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For the last 4months I had first a c pap, and then a bi pap unit. Thy did not work for me. I have been a c pap user for twenty years successfully.
My existing unit broke which caused me to get another sleep study, and pursue a new unit. I went six times to Apria in Elmsford New York, and dealt with Gene Santiago. Although he tried to make it work I tried 5 different masks. I heard every excuse in the world, and told after that I was putting the mask on wrong. ( Really ). The end result was to return both units. Question: Who is responsible if I should die in my sleep? I would like someone from Apria to contact me
to give me an alternative. Anthony Liccardi cell # 914-522-5677- Home 845-429-2689.


I was with this company years ago. Had to change from the company I was with back to Apria. My doctors office and I have been so stressed out over trying to get equipment. The company had been faxed all scripts and patients needs. I Was transferred from person to person and told different things each time. Then told scripts weren't sent but magically appeared! Ask for manager and he sent me to wrong dept in stead of dealing with the issue on hand! Once this is done being set up. I will be looking for another company. I am having this issue now I can only image whats to come! All I hear are nothing but complaints about Apria. This company is managed horribly! I am busy caring for my child on a ventilator. I should not have to deal with such incompetence. Don't contact me just reevaluate your company. Fix the issues and go and read your complaints!


"I have been trying for more than 2 months now to get a CPAP machine and supporting supplies. More than 20 phone calls. They keep saying the documents sent by the doctor are not sufficient. Then I have the doctor send other docs.

Then they say it's OK now and I will get a call to confirm order status. Order is under"validation". No call ever takes place.

Then I call back and am told the documents are still insufficient.

This loop was repeated five (5) times since August !

I finally went to the doctor's office, and personally checked that Apria's requirements were met and docs faxed. This still did not solve the problem!

I finally asked for a supervisor. None available... Was told one would call back. Did not happen...

Never seen anything like this. Third world level of competence and service.
2 months of bad sleeping because of this insanity. This is negligence IMHO."


My previous company ceased its New Mexican operations, and I was forced to choose Apria. Since then orders have NEVER been properly fulfilled. Requested items are continually being sent or are incompatible with my machine. One order was never sent, but I'm sure the insurance was billed and subsidizes your continuing mistakes. There is only so much I can do other than bring said CPAP machine to the Apria office which is a 150-mile round trip. I have so many incompatible hoses in my bedroom it looks like a snake pit. Items never requested have sent on three consequitive occasions, and, of course my patience has snapped. I have contacted your Santa Fe rep several times with less than satisfactory results and know of no other choice than to move out of state where I can deal with a company other than the company from hell.. I have repeatedly asked for the telephone number or her superior or district rep and was repeated told there was none. FYI, I found this board totally independent of the help she did not give me.

Dr. T.C. Grove


Billed for 8 years for 100.00 on sleep apnia machine covered 100% by my Aetna Health Insurance. Links on website do not work, I am never able to get a hold of a live operator on toll free number. There has been NO SERVICE or follow-up from Apria in 8 years. I had to purchase another machine from another source outright. I've lodged complaints with Georgia Dept of Law as well as Better Business Burear. STOP BILLING ME


I have been using Apria Healthcare for 2 years now and when called Customer Service they set up an appointment to see one of the sleep specialists at Apria Healthcare in Worcester, MA (local office). I was under the impression that I would go in and have someone to help me get the right equipment. But when I walked in, there was a lady that just had me go over the paperwork and she handed me my supplies. I then told her I was there to see their sleep specialist.

She told me that their specialist isn't in. I was very upset due to the fact that they didn't even fit me for my mask, just gave me one. Then I went home tried out the mask and felt that it didn't work/fit right and that I wanted another one. So I called the Customer Service back again and they set me up for another visit to their office and again just gave me another mask without fitting me. So off I went again home. I then went to see my pulmonary doctor and he prescribed me full face mask.

So for a third visit to the office. I again was told that I would see the specialist to make sure its the right fit and mask. When I got to the office they (staff) were in a meeting. So I sat in the waiting area. And the same lady I always see there came out and gave me a mask and said this is the one for you. Put it up to my face and then gave it to me without even testing to make sure it was the right one.

I feel that this office is not professional at all. I have insurance that pays for these supplies and you only have a certain time limit to exchange but after you even exchange once they meaning the office tells you you need a new prescription for a new mask.When if in the first place was fitted properly for the right mask I wouldn't have to go through this process.


Apria are refusing to help my mother in law with her oxygen she has only had it for 2 1/2 years so they need to replace her oxygen cause if she dies there will be a wrongful death lawsuit on them.


I have been on hold today for over 1 1/2 hours with the Apria customer service number and am still on going into the fourth hour. The first time I talked to somebody about my problem after being on hold 30 minutes. I then called back two hours later to tell you about what blue cross told me. I was on hold thirty minutes and then cut off. I then called back 45 minutes ago and after being on hold over 35 minutes was cut off again.

I called back again and am currently on hold going on ten minutes. The problem is serious and someone in a supervisory position needs to call me. I tried another # and a mechanical voice said they were not taking any calls. Has the company imploded? This is way over the top.


I am expected to receive a CPAP machine by Fed Ex from Temecula, Ca. I called the Temecula office to see if I could just come in and get it since I'm only about 25 minutes away from the local office where I could pick it up. By FedEx it will take 3-5 days for me to get it. I called the Temecula office 2 times o try to arrange for me to pick it up but to no effort was I given help. This is an important machine to me and in the past I have had trouble with FedEx deliveries from Apria Healthcare, I live in a mobile home park with about 700 homes. I see no reason why I could not pick it up myself and save me having to stay home all day waiting for Fed Ex?


Apria Healthcare keeps sending me bills to pay a balance that my insurance company Humana tells me that I do not owe you this. I have called and written to you about this and I do not get any satisfaction. The people that phone me from Apria customer service do not seem to understand English. I am changing insurance carrier in the new year and would like to get this straightened out before then. Please straighten this out from the corporate side.


My sister suffered from sleep apnea and was suggested to go in for CPAP machine. We consulted physicians at Apria Health care and they are truly a relief. The customer care are the best and very caring. They understand the exact requirement and keep us updated about every fact and procedures about the machine. Apria Health care are really one of the best in health care industries and keep in mind the requirements of patients and make products pertaining to this. I suggest people suffering with such problems to contact Apria Health care.

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