coupon. I asked him if I could just pay regular price for the vinyl to allow the coupon to be used, and he said "I can only do what the computer tells me - there is nothing I can do". So I went to customer service and asked to speak to the manager. When she came, I asked her the same thing. She just looked at me with her arms crossed and said the same thing " I can only do what the computer says and that is it". I then asked her if it was possible to override the 10% off vinyl sale and let me pay full price, and she just looked at me and said "if the computer says it, I have to do it - there is nothing I can do". She just said this same statement 3 consecutive times, and I then told her it was wrong to send out coupons and not honor them, and that I was going to complain to corporate, and left the store.

I fully understand why retail is going down as brick and mortar stores continue to treat longstanding customers and members with this amount of disregard. She could have easily overridden it and allowed me to use the coupon which expired the next day, but she would not entertain anything but what "the computer says". I can easily buy the same products at Amazon at a cheaper price, free shipping, and without the attitude!

Needless to say, I have cancelled my membership and will not ever again step into a B&N store. I shed no tears for retailers that are going bankrupt.


Anthony Greco
Membership number: 5368207362


I rented a textbook for law school through Barnes and Noble this semester. I read their policy before renting (since I knew I would need to underline, maybe write some margin notes, etc.). The policy says "No excessive highlighting or writing." So I followed it. After sending the book back, I received an email saying I was being charged for a full buyout of the book. I tried doing the online chat assistance but had two failed attempts (one didn't respond, one sent a generic answer and signed off before I could respond with follow up questions).

So I called. That took about two more hours of my life, and after being transferred to a "manager" twice, all they could tell me was that someone in the warehouse department had deemed it excessively damaged. After making the call, apparently they "shred" the book and there is "nothing they can do." So basically, I paid to use the book for the semester. I followed the rules and treated it with care, only using limited underlining. I sent it back through UPS in a well packaged box. And now I will have to pay full price, with no evidence of what was actually "damaged" about it, and without the ability to even get the book back so I would be able to resell it somewhere else.

All the agents I spoke to were rather rude and just kept telling me there was nothing they could do. When I would push back, they would put me on hold for about twenty minutes to "check on something," and then come back and tell me there was nothing they could do once again. I find it interesting that they have a very ambiguous policy on their textbook rental page of their website, that they bend that ambiguity to fit their needs, and then destroy all evidence so the customer does not have a chance to refute the charge. It is also interesting that this is being done to the renters of school textbooks, perhaps people they feel are less sophisticated customers who will not fight back. It feels very much like a scam, because that is exactly what it is.


I ordered two books via the internet -- when I checked my credit card there were two charges for 42.10 -- one said pending and one said Barnes and Noble. I checked with the Credit card company and they inferred that both charges were for Barnes and Noble. When I called Barnes and Noble, I was informed by Leslie that B&N sends the charge thru the first time to see if the credit card is valid. I asked to speak with a supervisor, who ended up to be Melanie and she said that it was the first time she heard of this.

I asked her to have someone higher than her call me (this was on Nov 28, 2016) and she said later that day that I should receive a call. Its been 9 days and no phone call. In addition, I cancelled my membership and went to the local B&N store and spoke with the manager. He also was not concerned. I would like to speak with someone in authority at Barnes and Noble but I don't think that's going to happen.


On 11/15/16 their was a billing transaction on my Master Card for the amount of $25.00 for a renewal (B&N membership renewal 866-238-7323 NY). On 11/16/16, I called 866-238-7323 and was told I was not listed for membership and there could not have been a charge. On 11/16/16, I contacted Fifth Third and the Fifth Third Dispute representative was able to also trace an inappropriate billing for a renewal in 2015. This is a fraudulent and illegal billing activity at Barnes & Noble.


I recently ordered a workout DVD from a seller on Barnes and noble. It had been a few weeks and I still haven't received the DVD so I contacted the email they provided in my order confirmation and asked when I would receive it. They responded and said my DVD was lost in transit unfortunately there was nothing they could do and I'd receive a refund and never have. It was all a scam. I will not order from here again.


I tried to place a telephone order for three books. I've been a member of Barnes and Noble for nearly two decades and have placed many telephone orders without problems. Today was the worst. I reached someone in Customer Service who didn't know what he was doing, didn't know what he was talking about, could barely speak English, could not understand what I was saying, couldn't find the books I wanted, stumbled and bumbled his words, slow and inept. I finally told him I'd go to the store and order the books. Terrible service that was frustrating and annoying. Hire competent people. One (1) star rating for support.


It has been a few years since I have been in a Barnes and Noble book store. I was very disappointed that they no longer have the oversized chairs to sit it. It was always a comfort to take my time looking through different selections while getting to sit comfortably. I will no longer be shopping locally in store. Very put off by it and will no longer go into any of the stores.


Ordered a book from the B&N website. Got a confirmation the same day and a shipping confirmation the next day but no method of shipping or tracking number. Found out it was from a 3rd party seller but that info was not anyplace on the B&N book description. Credit card to B&N. Email requested from the 5rd party seller for the method of delivery: UPS, FedEx, USPS or courier to USPS. No reply. 2 days after my inquiry 3rd party seller replied, did not answer my question, and gave me a tutorial about how long it could take to deliver to remote places in the U.S. I live 2 hours by car from the advertised and "supposed" 3rd party seller's location. Called B &N Customer service and got a run around.

No one there has a phone number to contact this 3rd party "marketplace" seller they do business with and take orders for on the B & N site. Said they had procedures and it had to be escalated up to the marketing department who could only email the 3rd party seller. Asked to speak to a supervisor who couldn't care less and told me I had to email the 3rd party seller again, ask them to answer the question they ignored about how the book was shipped , and wait another 48 hours for them to reply. B&N couldn't care less about my problem and made it seem that it was my fault for ordering the only book on their entire B &N site I wanted because it was not sold directly by B&N. No idea if the book has really shipped or when it will really be delivered. Made a big mistake ordering from Barnes & Noble which I shall not make again.


First, I have alway loved Barnes and Noble, I get my personal books and my law firm's books from there. I have a HP Nook that was purchased at Barnes in Noble, I spent $350 for it and for some reason, it just stopped turning on so after I tried new cords and different outlet sources I decided to call my local Barnes and Noble in New Hartford, NY where it was purchased. Once on the phone, I asked to talk to whoever was in charge of the Nook area in the store, the women said that was her so I attempted to explain my situation but the women began cutting me off at every word. I kept trying to explain simple things such as what kind of Nook it was and what as happening, but I never got a chance.

