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Zales is a US based jewelry retailer that is based in 901 W Walnut Hill Ln, Irving, TX 75038, USA. The company, Zale Corporation, was founded in 1924. It has more than one thousand locations throughout the country along with its sister companies. Terry Burman is the current CEO of the company. According to estimates, the annual revenue of Zales is more than 35 million US dollars and it currently employs more than thirteen thousand people.

Zales was owned by different parent companies for last few decades. It was owned by People’s Jewelers in 1986, but in 2007, multiple divisions of the company were bought by Finlay. In 2014, Zale Corporation was acquired by Signet Jewelers. The company is most popular for its diamond jewelry and other precious stones. The company also offers free door to door shipping service within the United States for all orders that worth $150 and more.

You can phone their customer support on 1-800-311-5393 or use live chat option on their website, to chat with their representatives. You can also contact them via US Mail by sending mail to Customer Service, P.O. Box 152777, Irving, Texas, 75015. If you want to fax their support or head office, you can use this number 972-580-5266.

Zales is also very active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. It is also a BBB accredited business and enjoys A+ rating. Overall, the online feedback about Zales is mostly positive. 

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    • United States
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    7AM - 10PM CT Mon - Fri, and 8AM - 10PM CT Sat - Sun

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I purchased two pieces of jewelry on April 3, had several diamonds added to both pieces and was very unhappy about the ending result. The store in Watauga Texas off Denton hwy, where I had bought the jewelry equaling out to 4.5k, where unwilling to work with me and treated me very unwelcoming. I went to another zales store in tanger outlet in North fort worth and they were the BEST EVER! I had tears in my eyes because of their willingness to work with me. I will never step foot in the other Zales. vicki 817 800-5463


2nd time ordering got a different pair of earrings was told they wouldn't send the ones I ordered right out as I needed them for a trip I had to reorder horrible customer service I would have mailed the customer out the product she ordered immediately Order # 10000017803375. I was very disappointed which has deterred me from wanting to order again.


every time I order with your company I get the wrong thing sent to me last order placed I got silver earrings instead of black which I ordered to go away on a trip ..very poor customer service I called in and was told I had to reorder rather than the company be courteous enough to send out my original order as the customer comes first. I have sevral other items I want to order but now am very deterred from your company


I'm very disappointed with my experience with Zales when getting an engagement ring. Back in February 2018 I bought an engagement ring which was a big step and a lot of money that I didn't really have. Lady that sold me the ring told me before I bought it, If anything happens I can always bring it back and get exactly what I paid for it. Didn't think I would ever have to go through that but it was good to know since im putting a lot out for a ring. A few months later she said the ring didn't fit, it was a little to small so I went and got it sized and cleaned. Again I asked the woman that took care of it if that was true if things didn't work out will they take it back and she said yes, they will give you exactly what you paid for it. A month or so later I found out it wasn't the ring size, it was someone else (Not that you needed to know). Didn't know what to do with it so I decided now that I have an expensive ring and no one to give it to, a new house, and a 2yr old that I have to take care of now I will go return the ring. I get there she takes it from me and hands it back and tells me they will not take it back its past the 60 days. No one said anything about 60 days when I bought it or when I got it sized. Yes, now I see on the receipt that it says 60 days but was told verbally from your people different. If I would of known that maybe I could of returned it back then or at least sold it somewhere to get enough to pay off the credit card. Now im stuck with a ring that was probably worn for about a month or two & about to get charged a massive amount of interest because its almost been a year.


This letter is to complain about my experience with Zales and absolutely terrible service I received, and also asking you to help me resolve the issue. On 05/30/18 I called Zales Customer service to place an order and spoke with person named Serge. I asked to place an order on my Zales credit card for item 20130728. I gave this person my information (my name, address, phone number, credit card number, e-mail address), and asked him a couple of times what is total ($307.72), is it on 6 months promotion, he assured me it is, told me that I will receive a confirmation e-mail. I checked my e-mail for the confirmation e-mail next day and when I did not see it I called customer service back to find out why I did not get it. When I called back the automated service asked me if my phone number associated with my order and I pressed button for "yes", but the system answered that it does not recognize my number. The agent told me that all my information is incorrect in a system: my address, my name, my phone number, my e-mail address, everything except of my card number. She asked me if someone else was placing my order. I asked her how she thinks this is possible: I purposely gave the incorrect address and name, but provided the correct card number to charge it for the order that will go to the middle of nowhere. I asked her to transfer me to the supervisor on charge and she transferred me to the person named Louis. He said that he will listen to the recorded conversation with the agent to determine what happen and call me back. I did not get the call back by the end of the day and tried to call back myself. I called 6 (six!) times because agents I was talking with were hanging up on me for some reason, but every time they were coming up with different stories. I was totally and completely confused until I finally spoke with Marla who explained me that they are trying to cancel the order because of the mistakes. But if the order will not be cancelled, they will take another step and explain me later what this step will be. She told me that I have to keep calling back and they will let me know in 3 to 5 business days how the case will be resolved.

This is first time during 25 years living in United States I have so much troubles placing an order. Zales is a reputable company (or at least I thought it is) and I use to buy a few things from it in the past. I cannot believe that I have to face such a terrible customer service for placing order with mistakes in EVERY single piece of information, with agents who suppose to help customers not doing anything, but aggravating the issue by hanging up and telling non-sense stories. I would really appreciate your help in this situation. I need to cancel this order which was placed on my Zales credit card and was shipped to the wrong address.



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