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Vodacom is the leading African mobile communications carrier that operates in 40 countries. It is publicly traded on JSE: VOD. With recent revenues reported at ZAR75 million and Net income ZAR 13 million. Providing service to over 61 million customers its parent company is Vodafone.

If you have a problem with your handset you can find a live chat available Monday to Sunday, 8am-10pm.  On the Vodacom website you may use tand prompts to type questions or “reactivate my line”. or you can use the following telephone numbers: call from RSA on 082-111; from abroad +27-8211 or lines are open 24 hours for repairs at 082-1944. The best email address to use for 24/7 support is customercare@vodacom.co.za.

If you wish to contact the corporate headquarters you may address your complaint to the CEO Shameel Aziz Joosub at 82 Vodacom Boulevard, 1687, Midrand, South Africa. You may also dial “111 from any Vodocam handset. Vodacom has social media presence through Twitter (@Vodacom) , Facebook and Youtube. Their Linkedin presence includes corporate information, which matches the contact page on the website.

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Vodacom doesn’t want to fix my phone yet I have been paying for insurance. I have always claimed from Vodacom but this time I am disappointed. They say my phone is not insured.


I paid my account in full more then 4 weeks ago and still say i have a balance on my itc


No skilled staff at the Vodacom shop in Kollonnade centre. We required an account transfer for my son. The guy tells us we need a debit order clearance cerificate. Not the bank or any body knows what it is. Went back again he says he think that is what it is. I said I need the right answer not think. He phoned and now it is a letter of the bank confirming the account numbre. I said how come you don’t give us the the right answer the first time. He said that is what they told him when he phoned. Two different answers in two phone calls. Frustrating is the least I can say. They have no clue what they are doing and says whatever headoffice is saying and then can’t even translate the right answer to the Phone me 0827071144


Applied for Fibre, all was smooth with regards application. Installation of Fibre was done on Wednesday the 17th of July and there were no issues with finding address. Router was to be installed on Friday the 19th of July of which the technician was sent to the completely wrong adress. Vodacom employee by the name of 'Muzi' then made it my problem to sort out and then told me I am inconveniencing other clients demanding that the router get installed that same day. Utterly dissapointed and gentleman on the phone, 'Muzi' has no respect for clients.

No router has been installed today at all because 'Muzi' is very unorganized. I expect something to be done.


I was deceived by a consultant in connection with a contract for Fibre. I still have my chat with him over whatsapp which I forward to your dept. I told for R900 I purchased a 20mb line with uncapped data and after 700gigs they will throttle me to a 5mb line but instead I am now being charge 850 for 500gigs and throttled to 2mb line. When I questioned the consultant he says unfortunately that was what he ws told to say by vodacom I have called vodacom and I am still waiting for an answer from them.


I lodged a complaint with Vodacom 2 years ago and submitted an affidavit on 20 April 2017. I had been charged for a line (082-5578052) which did not belong to me. The matter was confirmed as fraud, Reference: EC-0CMM-2XS78E, by Peter Matsepe and Nomsa Nthodi, but I have never been re-imbursed. I have phoned Vodacom several times and spoken in person to Vodacom employees about this matter over the passed 2 years and it still has NEVER been resolved by Vodacom. Please can Vodacom contact me to sort this out, once and for all. My number is 082-3723787. Many thanks. Sally Herbert


I am Precious Mthimkhulu a client of Vodacom, i am highly dissappointed with the pathetic service i received from the callcentre agents of Vodacom.I did an upgrade with you guys on the 13th of June 2019 received the device on the 25th of June 2019 only to find out its not working,gave Vodacom a call regarding the issue they promised to arrange pick up but till now nothing is happening.I Phoned Vodacom several times seeking help but its seems as if none is willing to help but only empty promises,i have made about 5 calls to Vodacom querying about the pick up but none seems to know whats happening.Surprisingly i have been billed for something i am not even using.So kindly advise on this matter because i am really disappointed on the service i have received this time around.


Re: Vodacom Customer Care Reply - Authentication Response Ref: 000D~79LL Ref: 000D~7SK9

Still waiting on a response from them!! Been trying since 6 July to resolve my issues.


Good day

I have a serious complaint regarding my data usage this week from Vodacom. Please see below sequence of events together with supporting screenshots.

On Monday, 15 July 2019
- 13:14, I purchase 3G data bundle

On Tuesday, 16 July 2019
- 13:11, I received an sms that i have less than 3353 MB left
- 15:26, I received an sms that i have less than 1343 MB left
- 15:33, I received an sms that i have less than 323MB left
- 15:36, I received an sms that i have less than 128MB left
- 15:38, I received an sms that my data has depleted.

On Wednesday, 17 July 2019
- 17:45, I purchased 2G data bundle.
- 18:25, I received an sms that I have less than 1014 MB left
- 18:58, I received an sms that i have less than 400 MB left

On Wednesday, 17 July 2019
- 21:05, I subsequently called Vodacom to query this and was told that applications that use my mobile data are causing this. I have had the same phone, with the same applications running for the past year, my cell phone behaviour was no different this week.
I requested further escalation last night to which i received a reference number: 1-34378726988281.

On Thursday, 18 July 2019
10:56, I receive an sms that my query has been closed and that my data usage is accurate. I am then told as a good gesture I have been credited with 1GB data bundle. What a joke!

I would like my full data bundles to be refunded, all 5GIGs. As per my above statement, I do not want to hear any excuses about my phone's applications. This excuse is not good enough for me.

I trust this will be resolved as a matter of urgency.


Speak to your solutions people I need my query solved today



arrogance & lack of customer services is clearly an obvious behaviour issue within the vodacom group. I applied for a NEW contract online which was approved - all i was waiting for was for the device to be delivered to me. After waiting 5 days i checked my order tracking on the website and saw that no delivery was attempted due to not full delivery address available - this just peed me off - i completed this information, reiterated it when i was called by vodacom, yet the information was never forwarded to the courier company. I then called again on Monday gave my address details for the 6th time and was told delivery would take place within 3 -5 working days, again another delay. When i checked my order status yesterday i saw that the package was returned to sender. How? firstly .. i wasnt even contacted to confirm delivery, when i called at 8:26 this morning once again i was assisted by the most famous arrogant and clearly unknowledgeable staff - who mind you sounds as if they are working in a factory - it is so noisy and rowdy - i think most of the time the agents cant even hear themselves speaking. I was told by the agent sorry she cant do anything ?! new customer - i then asked to speak to the team leader who was Curtis Green who advised me he would find out what how to rectify the matter and he would call me - at 12 i called him and his excuse was "uhmm sorry i was busy with other queries" er NO I'm not interested in anything eslse that you are busy with. I am a brand spanking new customer to your business and this is the treatment i'm getting. Curtis told me that he would call me back in 30 mins, that was nearly 2 hours ago. I am so disgusted in the lack of service - it's appalling that in this day and age new business is important -
24 hours later and still no call back from Vodacom as I was promised yesterday, the team leader at the call centre Curtis Green still hasn’t called me. I've had to call him now - only for him to argue with me over the phone - with no apology and direct lies saying that he called me apparently according to him 4 times yesterday. Checked my call logged and surprisingly - no call from him. All he could do now was be argumentative about the process and just brushing me off. I cannot believe that this is how Vodacom treats new business! it's actually disgusting to say the least.

I’ve asked for his manager Thato Makwena to call me - because like all call centres the manager is always in a meeting - hahahahahahaha

Lets wait and see what happens next ..


What time in a month youre update a customer itc report, that i cancel


disgusting service from vodacom.


Cellphone upgrade consultant processed upgrade without my consent


Me and my Fiance baught TWO NEW Samasung A20 at Vodacom Lephalale on 29-06-2019 he had his phone less than 4 days , we experienced problems with the phone and took it back to our Vodacom Shop in Lepahalale . Today marks day 16 that the phone is sent back and forth from the Vodacom Shop to the Repair Shop in Pietersburg, On your OBF /In Store Failure Pre - Screen Verification Declaration forms you say that a maximum of 14 calender days but today is day 16.

I'm FED UP with VODACOM and this will DEFINITELY be my LAST purchase with you!

079 985 1712


My FIBRE service broke down during May 2019 and I was without my fibre line for 5 days. Vodacom eventually sent someone out
To repair, but when he left, my VOIP was not working – I phoned the agent back, Shaun (0827975857), who advised me to send a screen shot of my MAC Address – he never came back to me – I had to log a call and only after a further 5 days, my line was repaired.