After getting very irritated I just told the women I would bring it in. Now at the store, I thought someone could actually help me but no that didn't happen. I simply asked an employee to speak with someone about a broken Nook and she cut me right off......same women as on the phone. I thought okay great now what is she going to do. Before I could even say another word she says "I'll just plug it in so go walk around" I thought wow how disrespectful can one person be,but then again she knows more about Nooks so I'll leave her to her job.

I come back 10 minutes later and she throws it on the counter and says" It didn't turn on sorry" that was it. Shocked I replied with yes that is the problem, so what are my options now she answers with "I didn't turn on so there's NOTHING I can do with it". As I'm getting more and more agitated I asked where can I bring it to get fixed then and with a disrespectful attitude she says "Nook is by Barnes and Noble so you can't bring it anywhere, there is nothing you can do with it now". I was furious but wanted to stay calm, I said okay and asked what should I do? She replies with " There's nothing you can do the Nook it JUNK" and began stacking books...... I was so shocked and felt so disrespected I left immediately.

The fact that this employee did not care about what was wrong with the Nook, never asked why I wanted it to be looked at and then blatantly told me the Nook was JUNK and there is NOTHING Barnes and Noble can do about it not once but twice,is the most disrespectful thing I have witnessed from Barnes and Noble. Now I have to search for other alternatives to get my Nook fixed and unless I got some type of apology I intend on buying my personal and law firm's books from another establishment.


My friends and I went down to Baltimore City for the "Light City Baltimore 2016" event on Saturday, April 2, 2016. At 8:39 pm we were thirsty and found ourselves in Barnes & Noble at 601 E. Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD 21202. We found Starbucks on the 2nd floor of B&N and stood in a long line and ordered 3 orange mango banana smoothies (9780641930515). There were only 2 people working behind the counter and line was getting longer.

When we received our drinks we were very disappointed. Tasted nothing like orange, mango or banana, it was terrible. We would have complained right then and there but the line was very long and the young ladies behind the counter were working hard to keep up. We paid $4.25 x 3 for those drinks and could not drink it. Not sure if it was the product or the way in which it was made.


While using the men's room at the Menlo Park Mall in New Jersey, I discovered that it is used as a changing room, and that women are permitted to be there. I found this highly offensive and against my privacy. I did not appreciate urinating while a women and a small female child were in the same room. I have nothing against a changing room, it should not violate my privacy. Barnes and Noble had better fix this ASAP.


I am a regular at the Barnes and Noble store in Bloomington, Illinois. I have had a positive experience with the staff and find the store itself in good order with a varied and wide selection of reading materials. My problem is in the cafe. There are two sometimes three individuals who are running a business out of your cafe. They appear to be teaching chess to young children and other older children. They are taking up two and three tables, more often than not, all day long. In addition the children's parents are also taking other tables while they wait.

Literally there is no place to sit. Today there were 3 tables for four that were taken up by these individuals and I observed at least 4 other parties enter the cafe and then leave because no tables are available. I have complained to management but nothing seems to be getting done. Perhaps management is unaware that there is a business being run out of your business on a consistent basis. These individuals are in the cafe two to three times a week.


I placed an online order for an instant ebook. When I attempted to download it, it would not work. Upon speaking to the technical department for B&N I was told to download Nook app for Windows 8. Seems Windows does not support it anymore and forces the download of the Windows 10. with its operation errors. The wait time for reimbursement was 2 months so I suggested that I be able to pick up a book at one of their stores - they could change the purchase to a gift card for me to do so. After they danced around, I suggested that perhaps they should warn ebook customers (without smart phones and tablets) that they can no longer access ebook purchases without Windows 10. This process took 1 hour of being transferred from one department to another.


We are regular Barnes and Noble customers went to the store with my daughter who is a teacher and has the card for 20% discount. Older woman cashed us she said the card expired and couldn't give the discount & my daughter didn't have her teacher ID on her to show proof. I am a member so we got 10%. The lady was very rude and talking to another worker about something there that happen at the store which we didn't need to hear. I can't believe she didn't give the % since it was 10% more than what I had.

We go to this store regular and spent a lot & she seems to be working every time. I know that is not what Barnes & Noble wants handing their customers, very unfriendly and she deals with the public. I was very unhappy how this was handled.


In Encinitas, CA. Barnes & Noble store at the plaza off El Camino Real rd. This afternoon. March 17, 2016. I was scolded by one of your employees in a condescending way, about reading for too long and basically sitting in a lounge chair for over an hour. "Oh, you're still here?" This was how he came up to me, and made me feel very uncomfortable. I have been going to your Encinitas, CA location for many years. I am a San Diego native. Your store there does not have a minimum time limit for such activity. I was there all year, in 2014, and never had such a reprimand directed at me.

Its the tone of his voice and I believe he singled me out because of my 'scruffy' appearance. I enjoy B&N with my coffee, but I wont be going back anytime soon. I'll make sure to let many people know not to frequent this location as I am a prominent member of this city. Thank you very much for your time and response. I appreciate any advice you may have about this matter.


I was banned from the store for no reason and I spend ALOT of money there. Barnes and Noble just lost a customer.


I had and order to be picked up at the movie depart in one of your retail stores and the sales associate was very rude. Then I called the customer service number and they said my feedback was noted but did not apologize at all.


This afternoon, I was seated in the cafe area of the Barnes and Noble #2050, trying to send an email and enjoy a cappuccino. It was very difficult concentrating and a bit annoying because the girls behind the counter were quite loud, almost boisterous. They seemed more interested in their private time and laughing than taking care of the customers there. I am not one to normally send letters of complaint, but this was extremely annoying not only for me but for the other people trying to concentrate, or just relax. Maybe someone needs to remind these girls that this is more or less a quiet zone where people,and members like myself, come to relax or study, or maybe just read a book in peace.


