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Amerihealth is one of the leading names in providing healthcare and offers a wide range of services for individuals and employers. In recent years the company has added national scaling programs that enable the larger crowd to get benefitted. So far over 265,000 members have used Amerihealth since its inception in 1995.

For corporate feedback, contact headquarters at AmeriHealth 1901 Market Street Philadelphia, PA 19103-1480. If you have a problem with your Amerihealth plan you can call cusotmer service number at 1-866-681-7373 or 1-856-778-6550. To escalate your issue to the head office, try Judith L. Roman who is the current CEO of Amerihealth.

Common complaints against Amerihealth relate to features like online health assessments, doctors and hospitals, personal health records, and tracking your cholesterol, blood pressure, body fat, and other factors.

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My problem is with dropped healthcare coverage. I was late paying my premium due to the fact the online auto pay wouldn't let me log in! They canceled my policy without notice but kept collecting my premium that I would pay over the phone. This is only 1 of the many problems I've had. Denied payment due to Amerihealth having my birth date wrong, this took almost a year to correct! I would love Amerihealth executives to own up that they are screwed up and honor my policy, it's not that I was unable to pay, I simply was late.


Been covered by Amerihealth policy since 2014. My complaint is related to my recent operation. I had surgery recently and the hospital did not cover everything. Amerihealth also rejected my claim and now I'm stuck holding a bill for $1,000.

I have been trying to call customer service for several days now, does anyone have a better number that is not listed on their website? That one keeps giving me issues.


Customer support line was supposed to stay open until 6pm. I looked online and then I called to file a claim and they were closed. The lady on the phone just ignored me. This is what you can expect? Great.


I got the best health insurance coverage from Amerihealth. They have given me a plan that is apt for my family and me. Last time when I was admitted for a brief illness, the coverage was taken care by Amerihealth. Too bad that Obamacare has made everything else so darn expensive. Because actually, the claim procedure was quite smooth. I received the amount within 4 working days. They ensured timely help and were pretty prompt in their services. Amerihealth ensures to give you a good coverage on health plans and you can be rest assured that you are doing the right thing in having the plan.

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