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I am using Nokia 6.1 plus from last 10 months and my phone is having a charging issue. It's not getting charged properly. I went to Nokia service centre in Ghaziabad rajanagar RDc , before 2 months they said they do not have a part for getting this fixed and today i visited Nokia service i centre they said you've to pay the amount while my phone is in warranty is in period. i agreed but they way they talking to me in under of Miss . Monika jain the old citizen worker was showing like "DADAGIRI' he said {Paise de varna phone milta jaa jo karna h karle] and lady is sitting behind that old man she said [humko tmse koi depate ni krni karana h thk krvao varna bahr ka rasta vaha s h} . Is this the way to talking to your customers . i want to take serious action against them . i beg you to take some immediate action otherwise nokia will lost his goodwill forever
Nakul virmani


i have purchased nokia 3.1 plus on prev month
i have never seen worst mobile like before
hanging problem 3 gb ram only for the name even youtube is running with hang
sometime approximity sensor works sometime not
i thought nokia was the good company as before as now but i done mistake
requested you to dont make product like that dont bother the people there is lots of option available in market if nokia is not presist so there no effect on market
kindly take my this mail as serious issue and revert back to me


bought nokia 3310 two months ago and when anyone calls me on most occasions the reception is atrocious speech is distorted so as to be unintelligible, this happens when both indoors and outdoors


I'm using Nokia 3 and it does not want to send or receive smses


I recently purchashed a nokia 2 but it keeps on closing the WhatsApp app now is this because it does not work on nokia phones considering this is a new model can you please get back to me


I received your reply about losing my face book on my 925 phone telling me to go to another web site I tried but it wouldn't let me log on to the page I spent hundreds on my phone why can't I up date from windows 8 to 10


Cant up grade to windows 1 10 and have lost my face book spent hundreds on the phone


My nokia 3 is some time totally blank screen is off only msg and call is coming but I can't receive because screen is off.and this happened for hours of the cell is submit in nokia centre for repairing for 10 days.what is this rubbish?I will go in customer court for complaining about nokia


I am trying to find a phone number for technical support. I cannot find one. I just purchased an Epson printer and want to copy from my Nokia 1520 phone. I had this phone for 3 years. You can bet that this will be the last Nokia phone that I ever own. Their Customer Support stinks.


Actually, my wife and I are happy with our Nokia Lumia 635 phones except that both of us have experienced the same flaw with the back case cracking at the corner. This is an obvious design flaws, especially since the user is instructed to bend the corner to remove the back.


On a Nokia site recently I was horrified to see an image of a gun with mobile phone integrated in the handle. Nokia logo prominent on gun barrel. What are you doing? Police were very interested today. Answer asap.


I am an old customer of Nokia (Lumia series) .Two years back I had purchases Nokia Lumia 630 phone and I was very satisfied with its functioning. I have no doubt over the quality of Lumia phones. But from past 3 months my phone is not showing satisfactory operations. Sometimes it automatically dial number and makes call. Also it hangs sometimes.


Nokia care India support ref. 1308068716. I purchased a Nokia model 220 dual sim and speaker was down. So I took it to the to Nokia customer service center but they still failed to resolve the problem despite several reminders. I wish they had better service, and want someone to help me look into this.


Have Nokia Lumia 720 been with local Nokia for over 2 weeks say cant repair. Phone is corrupted and won't accept software. Just shut down by its self, so what do I do? Phone is only 18 months old and went to shop where purchased said cant help as out of guarantee. Always had Nokia phones but very disappointed now. Your Nokia Lumia 822 is terrible it glitches all the time and the on off screen does not work half the time I constantly miss important calls and resetting it does not work send me a new one that works right at no charge or i will never purchase another Nokia product again.


I bought my phone at Vodacom VaalMall in Vanderbijl Park June 2014 with a whatsapp icon and I used it for 7 months before Vodacom fixed my software,which went in 5 times for repairs and everytime it came back, whatsapp cannot be downloaded because the is a file missing. I tried Nokia Lumia's whatsapp settings and it only worked for a month and I'm almost without whatsapp for a month! I've got a 2 year contract with Vodacom and they say I must phone whatsapp because it's a 3rd party or I must buy another phone! Please help me? I need whatsapp because I'm the secretary of a neighbourwood watch.