We went to the Barnes and noble store in West Bloomfield, Mi. I was sorry to see it was closed. We go to that store about every 2 months and knew it was closing but was not sure why as the next closest one is all the way in Rochester. So we made the 30 track over to Rochester. We were looking for the RAP and pine tree reading program books, which the store didn't even know about. The west bloomfield store used to know what was going on with the local schools and had a special section for these programs. I finally found the book lists on line and began searching for the books with one of your associates. You only had 2 out of the 5 for the middle school program and both were ones my son already had read. For the elementary program you only had 2 out of 8 that we looked for. In addition, when we purchased the two, my coupons, as always were expired.


My daughter purchased a $75 gift card from Barnes and Noble for me for Christmas. I added the card to my account so that I could order Nook books with it. When I logged on today to make a purchase, I noticed that the default form of payment was my visa rather than my gift card. I checked my orders, but I only had two orders since Christmas which totaled about $16. I opened up the chat window and talked to someone briefly who said they could not help and I would have to call the 800 number.

I called the 800 number provided and was immediately transferred. After I explained what I was calling about to the new person who kept interrupting me, she transferred me again. Once again, I explained why I was calling and provided my email and my mailing address to confirm my identify and I was placed on hold. When she came back on the line she indicated they couldn't help me without the full gift card number which I don't have. I finally was able to tell her that my daughter ordered the gift card online through so they could look it up that way.

I was transferred again, and again I had to repeat my story. Again I was asked for the gift card number. I told her that I did not have it, but I could provide the order number to purchase the gift card. She said that would work. I gave her the order number. There was a long pause, and then she asked me what kind of gift card it was. I found this confusing since there was only one gift card on the order. I was placed on hold again. After several minutes, she finally came back on the line and said the gift card still had a remaining balance on it (part of it was used with my last order).

I asked why it was deleted from my account and she said she couldn't tell me. She told me she could give me the gift card number and I could add it back to my account. I went back to my computer and entered the gift card number and pin she gave me, and it said invalid card number/pin. I repeated the number back to her and had her confirm the pin and entered again and it was still coming back as invalid. At this point, I had been on the phone with someone for almost 40 minutes. She told me she would have to escalate to the gift card department, and they would mail me a new gift card.

This customer service was terrible. I was cold transferred multiple times and had to start over explaining why I was calling. I was placed on hold multiple times. I was interrupted multiple times. The call ended without resolving the issue. Apparently I should just pay for my order with my own money since they can't figure out what happened to my gift card or how to put it back on my account. What happened to my gift card. I used $3.22 of the $75 on my last order. So clearly it was added to my account. Now it is mysteriously gone, but the gift card still has the correct remaining balance? The solution to the problem is to MAIL me a new gift card.

If this is how Barnes and Noble treats their customers, maybe I need to start buying my books from another online retailer. I definitely do not feel like a valued customer. Maybe I will see if Amazon offers the books I wanted to order.


I am writing this complaint letter regarding a concern I have with a policy in one of your stores. (apple valley mall in Rhode Island). I am a member and have been for quite some time as well as my entire family. When there is not a book in the store, the store tells me that they can order it for us and have it delivered free of charge to our home in 3-4 business days as a member. Well the issue is that it never comes in 3-4 days. In fact it takes over week most of the times if not more . I have expressed to the manager at the store that this should not be told to the loyal customers for this is not what in fact ever happens and he says that is the policy and what they are told to say.

I do not find this right. We should be told it will take “x” amount of days and then get it within “x” amount of days. They should pick up a phone and see what store has the book in stock , keeping in mind the closest locations, and then tell us this store has it and to have it sent to us will take “x” amount of days. Not it is ordered and you will get in 3-4 business days for that is never ever the case.

My most recent book I ordered for my son tool 11 days to get to me. My son needed it right away and ended up getting it somewhere else. Granted it was not my most expensive book I ever got , and did not even go through the exchanging of the book once it arrived but the frustration alone of how I was treated at the store when I expressed my concern has me doubting whether I want to go back into that store ever. I spend hundreds of dollars in your store and find this utterly wrong and poor customer service.


Basically I bought items for Christmas and did not receive them by Christmas. Even though it stated in big bold red letters that it would be delivered December 24th 2015. I would have never purchased from Barnes and Noble if I would have known that they would do this to loyal customers. This is very unprofessional and completely unacceptable. Barnes and Noble ruined my little boys Christmas because they were incapable of being truthful about the shipping. And this corporation mislead the general public thinking they would receive their items on time. I will never order from Barnes and Noble again, I will only shop Amazon


I received a book for Christmas which was purchased from a Barnes and Noble in Omaha, NE. I decided to exchange it for another book I found on B& I used the "pick up in store" option on the website and imagine my surprise to see that the price for store pickup was $39.99 while the online price was $24.84. I called the manager at the local store and was told that stores will not honor prices on their own website!

And if I return the book I can only get store credit even though I have a gift receipt. On top of that, the credit cannot be used at B& How ludicrous is this! On top of that, if I want to email or chat with a customer service rep I have to create an account first. I can't imagine how this company is still in business. I will certainly NEVER buy a book from them again. The same book is available on Amazon for $20 and free shipping.


While I was checking out, I asked for change of a $20 bill so I could donate to have my purchases gift wrapped by the non profit in the store providing the service. I was told it was their policy not to give change. I expressed my dissatisfaction in strong terms as I wanted to have my purchases gift wrapped. The B&N employee repeated it was store policy not to make change. I left the store very upset.

After brief consideration, I went back into the store and asked for my money back and returned the items. The clerk very politely returned my $40 and I gave her the books. I then asked for the manager to express my dissatisfaction. The manager was called. He arrived apparently unhappy by his attitude that he was called. I explained how unhappy I was that I had been refused the courtesy of change for $20 bill to complete the gift wrapping transaction in the store. He said that it was store policy not to make change except by the manager because customers took advantage of the service.. I said I had driven about 20 miles out of my way to reach the store and would not be returning if he had such little regard for customer service. He said it was my choice. I said yes it was my choice and understand why people used the internet for purchases when given such inconsiderate service in person. He repeated it was my choice. I left very upset with Barnes and Noble.

I fully expected to leave the Barnes and Noble store in Round Rock pleased with my purchases and without the task of wrapping before me. I would also have aided a nonprofit organization. Instead, I left angry and upset without the items I had selected as gifts. I bought the items from Amazon. They were delivered to my home in two days.