Just to receive a bill on 10 June to advise me that I was billed for having my Telkom line ported AGAIN – R199 – I’ve had my VOIP line for 2 years, my fibreService broke down, you repaired it, but now I’m having to pay a further cost because the agent did not attend to my service when he was here? Why must I boot the bill to port my line again whilst I’ve paid to have it ported when my service was installed in September 2017???

SR190610-480945 - query logged on 10 June - today is 16 July - STILL no feedback
Tania 082 330 2168


I upgraded online bought an HP laptop now i can't login it gives an error message that says "smart hard disk error" i went to vodacom shop in benoni lakeside the told me that they don't fix laptops i must call Platinum warranty i did that they said sent an email that i must send proof of purchase/tax invoice/delivery note/till slip the person that sent an email was Lu-nique April then i've sent the tax invoice they rejected the invoice saying they don't want a monthly invoice second time i sent a delivery note still April rejected it I called Vodacom finance they sent me a quote invoice as it got I forwarded it to April still it was rejected. i went to the shop to request a till slip or proof of purchase they told me unfortunately i bought the item online they can't assist me with anything they can't even organize the platinum warranty since they're working in partners just to log a job card to them to come and collect the laptop for repair now i'm sitting with thing that is not working but they are deducting every month what kind of a service you are rendering to your clients


Good day since 8am this morning I have being trying to blacklist my cell phone that I was robbed off. I phone the 135 number I phone 111 I phone 124. I am from Port Elizabeth and I even phone the following numbers of the stores
041 3630696,041 3633079,041 363 4308 no one answered so frustrating very very bad service all I wanted to do is blacklist my phone


Good day I called the upgrade department to find out when I was due for a upgrade the guy told me 2 of my contract can upgrade now and so I did the upgrade... He then told me end off may I'm still gonna pay for the two old contracts but end of June I'm paying only the 2 new contracts now the billing me for 4 phones the 2 old ones and then the 2 new ones.... I was miss informed during the upgrade time.... I logged a call 10 june then a lady phoned me back and said the problem was on vodacom site they will correct the account but since then I only logging calls with no outcome... If they told me I would pay for 4 phone I would not have done the upgrade PLEASE HELP CAUSE VODACOM CUSTOMER CARE DON'T WANNA HELP


I have been dealing with Delene Williams from your branch in the Gateway Mall. I have since escalated my query to the Branch Manager Dinesh Narain who seems even less interested in my query. I signed up for fibre at home, which has already been installed, and a package of 225g for my office. Neither of them are yet operational and I keep getting the same answer from your Delene and Dinesh, ''it's a technical problem.'' I have been a loyal member of Vodacom for close on 15 years but this really seems to mean nothing.

I would be most grateful if I could gets someone to assist, and if not I may as well close all my business with Vodacom.


Since January we have sent some documentation through Vodacom Savannah Mall Polokwane to get the vodacom contract phone unblacklisted its now 15/07/2019 and nothing has happened, time and again the documentation has been sent to several people, and this has to stop either you get the phone unblacklisted or the necessary steps to the ombudsman will be taken, this is not acceptable, the poorest service again from vodacom.

Get this matter settled before wednesday.
The number to be unblacklisted is 0662326169
MR JCHB Nieuwoudt
Id number 6804035052084
079 819 2860

Thank you

Inform me when this is sorted before Wednesday.


My attempts to upgrade now the 3rd time every time there has to be a profile check and every time the person tells me that I must wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How long will it take?????????


As an vodacom red client im very dissapointed, my account was in arrears which i have paid now. the new month subscription is now been added before they can reconnect the servicse, but the new amount is only due on the 29th july.
This is my bussiness phone and vodacom nows this but they treat you like shit, Ive been with you guys for almost 20 years and this is the treatment, need my phone to be connected asap
Mr T. Momberg


After numerous numerous and numerous phone calls to the upgrades and cancellations department, still no upgrade.

Over 4 weeks now and I still don't have my new phone as promised. Hence the reason why I wanted to cancel in the first place.

I've kept being sent from pillar to post to just get an answer and every time they move the goalposts.

I just need to know when my new iPhone XR will be delivered.

N le Roux


There were an illegal upgrade more than a month back and with the help of a super person we booked refs and we got the matter send to the fraud department. They on their turn as useless as they are that the credit will be added to my wife's vodacom account After it was stated to them to pay it to her bank account, also that it was never updated on the system by no one only a mail stating they will credit the account.They have transferred me from fraud department to accounts to you know what every time an empty promise. Wonderfully i get an Ref number every time that someone just closes the next day and the the notes (wrong department). To be truthfully we were no one day forward than the month and a half ago. To make this short this is pathetic service from everyone at vodacom, the only one trying is the person at the vodacom shop with limited resources to his disposal. Please return to me with also the CEO details, i want to give him all the Persons i had to talk to that cant do their work. Maybe with them less Vodacom can be a better service provider

My Wife tell Number where the fraud occurred 27662587149 ref numbers EC-1R92-3VQ0KS ------ 1-34328858098 ----1-34161915255118
TO NAME a few.

Below is the correspondence from Morne Raas giving great support to get this solved and he really needs some pat on the shoulder for great work

Good day Sir please see below and find attaché
Thank you
From: Morne Raas (VD) [mailto:morne.raas@vodadealers.co.za]
Sent: 08 July 2019 02:53 PM
To: jonkt@fshealth.gov.za
Subject: FW: EC-1R7J-2KOAGI fraudulent contract
Good day Ma’am
Please see Below
Thank you
From: srm@vodacom.co.za [mailto:srm@vodacom.co.za]
Sent: 20 June 2019 01:28 PM
To: Morne Raas (VD)
Subject: RE: EC-1R7J-2KOAGI fraudulent contract
Good day
The upgrade reversal has already been pocessed for 27662587149 and credit processed.
-----Original Message-----
From: Morne Raas (VD)
Sent: Wed Jun 19 09:26:59 GMT+0200 2019
To: Fraud Analysis Fraud Analysis Approvers Fraud Refund Box fraudrat Fraud Disputes
Subject: fraudulent contract

Good day
Can you please assist; a fraudulent contract was open on the customer's account on the following number 0662587149
Can you please investigate and cancel the contract
Thank you


Vodacom lost/dropped my data and airtime 9 July. Contacted customer service - reported no network?? 10 July was told to go check sim card, did a sim swop, when it was "activated" 11 July no data no airtime still. Vodacom store submitted a tech request ref: 1-34374903360793. My cell was synchronised and had network but still no data no air time. Called customer service ref: 1-34374954156426 and was told this could take 3 - days. Your records does show that I still have a large data amount and airtime. 14 July and still nothing!!!! This is unacceptable that Vodacom takes this long to reinstate my data and airtime. Am appalled as to the service delivery to sort out YOUR PROBLEM YOU CAUSED!!! I would really appreciate it if this could be rectified asap


I have been using Vodacom for more than 15 years, but the service that I got after taking up your contract is beyond unprofessional and not acceptable. I have recently ( more or less two months ago) taken the sim card only contract with you but via mondo deals. When I took this contract the terms and condition were read for me during the signing up stage and which I accepted them . I remember asking the consultant from mondo about any changes that will take place because of this contract and he told me that nothing will change except the fact that I will what i have signed for and R 249 be debited on the 20th of each, but the rest will remain the same. I have later learned that I am not longer earning talking points, I called Vodacom to inquire about this , and I was told the contract sims do not earn points of which it is understable, but the problem was when I asked about the points that I have earned before taking the contract and I was told that I have forfeited them, that is when my nightmare started. I told them that I was not told about this when I took this contract and that I want my points back , I had more than 1000 points when i took this contract if I was told that I am going to lose them I was going to redeem them before taking any contract. I was informed by Vodacom Customer Service ( The name of the consultant : Angel) that they will lodge an investigation into this matter and will come back to me, after that she would call me and ask if I have not been called about this matter and would tell her that No unless if I might have missed their call, two weeks ago I got a call from Vodacom asking about the service that I got , as I was trying to figure out about which service is she referring to , the phone cut and later on I got an sms saying that my query has been closed. I then initiated on Friday about the progress of my query it was indeed confirmed that it has been closed, I nearly fainted from the disbelief, how could a big company like Vodacom close a query like that , the lady failed to tell it was closed, she said they did not put any rationale why it was closed, she then told me that I must contact mondo about this, I told her that Mondo referred me to Vodacom. This whole situation is tiring , I'm being sent from pillar to post with nothing concrete coming out of this. I still maintain that I need my points back , to earn 1000 points one must have spent more or less R10000.00, so please guys let us do the right thing.


