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Anthem ( is an American health insurance company and the largest ‘for profit’ company in the Blue Cross Blue Shield network. It is publicly traded on the NYSE:ANTM. Anthem employs over 37,000 people and in 2012 reported net income of US 2.6 billion.

If you have a problem with your Anthem policy, you will ultimately need to log in here, you may also find a list with email care or phone numbers and addresses to mail concerns. You may also send postal correspondence to the CEO, Joseph R. Swedish and mail to the Anthem corporate office at 120 Monument Circle, Indianapolis, IN 46204. Helpful phone numbers are: vision 1-866-723-0515; dental 1-888-209-7852 and pharmacy 1-800-700-2533.

Founded in 1940 as Mutual Hospital Insurance in Indianapolis, the company name was changed to Wellpoint, Inc. and then in 2014 a company name change to Anthem. In February 2015 it was disclosed that criminal hackers had compromised personal information for over 37 million clients. USA Today reported that medical and financial records were not compromised. Social media presence for Anthem may be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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I would give a zero but you are forced to give at least one star. I work in the medical field and I manage all the biologic patients in a busy GI office in Lexington. My experience with getting approval for GI related specialty medications is a complete and total headache. I have found that most of the staff that answer the phone after a 30min to one hour wait can barley speak English and it is very difficult to understand them. I have also discovered that most have absolutely no clue as to what they are doing including supervisors. I cringe every time I have to call them which is daily. Terrible experience for the past 6 months.


Care more Anthem, send me a mail say: rewards for health services $50 visa,
I called my doctor and care more center, they did not had any appointment, so I paid to a doctor and had this cards send to Anthem.
Now Anthem say that they never got the cards, and I can file a writing complaint, I did but now they say they never got that also.


I have been using a Dexcom 5 transmitter since January 2019 and until now I have received excellent service from Byrum Health Care, the DME provide as well as from the Dexcom Corporation as it has been related to Customer Support. Through the years, from my childhood and through various employers throughout the years Blue Cross has provided nothing but outstanding service until now.

The above noted transmitter requires a sensor that must be changed every seven days before the the sensor stops working. Since using the Dexcom system (it is outstanding, by the way) I usually order the sensor from Byrum Health care at about the middle of the month asnd receive thisd by UPS or other carrier wiithing a dy or so. It probably helps that they are shipped from South Bend IN. anfd I lived in Lafayette, IN.

The order wasd placed with Byrum Healthcare on May 13, 2019. Byrum states that the problem is with Anthem, that they are not getting through to Anthem. I was told by Anthem sfaff that the claim was not redeived until May 21, 2019. In the meantime, my final sensor sdtopped working atg 8:01 am on May 28,2019.

I feel like I am gdetting exscuse from Byrum Healthcare as well as Anthem. I come from a professionwhere the standard are very execting where excuses are not permitted My problem is regarlesd of who is involved, the is a very large gap between May 13, and May 30 3019. I'm sure that those that process claims havde grandparents. If it was one of their grandparents involved in this claim would grandparents received the same level of care and consideration. Base on my professional experience it is quite possible that my experience not not an isolated situation. Pleassse get this problem fixed!.

Thank You

cc: Byrum Healthcare
Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services The Indiana Department of Insurance


Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield – Anthem, Inc. started by,
- Eliminated pension plans for all employees.
- Reducing health insurance coverage for all employees. Went from HMO, EPO, PPO, to HAS Silver and HAS Gold. Basically the cheapest plans, yet they charge their employees as if they were on a PPO Plan.
- Changing to the HAS, HRA plans made such a big mess for everyone. When you call for your benefits, you are treated as if you are in a third world country. They do not pay certain claims, they mess up claims, etc.
- Reducing bonus plan payouts from 15% to 12.5%.
- Reducing their 401(K) contributions and no longer match what we put into it.
- One cannot sell their PTO days anymore. They are placed in a sick bank, where one gets to use them when they are sick instead of using their PTO days. When that was started, it was told to us that you can keep unlimited hours in there. Now they limited it to 200 hours.
- The latest thing, which was last week, the company eliminated working from home. So, please who were allowed to work from home and scheduled their life around that, now must figure out a way to come back into the office 5 days a week. Unless, you have a director or higher as a best friend, relative, etc. who will get you exempt. If you do not know anyone, then you must come in 5 days a week, we they expect your resignation!
- Work and family balance took a dive, company caring about employee, took a dive, our systems that we use internally are so old and outdated, that we might as well do everything by paper and pencil.
If shareholders found out how we are running internally, our stock price would dive.
How is anyone supposed to be loyal to a company that has no appreciation for their employees or families....It's a shame.


I have called Anthem, waited my turn in line and then been hung up on 3 times in a row. I've spent an hour on the phone, without even getting to speak to a representative. What kind of nonsense is this? I have questions about coverage and would like answers.


Technology team does not want to deal with tickets . I opened ticket 3 times for the past 6 month to address the issue with viewing the claim and every time ticket get closed without sending any emails or correspondence . I worked in technology for 20 years and never could get away with such poor customer service and its sad to see that simple things can not be done .


I received 4 letters dated the same date 12/12. One letter said Anthem needed time to review request and didn't have enough info and were asking my provider for clinical information to decide if medication is medically necessary. The next letter {again dated 12/12} said request for drug Remicade is denied. A day or two later received TWO letters {exactly the same} AGAIN dated 12/12 saying the medication is covered. First it was stressful to me that the medication was denied, second the postage and letters were a waste of money and all this makes me wonder if anyone knows in this organization knows what the other is doing. No wonder insurance is so high if this is what goes on every day.


Can't get inform about my new Medicare Plan/ big bill from provider / Cust Service Line is simply a portal that can't be accessed without I/D # can't set password or register !!! Paid over $600 for nothing from you people. What the hell is wrong with you people? Got the $ ok


I was put on a new policy due to my husband being eligible for medicare. I had already met my deductible for the year.My deductible should have been transferred to my new policy.It hasn't been yet after calling them twice.I need my medication filled.Now they told me to call for an override for my medication.Its been since the beginning of November.


My policy was canceled a few days before it was even due the next month. I did not receive a phone call prior to cancellation or anything. Five days after the cancellation, that I knew nothing about, I had a very expensive test done and because of anthem I now have to spend over $2,000 and out of pocket. I called the company and they were not helpful at all. I just don't understand how I can be canceled May 1, 2015 when my last payment was April 7, 2015. A few days late, but not worthy of a cancel. I have been a member with anthem for 30 years and I am not now. I went on my husband's insurance on June 1, 2015, I even called Anthem to let them know this and everything seem to have been fine until I got the $2000 bill in the mail. Next stop a complaint letter to the Anthem corporate offices!


My previous health insurance provider disappointed me for not attending my claims on time and I have paid a large amount for my medical treatment. Anthem has given me the trust and assurance in managing my medical expenses with their loyal hospitality. It's really a wonderful experience and thanks to Anthem for the great help on time. Anthem is the best health insurance provider with 24/7 customer support round the year. It covers Dental,vision,Family Health Plans, Medicare,Medicaid and Individual plans. You can save money, access to your claim account online at anytime. Anthem gives quality coverage , health screenings, easy claim processing and flexible plans.

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