I prefer to do business in the old fashioned way with smiling people and good service. I was given no choice or alternatives to it but it is against our policy to make change. It is the warmth and friendliness that makes me want to do business in brick and mortar stores. It is only fair for me to tell you of my unhappy experience at your store. My friends are as mystified as I as why the store has such a customer unfriendly attitude summed up by the statement, " Customers takes advantage of us.


On Dec 4th I called Barnes and Noble customer service at palisades mall, NY asking which kinds of nooks they have in stock. They quoted 99.95 for glowlight plus. When I arrived a few hours later assistant store manager refused to honor the price saying that they have many new employees who did not know that it was not on sale any longer. She refused to discuss the matter and said that she will not bargain with me. On the 6th I spoke with store manager and then the Barnes and Noble corporate offices who said he does not understand what was in appropriate in her conduct and said further that at it is impossible anyone quoted me t h at price. Furthermore he said I should have researched prices on the internet.


I used to have a Barnes and Noble membership for many years and still have a membership . I usually get the membership for me is not to save money but for me I like to encourage this business as I love reading and education for me and all people but what make me very upset is that they start to discriminate in the airport sore in Pensacola Florida. In 11/30/2015 at 01:05pm I went to get a small coffee and I was the first one in the line and the employee who was working at that time and her name is Deana T. She asked me what do you need and got the money from me and left me and start to serve the next one in the line although the coffee was ready behind her and will not take from her a minute to give it to me but she ignored me and served the other costume without saying anything to me. Then I started to be very upset and told he I was first and the coffee is ready behind you and she told me yes but we serve costumers who need foot first then I told her I never hear about this before but she did not give me any attention. I am ready to file a complaint against Barnes and Noble corporate offices now!


I have bee a Barnes and Noble member for two years I purchased a book cover I Think it was 11.99 that was in Early August. I never opened the package and I had it in he car I finally went there to return it. It was about 6 weeks later as I just don't go to that mall often. I did not want money back I just thought a store credit. The Manager was very un friendly she was like I cant find your member number , this thing is NOT in our system? I was like what do you mean? she said when did you buy it? I told her and she said we have a 14 day return policy. I was like well Its not a book I took home and you have similar on the shelf? She was like this is how it is. I am shocked that she was so rude I said how about 1/2 of the cost? Nope. This was the Pittsfield ma store and it was 26th or 27th


There was no one to check me out, so I went to customer service desk and the guy there told me to go to the music department. Guess what? Went there and no one was there and then went back and the guy told me to wait for someone. After 15 min I just left. This is what Amazon is going to eat Barnes and Noble alive.


The Barnes and Noble bookstore in Virginia beach located in lynnhaven mall only has two sections of spainsh books. There is more languages in the United States. Tell me why can't this bookstore have many books for other languages too besides only two sections of spainsh books. It's a popular bookstore but to me this bookstore seems racist. It's not fair to limit different languages on choices on books just because they speak different languages . I think this bookstore should have more Spanish books and more different languages in the store.


This is my 4th nightmare. This time I ordered audio books express delivery last Sunday no delivery yet. I called customer service and among the order was a pre-order so nothing shipped the remainder of the $200 order did not ship. Your customer service rep told me it's because I picked send in as few packages as possible. This is just crazy how do you run a business like this


Why cannot you use your membership online to order books. plus when you go to barns and noble you cannot use your membership to order books. you just get your10% discount in the store only. I think about not renewing my membership. it not fair the we can not use the discount online to order books. Especially if you are disabled and can not get a store.


Received a B&N gift card. Couldn't use it to order a book on-line for my Nook. Was told I needed a credit card to use the gift card on-line. What if I don't have a credit card? This is irritating. I was given a gift card to use for my Nook and can't use it. Paper books are looking better and better.


Here is my story. What actions I take from here depends on the response I receive from this correspondence. I received a NOOK for a Christmas present. It was purchased in December/2012. It has no warranty. Taking my NOOK into the Monroeville location of Barnes and Noble, I was told the hard-drive was bad. I was informed that I could receive a rebate if I turned my old NOOK in and ordered a new one. I had to order it and would receive a new, much improved NOOK, by mail and would then mail back my old NOOK. I gave my credit card information and mailing address to the Barnes and Noble employee, Merchandise Manager, named Tim Indyk, I authorized a withdrawal from my account of $109.99. I was to receive my new NOOK in a few days and I would return my old one, if I did not I would be charged $149.00 or full amount.

The next day Barnes and Noble withdrew $1,060.00 from my account. It indicated that I ordered 9 NOOKS. I went back to the Monroeville Barnes and Noble with my problem. Every time the same employee, Tim Indyk, tried to telephone Corporate for help and their lines were busy. He left messages. No one could help me. I then telephoned my bank at the store, told my story, and had the bank talk to Mr. Indyk. He explained that I was not to have been charged the $1,060.00. My bank, as a courtesy, put $872.00 back into my account, pending investigation.

Barnes and Noble said I ordered 9 NOOKS. I ordered one. I called Corporate myself the next day and found out that the Monroeville store never called Corporate when I left to solve the problem and stop the order. I talked to “Joan” at Corporate. Barnes and Noble, the next day, to confirm that everything was handled. I was on the telephone approximately 1 hour at this time. She did not stop the order. No one did a thing to complete the cycle and help a customer with a problem. It was just dropped the minute I left the store. Why did I waste my time? She stated that she could not reverse the order. NOOKS were shipped! This could have all been avoided if Barnes and Noble really cared.

I received 8 NOOKS at my home yesterday, July 2, 2014 If I had received 9, which I was charged for, I would have keep one, brought the 8 back to the store to return or returned all 9 and purchased a KINDLE. Now I have 8 NOOKS to return. I do not have a replacement for myself. My bank account is short $188.03.

I grew up with attorneys in my family. They taught me to tell my story and spare the emotions. The facts are the facts. However, I am so angry and frustration with Barnes and Noble. I did not go to some discount store or off the wall website. I went to Barnes and Noble! I have been put on hold, transferred, disconnected, placed on hold again, numerous times. If I could put into words the amount of frustration I have endured and still have not resolved the problem, I could properly write a book myself. I need this resolved and I need it resolved now.