I had my cell phone repaired for water damage +/- 4 months ago ....quoted me over R2000 to fix . I have now realized
that the blue tooth has not been working since repair , have now re-submitted phone to have this fixed ...they
now told me ....blue tooth not working due to water damage ...this means it was not properly fixed in the first place .

they are now quoting me R4900 to have this fixed

Not sure why I have to pay twice , they did not fixed my phone first time around


cell phone
082 92 888 38


hi, i have been using my vodacom number for more than 10years on prepaid then i took a data package which a consultant had called me and advised it was for 12 months. after 12months complete i thought my contract is over as no one had explained the terms fully that i need to send a letter of cancellation even thou i was told term is only 12months. my number would get blocked and reinstated after this 12months until my number was deleted and i was advised it is not possible to get the number back. its been a year having to explain to clients as to why i have a whatsapp number different from my current number :-(. now to my surprise my number exsists again assisgned to someone else but i had been told there is no way to ever get this number back . Vodacom has really failed us as we luv the Company but the service we receive is very bad. i am sure my number could have been assisgned back to me even if they had advised for a extra cost i would have paid as i have lost alot of clients and i now want my number back as this lady has been using my number for a few weeks now. please assist and give me back my number


How can my airtime that I pay for every month expire? Vodacom is stealing my money!!!!!!!!!!!! I want my money refunded onto my cell phone airtime account.


I have 3 contract with vodacom, the complain that i have is going to take me the whole day to type,i have experience a very bad service,calling every day trying to get help with my query ,i have going pillar to post for the past 3 day up until today without anyone helping me promised to be called,asking to speak to the manager hopping to get help i was the managers are in the meeting they will call me back.the thing is i have been using vodacom for a very longtime to experience such a service,is hurting so much to pay the account every month but when u need help everyone is telling different stories.all i need is to get help as much as i pay every month please.


I regret the day I renewed my Vodacom cell phone contract. Vodacom has phoned me every day, up to 4 times per day, while I am on rounds, seeing my patients or in theatre. Always trying to sell ANOTHER data bundle, another contract...How do I cancel my contract to avoid this harassment and telemarketing?


I performed an upgrade on my 3G on the first week of July 2019, I confirmed this upgrade with Lebo from the upgrades department at Vodacom.
I had not heard anything from anyone at Vodacom until I had to call in and follow up on my upgrade this morning, only to be told that there is no stock available.
No one has advised me of this in 2 weeks. I have been waiting for delivery which was promised to me between Monday and Tuesday this week.
This is simply very poor service to say the absolute least. I have been a customer with Vodacom for 25 years and to be treated in this manner, just promotes that I cancel everything and anything to do with Vodacom. I asked to speak to a supervisor twice and both times I was placed on hold for no less than 4 minutes at a time. This is poor ethic and absolute no regard to a customer who has supported Vodacom for this long.
I would like for this matter to be escalated and I would like to know what Vodacom is prepared to do with regards to my now cancelled order.


I have taken that phone to 2 Vodafone stores and they told me anything related to that, As when I called Vodacom they tried to refresh my network and they said my network its fine I must take that phone to any nearest Vodafone store. I took it to Elim Vodafone and they even inspected it and confirm with the divisional manager that the condition of my phone it is still on a good stake, they said the issue it was connection and its where they referred me to savannah Vodafone hence I’m using that phone for work purpose’s. I even used my transport to take it to savannah not minding at all and they also done inspection as well and I stated my situation to them either that I’m using it for work purpose its where they had to assist with a loan phone.

So it really shows that if you consider that phone as a bend one, it’s a factory fault as I bought it like that and you really made it clear that you sold me a damage goods as you have a measure ring tape to measure it. If you can check that picture how could I bend a phone at first place, the phone that I’m paying lot of money for it since I bought it.it was supposed to have physical damage or broken screen or smashed at all to show it that I have broken it, so I won’t be liable for that.

How convenient the network problem related to the phone to be bend, as I have been using that phone like that.im so disappointed with the service I got from Vodacom since I have using this network for sometime now.im hereby taking a decision to cancel my contract with immediate effect and I will rather switch network to mtn, cell c or Telkom mobile. I will have a new contract with one of those network providers, as a south African citizen I’m also aware of my consumer rights.

im sooo diaspointed.



I have applied for the installation of a fibre line to my home. Upon arrival of the technicians to do the installation I was informed that this would not be possible as there is already an installation at this address and that the infrastructure does not not make allowance for an additional line to be installed at the same residential adress. The technician said that he would find out if there is a way in which this could be done and would give us feedback (which still needs to happen. My wife was contacted and an appointment made for the technician to come to our house (almost 2 weeks ago) to discuss what could be done. Still wating for the arrival of this technician.

I have since been in conatact wtih the Vodacom Fibre Department on four occasions (3rd July, 4th July, 8th July and 10th July 2019) with promisses that this would be escalated with absolutely no-one getting back to me.

i have also been told that there is no way for me to contact anybody telephonically to discuss my problem, personally, I don't believe this to be true.

The SR No. for my querie is 190624-511939

My order for the installation was done online and approved. Ref No. SO190610-673130 / Rev: 1 and i would now like to cancell this order and do not know how to go about it. Please assist.

My Mobile No. is 0823306677 if anyone can find the time to spaek to me.


i spoke to petuguhle and was able to assist me when i was doing a follow up on behalf of my fiance and i spoke to the other today and that guy helped me also now Aubry is telling he cant help me and was being very rude so rude i was irritated that i had to drop the phone on him i hope vodacom will do something about this your consultants in the after sales are very rude


I have been without fibre almost 24 hours - cant work no internet and voip phones cant work - why is no-one getting back to me - I am losing business - tv cant work why switch to new technology if VODACOM KEEPS PASSING THE BUCK?
SR 190709/541790


I always think its best to try and solve any situation. But the poor service at Vodacom is getting on my nerves. In April i wanted to downgrade my package from Red Premium to half of what the cost was now. A month later i get an sms still with the high fee and the same package, so i phone. Spoke to a consultant she listened to my frustration and made sure it is solved and the migration is loaded. Guess what? THEY did not do it!!!!! Month 3 at my costs. I phoned today, explained everything, just to be told that "remember mam your credit record can be effected:! i was not ammused at all, imagine being at fault and then saying that to me. Intellegent? I was really fed up. I phoned again and was put through to a team leader, do you know that he repeated 3 times to me of what my issue was. I ended up telling him he is not listening and i will search another way in communication. ive been 22 years with Vodacom?


I have contacted Vodacom to downgrade my package as I have NOT been using my minutes, Data and sms', I have had a work phone for the last year now and needed to downgrade as I was NOT using the Vodacom contract and was losing money. I was downgraded with the assistance of the very nice lady, however I found out now, my original contract was due to be renewed end Dec 2019 now that the downgrade was done I have been pushed back 2 years again until upgrade time. Also I have noticed ALL my data, Minutes and sms' have fallen away due to the downgrade. I was NOT informed on the fact that my upgrade time was moving out 2 years and I was NOT informed of losing my Date, minutes and sms'. I have logged several calls with Vodacom and each time I get an sms to say the issue has been resolved without anyone speaking to me.. I even logged a ticket to advise I wanted a manager to call me as this is unacceptable and I requested the TICKET NOT be CLOSED, yet once again I received a message that the ticket was resolved. When I call 082 111 I don't get through tot he correct persons or the phone cuts out, this is UNACCPTABLE. I am about to take this further if Vodacom does not FIX this issue. this is POOR customer service!! If you are NOT able to get hold of me on my cell as I am in and out of meetings then please email me so that I can respond via email and please SEND ME A CONTACT NUMBER THAT WORKS.

i also received a message to say the loss of data, mins and sms' has been correct but its NOT been

See my reference numbers:

082 449 7240


I bought a 3G Data Bundle on the 4th of July for R299 and to my surprise on Sunday evening I forfeited all my data bundle, I buy my data using my standard bank account or buying it online so I used the method of repeat purchase and it never gave me the option of buy 30 days Bundle or 5 day bundles, what I found very strange its that Vodacom is ripping of its customers why on earth you sell the bundle for 5days on a price of 30 days bundle. I can be happy should Vodacom return my bundles as I never bought Data bundles for 5days but I bought for 30 days as I always do. I have written to Hello Peter yesterday and you replied that someone will give me a call which it haven't happened and my next move its to write to the consumer goods and services OMBUD . I can be contacted at 0827572644 for further information


I took a contrant with Vodacom last year march(2018).The account i took was for 2 simcards with 150 airtime each that i was supposed to pay 260 per month.i had lost one of the simcards in the house after few months and then i did simswab after 5 to 6 months coz my contract says the airtime expires in 6 months.When i did simswab,3 months airtime was gone.i then called their customer helpline whom i had to ask them to terminate the contract because they are not delivering the services as per agreement.