I bought a new Nokia Lumia 530 and I saw its memory card tray damaged. There was a problem with reading and writing of data. Memory card wasn't supporting. I conveyed it to the Nokia care officer at kormangala Bangalore. And he argued that it was physics damaged and was eager in charging me 900 rupees. I was too dissapoimted about this. I think proper action should be taken against this. My product was well under warranty .


For three months my Nokia Lumia phone has been having issues. The keys are sticking and guess what? That means I am unable to receive or send pictures. The shop said that my phone needs to be sent away for 3 weeks for repair. How is that helping? It leaves me for 3 weeks without my mobile phone and no way to contact or stay connected with anyone.


I bought a Lumia phone esp as I thought it had a superior camera to my old phone just to find it doesn't work? Have soft rebooted, hard rebooted to no avail. Gutted


I bought a nokia 365 in December the phone has gone wrong 3 times im sick of it being sent back now with a new phone the same modal which I got back only a week ago its crashed again and drained the battery I cant get it back on every time it trys up dating it crashes im not happy at all iv always been with nokia / voda phone and have always had no trouble with my phones until now something has to be done about it id rather have a different phone or my money back I hope u can help me because if not i will be forced to take this further and never buy a phone from u ever again thanks - nokia bl-1830mAh3.7v6.8Wh.


I purchase Nokia asha 230 IN 16Julay 2014. this set many time hanging problems I want to contract to any person of NOKIA ,who resolve my problems, but not anybody contract to us my mobile number.


Acct: 10100116440190. Check nos. 2020-2049 . A stop order was issued without my knowledge. When i wrote those checks they were returned. I was able to fix the problem but four checks were returned. The bank reimbursed the difference for 3 checks. The banker i spoke to ( lou refused to give last name from pa. Office) refused to help me. Check 2022 was returned check 2032 re-issued. I was charged a $24 penalty. The bank caused this problem and refused to work this out. I am stunned that i am being treated so poorly.


I gave my nokia c5 model mobile to nokia care on 26-aug-2011 for software updation in sact communication at madurai. I got job sheet from them and the number of the sheet is 335465550/110826/24. They asked to wait for 15 mins of updating the software, after 10min they called me and told that my phone has a problem of water lock and this service was not covering the warrenty and also they said that if they cleaned the waterlock there is a chance to get dead state. so i threatened and asked them to handover my mobile without doing anything.

They said ok and after sometime they called me and said your mobile was went to dead state and we are not responsible for this, i get shocked and argued with them,but they wont accept anything. finally i called the nokia service number they also didnt give any response. this is an unforgettable action on my life. still i didnt get my mobile from nokia care center...

My complaint about an unhappy servicing Nokia center. Hi, I bought the nokia 5130 c-2 phone from nokia dealer but, the cell phone was getting hang and switched off. For that matter, I went to the centre many times but they gave it back to me every time and said this cell phone is working well , but now my cell phone doesn't get switch On and my warranty period has also got expired. Then i went to Nokia Servicing Centre,Pandav Nagar, New Delhi. They said to get the status after 5 or 6 days, when I contacted, they also said my phone is working .

But I found it not to be. Well, I was wondering what to do now. I went there and they said that they can't repair it. Therefore, I urge you to please look into this matter seriously and take note of my grievances otherwise this prestigious company will gradually lose its customer loyalty. Hoping to hearing from you soon.


I bought a Nokia C6-00 handset on 21 Jan 2010 . Initially it was nice and smooth but some days later it started hanging for which i did re installed the software. It was fine with some minor hanging but from the month of November of 2012 the display started going blank for which i gave it to Nokia care on12th Nov and for which they took nearly 25 days . It was under warranty at that time and also i extended my warranty by 1 year for Rs 500 before the given warranty over.

