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Ally Bank is a unit of Alley Financial with is headquartered at one Detroit Center, Detroit, Michigan. The bank is publicly traded on NYSE:ALLY and has reported US 54 billion in customer deposits. In 2015 employees were reported as 931 and there are two national offices in Utah and Pennsylvania. Most Ally Bank customers are online customers.

To report a problem with your Ally Bank account you may call 1-877-247-2559. You may find Contact Us information here. If you would like to send postal correspondence to CEO, Diane Morais, address your letter with Ally Bank, 6985 Union Park Centre, Suite 43, Midvale, Utah 84047. The corporate office phone number is listed as 801-790-5000.

Ally Financial has roots back to 1919. Ally Bank began as a GMAC Bank (General Motors Acceptance Corporation) in 2001. Money Magazine called Ally Bank ‘Best Online Bank’ during years 2011-2015. Social presence may be found on Twitter, YouTube and Google+.

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I just had a vehicle repo friday. And i told the bank i would contact them this week to what i could do to come up with the payment. And they said i will put that in your acvount well the next thing was they came to get it friday. And the Repi guy that picked it up was telling my son whick he was driving friday that we called the bank and told my son that we caled the bank to come and get it. We never told Ally that. I told Ally that i would see what i could do. Also when they picked it up they took my plate off and drove it with my insurance i dont appreciate that. I will take action.


My car was towed and dragged for almost 3 blocks with the emergency break on which caused my back tires to feather. I have called and left messages numerous times, but have not spoke with anyone as of yet. I also sent e-mail with pictures and video and no one has responded back this way either. Please e-mail me or call me 708-334-6490.


I want to talk to someone that can speak fluent ENGLISH . I got hurt at work 6 months ago and I'm barely getting by . I want defer a payment or two until I get back to work . It's impossible to understand these people. I need help


Please know this is a formal complaint. I am writing you because of my sheer disgust in how I am being cheated by Ally Auto. It is my hope that someone here in the US can get this matter under control now. When I purchased the car In September 2017 I was supposed to begin payments in November 2017. However, I started to pay in October 2017. My payments are due on the 29th of each month and late payment charges are which are only about 16.00 are not to begin until the 10th day after the due date. I have paid more than the amount I was supposed to pay each month but, yet I keep getting charged a 75.00 late fee. I don’t owe a late fee and the late charges are not 75.00 per month. I need someone to straighten this out before I make another payment. I called to complain over and over finally, a Chris in your escalation department somehow got the late chare taken off for September only to be placed on my account for the October 2018 due date. This is ridiculous. Also, I don’t know what country your representatives are in, but I can tell you they are liars and they are rude. Again, with the escalation department I spoke to a woman who said her name was Patrin on 10/11/2018, she just kept repeating that I owe a 75.00 late charge and I kept telling her I did not. When I asked to speak to someone in the US she told me that the US office did not have the power she had, but that she would put me through to the US office. She placed me on hold and never came back. I am not paying a 75.00 late charge I don’t owe. Before I report this to the BBB, please have this straightened out and the funds I have paid to your company appropriately placed to my account. I have the statements that clearly indicate I should have started to pay my account beginning 11/2017.

Geraldine Larkin


I am constantly getting harassing calls concerning my June 2018 car note payment. I went to my bank and got proof of my payment, faxed it and I've also mailed it in with my July payment. I keep getting calls saying I'm late. I've made my payments on time. I can be reached at 901-277-9477. I just don't know what else to do. I have read the reviews from Ally Financial.