They then gave me 6 months airtime of which i called them back to reverse the 3 months airtime as i only owed me 3 months and not 6 months.The consultants must have not understood my grievances and told me that its fine.end of the month boom my bill went up with almost 20 rands coz it was now 279 pee month.i ignored it but tgen last month i bought 5 gig data bundles with about 412 rands airtime that i had in my account.

the transaction didnt go through coz i had 00mb and the airtime was still the same,i then bought 12 rands worth minutes.i eventually attempted to buy 3 gig data bundles coz my airtime was nolonger enough for 5 gig.

Again the transaction didnt go through,i tried to buy again and also it didnt go through.i called their consultants and they said that from their side i had data bundles.A month later i got a bill saying that i have to pay 1250.30 rands coz i bought the data bundles as recurring and not once off.i told them to pay take away the airtime i had in that account to pay off the debt as i wont have money to pay off the debt coz i didnt even agree to it.My contract with Vodacom says i only get the monthly airtime that i get from them and no additional services im gonna get that would push my invoice up but they impose them on people just to push their sales up.They debited my money which left my other financial commitments to be in errors.They say i have agreed to the new terms and when i advice them to send me a new signed copy of the agreement they refused coz they dont have.i never agreed to anything like that.im going to pay off the debt for the raining months and ran away,i will never look back and will try other networks coz vodacom services sucks.Dont even try to take an account with them unless if u are prepared to endure this bad service.i will also advice every i know never ever to try and take account with this company.


I lost my phone at the mall, two days later I received a message that it was found in Alexander. I then received a call from someone who said they got my number from Vodacom shop asking for my Id number, I refused to divulge such to a stranger. The phone was handed to a Vodacom employee who told me I was rude, I should be grateful because they are doing me a favour by returning my phone. Is that allowed? Is the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 in agreement with this?


I ordered a cellphone body glove, waited 1 week for arrival. Just to realize it is the wrong size. I suggest they keep my money and order the correct size. Another week pass by. When I asked them what is going on they told me they wait for stock. I asked them to refund me then, so that I can go and buy one somewhere else. I told her I need the money then she said she must put is back on my debit card just to find out I must wait at least 48 hours for my money that I already waited 2 weeks for service. Now I must wait another week just to get my money back because now it is weekend so the transaction will only reflect on Monday. I will be lucky if I receive my money by Tuesday. This is rubbish and I am very upset about the service from the shop and customer care overall.


Just realised I was subscribed to Hunky dory as well as Stylix which have been both chowing up my airtime
When I tried to reach Vodacom by fone to quiry this and possibly as for refund, I was referred to a Chatbot , which could not assist me


Goo day

I can't send an sms to the short sms code. And I've been feported this to you but i never get any help

My number


i will never recommend someone to take cellphone contract with Vodacom network .I took contract phone in December 2018 we agreed that I will pay R120 p/m now end up paying almost R500 every month when I try to contact customer service no one able to help me or clarify what a problem .THIS IS SO ANNOYING.....


Good day,
To whom it my concern.

I recieved a call from a Lady with the surname Nido SL 02 from Mondo a Vodacom reward and support company. She explained to me that she can see that I am using up to 6GB data per phone monthly that will cost me R747....per phone per month. She carried on explaining that because I am a customer with Vodacom for a very long time now that I qualify for a special reward of 20GB of data that will cost me only R199.00 per month. She explained that she wil send me a sim card with 20GB on that I can simply insert into one of my phone and I can transfer 10GB to the one phone and 10GB to the other phone. I asked her a couple of qeustions and excepeted the 20GB deal. I also explained to her that my Laptop that I had with Vodacom was stolen and that I need to go to Vodacom shop in Waterfall Mall to sort out the insurances claim that I submitted in February 2019. She then told me that she can also help with that and that she would contact Vodacom for me and stop the contract of the stolen laptop. She also explained to me that she can also add a laptop HP 15 top of the range with a wrouter, simcard and 5GB of data with the 20GB data in one deel. I excepted the deel as explained to me above.
The day that I recieved the package I was very disappointed because it was a very cheep HP laptop and deffinatly not top of the range like she explained. I also tried to upload the 10GB of data the way she explained to me. I could not get the data to me transfered to my phone. After I called Vodacom customer care I was informed by them that I was not explained that it will cost me R20 aditional for ever 1GB that I will tranfer to my phones. It was also explained to me that I can only transfer the 20GB between the 26th and the last day of each month. I was very upset about the news and called Mondo reward support group immediately to cancel the deal because I was mislead into a deal. After speaking to one of Mondo customer care agents he assured me that I deffenatly will not pay the R20 additional fee for every 1GB of data that I transfer because it is a special reward for clients that is very long with Vodacom. He admitted that I should have been told of the fact that I can only uplaod the 20GB data between the 26th and the last day of each month. He also explained that I have one month in witch I have to use the data after I have uploaded it to my phones. I cancelled the deal. On the same day I explained to my son what happened. He told me that the laptop is a very slow and cheep type of HP and that it was deffinatly not a top of the range HP. In compareson to my stolen HP Pivilion that I had with Vodacom before. When I told my son that I cancelled the deal with Mondo he told me that I am going to be blocked from all my upgrades and deals with Vodacom because I have cancelled a deal with them. I told him, surely Vodacom cant block me if their agents lied to me and did not tell me all they should have told me. He said to me Vodacom dont care about that. I phoned the cotomer care again and the confirmed that I will be blocked if I canceled a deal with them. I called Mondo and cancel the cancellation I made earlier on. On the 26th June 2019 I tried to upload the 10GB of data to each phone like I have been explaine. After numerous attempts I called customer care again and explained to them that I recieve this massage after every time that I try to upload the 20GB of data. "THE NUMBER THAT YOU TRY TO LINK IS NOT COMPATABLE TO YOUR PAYMENT PLAN". They explaine to me that I will not be able to transfer the 20GB of data to any of my phones and that I was mislead and not explaine properly. Apparently, precharged data can not be transfered at all. Although I have found some different explenation between the agent of Vodacom as well beacause the on agent told me that I would only be able to transfer data between contract to contract phone or between topup to topup contract phones. I will not be able to transfer between contract and topup contract phones. I am really so confused and so very dissapointed in Vodacom for allowing this poor service by Mondo and misleading me into deals and the want to block me from my upgrade deals for six months for poor explinations from their agent or support groups like Mondo. I can really not except this poor explination and this deal because non of it was what was explained to me. I got lame excuses like the deal came throug so fast that the agents did not have all the information and facts before they started to cell the deals that why I was not explained corectly from the begining. If Vodacom blocks me for this, that will end my days with them.

Thank you.
Petrus de Beer


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Customer Service from Jaydee at Laikside Mall

Adrio K | 28 Jun 2019, 15:45

Good day, I have a very very big Complaint, the incident happened at Vodashop Laikside Mall. I was in a armed robbery, and all my devices was stolen. My insurance company's requested of me to get statements that show all the devices along with each ones number. So I came to Vodashop Laikside Mall. I got to Beauty at counter 5, when I told her what I wanted she said its to much work and while im sitting at her desk,, she started selling phone covers to other clients that came ling after me. I knew that customer service doesn't mean anything for her as she is scared if she helps me she is going to lose sales. I asked her is there anyone in the back office that then would get me my information, she said she will go find out. So the second treasurer came to me from the back office, he didnt even introduce him self, so I started to talk. I asked him what I need from them, he said that he is not prepared to do that as it will take 4 hours and said I must go to Vodaworld. Vodaworld is on the other side of the world from me, If I wanted to do It at Vodaworld I would have gone there from the start. So I replayed to him and asked him, "aren't I the customer and you the staff and you whant to tell me straight to my face that you arw not going to help me because it is going to take you 4 hours to get me my documentation. I spoke to kabelo at Vodacom and complained. I asked the guy twice what his name was he looked me in the eyes turned around and walked back into the office, so I asked one of the staff for his name. His name is Jaydee. When I left the store I luckily took a photo of the store inside. He then called me on my cellphone and said the reason that he refused to help me is because the store is extremely busy. Shows you how he lies I can't believe that he is employed by Vodacom not to even mention he has to work with people. I am attaching the foto of the store when I was there, pls you can decide for yourself if It was busy. But never the less how do you refuse to help a client, then eknor them and turn your back on them and walk away. I want action to be taken by Vodacom against this guy that treated me like utter **** and I await to hear what action was taken


Tried to report a fraudulent address/client. After 2 calls to Collections Dept. on a 011 number, totalling 17 minutes, I was passed around from one to another, repeated the story endlessly.Eventually they took the details and said I shouldn't get more mail and the phone was put down in my ear. No thanks. No gratitude. Epic fail Vodacom. So much for doing the 'right thing". So angry for wasting my hard earned money, and time!!