I will return the 8 NOOKS. Where is the additional one (9) that I paid for? I want my full refund or an additional NOOK mailed to me. I was informed by “Joan” that my conversation was recorded and would be passed on. “Jonan” offered me a $25.00 gift card. This was a complete insult, which I declined. I want this resolved in “a timely manner”. I want this solved ASAP. To tell you I will call the media, Better Business, Consumer Protection, and have no problem picketing, is an immature approach, however, it would make me feel better. My next step is to contact Marty Griffin on CBS Pittsburgh, Investigator Reporter, if I do not have this issue resolved. Please find the attached letter signed by Barnes and Noble. This would be embarrassing for all concerned. Please contact me. Please resolve this matter. The money was taken from my account without my approval. I am not going away.

I feel at this point I should be credited the balance due me of $188.03 and given a NOOK at no cost. I would return my old Nook.


I purchased a special book for my son as a Christmas present from B&N's online store only to find out my son never received his book. I contacted them to find what the hell happened. The boy who answered the phone wasn't even competent to look in the online service to help me. I didn't have a purchase # but I found all the pertinent information he couldn't find like i.e.; email address, credit card # updated preferences like the date and time of transaction. The village idiot could do the job better. The boy didn't bother to assist me any further except that he said to call back when I had all the info when he should have done it for me and call me back. Yeah I as little as you can for your customer you sorry company.


Both my wife and I are in wheelchairs. To get into front door you are at the edge of steps and doors are not handicap friendly. This is a safety issue. Store is very unfriendly to people in wheel chairs shelf are too high especially the magazine shelfs. There is very few friendly places in the store and no one seems to care. How do you get around the ADA laws with you front doors. The entrance is really unsafe and someone will get hurt one day real bad.


I am visually impaired as I stated to a nice woman who answered the call her name was Becky. Becky was kind and personable. waited patiently for her to get me a person to help me the wait was long but I did not mind. A person came to the phone a white male who said he was a manager I asked for information about the E-reader , the first lady informed me that you have an E-reader that might help me since I am visually impaired and said she would transfer me to a person. I asked the price from the male who said he was a Manager I explained that I was impaired he gave me a wrong price of 399.00 for a ten inch he proceeded to tell me the store was very chaotic and that he did not have time or help to assist me as I tried to respond he hung the phone up in my face . I called back and got his name and it is Zenen. Does he know about the ADA this complaint will be referred. What kind of business would have a leader a Manager treat customers like this.


Spoke with a rep. of Barnes and Noble on April 22, about a problem with receiving my order. After much deliberation, the time frame of delivery of 5 months became 7 days. However, I checked my email, and it appears only one of the items I ordered is being shipped. I ordered the Scrabble board game and a book called "Spiritual Aging." The book was not on the shipment list. I paid over $45.00 for my order and expect my complete order. What is the problem with your shipping department? Either send me the book, in a timely manner, or send me a refund. I prefer the refund because I am tired of having to go through so much trouble just to get my two items, ordered over 3 weeks ago, delivered.


The overview is a mess, I guess when it got copied the process scrambled the format so some of the sentences are cut off leaving words separated and it looks like extra spaces between sentences. Needs to be reformatted.


I ordered a book for my nook. It didn’t download. I had ordered many before this is the first time this happened. I waited for the next day & went to MacDonalds and thought with their wi-fi it would download. Nothing. I drove to the nearest B & N store in Southlake, Tx. I asked for help and the girl helping me pressed a lot of things and told me my nook was locked. I asked how that had happened and she said I had turned it on and off to many times. I told her I turned it on once. She said I had to drive home and click on the e-mail she was sending me and change my password.

So I drove back home, clicked on the e-mail, changed my password and nothing. So I drove back to B & N again the next day and got a man to help me. I explained to him what I had done so far. He told me I could’t change my password. You could only have one password, I would have to drive back home and go on the computer to change my password back to the original one.

He also asked me how I was ordering the book. I told him I went on my computer & went to B & N and was ordering that way. The way I have always done. He told me I couldn’t do that, I should only do it from my nook. He told me after I changed my password back to the original to call 1-800-the-book. Well I called the 1-800 number, couldn’t change the password.back and got a person who couldn’t speak english, after 30 min of asking him to repeat everything I hung up.furious. After I calmed down I called back to the Tech help and was told to go to a store with wi-fi, and call him back. I did. Starbucks. Can you believe I got another idiot to help me who could’t speak English.

After repeating things to me numerous times he said he would have to remove all the books from my nook then replace them along with the new book I was trying to get. After 40 minutes of him doing who knows what I told him to forget it. It would be much easier for me to go elsewhere and buy the book, and please credit me back the amount I had paid with the money from the action suite and my credit card. He did do that right. I’m wondering if you hire the people that Verizon fire. They have the same intelligence. So I guess I’ll say good bye to Nook and just buy my books elsewhere (the price is just about the same).


Hello: I am writing to express my complaint against your Federal Way, WA 98003 Barnes and Noble store. I have been your customer since 2003 and over the years I have seen bookstores in the area evolve and disappear. I have seen Border’s disappear.

My family and I hope that Barnes and Noble will continue to stay in business and thus we have shown our patronage to the best of our abilities by regularly visiting your store buying coffee and books whenever we can. But recently I have noticed some things which have started to bother me.

First, like other cafes that provide wi-fi, this store does not have any electrical outlets for laptop users. This makes it difficult for students and businessmen alike who want to use their laptops while they enjoy their time at your store over a cup of coffee.

Second, as the Barnes and Noble store is about to close, the closing announcements are really loud and too many within a course of fifteen minutes. I feel that they are in a hurry to force everyone to leave. And more importantly sometimes the announcer at night (a young gentleman – must be a supervisor) uses languages like “it is time for you to get out.”

I am going to continue to visit Barnes and Noble, no matter what, as I love books and coffee. But the points that I made above, I believe, can be really annoying sometimes. I am not asking you to do anything about it. I simply wanted to let someone know.


In late January of 2012 I attempted to order 3 Civil War books that my son needed for a college class. When submitting my order the Barnes and Noble web site had a message on it that said “Unable to process you order at this time. Please try agan later.”. So 45 minutes or an hour later I resubmitted my order and received a confirmation number. The next day upon reviewing my checking account I realized that they had taken the money out of my account 2 times.

I immediately got on the phone and called customer service to cancel one of the orders as, I obviously didnt need duplicate orders. The customer service representative ASSURED me that one order had been cancelled even giving me the number of the cancelled order. Problem solved right?.. No way. Two days later I checked my bank account and realized that the money had not been placed back into my account. I called customer service again.