I deposited a check and for whatever reason have since been locked out of my account..I've spoke to loss prevention several times and he keeps saying theyre waiting for the check to clear even though it already says the funds are available at every ATM I've checked , but when I try to pull money or make a purchase it say invalid account and's been two and a half weeks now and I know for a fact the law says a bank can't hold a check longer then 9days . So I've contacted the consumer protection agency and am meeting with a lawyer Monday morning to file a suite based on the hardships no access to my money has caused as well as the racially motivated closing of my account and unwillingness to provide any info or service Everytime I've called


I have been trying feverishly to get a form filled out from Ally. I have spent hours on hold, given wrong contact names and phone numbers. I had a vehicle loan several years ago, there is an insurance claim check that I never cashed. The insurance company turned it over to the State of Illinois unclaimed property. This check is my property. Ally has sent me a lien release letter, however the State of Illinois will not accept it, as they want their own General Release for filled out before they will release the funds to me. I have had a horrible time getting this done. Again long hold times, repeating myself over and over, been given wrong contact names and phone numbers. I don't understand why this has to be so hard. Someone just do their job!!!!!


Ally repossess my car after telling me to make a payment of $600 and start a payment plan, that was on a Monday. the next thing i know a tow truck was in front of my home picking up my car that was on a Thursday, the payment was due the next day on a Friday. When I went to pick up my car from the repo company, my car was damage and items was missing. I call Ally to complaint I didn't get a response from customers service, also the company ally use to tow my car drove it, my miles on the odometer before it was tow read 150,000 after I pick it up from the repo company it read 156,000. I believe that Ally and the repo company should pay me for damages and items being remove from my car.


on 8-28 2017 i personally authorized ally to take from my checking account money to bring my account up to date. the money was not to be taken out until 9-1-2017. it was taken on the 28th therefore causing my checking account to be overdrawn. i have tried on the 30th of august to speak to someone at the bank which refered me to western union. they inform me it is not their fault, but ally bank is to blame. i will be filing a complaint with the federal govt concerning these practices. jerry orick acct 628925025806 also this has hurt my credit. in july of 25 2017 i also was contacted over the phone for a pmt which i authiorized for 8-1-2017 to be taken and it never was therefore putting my loan in default. your bank should get their act together. i will file my complaint and go on social media concerning your practices.


Ally Bank would not accept my address said it was a rv park. But they have accounts for 11 years with the address they now will not accept. No reasoning with these people they are all like monkeys all do the same and say they?


I have faxed over 3 different days the deferment form since 9/30/16 thrust 10/6/16, and nothing has been entered in the computer system yet. Everyday i heaved called and they say I'm past due plus a late charge. I'm very upset! I haven't had one late payment until now, because of this problem. Has anyone else had issues contacting Ally Bank? They are online so this really worries me.


Auto loan paid off since 8/31/2016 overpayment of $1094.00 credit from dealership Lou Fusz Motor Company in St. Peter's, Missouri. Originally told refund within 5 to 10 business days from the Smart Cash received from dealer on 9/1/2016. Since then have been told 3 different days that I should receive refund. Now on 9/26/16 been told first or second week of October 2016. This is a refund of $595.00 for theft protection and $499.00 for a car pass that I chose not to keep after I signed the loan papers with Ally bank I found a lower interest rate loan paid off on 8/31/2016. I was told I could cancel both and receive a check if bank received the payoff before these credits went through. Still have not received check and no concrete answer from Ally customer service at the bank when I will receive it. Hoping that someone can connect me with corporate offices (shown below)?


It is appalling to witness your employee Ismail and Branch Manger represent your company in such a manner stating that my documentation were fake. The Branch Manager contact the legal department of the back and they asked her or Ismail to scan the documentation to the legal department and the legal department stating that the documentation were fine. I was shocked and disappointed to have been treated in this way you should be made aware of your employee's action.


Have heard nothing but good things. My co-worker banks at Ally and he is always raving about their customer service. Never heard a complaint once out of his mouth of this company.


My friend has an account with Ally bank and he just raves about them non-stop. It seems like they are on the cutting edge of banking with the whole online only system. I never see complaints about them!


Making your financial transactions in the current busy life will be more easier only with secured Bankers and I feel that Ally Bank is the right choice which I have opted. CDs , auto-financing and IRAs are the special services we can avail in Ally Bank. You can always compare your CDs and IRAs online whenever you require. 24/7 customer support, no minimum deposit, online & mobile security guarantee are added advantages in Ally Bank. I recommend you that Ally Bank will be best possible way for secured monitory savings.

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