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Polaris Industries Inc., www.polaris.com is an American retailer and manufacturer of ATVs, snowmobiles and community vehicles.  It is publicly traded on the NYSE:PII. In 2010 revenues were reported as US1.99 billion. There are 7,000 employees and a new manufacturing plant is scheduled to open in 2016 near Huntsville, AL.

If you have a problem with your Polaris vehicle you may call 1-888-704-5290. You may also find customer support information here. The Polaris dealer locator is here. If you would like to contact the CEO Scott W. Wine by postal correspondence, address you letter with 2100 Hwy. 55 Medina, MN 55340. The corporate phone number is 763-542-0500.

Polaris began in Roseau, Minnesota in 1954. The employees are part of the foundation of the business because they are also ‘riders’. You are welcome to visit the Polaris Experience Center in Roseau, Minnesota. Polaris has several US Defense Department contracts and makes the Dagor ultra light combat vehicle. Social presence may be found on Facebook.

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I bought a new 2018 with doors, top, windshield, wipers, heater ,etc. It has been gently ridden and always kept in my shed, The faulty windshield seal failed and my windshield fell out of the framee fell to ground and broke. My dealer said you would not replace your faulty but expensive accessory. Why not? Are you wanting more lawsuits?


My 8 year old was on my razor when it started on fire and blew up. We had the recalls done and they still claimed no fault. All the employees on the case are no longer employed. They actually reached out to my lawyer to settle and than all of sudden all documents were lost. They won’t contact me back at all!




i have currently 4 polaris ranger and snowmobile send more then 80k with polaris my 2016 ranger whichi have 4 years extend warranty is horrible
keep blowing engine and polaris not honoring warranty they treat me like crap newer ever Polaris again
peter blahout


Just wanted to let you know I am very unhappy with my 2017 General Polaris. I took it in for a starting problem to find out the had to rip apart my engine and redo valves etc. after only a bit over 5,000 miles. When I bought it they said I could drive it all day and on the street back and forth to work. They didn't lie they just didn't tell me I was going to have to throw $2,000 it every 5,000 miles because of the high compression engine, they said it's not like a car. The General in nickel and diming me to death and I feel I have no choice but to sell it. I bought it to be my secondary car, guess that was a big COSTLY mistake. Case #C-4743235.


I have my Polaris 500 side by side in the shop for five weeks at Wards Yamaha in Troy Alabama for a problem with the speedometer. When my son took it to the shop they said it would be a three week wait time, I started calling for the last two weeks and they keep telling they was going to put my Polaris on the rack and they would get back with me and they never do. I called this morning and asked parts manager when was they going to fix my Polaris he told me they was going put it on the rack again and that is when I told him my Polaris had been there for five weeks, then he told me they couldn't hook up my Polaris to the machine to check out the problem. He said he would call the Polaris main office and talk to them about a new speedometer replacement and he would call me back I never got a call. I use this Polaris to work my cows WHEN AM I GOING TO GET MY POLARIS BACK??????


I have a 2018 570 Sportsman Polaris that I bought in March. It is not a year old and the fuel pump went out. I don't have the extended warranty .This is my first ATV. The cost is 520 to replace part. I'm disappointed after spending $7000 dollars and I out of pocket already. I was wondering if there was a factory defect of some sort. The dealer advised me they have not seen this before. Please advise.


case number c-4639389, 2016 polaris scrambler 850 ive been in contact with scott from polaris for a few weeks now and long story short, my atv had a breakdown that wasnt going to be covered by warranty. scott and i had a very long talk on sept 28th 2018 and he finally agreed to warranty all parts and labor. either sept 25th or the 28th he told me my parts were at the dealer and i just had to wait on the dealer to install my parts. i called the dealer today, oct 10, 2018 and dealer said parts came in on monday which was a holiday and parts were sent back to polaris and then polaris refused the box with my parts and now my parts are nowhere to be found. scott told me that my parts where already in, and dealer is saying my parts just arrived on monday which was a holiday. someone is lying to me or playing games with me now


A previous owner of two razor and 1 ranger all Polaris. Wanting to purchase a new 2018 high lifter dealership told me I would get a $750 credit from purchases new razors in past and I have been on phone and emailing for 3 days and now Polaris says nope sorry they don’t qualify even though we purchased all three brand new... so bummed right now


I have recently had The Misfortune of having my pole barn burn to the ground the fire inspector believes my 2015 Polaris ATV was the cause of the fire you mean after that news I still a believer in Polaris so I went to the local dealership Bigfork Minnesota the name of that dealership is the shop I spoke with the owner I purchased a new 450 ATV I ordered a plow wench hand warmers and was told it would be in in 2 days that was on the 11th of June I went to the bank I got a loan the loan went through the shop got their money it is now July 5th I still have not received my product I have made my first payment on a loan for that product I called the owner Gordie at the shop and asked where my product was Penny told me due to the 4th of July it's not ready what the Fourth of July has to do with me getting my product that I've paid for what is beyond me but at this point in time I am very upset I would like to have my product that I paid for and something must be done to satisfy me please contact me at lends25@aol.com or 1-(218)832-3263 Mike Koran to discuss my dissatisfaction in one of your retailers thank you Mike


I bought a 2015 570 RZR from Hilder Implement Inc. in Central City NE. after the purchase I found out from my insurance agent that I should get $300 dollars back for having Farm Bureau Ins. I contacted your dealer and he said that he was suppose to tell me that when I purchased it and he would give me the $300. I have been calling him for over 2 Years and now he says he is not going to pay me the $300 because he didn't get it from Polaris. I don't think I should be stuck with not getting the $300 just because the dealer screwed up. I think I should get the money


The front end of my Polaris general sounds like the front end is about to fall apart, and Polaris won't do anything about it.


