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purchased and paid for a 300 gold chain to put my charm on. When i arrived at the store to pick up my necklace that i had already paid for...the lady said I owed another 66 dollars . I asked her for what and she said to put the charm on. I told her no one ever told me, quoted me, in any matter there would be an ADDITIONAL charge. So the result, Fred Meyer returned my money, took off my charm and so they lost a 300 sale over 66 oh and one more thing she said to me "I should have known about it" What the hell is that about!? I should have known about it??? After I bought a 700 table and chairs from Fred Meyer this is the way they treat me.


Bought a couple of rings in December on the 60 month, 8% interest deal that was going on. My first bill came and was about 70 dollars and then the next payment was around 200 or so with nothing else added to the account. In fact I have less on there than I originally did. I cant get anyone to fix the problem and have since been threatened with collections. no one in the store helps and when I call the Fred Meyer corporate office they say the store needs to call them with the payment stats. The manager of the north ogden, Utah store is horrible and very rude as well to customers and the other employees that work there. I'm ready to call BBB.


This was at your Redmond, WA Fred Meyer Jeweler location, 17667 NE 76th St, Redmond, WA 98052. I would like to share my experience with you on my very first time in a Fred Meyer Jewelers store. I have always shopped at Kay Jewelers for any piece of jewelry I have gotten, but since I shop regularly at Fred Meyer grocery I thought I would try the Jewelry store. It was bad from the very start. I came in to get my ring cleaned and to find my husband a wedding band for work (something cheap and can be scratched) As I was talking with the employee I made a joke about how it took longer to find his ring than it did for him to find mine.

Her comment was my ring was “cute and simple” SIMPLE is the exact word she used to describe my wedding rings. She does not know what the back story could have been with my ring. Maybe my husband worked his tail off for years to get me my ring, and that’s years of hard work I am wearing, maybe it was the ring I picked out that I feel is my dream ring, maybe it was a ring handed down. She has no idea, but to call a customer’s ring “simple” is like telling them they have a cheap ring. So now on to my purchasing experience:

I picked out a ring for my husband and during the check out the employee told me my total would be $86.83 (this was the final total after tax) so as she is trying to use my card (I just opened a Fred Meyer Jewelers credit card, and only had a paper copy) she says she is unable to make the purchase and brings over the manager. The manger then has this idea to purchase a gift card with my credit card and pay that way. Smart move manager, now if I want to return it I have to get store credit, and not back on my credit card. Makes no sense how I can purchase a gift card with my credit card, but not a ring.

I ask her how long it will take to get my ring (just out of plain curiosity) and she said she didn’t know she said between two days or up to 2 weeks. I have always been give a time frame, I know they are never exact. But hearing “I don’t know, usually 2 days but up to 2 weeks” isn’t really reassuring. She has now purchased my gift card and while giving me the receipt I realized that the manager has now changed my total from $86.83 to $111.67. So I ask her why my total was different and she tells me that it was for the lifetime warranty on the ring.. I did not ask for the lifetime warranty nor did I want to purchase it. She also never told me she was adding the purchase on my card. The whole reason for my purchase was a ring that could get dirty and scratched.

As the original girl was filling out my customer info she asked my billing address, which I gave to her no big deal. After they gave me my receipt I noticed that not only she entered my address incorrectly but that she also decided to click the little box that’s says “shipping address same as billing” without even asking me if I wanted it shipped to my house. (Which this is the very first time I have ever ordered from a jewelry store that did not ship to the store) So when I told her of this mistake they told me there was no way to change my address, they called in and said they can change what the employee messed up, but there is no way they can ship to a different address.

Well here we are mid November, what if this ring was a gift for my husband and I didn’t want him to know? She never asked. Luckily enough he knows, the only issue is; no one is at my house to sign for my package! What do they suggest? Me calling fed ex to have it sent to Fed-Ex location and have me pick it up.. So now I have to go out of my way because of their mess up? I also work the hours that they are open, so now I have to find a way to get the ring. So asking if I could cancel my order, because I now have no way to get my package I was once again told “there is nothing we can do” and I can’t get a refund until they have the product in hand. So now I have to find some way to get to the fed ex location because my house and work are 20 minutes apart one way, all while I am at work during their business hours. But then when I do get the product to return I now have to receive store credit, because of this so called “credit card” issue.. Well played manager.

So for my first experience in a Fred Meyer Jewelry store, it did not go well. I will continue shopping at Fred Meyer grocery but I will never step foot in the jewelry. I will continue going to Kay, and I really regret not going there in the first place.


I'm a regular customer here, used to be one of my favorite place to buy Jewelry's. Last week I bought a diamond earrings for my daughter. The girl name Julie was helping me. She told me that there is a special today on the earrings that I wanted. I wanted it in white gold but they had to order it for me. Mean while I could wear the yellow gold on my daughter ears. When the white gold arrive I could just bring it back and they will switch it for me. So I paid for it and left. How cool is that? Here comes the problem...

The next day I got a called from Julie and she told me that she did a minor mistake. The white gold cost $8.63 more. Do I still want her to order it? I said YES.... Three days later she left me a message and said the earrings are here. 2 days later I came in which is today to pick up my earrings and to pay the $8.63 difference. Julie was off but she did leave a note for the other sale person saying that I owe $8.63. The Manager was helping me and he told me that he couldn't honor it for me. He told me that there will be a $26 difference. I ask him why? He told me that I bought my earrings when they were having a SALE, today the SALE had ended. If I come back on Friday it will be back on SALE and I would have to pay only $9 & some cent. What ever happen to my $8.63????

I explained to him that I bought the white gold last week on SALE and I paid for it already. Julie made a mistake and called me the next day and told me that there is a $8.63 difference for white. I was OK with that. Than I get a called telling me to pick up my earrings. And now you are telling me to come back or pay more???? Instead of switching it for me. He just stood there and said that there is nothing he could do for me. I was so upset how unprofessional the Manager is and how they handle the situation that I returned the gold earrings and ask for my money back. There are plenty of other Jewelry Stores in the mall that would be happy to have me as a customer. I went upstairs to Kay's Jewelry and got myself a new white gold diamond earrings.

Fred Meyer's you just lost me as a customer. I would never ever buy anything from you guys again.


I wanted to gift my wife a pair of diamond earring for her 40th birthday and decided Fred Meyer to be the place to buy it from. I am thoroughly impressed by third service and was amazed with the kind of variety they had. FMJ is doing an excellent job in designing their jewelry. When I went to the outlet, I was greeted well by the staff there and they made me understand the quality and certification of a diamond which I was unaware of. I would definelty recommend Fred Meyer Jewelers to all who want to purchase quality jewelry.

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