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After receiving information about early turn in for my leased car waving all remaining payments I went to flow Acura which previously was Stevenson Honda and Acura with whom we have dealt for 12 years and told the salesman Steve that I wanted a black TLX with a tan interior. He showed me the “old cars from Stevenson”which included a black TLX with a black interior but never offered to locate a black car with tan interior. When my husband said we were going to BMW he said go scratch that itch and I ended up buying a Mercedes black with tan interior. When we return to turn in my Acura he was outside and totally ignored us which was fine with us because Brian who had been with Stevenson Service Dept was in the parking lot and was the gentleman that we have always dealt with at Stevenson. For 12 years we have bought Acuras and Hondas dealing with Matthew Harbour who was always accommodating and when my husband recently upgraded from a Honda SUV to an Acura SUV when he told them the colors that he wanted they located it in Virginia and he picked it up two days later. So now I have a bill from Acura for $14,58.53 which includes outstanding receivables and turn in fee.I came there in good faith to turn in my leased car and lease another one. As loyal Stevenson customers who have referred several people, we will not be future customers.


I have been leasing a 2016 MDX from Acura dealership, smithtown, New York. My car has 20409 miles right now. On July 21, 2018 I went for oil change to the dealership. After multipoint inspection, I was told that I was due for rear differential fluid change as well as air and cabin filter change and wiper blade replacement. I agreed and the service was performed. I paid $263 . After coming home, I went to visit my friend locally who lives 7 miles away from me. When I turn the ignition on, I felt the car was little shaky while still on park . I started driving and felt like the car was struggling to accelerate . After a while I saw huge white smoke coming out of the exhaust system and the car was not accelerating normally. Later on, I started to drive little more and on the next day, Sunday July 22nd I was going to the supermarket and the situation repeated and it was even worse than the day before . The check engine light was blinking as well while the car had trouble accelerating and big cloud of white smoke emitted from the exhaust. My concern is that the car no problem before doing the service and all of a sudden it has this big problem. The dealership is closed on Sunday and I will bring the car on Monday morning . I don’t know how they messed it up , in my opinion, the mechanics are careless. Also service department is not that professional. You would think your car will run smoothly after getting service from the dealership. But apparently that’s not the case. I would like to have my problem solved and I would like to receive compensation for that. If no action is taken by the corporate office, I will legally file complaint and ask for compensation. Also corporate office should monitor these service centers closely and make sure Acura does not lose any customer. Thanks


I leased a new TLX with the Tech Package. My phone contacts all of a sudden could not be imported due to what the dealer described as a problem with the phone not the vehicle. The dealer basically said that this was not their problem and offered zero help to fix this. I researched on line and fixed the problem. I am not a tech savy person & with little time I found a solution. As I am sure I am not the only person who has this problem. It would have been helpful if the people at the dealership could have this information to assist their customers.


Sterling McCall Acura

Brought car in to repair auxiliary outlet. Left to discover Bluetooth not working. Return to complain. Several minutes later they tell me the Bluetooth is out because when they, according to them, replaced the auxiliary plug, removing the battery shorted the system. Causing the Bluetooth to die. He then offered me a discount to fix it. A discount, REALLY?!


Want to purchase a new 2016 Acura 2.5 litre engine but found out that it requires premium gasoline (about 50cents/gal more than regular.) The dealer says that the vehicle will run fine on regular grade gas, just the mileage will be affected by 0.5 mpg. Even the gas cap says premium gas only? What does Honda say. Will it run fine and not affect the warranty? I need to have an answer today or I will cancel my pending purchase.


I have two acuras, a 2010 tsx and a 2016 mdx. While overall I've been satisfied with both cars, I was recently somewhat disappointed when I went to the dealership for service and to buy some accessories. I wanted to purchase driver and passenger side window deflectors as when it's raining and you need to "crack a window" while smoking or to get some air, water pools and drips inside directly on the window buttons. It's bad enough the water pools and drips inside, but drip directly on electrical switches is not good. However, when I tried to order the deflectors, I was told Acura does not have them and that I would have to find aftermarket/universal deflectors to try and fit my vehicles. While I am surprised at the oversight in this flaw in design, I was wondering if this is something Acura is looking to correct. Please let me know either way.


What is not to love about Acura. Of all the cars I have owned I would never complain about my 2004 Acura RSX. Hell, the NSX is still my dream car. I believe Acura is just a high end Honda model correct? At least it appears that way. Hopefully they keep making them. Anytime I have had an issue with customer service my rpboelm was quickly solved.


I was looking for design,quality,high performance in a car and found Acura to be my perfect choice. From a budget between 28,000$ to 60,000$, you have various models to choose from. I have purchased Acura RDX as it suits my budget without compromising on quality. Ample legroom, comfortable and supportive front seats, leather upholstery and many more great features made me choose Acura RDX. I would definitely recommend this to all and give it an A+ rating.

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