So i gave it to Nokia care and they said me to collect after 20 days. Now my cell is at Nokia care for nearly a month . They called me today to collect my mobile after went to noni care they offered me replacement for my noni c6 with noni 500.. it doesn’t have all features of noni c6. They said to write a letter to noni care but they are telling that it again takes nearly 1 month for return of that mobile from company
I want a new cell from noni not the same handset again , a cell which can live upto the reputation of Nokia or provide exactly which mobile I gave at the e care with the same imei and same features. I read on nokia discussion forum that each c6-00 piece has a problem of its own half are of hanging and half are of touch screen going blank . So i humbly help me get rid of this faulty cell phone that is nokia c6-00 . .thank you .


I purchased nokia X2-02 before 3 months. It have created troubles last one month. My problem was when using the mobile the display of the phone losing its light. After that i brought to it nokia care at simmakal in madurai. They told to me that the display of my phone was repaired, and it need to change. Before they consent to change the display, they check the phone was might repaired on account of water or any other liquids. They conformed it did not repair on account of water. After that they take on entry for changing the display on 19th november. But today is 30th november. They don't solve the problem till now. My phine no is 7708382847


I bought a new Lumia 920 Nov. 22 2012. Now it's not working & Nokia Servic center: Pattaya Beach, Thailand(66-3716976) told me I would have to wait at least 10 days. So I said I spent 21,500 Baht($715.00) for a phone that doesn't work and that I would like a new working phone. They said forget it. What kind of bussnes is Nokia, I've had all nokia phones for 10 years & now that I have a problem, they won't talk or give me a new phone. Also I tried to call Nokia Bangkok(66-027252525) & forget that to, they don't even ansew the phone. Also now I can't make or receive calls. Ron Delaplain


I got the nokia lumia 8OO in march 2012 on my contract as an upgrade, in the vodacom shop the sales person said i could do everything i wanted with the phone that i needed, not telling me you have to download software to do most things, which is pointless, why have 2 electronic devices to do one job, i ended up just using my computer to do the jobs, as its easier and the software programes are not user friendly. simple things like sending an attachment on a email. my nokia e72 that i had before this phone could do that easily. the signal strength is pathetic aswell, compared to the e72. battery life is very low aswell, charging the phone everyday on minimil use. i am very unhappy with the phone, even the apps are terrible, playing games are terrible and using apps from the market place such as mxit, it is a terrible app and whatsapp does not work at all once the battery power is at approx 30%. my phone always switches off while on a phone call. sms's do not come threw sometimes, i have to switch the phone off and on constently.

I made aware when getting this phone on a business contract for my own business that it would be a lovely phone, even adverts on tv make this assumption. it is false advertising. it was a incomplete phone when i got it. the constant updates you have to do so that the phone actually works better was NOT part of the deal i signed up for, NOBODY, nokia or vodacom made me aware of this. it is time consuming, an expense for me that i did not expect! The cell phone charger cord is so short it is annoying!!! south african plugs are all built in the wall approx 45cm from the floor. tables are higher than that, i have to place my phone on the floor when i am charging. very annoying for an expansive phone. over all i am very unhappy with this phone and i will never purchase another nokia, being a long time fan of nokia's. mainly cause i purchased the phone and had to do constant updates to the phone so it operated better, so you, nokia, sold me a uncomplete phone basically. very sad!!! you guys at nokia need to pull your socks up! you have lost one customer already. a response would be appreciated.


I Abubakar Garba Mohammed won the Nokia mobile promo, and as i am sending you this email there is no anything like delivery to me , my percil is with Dr Sarah jones (dispatch officer) in world cargo center international airport London. Demanding a delivery charges from me before delivery. Please is that how the system of winning a prize from the Nokia?


I have purchased Nokia E7 in Dec, 2010 and facing the following problems. I was a Nokia believer (Not any more) and I bought Nokia E7 after fighting with my wife on Apple Iphone. But this Nokia E7 sucks. It is getting hanged when call comes. and Now it is not at all getting charged and got switched off now. It was a pain charging the phone. It says connection error some times and charges some times and now it is dead. I Spend a total of 800 SGD on it and now Suffering with this Bull shit device. I am Sad that I spend My money that earned from my hard work has put on this device. Is there anyway I can get my money back?

