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i asked them for someone to call me back and help me order something on line they said they dont do outbound calls and ordering on line lots of people dont have credit cards before u could go into a lids store and order from inside the store


I cant ligin 2 my account in the app they keep telling me 2 reset password i bought a premium access pass in january it keeps saying i have made no purchases & have no poimt when i have my last order receipt & it says 660 pts i was given my 20% off code & told they would get back to me in 4 business days its been 6 so far no email still cant sign in or use my premium access pass i can buy another one for the 3rd time but dont want 2 waste my $ if i cant even login or use my points that they keep saying dont exist


On May 23, 2019 my wife and I went to Lids store at the Willowbrook mall. I purchased two Astros logo patches and had them put on my jerseys. I assume the staff new that they were doing but the girl who put my patch on mistakenly put one of the patches on the wrong side. I didn’t notice her mistake since I was browsing inside the store. I notice the mistake on Sunday May 26 when I wear that jersey and went back to the store we’re I had them place. My wife and I spoke the the manager onsite by the name of Maurice which he was really rude to us and show no care what’s so ever about the case. We had arrived 15 minutes prior to closing and explained to him our situation and also purchased a patch from them to place on a blue Astros jersey that I purchased and also heat press a orbit logo patch on my son jersey. Maurice seem he didn’t want to do it and seem like he was trying to run us off and go home. He made a fit about heat press patch on my son jersey but refused to place the patch on mine. He also kick my wife and my self out the store and made us wait outside while he got my son jersey done. Maurice called me today May 27 and informed me he had spoken to his staff and decided not to replace my jersey with the wrong side of the patch and that the only thing he could do would be refund me the patch that I purchased. I am furious on the service we received from a manager and staff and how they are not willing to do anything about it. I am a Lids reward member and have purchased several items from y’all and don’t think I deserve this treatment.


After purchasing a hat and a bottle of stain repellent and going home, 45 minutes away, I realized that my spray container was faulty. It wouldn't spray at all. I contacted the manager of the store, which is in the Northwoods Mall in Peoria, Il., and is also the person who sold me the hat and repellent, only to find that he didn't care much. He said I should either put it in a different container or, if in Peoria again, which I get to once every two months, he would replace it. I asked him to send me another bottle to which he replied not a chance. Is this what I should expect out of Lids? Be it online or a physical store, this is unacceptable, in my opinion. Having been a busines owner myself years ago, I know how to treat customers and this isn't it. Thanks for letting me vent. This store sucks! Randy Hilst P. O. Box 813 Pekin,Il. 61555


I would like to think that a store called lids, meaning (Hats). Would have every NFL team hat inside your establishment for the customer (ME) to purchase if I would like? Please, make arrangements to order Indianapolis Colts Lids/Apparel to all of your stores. Thank You!!
This is the 2nd time entering your store and there is no Indianapolis Colts hats or apparel in these stores. Pearland Town Center and First Colony Mall, located in Sugarland Texas.