They told me the order had been shipped. Yes… two days AFTER the customer service representative assured me that it was cancelled. I was aggravated, but not completely through with them yet….I was sent a return label by e-mail and when the extra, unordered package arrived, I had to take my time and gas to drive the package to a UPS store to be sent back to the company. Barnes and Noble received the package back in their warehouse on February the 9th.

A couple of days later upon checking my account my money still had not been returned to my account. So i make my 3rd call to Barnes and Noble customer service. I spoke to a manager at this time and i was assured that my money was being processed and should show up in my account within 3 days. I was actually told that the transaction had been processed by them and they were waiting on my bank to process it on their end. I said ok and at this time I placed another order with Barnes and Noble for a used book through one of thier MarketPlace dealers. Another book needed by my son for his College Civil War class.

I felt sure that the problem with my money was nearing an end. I waited 4 or 5 more days and believe it or not, no credit to my account from Barnes and Noble refunding my money for the UNORDERED books they send me. I made my 4th call to the customer service department yet again speaking to a manager. This time I was put on hold for 15 minutes while a manager “checked” on the refund order. I was at work and used my lunch break to make this call. When the manager finally came back to the phone he asked me to continue to hold because he was trying to find the problem but still had NO ANSWERS!..

I explained to him that I could not hold any longer and as bad as I hated to I would call back after I got off of work. I did call back and spoke to yet another member of management. This lady was the most helpful of the bunch, and she assured me that this time the order REALLY had been processed and within 3 days the money will be back in my account. She even e-mailed me a confirmation saying that the transaction had taken place. So FINALLY 21,Yes 21 days AFTER they received the UNORDERED package that I had to return, and 5 phone calls to customer service, my money was placed back into my checking account.

You might say, “oh that was a fluke. Barnes and Nobles Customer Servce department is well-trained, caring and very helpful. Oh I beg to differ. So by this time I was very hesitant to have to call them again when 2 weeks later I hadnt received the second shipment that I ordered from them. Because I bought it from one of their Marketplace dealers I attempted to contact and deal with that book dealer. I found the name or the store and looked on their website.

Found a phone number and called their customer service instead of Barnes and Noble. They have a recording and no representative available. I left a message on their answering machine. The next day after pondering on the thought that although the book was ordered from a marketplace dealer it WAS BARNES AND NOBLE who took the money from my account, I bit the bullet and made my 6th call to Barnes and Noble customer service department.

When I made this call I was told nonchalantly by a representative that it was MY RESPONSIBILITY to contact the dealer that I bought the book from. I explained that I had tried to call them several times and had left a message with no response back from them. He then told me that it was my responsibility to e-mail them. By this time I was very aggravated. Reminding the representative in a not so nice way that I bought the book on a BARNES AND NOBLE website.

And that BARNES and NOBLE took the money from my account. So it was Barnes and NOBLE’S responsibility to find my book. Just so you know, let me tell you the time line.. Order placed Feb.18th. Order supposedly shipped.. Feb.20th.

My first call to them about the second order was March 6th. I was told by the guy that I talked to on the 6th that there was nothing they could do until March 9th. And remember as all this time is passing so is the class in which my son is enrolled where this book is needed. I was really at the end of my rope. Barnes and Noble would do nothing to find thiis book for me. Or make the order good. I had no choice but to wait until the 9th. I was on vacation in Florida so I actually gave the book until the 14th to arrive.

When returned home and the book was still not here I called Barnes and Noble back for the 7th time in less that 2 months. Believe it or not now they are telling me that they can not even refund me my money before the 19th of March. They had no clue where the book is. I became furious with the lady and told her that a company as huge as Barnes and Noble should stand behind this order and make it right and send me a NEW COPY of the book. One from their store. The mananger said she could do that….If I paid for it.

I told her that they owed me a copy of the book one way or the other because although I had ordered the book from a Market Place dealer it was still ordered through their website and Barnes and Noble was still the ones who took the money out of my account. Oh yeah and let me assure you that it did NOT take them 21 days to get their money from me. This lady told me that there was NOTHING that they would do to try to make this right.

No book, no refund for several more days, (and even when it is supposedly processed how long will it take to go back into my account?). I asked her what my son was supposed to do about the book that he is desperately needing in order to start his final thesis for the class. She was very unconcerned, telling me I could order another one and she would “gladly process the order”.

I told her that that was totally unacceptable and I have no choice but to order another book, but I will assure her that I would not be ordering ANYTHING AGAIN from BARNES and NOBLE. It is now March 15, Still no refund or any compensation from BARNES and NOBLE at all for what I have been through with them the last 2 months. And to think, I still have to call them back at least one more time after the 19th to ATTEMPT to get a refund for the last order.

I just dont understand what happened to the old saying “The customer is always right”. I am not even asking for ‘always right’. I am just asking for fairness. If I order something from their website and it is not received they need to stand behnd the order and make it right. What happened to integrity in a company. What happened to pride in how customers are treated. It is such a shame that Barnes and Noble has become so uncaring and willing to risk losing customers in order to save 4 or 5 dollars. Barnes and Noble IS BOOKS!!!

They have a great selection and good quality. BUT NOTHING is more important than customers and Barnes and Noble is unwilling to help them and treat them the way a customer should be treated. I will never buy from Barnes and Noble again. I will always use Amazon or some other bookstore. I was planning on purchasing a Nook, but will now be purchasing a Kindle from Amazon.

It is just a shame that a Great American company like Barnes and Noble, has fell prey to the dollar over customer service!!It end the end, could be their undoing!!


Earlier today I recently attempted to have help support concerning my NookColor. I received this thing as a Christmas present last year and picked it over the Kindle because it allowed magazines to be read as well. Long story short. I’ve been unable to make digital purchase due to my military address (FPO/APO) however, on their website for all digital purchases it says “Items ship to U.S, APO/FPO and U.S. Protectorate addresses.”

but this is not the case. I was told worthless copy & pasted knowledge on the Chat Help which contradicts everything they advertise. They told me that I must have a stateside mailing address and I must have a stateside IP address to download items. Once I began questioning these things I was met with shortness and handed a phone number where I can be told the same thing for a costly amount of money as 1-800 numbers aren’t free here.