I have been a loyal Vodacom customer for several years, this has been by far the worst experience ever since signing my first contract years ago. 4 weeks ago I did a upgrade and also took a new line, and was offered a good deal on both, the problem began when I received the handsets which were the iPhone 6s model which I was unhappy with and returned. Here is were it gets frustrating it has been 4weeks now I do not have both devices as Vodacom has received them from me, I have spoken to 6 different call centre agents Leandre, Bianca sesekani , phelisa, moja ,sepiso, Louisa and a said manager by the name of Phillip who I have a cellphone number for and still awaiting a resolution, I have been calling into the customer care centre so often I have now been blocked from using the service, so everyday that im asked to call in im being billed for. All im asking for is for the devices that were issued to be changed but after the extremely poor service and total disregard to a loyal customer I kindly request cancellation for my contract. Please assist. regards Kapil Maharaj


I have currently been to the Vodacom bluff store for an upgrade on a tab ESamsung. On taking the device home it was seen that the data was not switching on.I then called the customer call centre and the y mentioned the system was down. Two days later the data was still not working. I called again ,they had a whole lot of stories to tell and said the would phone back in ten minutes, which never happened. I then took the Tablet back to the bluff vodocom shop. The battled for over an hour trying different settings ,swopping sim cards from phones, and eventuly said no this device must go in for repairs, which is a brand new device .I have contacted the shop bluff on numerouis occasions and poor repsonse given.I then visited the Vodacom shop and spoke to one of the managers there. But he cannot give me any clarity on the device. I have taken this upgrade out over a month ago and don't have the device .My patience is running out, why in the hell should I pay for something I have not had for the past month .There should be a new device replacement without any hiccups .Please investigate this matter and advise.The may terminate the contract if this will solve the problem. I would never ever advise any person to take out a contract with Vodacom after such bad service.

Contact details 0836083051


Good day

I am Mr Daschner cell number 0825605956

I got my note 8 in november 2017 amd it got stolen in desember 2017 and i was paying screen insurance on my contract i went to lakeside mall amd spoketo the lady that upgraded my contract to ask them if the screen protection will covermyold phone S6 edge plus and she told yes. Because i didnt have the Note 8 anymore. So i kept on paying the insurance from that time. Now they dont want to pay forthe S6edge plus screen. So i payed the screen insurance for almost 2 years for a phone that i didnt have anymore. So if they dont want to pay that i want all the payments that i payed for nothing back or else i will cancel all my contracts with vodacom. Thank you


At the end of my contract, and departure for contract work overseas, I ended my contract, and PAID TO KEEP MY LIFELONG NUMBER. However, 4 months later, on my return, I find out Vodacom has killed that number in their infinite wisdom. MY ONLINE LIFE IS OVER. Ongoing online busines, banking, account etc. are a total mess. I WANT THAT NUMBER BACK. NOW. Contact me on 060 830 1145


I took my phone in for repairs on the 7 May and to date I have still not received my phone, insurance claim was approved, I did not get feedback from anyone at the branch nor anyone from vodacom regarding my phone, after a million calls, visits to the store and hellopeter compliments, I was advise to pay the access fee and collect my phone, I went to then do so and then was advise the access fee had to be paid before the repair center releases it, was promised my phone in 2 working days but still nothing the vodacom lenasia branch has not contacted me once, I have to be calling and wasting money and time inquiring..I still don't have my phone..I am so done with vodacom I'm cutting all ties with vodacom once my contract is up...I'm disgusted at the service received from vodacom lenasia, repair center and hellopeter vodacom.... It is ridiculous


My compliant is 'n upgraded to a new Samsung A50 about a month ago (did not use it that month). About a week ago I decided it is time to use the new phone. Installed smart switch on the new phone and started downloading all my stuff from my current device to the new one. After a couple of moments it came up with a blue screen saying downloading and if it there you need to hard start your device. Which I did that same error message kept popping up. Took it to Clearwater Mall and the Tech gives had it for a night to try and help me the next day it was still not fixed and there was scratches on the back of my brand new phone which was not there when I handed in my phone. I told the lady that the scratches was not there when I gave it to them the previous day. Got a sms yesterday from Vodacom Repairs Fourways to say the cost for repair is R253? My question is why do I need to pay this. Oh and the techs at Clearwater mall made me wait for 30 minutes (they did not say at first how long the repair will take) I then asked they said maybe 2 hours maybe six hours but the never gave me the option to either wait for the phone or leave. They sat talking to each other. I am very unhappy with this whole situation. I paid my R150 when I got the brand new phone and now I need to pay R253 more?? and have a phone with scratches on it!!!! Is this fair? Your feedback awaited.


Poor service try to sort out a accound have phoned wit refrence numbers no return calles after promise about 8 emails no response previous contrack stil go of account have new one for more than a year with u bad service realy. Was promissed wil be called in 3 days stil wayting nou one month later cel 0662264911


Vodacom does not even deserve 1 star.
I have a very trying time with this incompetent company with regards to phone insurance. I was quoted wrong and then a week later quoted double and the manager could not explain the first quote. Eventually my phone was repaired through warranty but lost alot of info.
I have tried to cancel the insurance on that previous phone, but to no avail, even after customer care called me a week ago, they said they would get them to call me, I am still waiting!!!.
So sorry I signed a another contract, should have moved over to a more capable network.


Data keeps running out - 1GB in 30 minutes whilst I was not using my phone. Customer Care keeps telling me that I have to go to settings and switch off date usage for certain apps. I mostly use data for Whatsapp, Mail and Safari - in that time I did not use either of these apps.


The service from Ram Couriers is pathetic. My order number is K1567226. Ram phoned on Thursday 13 and the driver asked for directions which he was given. He did not seem to have a GPS. The phone was not delivered. On Friday we phoned RAM and they said they could not deliver Thursday as we were not available. This wasn't true. On Friday they did not deliver and said the driver had forgotten to pick up the parcel! I spoke to Samira at Vodacom and she sent a strong email to Ram for them to deliver on Saturday as we are leaving for overseas on Tuesday and Monday is a holiday. I had a call from Ram that they would ask for the delivery to be urgently delivered on Saturday. Now Ram informs me today that it will only be delivered on Tuesday morning. This will not give us enough time to configure the phone before we leave. Pathetic service!!! Tony Medway


Hi it all started on 3june when i phoned vodacom it told me im in arears.i have made a payment of R930 next day i phoned again still in arears after speaking to 3 divrent consultants and sending them my proof of payment nothing was done then on the 5june a lady helped me to fix problem problem was R24 sms send to me was for R918.37 thats why i was in arears ok then it was fixed then i upgraded two of my numbers and told the agent that i can not recieve upgrades as im working on divrend sites and that my wife wil recieve on my behalf so i did all paper work and proof of resident id's and stil im waiting for parcels thy never updated delivery info


Paid up my contract CASH with vodacom at the Kolonade branch about 2 years ago. Got a phone call last week from Vodacom"s collections department stating that I owe R600 on my contract. Have emailed all documents to Vodacom, with open, read & authentication reports. WITH NO RESPONSE. Thank you Vodacom for your wonderful great service.


Why is my line deleted, according to Vodafone I have not used this line for over 6 months but records show this line has been active. I activated roaming last week successfully but Vodacom has no record of that. Just to get a hold of Vodacom I had to call 10 times and the email the consultant gave to me to launch a complaint does not even work. Over the years Vodacom s service has become horrible.



Good day

Please refer to the correspondence between me and the vodashop in Rosebank Mall. Contact Grace to get copies.

Vodacom has failed to carry out its obligations in terms of the contracts and has caused me damages.

Unless the issues set out in the email are resolved and payment of the damages is made, summons will be issued against you without further notice, costs to your account, together with interest at the prescribed rate of interest.

Yours faithfully,
+614444 558 848
082 340 3052

Good day,



Please see the below email. I have posted a copy to

Mr. Shameel Aziz Joosub
82 Vodacom Boulevard
South Africa

Unless your customer care department and or the Vodahop can resolve the issues set out in the email, and make payment of the damages, summons will be issued against you and the Vodashop without further notice, costs to your account, together with interest at the prescribed rate of interest.

The lady from the vodashop is by the name of Grace. Please give me her full name and the name of the company that operates the Vodashop in the Rosebank Mall together with the registered address and postal address.