On 3/31/19, I walked into the Lids store at the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance, Ca. There were 3 employees, I believe, in the store. Two for sure at the counter directly strait ahead as I walked in with my 9 year old daughter. No one ask if I needed help, which wasn't a big deal, so I began to look around. After briefly looking for myself, I directed a question to the two employees standing at the counter, one who I now know was A.J., where was a particular style of hat. A.j. answered by walking over and pointing to two (2) hats only and walked away. I then asked was it just those 2 hats that he pointed out and he walked back over and in a condescending manner answered, "No, it's from here to here". pointing out that it was from the one hat to the other. Then as he walked back he very sarcastically and in a condescending way said to me, "All you have to do is read the sticker". That is when I became infuriated! I then said to him, "I don't want to have to read almost the whole store to find the hats, I just wanted you to assist me in finding the hats instead of having to do that". Just so I could knock that part of the process out. That is what he's there for anyway, right? To provide assistance to customers. I in no way was being over bearing, rude or unreasonable with my request. I just wanted a little assistance in finding the hats. I wasn't even pushy with my request. He then ended the exchange with a sarcastic, "Well, just letting you know", which angered me more, but I never became rude or irate. I just continued to look around for a few seconds more then walked out. On the way out he got in one more jab when he sarcastically said, "Thank you for coming", after offering little to no help.
The next day I called to report the situation to a manager, which I never do, and to my disappointment , when I ask to speak with a manager, he, A.j. was the person and manager I had the unpleasant exchange with the previous day. When I told him how rude he was to me and how I did not appreciate his tone that was very much unwarranted, he basically brushed it off by saying ,I took it the wrong way. He did say he was sorry but saying that I took it the wrong way was in a way voiding his dry apology. Also, with him being the manager, I feel that my complaint would go nowhere. After all, he's not going to discipline himself. Not saying that I want him to be harshly disciplined, but he and other employees need to be confronted about this situation by management and reminded about their attitudes and professionalism when they are at work.
I wanted to submit this, hopefully official complaint to make sure something is done to correct or fix the attitude that was displayed that day towards me. Because after my conversation with A.j, sorry I didn't get his last name, I did not feel satisfied or confident that the call would be taken seriously. Like I said, he is the manager and I don't feel he took my complaint serious.
Hopefully this reaches some form of management, and the issue is addressed. I forgot to mention that I was ready to make a purchase but decided to spend my money elsewhere after my experience in your Del Amo Lids store.
I hope to hear some form of feed back pertaining to this unfortunate situation.

Thank you
James B


Terrible customer service and very rude towards explaining renewing my lids card. The guy in the store never asked me if I needed help once and I was the only person in the store. When I asked him to explain the renewal process he wouldn’t explain it to me and was extremely unpleasant. I told him after he stated don’t worry about it your price is 24.95. I stated no thank you I’ll go to a diff hat store and buy a hat. He stated great have a wonderful day. I’ve been shopping at lids for over 25 years and have never had this experience before I’m dumbfounded. I still can’t believe how I was treated. Number of the store is W369 at mall of America. 11:15 am on 19 Aug 2018.


I bought my husband a Dodger hat for Christmas. When he tried it on it was to small. He took it back a week and half later and there was no more stock on that hat. Understandably they were low from Christmas. He was told that they should have it the next week 5328. He went in the next week and still no hat. That is when Ken from Store 5328 in the Brea Mall said he would order but then he proceeded to said he would go to the store by his home. He then said he would pick it up and would have it at the store for my husband on Tuesday 23 the day he was working. We went to the store on that Tuesday night around 6.Ken was not scheduled to work that day so we told Ryan the story and also he was there when Ken made all his promise the previous week. He heard all the conversation then. He, Ryan looked all over and couldn't find. He was very sorry for all that we went through. Frustrated we just asked for a refund. After I made the purchase on December 4 it took 3 trips to try to exchange one hat and still no hat and a waste of a lot of time and gas. Very poor customer service and I don't think I will be back again.


Second time ordering from the site to store and had to call about my order. The first time it was during Christmas so I can understand being swamped, however this last time my order has been sitting in the store for 9 days and no one has called. I also checked on the site several times and there was no tracking information showing. Here it is again and I had to call customer service for him to be nonchalant about me waiting for my order to arrive. Lids need to do better!!!!!


I ordered 2 hats from the Lids corporate website on 08/12/16 and was the would be there no later then the 22 of this month. Now Lids customer service is saying I can't get the hats I payed for. I don't have my money a month later after asking billing for a refund. There is a problem being I payed in cash and I should get a refund from the store. Not like I have to wait a month for my money and still don't get the hats I wanted. This is a total joke and I'm spreading this review on Facebook and everywhere else. This complaint is about Lids store 5656 in California.


I bought 2 hats at the Lids store #163. One hat had to be ordered #0163010000360. Philip, the manager, guaranteed it would be delivered to my home before 12/21/2015. I had to pay extra for it to be delivered. That's not good business and now I have no Christmas present to give. I called Philip 2 different times before he would let me know where the hat is. He told my wife and myself the hat was never sent. The hat was still in store and would be shipped 12/22/2015. Going to be hard to shop at Lids ever again.


An employee accused me of using a fake credit card, and when he got to know it wasn't fake, he didn't apologize. Also, another employee, a lady this time, called me a pig. And she kept yelling at me.

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