What good is a mobile device if you can’t make purchases abroad? I don’t understand. I’m infuriated that I, having no choice in where I’m moved, am being penalized because of a US MILITARY MAILING ADDRESS.

This goes to show that B&N has no idea what they’re doing and neither do their customer service support. I just want to be heard and recognized for this ridiculousness. If they don’t allow APO/FPO address purchases they shouldn’t sell the NOOK outside of the US and only allow for it to be purchased in the US where it can be useful.

I’ve wasted money on this cheap tablet. If you’re military please consider purchasing from Amazon because a NookColor will be worthless to you if you’re living abroad without a stateside address and IP address.


My 10 year old daughter has a nook, and uses only gift cards received as gifts to purchase new books (no gift card, no new books). Every time she makes a purchase (usually .99-$1.00), our credit card gets charged one cent. We have been around and around with Barnes and Noble about this. Yes, it is only one cent, but what is the point? First we were told it was a “holding fee” and would be reimbursed (didn’t happen), then we were told they credited the gift card one cent on every transaction and charged the credit card to make sure the card is active.

The customer service people were rude, basically the attitude was, it’s only a cent and this is how we operate. I have friends who also purchase from B and N with gift cards and have no such problem,and an employee at my local B and N told me SHE uses gift cards and is never charged the insane cent. My wife and I own Kindles and find them easier to work with, no crazy charges. We will never purchase a Nook again, nor will I be shopping at Barnes and Noble retail anymore.


There is a computer glitch affecting Barnes & Noble ebook authors, giving them a “1 star review” even if no actual reviews are posted on B & N’s website. I googled my name and was shocked at what I saw, so I wrote the company, and here is their reply: “This is an issue that is affecting many titles on our site. It has been elevated to Internet marketing department who is working with Google to resolve. The issue begins with Google and we are working with them closely to resolve. Thank you, Barnes and Noble”. So far, no one has fixed this glitch, which is affecting my sales.


I am a long time customer of Barnes and Noble. I purchased a lot of books here and 3 months ago i bought a Nook Color. This afternoon July 21, around pass 6pm, i decided to look for the Picasso book that i really like to purchase. I went to the art section and found it below the shelves. the store was located in 86 st. between Lex. and 3rd ave. Eastside Manhattan. Bec. the book was heavy plus my grocery bags i decided to seat near the shellf where it was located. After probably 1 minute… a white baldy , lightly bearded sales guy, around mid 50’s approached me and told me that i can seat on the other side of the hallway.

And narrated that i might blocked some customers who wants to look at the shelves. I said yes i will. Though i find it weird bec. for how many years i have been to this store, B and N staff doesnt care about where the customers seat ..even on the floor or near the shelves. And i looked around and nobody was even around.

Bec. the book was heavy, i decided just to look more of (maybe 4) pages and plan to leave when the baldy guy approached me again with a rough tone and said “Did you hear what i’ve told you?” I responded with a calm voice.. “Yes i am leaving now”. He looked at me like he is going eat me alive, he is very furious. “You are not suppose to put that book on the floor” he continue. And i told him “Why do have to be nasty, can you be nice to the customer?” And he answered me like this looking at me from head to toe.. “By the way do you know how much is that book that you are holding?”
His responsed really made me embarrassed.

This sales man doesn’t know how many books i bought in that store. I even purchased a Nook Color last 2 months ago. I felt so humiliated and i was very upset. Maybe bec. of my skin color, that i am a Filipina and doesnt look a resident from Park Avenue, that he had treated me like that. I complained to the customer service and immediately called the manager named Jovy (im not sure of his name) he is nice though, and apologized after hearing my complaints. He asked a couple of questions and promised that he will talk to the nasty sales man. I told him that i am an artist and wanted to buy the book but changed my mind.

This incident is very traumatic. I wonder how many customers with black or brown skin color had victimized by this mean, nasty and racist sales guy. I don’t know if i still wanted to go or purchase in that bookstore again.


I went into a barnes and nobles in co op city in the bronx, ny and was in search of a means to do some work and much neede reseearch. I finally found an oulet to power up my lap top and then was in search of seating. I asked an employee and he informed me that that wasnt his responsibilty, B&n only provides free wifi and electricity was not their responsibilty and noted that thet to had to pay for elecrticity.. TERRRIBLE. I have never been met with such poor service and a disregard for customers. I left abrubtly and refuse to spend my money at that location ever again and I will tell all my friends and associates…


I’ve been shopping at the same B&N for years in Salem, NH, and have always been able to apply the %-off discount coupons to magazines. Last week I received a 15% off one item coupon, and when I went to use it to purchase a magazine, the cashier refused to honor the coupon, saying that she was getting a message on her screen that it wasn’t eligible for the coupon. I told her it says nowhere on the coupon that you can’t use it on a magazine, but she wouldn’t budge, just kept saying that her screen said it wasn’t eligible. I’ve tried contacting B&N customer service to get a precise answer as to whether or not magazines are eligible for purchase with their coupons.

After providing information to them back and forth, they replied today that “according to the terms and conditions for this promotion” magazines aren’t eligible. What does that mean, exactly? There is NOTHING printed on any of their coupons that says you can’t use it to purchase a magazine. Only digital content, such as NOOK books and NOOK magazines aren’t eligible. So, what “terms” are they referring to? If they can’t give specific wording why you can’t use their coupons on printed magazines, then it’s misleading the consumer by using general and vague wording, or some “CYA” terminology so they can make up the rules as they see fit.

They should print clearly on their coupons that you cannot use them for magazines and periodicals, otherwise it’s implied that they ARE eligible for the coupon discount. Their store cashier wasn’t helpful at all, even though she knows me since I go there every weekend. She could have called someone to question it, or simply overrode the message and given me a discount anyway, just in the interest of good customer service. All she would comment is that they use “smart coupons”. Apparently that means that no matter what it says on the coupon, the computer screen has the final say. Is that even legal?