Yours faithfully,
0444 558 848 (+61)

From: Kay Rahn [mailto:rahnkay@gmail.com]
Sent: 13 June 2019 12:05 AM
To: 'Vodacom Shop Rosebank Mall BO (VD)' <vodacomshop.rosebankmall@vodadealers.co.za>
Subject: RE: 082 340 3052


Good day


You have not addressed all the issues

1. What is the name of your company that owns the Vodashop in Rosebank
2. Is the Vodashop in Rosebank a franchise or is it directly owned by Vodacom
3. What is the name of the director of your company. The CEO.
4. Why am I receiving three invoices from Vodacom
5. Why has Vodacom refused to unblock my phone
6. What is the email address of the CEO of Vodacom
7. Kindly email a copy of the signed contract

Vodacom Rosebank Mall has caused me serious financial damages and continues to do so.

I have suffered damages in my business because clients are unable to phone me on my cell phone.

Vodacom has been unable to fulfil its obligations to me in terms of the contract.

Unless the situation is put right with immediate effect, and payment is made to me by not later than 15th July, 2019, summons will be issued against you without further notice, costs to your account, together with interest at the prescribed rate of interest.

Yours faithfully,

082 340 3052

From: Vodacom Shop Rosebank Mall BO (VD) [mailto:vodacomshop.rosebankmall@vodadealers.co.za]
Sent: 12 June 2019 02:49 PM
To: Kay Rahn <rahnkay@gmail.com>
Subject: RE: 082 340 3052

Good day Kay

Your raoming was indeed activated , and we also spoke to to our support and customer services on 082 135 , and they confirmed Roaming its active , when you land you were supposed to switch on the phone so that it can pick up the strongest network , but unfortunately we cant see anything wrong when you roaming out of the county , I logged service requests and theres nothing much they can help with . You may contact our call centre Kay on 082 135 for more info . We did our best on ourside ,,


Vodacomshop Rosebank


I am complaining about the internet service of Vodacom in Prieska, NC. I have a data contract with Vodacom. Since February 2019 we have experienced bad internet connection. Internet speed varies. Most of the day the internet speed is so slow that we cannot access the internet. It seems that there isn’t a problem with the signal but with the data rate exchange. Upload and download speed is extremely slow; it hardly exists.
We are in Prieska 8850, Northern Cape.
Would you please attend to the complaint asap?
Account number: IO24170-5.


Dear Sir / Madam

I cancelled my cell phone insurance on the 9 May 2019 for R79.33 . When I phoned the accounts department on 4 June to confirm the payment for June , I was told it will be R459.66. ( It is confirmed on the Vodacom app. ) I then received the latest statement for June stating that the payment will be R 623.99. I am still being charged for the insurance at R 79.33. When I phoned the accounts department again on 10 June they confirmed that the amount is in fact R 623.99 to be paid on 1 July 2019. They said it is the last insurance payment for June , but I already cancelled it on the 9 May.
Why does the Vodacom app. give me a credit amount of R 79.33 for the insurance for June , and the statement for June charges me a debit of R79.33 for insurance. Please investigate and notify me accordingly .
Please see attached files for proof etc.
Your assistance regarding this matter will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards
Mr. W.R.Botha


I bought a 100Mb once-off data bundle while my existing data credit of 250Mb was still valid until midnight. This should have given me a 350Mb data credit, valid for another month. Next day I had only 100Mb data left, the 250 Mb have disappeared. Explanation by the Vodacom help center: I should have bought another 250Mb data to qualify for a rollover of my old data. Disguised theft - daylight robbery by Vodacom!


In the month of May 2019, I phone Vodacom Customer Care to change my billing address to read as my street address because my PO Box address is no longer in use. The consultant guaranteed me that the address has been changed, on request for her to resend the May billing in order for me to see the changes, she advised that she will not be able to do that, however my June billing will reflect the changes as requested.

June 2019, I received my billing and none of the changes I requested to be made in May had been made. My billing came with my PO Box address. I phoned Vodacom Customer Care this morning to address the matter and to be told by the consultant that she can't tell me what the previous consultant did or did not do, which was not my worry. I was looking to make the necessary changes and to receive my June billing with my street address as promised. Needless to say, the call was ended by me requesting for the accounts department, perhaps they would be of better help. Lindiwe at the accounts department was a lot better than her colleague. She managed to confirm that these changes were not made and had to log a call. Which will only be resolved in 24Hrs or up to 3 Days, however I requested the changes a week ago.

It is a pity that this has lead to me having to raise a complaint. However I find it unfair that I pay my bill on time, but when Vodacom has to do ONE thing, it always takes me phoning in more than once going back and forth with the team.


Please contact Vaughn Marran@gmail. Com or 0824954498. Spent in excecess of 4 hours .. I have 2 days left to decide to cancel a loyal contract since 1996.

Vodacom have some awesome reps.

But drawing out the investigation is now fraudulent. Tomorrow is the end of the CPA cooling off period. Too much to say. All my calls are recorded.

Should my matters not be resolved by tomorrow, I hereby give a formal notice to cancel my contract upgrade.

Vaughn Marra
Mobile since 1996. 0924954498


I had a 24 months contract with Vodacom from 2016 December to 2018 December.i phoned to ask that at the end of my contract i was 2 change to prepaid. January 2019 my namber was blocked from receiving or making calls,i called to ask why my number was blocked,they open my line to receive calls only,i couldn't make calls though i had airtime and data i couldn't use it,my concern is that Vodacom has blacklisted me for refusing to extend my contract with them.I requested that Vodacom send me the recordings that i gave consent to Vodacom to extend my contract but to date i have not receive anything. Concerned customer!


All I can say is that all round Vodacoms service is pathetic
1. Store personnel not interested in assisting customers
2. 082135 given by store to assist with complaints does not help
I feel that once this cash conglomerate has one in their clutches and taking your money, they do not care anymore


Hello Vodacom

hiermee my ontevrede kliente diens wat ek van Vodacom Malmesbury ontvang het, my ticket van 11/06/2019 en tyd is 13:22. twee dames help een klient en waarvan ek net langs hul toonbank sit en wag. daar was geen oog kontak vir +-25 minute gewees nie. eers toe blanke dame en man in kom word daar onmiddelik oogkontak gemaak en word aan hull genoem dat hulle kan sit sy is nou daar. ek wat net langs hulle sit was daar geen oogkontak of enige groet gewees nie, as kleur nog 'n grens is by vodacom moet die twee blanke peroneel aangespreek word. hulle optrede is afgryslik en on verskoonbaar.

as vodacom klient is hierdie optrede onaavaarbaar en verlang ek dat die nodige regstelling gedoen word en apologie aan my gedoen word.


Mnr M Harmse
022 4879400


Good day.

I upgraded my daughters phone (under my name) to an advertised apple i-phone more than 2 weeks ago. I was told that it can only be delivered. I supplied a delivery address and my contact no to confirm delivery time and date. Up to date no delivery has been made and upon enquiring about the status of delivery I have been informed that the delivery has been cancelled due to no one being available at the delivery address. This is not true as nobody has phoned me to confirm delivery and I am still waiting.

When can I expect delivery of the phone?

Arnlod Pretorius


I went to the Vodacom store on the 3rd of June 2019, a consultant helped me to order a Lenovo Ideapad for me, he was not certain when the laptop will arrive and I left my contact details with him.

I contacted your upgrade department on the same day, they helped me to order a Mecer Xpression as it was the only one available. The person that helped me said that I will receive the item in 4 days and never read the terms and conditions to me.

On Thursday last week the consultant phoned me and informed me that he received the laptop, whereby I declined the offer even though he also said that he will still give it to me on the old price before the increase.

To date, I did not receive any call from your offices, nor to confirm, and also not getting professional help with my upgrade

Another person then became rude when I told her regarding the 4 days that was given to me, and said it was 3 – 7 working days to receive the upgrade.

I’m just getting an answer the whole time that the confirmation department need to phone me. I was also informed during the weekend that they’re not at work and that I must phone again on Monday

I phoned on Monday and was given the answer again that they cannot put me through as they need to phone me.

Today is the 7th working day, and did not hear from your department yet. I want this resolved


Good day to you

I am trying to get to somebody to check and advice me on network covarage
* Your Kilmorna Tower
* On the N4
* Away from the N4
* Towards the valley of Weltevreden
* More specific
* Kalmoesfontein

What we cannot understand
* There is CellC receiption, and very good too
* BUt zero Vodacom, which does not make sense.

We are moving there shortly but our Vodacom connetcion is a serious hassle for us.

Sorry, it does not help to say:
* There are toooooo many trees
* Because of CellC that works there
*And we know that CellC uses your towers.

