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Amscot Financial Service is a privately owned non-bank financial services institution in Florida. With over 250 locations uniquely-open 365/year and some locations 24 hour/day this company reports over 2.5 million customers annually. Revenues of US 186 million were reported in 2013.

If you want to contact Amscot about their services, call 1-800-801-4444 or 1-800-333-6130. You may also find helpful phone numbers here. If you want to contact founder and CEO, Ian MacKechnie with a postal letter, address the envelope to him at Amscott Financial Services, 600 N. Westshore Blvd., #1200, Tampa, FL 33609. The corporate office phone number is 813-637-6100 and fax number 813-637-6260.

Known as ‘The Money Superstore’, Ian MacKechnie started his entrepreneurial career in bakery at 16 years old. Born in Glasgow, Scotland he stayed in bakery goods until 1986 when he followed the ‘snow birds’ to Florida and opened his first Amscot outlet. Social presence may be found on Twitter and YouTube.

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    • Tampa
    • FL 33609
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I was called by 1 of your representatives at my place of employment instead of contacting me on my preferred number which is clearly noted on my account.I went to pay my loan and the rep confirmed my cell phone number as the number to contact me.This is not acceptable in my vocabulary.I look foward to you full reply.Also it was not a pleasant experience when I called back and asked why they called my employment phone number.


Nov.05.2018 after 4pm in the branch 5900 Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL. 34231 the employee Sarah B. was very incompetent, inefficient, and negligent. I told her since my arrival that I needed one single money order to US Department of Homeland Security for $1,170 and I gave her a piece of paper with that information. I told her continuously more than three times since the beginning that I needed one only money order. She gave me a form to fill out with very private information, I asked why she needed that, and she said that it was in that way, and she went to attend another costumer. After waiting for her finishing, I gave back her all the information, she took more than a while with the computer and after all my waiting she said that she could not do what I asked her since I arrived, and nobody will do it because one money order couldn’t be for more than one thousand dollars. She said then that two money orders instead one and her excuse was that she misunderstood what I repetitively told her since my arrival plus the paper that I gave her showing $1,170. Frustrated and without doing any business there I asked her to delete all my private information from the system and she didn't. She took much more time talking by phone showing no concern at all and giving me a very fake apologize to complete her behavior. People like her shouldn't be working with costumers either in that kind of jobs. I would like to hear from some executive that you will take care of it.


Hello, my name is Grant Sommer, I am an extremely happy customer of yours and perhaps one of your most raving fans. The reason for this is because of the manager that you had on duty yesterday, Saturday 10/13/2018 at your Auburndale, FL. store. First, let me back up & tell you that my sweet wife Annette fell & slipped on Saturday, 9/15/2018 outside of our home and unfortunately broke her shoulder and elbow creating a lot of pain and making every day chores practically impossible. This brings us up to date, where we needed Annette to get her monthly payday advance, just like we do every month (this helps us so much and we thank you for it). Anyway, thank God we were able to get her in the car, but because of how badly everything hurts her the only time we could get her out of the car was when we got home. Your incredibly kind manager (seeing Annette in our car that was right out front) permitted me to bring the paperwork to my sweety and that was our miracle answer. I just wanted you to know how far out of his way that he went to accommodate us and we greatly appreciate him and you. God Bless ya'll. Sincerely, Grant & Annette Sommer.


Let me first reiterate that prior to this experience I've never had a bad experience with Amscot but after this experience I'll never do business with Amscot again. This was at the Spring Hill Fl location on Spring Hill Dr.

I'm disabled and fighting for my check without the help of my mom and grandma I wouldn't have any money. They began sending me money via Western Union. Closest Western Union was Amscot. Getting the money took five minutes. Recently they gave been asking who this person is to you. I'm sure people who do regular business there don't get this. Then Amscot Corporate tells me I have to provide documention that my mom is my mom and they need to know where the money is going. First of all my mom and grandma are sending me money. Second of all the money is for my well being. It's none of their business where it's going too. I come in there honest and without a problem and then this happens.

Unless you want to be treated like a criminal and not a regular person for doing every day business avoid at all costs. I will not be providing any documentation or anything regarding my money. Their job is to get the money to me not question why I'm getting it and whose sending it to me. Apparently Amscot has never heard of privacy laws. Don't make the same mistake I did.


Have been cashing personal checks (written from my checking account, to myself) for 8 years. Tonight I was told, at the Haines City, Florida Amscot Store, that personal checks written to myself, from my personal checking account can no longer be cashed due to a policy change. As stated above, I have been cashing said checks at Amscot for eight (8) years. I have also utilized your Notary Public service. My complaint is not directed at any of your Haines City employees. I have always been treated very well.

My concern is Amscot corporate headquarters and their policy change... Is this indeed your new policy, I am logging this complaint per your policy statement : "let us know if Amscot will not cash your check". Perhaps you have been burned too many times, but long time, no fault customers, like myself should not be penalized. Wonder how many other people, like myself, you will lose as customers?


I went to the Amscot store at Curry Ford and Chickasaw in Orlando on 1/30/2016, to get a money order for $420. I gave them $420 and said I wanted a money order for 420. The teller stated 440? I said no, 420, again she stated 440. I said no, 420. This went on 4 times before she realized I was saying 420. I don't have a speaking problem, she must have a hearing problem. This isn't the first time that happened at this store. I think they're being malicious and pretending they don't understand. Maybe the need to have their hearing checked.


Since I am extremely busy at work and at home, I still found it important to write a review about Amscot. They have the best services. I work 6 day a week and have no time even to pay my utility bills. Amscot does such this for you if you pay them. Amscot is open early in the morning to late at night and is open 365 days a year with many 24-hour locations to serve you. Not just this, but incase you are in need of an advance pay, they provide these services too. I like Amscot because their service was excellent and fast!!! Highly recommended for people who are busy and want to pay bills all at one place.

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