I’ll never get a membership card with them, either, since you have to buy $250 worth of books and merchandise to make back your $25 fee before you actually realize any discount savings. They don’t tell people that when they push the cards, only that you can get discounts on everything when you buy it. It would take me 6 months to make that $25 back, meaning the membership would only be good for 6 months. NOT a real savings, since you’re paying THEM for the privilege of getting a discount and only getting it for half the time. Hopefully I can find another bookstore to buy my magazines, since it’s clear to me that B&N just isn’t what it used to be anymore.


i placed my Barnes and Noble order on 6/19/2011. i had an emergency – so after midnight i cancelled my order. i got no response from til the next day in the evening. they said i couldn’t cancel my order because it was already shipped. there is no delivery on sunday. i still had the option to cancel. Barnes and Noble kept lting to me, and swithcing things around in my account. i called my bank – and i disputed it. i also contacted the better business bureau, internet crime center ( ic3 ), and federal trade center. i would’ve done alot more, but there isn’t anymore. i have pro0f of our correspondance – when Barnes and Noble decided to answer me. i would’ve loved to havd taken them to court!

thank you. it was my first shopping there at Barnes and Noble – and it’s definitely my last. they’re not the respectable company as people say they are.


As a freshman in high school, I had taken AP Environmental Science. This required me to buy a work book and a study guide for the class. I shopped around online, and found that Barnes and Noble had the best prices and shipping time. I put in the order at Barnes and Noble and waited for it to come in. When it HAD arrived, I opened it up and found a book on “The Best Sexual Positions”, full of nude pictures simulating sex. And I was about to take the package on my school bus, and open it then! Pretty sure I would have been suspended for the prank that some employee thought was funny. My mother of course called Barnes and Noble angrily and I did eventually get my books back free of charge and accompanied with a small gift card.

I refuse now to shop there online. If I was a FOURTEEN year old receiving something like that, I can only imagine what could have happened to other kids. Be glad, Barnes and Noble, that we didn’t call a newspaper!


In November I ordered a Nook as a gift. The person I bought it for wasn’t comfortable using it so I called Barnes and Noble to return it. I got an authorization number and returned it within their time period. Six months later I am still fighting to get my refund. I can’t call Barnes and Noble customer service any long because they can’t access my files since my case was “escalated to upper management.” Upper management is still “reviewing my case”. There is no way to contact them except by email, and they are not responding to my questions. They admit I did everything correctly on my end, but offer no reason why the refund is still being held up.

I have kept all my original invoices, return authorization emails from Barnes and Noble, tracking and delivery info from UPS, and documented the countless conversations I have had with Barnes and Noble customer service. It is at a standstill while I keep sending emails asking for some kind of answer. No response, no response.


It amazes me how neasty Barnes and Noble customer service can be. I ordered a book and two days later I receive an email telling me the book is out of stock and shipment delayed. I called customer service and was told no, the book is in stock and is shipping today; expect it Monday. Two hours later I receive an email telling me the order was cancelled. I call Barnes and Noble telephone customer service and the nice lady tells me ‘there is a problem with your credit card.’ ‘How is that, I used it earlier today to purchase gasoline.’ ‘Well maybe should pay your bill.’ ‘Excuse me, a thirty dollar charge is all there is against that card–what do you mean?’

‘Well I don’t know why the card was rejected.’ ‘Then why tell me to pay my bill?’ ‘We sent you an email three days ago requesting more information on your card and you didn’t respond.’ ‘I never received an email.’ ‘Oh, we sent it today.’ ‘Again I didn’t recieve an email; can I speak with a supervisor?’ ‘It won’t do no good; your card is no good.’ She hangs up. American Express tells me Barnes and Noble NEVER attempted to charge against it and my account was clean and current.

And I pay a membership fee for this Barnes and Noble?


I purchased a coupon worth $20.00 for $10.00 from Barnes and Nobles. Very excited. The coupon was charged to my credit/debit card $10. around Feb 7th 2011. The Barnes and Noble coupon would expire April 2011. Well after several attempts to retrieve my coupon. I gave up. and of course now the coupon I PAID FOR IS OF NO VALUE. The program kept telling me the coupon expired the day I purchased it. Every time I went to retrieve. I would like a full refund Perhaps, Barnes and Noble should provide customers full value for the aggravation, as it is very hare to find a place for a complaint. I used a debit card/credit card and was charged, quite promptly I must say!

I hope someone can help me. I am retired, 62 , and will start social security soon. $10.00 means alot, with medical bills mounting. pattijo77 [at]


I have been trying for 2 months to get Barnes and Noble to credit me for my returned item that I bought from their ebay store. It only allows paypal, and they seem totally inept at doing so. I have spent hours on hold and then they promise my refund, but it never appears. You stay on hold forever with Barnes and Noble, and when they forward you the next person has no idea and you start all over again. Their computer system starts mixing your orders up. It’s just a total CF from the start.


I was given a gift card for I purchased an e-book for mp3. I was supposed to receive a link within 30 minutes to download the book. Received acknowledgment of the order, but no link. Called customer service. They said they were having problems and it could take 24 hours, maybe even 48. I called after 48 hours. Automated system said it could be 4 days. I then spoke to someone live, who said they couldn’t find my order. So then I just called back again. Due to “high volume,” the system asked me to call again later. What kind of service is this? I could have gotten my download from amazon in minutes. I’m NEVER buying from again!


I have purchased many books from Barnes Noble at their local store. I had never ordered online, but I received a gift card during the holiday season and figured it would be easier to purchase items on-line and have them delivered to me. Boy was I wrong. The items I purchased were all marked as “in-stock” and “ships withing 24 hours”. After three days I called their customer service phone number and after waiting about 20 minutes, was able to speak to someone. She then explained that one of the other three items was NOT IN STOCK and I would not get the others until they could ship them all. I will make it my business to go on as many websites as I can in order to expose this company to the consumer, so that people do not waste their time purchasing items from BARNES NOBLE!


Beware of ordering through Barnes and Noble website. I just ordered a book for my daughter for college. After finding out that the book would not ship or arrive any where near the promised time on the website I asked for a refund. I was told that they couldn’t refund my money because the book was coming from a second party vendor and there was no supervisor working at that company who I could talk to. So after 4 phone calls with a hold time of one to one and half hours and three email later I am filing a report with the BBB and encourage those who have these bad experiences to do the same. Its time for companies to back up what they promise the consumer and be help accountable.


I ordered a book from the Barnes and Noble website back in February. When it didn’t show up in 10 days i sent an e-mail and was told it was on back order and would arrive mid-august. It’s Halloween and still no book! I have sent numerous messages only to be ignored by Barnes and Noble. I don’t even want the stupid book anymore i just want my money back, is that too much to ask? It doesn’t take a year to ship one lousy book.


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