Kindly assist us, as we cannot change our provider for only there
* We deal with one of your Coprporate clients
* Sappi Forests
* Moving to a Sappi house - Kalmoesfontein nr 5

Would be appreciated.

Best regards.

082 430 6223


Good morning Vodacom.

I have had about enough of the horrible service I received from you.
We did an upgrade on our business name, was in April, and was told that it would convert to the new package 1 may 2019, it never happened, so we contacted the store, they told us 1 June, but again no allocation of the new package, again, called the store, on their system they have confirmed its was fine, and was told that by the 7th that it would have been fixed.
Again nothing, I have sent emails to VBSADMIN and SGAVIP, they could/would not help saying the store is at fault. They say Vodacom is at fault. So where to from here.
If this is how a business gets treated, then I would rather Cancel the upgrade and go to a service provider that gives what they promise.
Awaiting a response from the Guys in charge!
I have spoken to the store, they have sent me the upgrade paperwork and the deal-sheet for this deal: Quote number: 13071434, Sales Order number: SO190430-644547 Deal sheet: CUNS101349. I do not know if this has been processed but my upgrade date is in 2021, so my term has been extended, and i have nothing but the same package it was on. I need a resolution by day-end today or you can reverse the upgrade and cancel the line once it is due for cancellation. I am a small consumer but a loud one at that! Emails sent with the following ref numbers: EC-1R63-1D3D85 and EC-1R3B-2IZ1G1. SGAVIP: EC-1R63-1D4GXX and the person who responded was Sindi Masango, also no help!


just want to know what is it that i owe that you guys keep on appearing on my pay slip.My id 8008055833086 and my contact is 0739242814.I m very hurting because i have been calling your custor care number with no help.


Vodacom suspended their cellular service. Vodacom sent me mails which say 'mandatory account limit reached - subscriber soft locked'. I have been to our local vodacom store several times. I have also phoned vodacom to no avail. I have been without cellular service for the past 6 days. I have 3 contacts with Vodacom


My Cellphone Number: 082 496 5600

I am a customer of Vodacom for many years.

I have done my previous upgrades at the Horizon View Shopping Centre and normally without any issues.

This time it was the most unpleasant and embarrassing ever. My contact is due for an upgrade om 23 June 2019, or that is what i thought.

I have spoken to Daniel at the Horizon View Outlet on 06/06/2019 (09H45) telephone number 011-7661201 and he confirmed that all is in order and that I can upgrade to a Samsung S10 and that my monthly premium will be R 948-99.

He then advised that he will order the phone and we agreed that I will come in on Saturday 08 June 2019 in order to finalize the upgrade.

Upon going to the shop on Saturday and ready to upgrade, the guy whos helped me in Daniels absence,as he was not working this Saturday, that there are still 3 instalments left on my current handset and should I then decided to take the S10, I then need to pay approximately R 1700 per month for 3 months in order to pay off my current handset. I cannot afford that - who can suddenly pay for 2.

Why was this not explained to me over the phone? How many clients are going to the outlets getting wool pulling over their eyes and wake up with a bang in the shop because now they must pay extra or cannot proceed with an upgrade,

The most embracing part of all was that I have promised my daughter that she can get my S8 on Saturday. You can only image the disappointment on her face when i told her that i could not proceed with an Upgrade because VODACOM is NOT telling their customers about fine print issues and rather Embrace them in a Shop where other customers are sitting next to you and looking at you as if you are a criminal because you still have not paid off your current hand set and now you want a new one.

I will then wait out till my contact expire and will then move away from Vodacom for good.

A very Unhappy Customer


COMPLAINT – Belinda Pretorius
Good day Vodacom Team,
I herewith want to log a formal complaint in regards to an upgrade which I was sold under false pretenses which resulted in me in forfeiting 3.5gig of data which I accumulated on my previous contract for number 064 900 **** on my previous contract – WHICH I WANT BACK.
Before I get to my current complaint, I need to let you know that I will NEVER advise anyone to make use of Vodacom. Ten years later, and I always end up with some type of dispute upon wanting to cancel a contract or being conned into a new contract. In my opinion I wish my account could be flagged and all contracts automatically be cancelled upon expiry date with no mutual communication between Vodacom and myself – BUT there is always an agenda (hopefully a stupid client will forget to phone in and cancel the contract and will be tortured for another 2 years). I previously was also conned into contract re to laptops, which also was a loss.
I phoned Vodacom on the 15th of May 2019 wanting to confirm if my contract for 064 900 **** was definitely cancelled seeing that I have had bad experiences previously as to requests not being processed. The consultant who assisted me at the time informed me that he can offer me a better package seeing that I have been a long standing client. The offer was R65-00 air time and 500mb for R49-00 per month. I accepted it, NOT KNOWING THAT THE DATA WHICH I HAVE ACCUMULATED WILL BE LOST IN THE PROCESS. Now, let’s get serious here for a minute or two, which person in his/her right mind will agree to get a contract of 500mb and R65-00 airtime knowing they will lose the accumulated data. Especially with Vodacom being so expensive in terms of data. We all know by now that Telkom offers much better deals and cheaper rates.
Then, about two weeks before the call of 15th May 2019 I did speak to another consultant who informed me that when my contract expire, I will not forfeit my data seeing that it was already paid for.
Now, the latter consultant should have explained to me that I will not forfeit my data, but should I renew my contract I will forfeit the data – CLIENT MISINFORMED.
Then, when the new contract was activated I lost 3.5gig and got my 500mg and NO AIRTIME.
This is to inform you that I want my 3.5gigs back which I accumulated with my previous contract. As you most probably know, or not surprisingly do not know, a client has the right to be informed correctly and not communicated half the truth for a cheap sale. If the consultant I spoke to communicated the exact consequence of ACCEPTING the new contract, which he was supposed to do, I WOULD HAVE LIKE ANY NORMAL PERSON DECLINED THE OFFER.
The new contract has already been cancelled but I still want my data back. I am willing and going to escalate this matter should I not be compensated. I have been lied too and conned and I simply cannot accept this. In terms of my other contracts I also herewith request that all my other contracts be flagged for definite termination of contracts at end of contract seeing that I really do not want to deal with Vodacom anymore. I pay my account religiously every month, but unfortunately for me only get headaches in return.
I shall await your feedback but must inform you that my request is not negotiable, I will escalate this matter should I not receive my 3.5gigs.
Sincere regards

Belinda Pretorius


I cancelled my insurance two months ago on my router, but yet again you have billed me for it.

I have e-mailed and phoned, why can you not do your job properly.

You quick to sign people up for contract but not efficient enough to cancel any thing.

Bad service


I called your customer service to query why my invoice is constantly incorrect. T I spoke to a lady of Mapaseka who was very rude and did not care about my query. I will not be paying any of my invoices until I get a clarity from Vodacom.


What is wrong with your signals in wierdapark region. It is so frustrating. Many complaints even my neighbours. I dont understand because cell c and mtn signals are fine. Just vodacom are a none cervice. I am so close to cancle my contrack with vodacom.


While calling the customer service line in regards to my contract and, I was transferred several times and all consultants were rude, especially one that said his name is "Direct" of which I think is not true, and hung up the phone in my ear. I've been trying to understand why my contract was renewed and no one explained to me. Incompetent, rude consultants are most likely the reason why I will no longer use vodacom and never recommend it to anyone anymore. I believe they are there to help vodacom customers. Its either you provide proper training to your rude consultants or I'm really done with vodacom.


I phoned in a complaint about connectivity and bandwidth about 4 weeks ago. Received an SMS that the problem had been sorted out. What was sorted out I do not know. I still have poor connectivity and very slow up and down load times. Very close to changing service provider.


Hi,I have been using vodacom line for year n decided to apply for a contract line last sunday n I have been called almost everyday for additional documents which I always provide for them,Wednesday I was called saying my application is approved n got message,Today when I got to waterfall mall rustenburg,I was told my contract is no longer approved,who does that to customers,I am so disappointed in vodacom,I am even thinking of changing my line to another network provider.


Good Day,

I keep getting messages that a prescription for games will be renewed automatically on my phone.
I do not play games on my phone.
I do not want to download any aps or anything exept for Vodacom normal free updates.
I am getting billed for items that I do not want.

This is a business phone and we do not want games etc on our phones.

Our phones are used for phoning, sms and whatsup only.

We have been using Vodacom for many years and do not want to be forced to cancell our prescription because of extra unnecessary expense that we did not want in the first place.