I am writing this regarding an ongoing problem with a Polaris Ranger EV (all electric power) I purchased last year. This has been by far the most frustrating negative experience I have had not only with a product but with the customer service from any company I have ever dealt with.

I used the vehicle for the entire hunting season (9/15/15 thru 11/15/15) last year without incident and was generally pleased. The vehicles range between charges was 25 to 30 miles depending on the type of driving and terrain. I performed all service practices as explained by the dealer and your owner’s manual. The vehicle was stored in my garage over the winter. I used it occasionally (3-4 times per month) over the winter and summer that followed without incident. At the beginning of spring I again performed the suggested maintenance in your owners manual.

Just before the beginning of our hunting season here (9/15/16) I took the vehicle for a scouting run and it completely stopped operating without notice after approximately 3 to 4 miles and had to be picked up and taken to the local dealer. After 11 days at the dealer It was finally determined that 4 of the 8 batteries were defective and they were replaced.

Thus began the most frustrating experience I have ever experienced with any company I have ever dealt with. This machine has been picked up and taken to the dealer and serviced on three occasions at my expense and continues to not operate properly. Since the previously mentioned problem I cannot get more than 8-10 miles of range before the batteries completely die which renders it useless for it’s intended purpose. While this problem has persisted I have lost almost all of my hunting season.

I have spoken to several different people regarding this issue in Polaris customer service department. I have also spoken to a gentleman named Greg who is the head of technical support. All answers to my questions, concerns and frustrations have been answered with the stock phrases “You need to take it back to the dealer” and “we don’t do that”. Also, on the three occasions I have called into customer service, I have also sat on hold on the phone for well over an hour waiting for someone to talk to. I have repeatedly asked to speak to someone in authority and been told there is no one in charge who can either help me or listen to my complaints. We both know that is not an accurate statement. There is a head of customer service and I have not been given the chance to speak to him or her. It would appear that is a policy that speaks volumes as to a lack of both customer service and customer satisfaction.

The latest recommendation is to run the batteries through “20 cycles” to see if this improves their performance. I did not understand what this meant and the answer is to take it out and run it from fully charged to fully discharged!

I have a question? On what planet does this seem to be a rational request to ask a customer to do? How would I (or anybody else) correctly gauge the distance to run the vehicle so that it was fully discharged upon arriving back home? Is he really suggesting I run it and hope I don’t need it towed back home? Another point that makes this a ridiculous suggestion is that it takes at least 8 hours of charging to bring it from discharged to a fully charged level. Even if I could (which I can’t) it would mean at least 20 days before we would know if this solves the issue.

At this point I am completely baffled as to:

1) The lack of customer service.
2) More importantly, the lack of concern as to how this has affected me and my situation.
3) The lack of expertise at Polaris and the dealer to solve this problem.

Given all the above the only conclusion I can come to is that this vehicle is the proverbial and complete lemon and Polaris is incapable of fixing it. I want either a new vehicle or my money back.


I would like to say I am the proud owner of a Polaris RZR but at this point that would not be true. I am contacting a lawyer to initiate a class action suite for the recall. The dealers in my area are three months out , and I am told there is no idea when we will be helped. Main complaint no parts. I do not believe it is in any way right to halve to continue to pay for something we can not use and just be told we have no idea when we will get you in we will call you. Just FYI and fortunately my wife works for the courts.


Genes Polaris has done all my service work since I bought it there. Every time it's been in for service there is always some kind of issue. The first year was over heating and they would tell me there wasn't anything wrong, I took it in three times with that, that's when I had to tell them about the lime law and miraculously when I got it out it never over heated again. Each time it went in it was always two weeks before I could get it out. This year it was a engine problem. They have had it for at least six months with that. After that they had to put three seals in between the belt case and motor every time being weeks to get it out. Now it's in again because they wouldn't put a new belt on it and it was saturated in oil three time but they wouldn't change it, they at first said it wouldn't hurt if saturated in oil, then said they had replaced it but it wasn't on the invoice.

I told them it did matter and it was slipping and finally broke. They said warranty wouldn't cover it even though it should have been replaced when the motor was rebuilt. They told me yesterday warranty wouldnt cover it and it would be tell at least next week before they can work on it, after all this time they've had it with me saying to change the belt and this is the best they can do. This is unsatisfactory under any additions. I would like to talk to some about this issue for my extended warranty runs out in January 2016. They have used this year up with it being in the shop and is in there now, some thing needs to be done about this, I would like to talk to someone about it in the Polaris corporate office.


I am writing this for my father n law who is 73 years old. he bought a 2014 sportsman570 atv in sept. of 2014 after 9 months the oil filter backed off and locked the motor up. He and I took it to the dealer where he bought it at Barton Power Sports in West Memphis, Ark. After 2 weeks they called and said warranty would not cover it. His extended warranty by the way,we picked it up and the service man at bartons said they would tear it down for him and let him know what was wrong with it after warranty was denied my father n' law said no. He took it to a friend who tore it down and said the oil filter stem came off with the filter the stem wasn't properly tightened at the factory. Had Bartons checked this they would have seen what the problem was instead they did nothing but screw a 73 year old man, left him paying for a 6000.00 dollar machine 9 months old with a locked up engine. What a shame to treat people that way.really 73 year old man.


I am in love my new high ball from Polaris. The very stylish look and feel of the vehicle is simply amazing. Then engine power is superb of 110 ft. lb. You can use for great cruising or dominating at stoplights. The gear shift is smooth, drive has been amazing and i love going on it. It is sure going to capture the eyes of many while I ride it on the streets. Polaris has many options to choose from and this was my best choice. Good value for money too.

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