We have been to a Vodacom shop for help, but it seems that we still have the same problem

Elaine Deverneuil

Johan van der Westhuizen


This is an ripoff from vodacom, 5G data gone. I had 5G data left exp at 8/6/2019 time 23:59, at 00:10 8/06/2019 got an message that you have run out of data, please explain to me how is it possible an full day to early for the data to expire. This data should have exp at midnight 8/06/2019. Not an day before. Abd this is not the first time that this has happend


Cell ********** 245, I tried doing an upgrade online, after 10 calls and agents forgetting to close the order, I get an upgrade done for R299pm, this includes a huwei P30 lite with R175 min and 2gig data. The contract supposed to start on 30 May 2019. It is now one week into June 2019 and only received the R175 min BUT no 2gig data. This to me is a breach of contract. Therefore I phoned vodacom on Tuesday 4 June 2019 and requested a cancellation or reversal of the contract without any charges because Vodacom breached the contract. Agent Bongani assisted and advised that they will collect the device from the same address delivered to, I am still waiting, despite 5 calls. Last call Innocentia promised to speak to Bongani and call me back, still waiting. What a pathetic service, would like to cancel all of my contracts with this pathetic company. Pragasen Munien ********** .


They won't let me cancel an expired contract. The call center cancels my calls, promises to call me back, but never does.
The updrade departments keeps calling even though I said I want to cancel.


Hi... Not Happy at all!
May 2017 i was due for upgrade,i first went on the vodacom app for upgrade,a lady called me... and said there was only Samsung S7 available,so i said,ill rather go to vodacom shop,she then dropped the call.i went to Vall mall vodacom shop vanderbijlpark.took the Samsung S8 with Gear 3 Frontier. and a few days later i recieved the Handset(This one im using now) & about +- 2/3 months later they called me to go collect my Gear 3 frontier! so the agreement of contract was signed on May 2017. now i went to upgrade they say i can upgrade but need to pay this handset up until october 2019,they say thats when i got this contract.i went home got slips i recieved with this handset took it back to them to show them it was on may 2017. and stil the same storie. from the date signed on contract as upon agreed to...i already have this handset 24months. if the sales people failed to submit the contract same day,not my fault,its actually fraud. its signed may 2017 but its shows october 2017 when it shows on the system.that was to agreed on by us. My mother have allot of contracts with vodacom...and after this we are not happy with the situation and customer care we got from them. This number is 0827740277. account holder charmaine van zyl


Ref 1-34348510523181 closed without resolution. All you need to know about my dissatisfaction is on this reference number submitted.
Vodacom services is deteriorating, becoming worse and worse everyday.

You failing to resolve the above stated ref complaint yet you busy sending me messages reminding me that my contract is coming to an end. my intention is to cancel the contract as it ends and my other 3 contracts as and when they come to an end as you have clearly proved that you are unable to handle complaints'.

If you want to stay relevant in the market, you better start pulling up your socks on customer service. judging by the complaints on this page, you definitely has serious issues


Good day,

I am truly disgusted by the service i have been receiving from Vodacom. I have been a loyal client for so long and im so dissipointed, i actually feel like cutting all ties you and moving to another network really.

I initially submitted a claim 06/05/2019, the form was sent to simoneM@finrite.co.za. Since then i have sent numerous follow up requests to no avail. No feedback has been received since.

Then i went on your website and submitted a claim there as well, and still nothing.


I am requesting this matter be escalated as urgent please, and i await a call or email with the feedback soonest.

Contact holder: Ricardo Witbooi
Contact no:
Email: WitbooRP@eskom.co.za


I have cancelled my contract with Vodacom more than 2 years ago.
I have paid the settlement well in time and I have send all the information to them as required. I did so via fax and e-mail.
I did request feedback from them which I never received.

Now I have received a final letter of demand and I will like to take Vodacom CEO to court so that he can explain to me how something like this can happen.

I have resend the information they keep on requesting about 64 times.

I have proof that they did receive the e-mail and it was delivered correctly.
I have all the logs from the e-mail server proofing this statement.

I just do not know what to do anymore since it looks like these people handling this case cannot read or do not understand what they read.

I did contact my Lawyer "Wilhelm Mundt" and I'm following now different roads.

I have noticed that I cannot upload PDF files on this either.

Neels Groenewald


I wanted to cancel the contract... I phoned vodacom for a quotation they gave me all info how to settle my bill... When I paid they sent the money to vodacom individual vodacom which was the wrong account... So now I've been trying to get help from accounts department to locate the money into the right account... They asked me to send proof of payment which I did but still I didn't get help... Wheneva I call they always put me on hold... I don't get help that I need... So now I just need to get someone to help me to resolve this issue... Because I have money that is deposited to the wrong accounts... I'm pissed off I don't wanna lie your service is not good at all because it's money that we talking about...


Good day
Sales lady called from VODACOM sold a data contract to me and supplied incorrect information
I do not want the contract please cancel the order 1-34351094815625+1
Dated 3 JUne 2019
Thank you
my contact number 082 4318549



Totally unprofessional consultants, some of them desperately need to see a Psychiatrist, REALLY.

On a chat with one of vodacom's consultants, a person who calls herself Wendy, simply TERMINATED the Chat! Because I was taking vodacom to task, for having cancelled my NEW DATA-PORTABLE ROUTER contract, before the device was delivered to me! CAN YOU GET A LOAD OF THAT!

It is my CANDID opinion that vodacom's staff, ALL OF THEM, require URGENT PSYCHIATRIC HELP, including the CEO! And I am certainly NOT JOKING!

Abdool Essa
North Beach
Kwazulu Natal.


I went into the vodacom promenade branch to check something on my contract.I was given a number and told to have a seat and a consultant will attend to me. I was seated for about two minutes and a consultant opposite me was done with her customer.She got up from her seat and went to join her colleagues at the front door, leaving me waiting. Another customer then walked in and was given a number and told to have a seat and a consultant would be with him shortly. He was seated opposite another consultant that just finished with a customer and she then proceeded to call this customer forward to attend to him. I then asked the staff standing at the front door why is that customer being attended to before me when i was in the store before him and obviously the number i was given is before his as well. One of the ladies told the consultant that i was there before him and she proceeded to tell them something which i did not hear. I then continued to ask them why is he being assisted before me when i've been sitting there for a few minutes waiting to be helped. The staff just stood there and didnt say a word or apologise or even come forward to attend to me. I then decided to get up and left the store without being helped. This was absolutely pathetic customer service etiquette, the complete opposite of the excellent service i receive at the canal walk branch. I had my reservations about going into that promenade branch but because i was in the mall i decided to go in. This bad experience proved me right about that branch bad service levels. I demand that the branch manager contact me to apologise even though he wasnt there. My contact number is 0737938051


Good Day

I would like to log a complain not sure who to mail or speak to.

On Sunday the 2 June I called the fibre helpdesk 4 times
Monday 3 June twice
Today 5 June 5 times already

We need the sim card to be activated this is really bad service my father and I have been with Vodacom for over 20 years each and I am very disappointed need this to be resolved by COB today

Kind regards


I purchased a Samsung A30 phone on 10.05.2019 from your Bluff branch in Durban. I hardly used the phone but the battery did not even last a day. I took the phone in on 24.05.2019 to have it looked at and was told it needed to be send away for repairs. On 30.05.2019 I received a sms from the repair center saying my phone has been repaired and send back.

Monday, 03.06.2019, after receiving no feedback from Vodacom, I phoned them and enquired about my phone. They said they will follow up and later I was informed that my phone is still at the repair center as according to the system the phone is "out of warranty" and they require payment before the phone will be send back to me. The store did say they will sort it out, it is now the 5th and again no feedback received on progress.. My unhappiness is however:
1) a brand new phone giving problems within 2 weeks
2) the system saying it is out of warranty. Was I then sold an old phone?
3) delay in getting my phone back due to this discrepancy.
4) Poor communication from Vodacom

I would appreciate this matter be resolved as this is unacceptable.


I took a contract with Vodacom at the Chatsworth branch, Account no 1407850019 in Durban KZN. I have insurance for it and when my phone fell and the screen cracked I sent it in for repairson 21 April 2019 I was not contacted with regards to its progress. When i phoned them to query on its status after 15 working days they told me to contact them after 21 working days. When i called them after 21 working days i was told that my phone was returned un-repaired and they could not give me a definite answer why i was not contacted with a quote or why my phone was returned un-repaired. I then sent an email to the manager on 29 May 2019 complaining that I was dissatified with their customer service and advised him on my complaint. The manager Sachin Ramlall replied 30 May 2019 and advised that he will check on this matter and get back to me 31 May 2019. however I have received no feedback from him to date even though i sent him an email again 03-06-2019 advising him that if i dont get a response from him I will contact complaints at Vodacom.i am paying for a cell phone that i no longer have.

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