1) Frequent Hang UPS
2) battery life 7 to 8 Hrs only
3) While charging sometimes operational and sometimes hang up.
4) Speaker volume low.
5) Torch Not working
6) In contact details edit of the title not working.
7) If same no. is in two groups you donot get name or image while incoming.
8) You do not get name or image if two nos. with same name.
9) Photos not clear in flash mode.
10) Speed of handset slowed down.
11) Bulk message sending problem.


I have been using Nokia X7 since 2011 and the battery does not last for even a day.It makes me frustated when it went down in my earnest need.I always charge for the whole night and,it dies off before noon the next day.Please do something to solve this problem.


Please see below my NOKIA phones experience about my Nokia N9 & Nokia Lumia 920. Total I spent for this phone is – Rs.86, 000.00. I can’t lose Rs.86, 000.00 rupees because of this I need a reasonable replacement since the phone is not physically damaged this because of Nokia’s poorly made phones: IMEI:356355051701371, WLAN:BCC6DB5B7208.

25/08/2012 – Nokia N9 (Purchased from Nokia Soft Logic outlet)
17/11/2012 – Nokia N9 (Replaced with a New Unit) – Warranty
15/06/2013 – Nokia N9 (Replaced with a New Unit Nokia 920 paying additional Rs.12000) –New Warranty
01/10/2014 – Nokia Lumia 920 /SW Upgraded due to the phone kept on stuck – Warranty
11/02/2015 – Nokia Lumia 920 / AS per the Nokia care they cannot repair the unit due to following reason – No Warranty


Micro Sims are so silly - Don't do it. I have always used Nokia phones and was going to upgrade today to buy one of the latest Nokia models. I ended up buying a phone I didn't really want (O+) because it didn't insist on having micro sims. Sim cards are already small, there is an insignificant advantage in weight and size in having micro sims. However Micro sims are so much easier to lose, and cause lots of problems when transferring between devices. Either provide the choice, or stop using micro sims! The whole concept is unnecessary and suggests the manufactures like Nokia are making changes for the sake of change and not for advancement. I am annoyed that I didn't get the Nokia phone I wanted because it only accepted MicroSims! Based in the Philippines and I Didn't get the Nokia phone I wanted because it only used Micro Sims.


I received a rica yearly promotion SMS on my phone to say that my sim number has won the sum of R100,000 from NOKIA YEARLY PROMOTION and my pin is 1208. Then it goes to say that that I should contact my claim agent Mr Taylor on 0717118848. I immediately googled this promotion only to find out that it was a scam.Now that we have RICA in place, why cant Nokia track down these criminals who try to steal our hard-earned money. I was shocked to see the number of rica yearly promotion complaints about this SCAM on the internet. Surely these criminals must be catching some people who are desperate for cash. We are all desperate for money but if you are not careful enough, you will end falling for these criminals. Please NOKIA, do something about this rica yearly promotion scam!!! How can you not stop these people whne you are such a big organisation. Please protect our nation from these hooligans. I AM VERY ANGRY!


I received an SMS from NOKIA MOBILE UK saying that my cell phone number was drawn as the lucky winner in their annual Anniversary lottery. They requested that I email them and they sent confirmation that I had indeed won the money prize and requested for scanned copies of my documents (passport, driving licence, etc) which I did Nokia very soon confirmed receipt of my documents and sent me the scanned Certificate of winning on their special random lottery. This Winner Guarantee Certificate was signed by Dr George Smith - President, Mrs Anna Rolland - Secretary and dr Anthony Floyd: On-line co-coordinator. They also sent me a copy of Deed of Guarantee signed by Barrister Shannon Murphy (legal Advisor) of Barclays Chambers. Then supposedly the parcel containing the won prize was handed to the British Airways World Cargo Courier Service for delivery to me. In the meantime I had already paid for the courier service 350GBP.

Then the courier informed me that the parcel had been stopped by the British Inland Revenue Tax Office and I had to pay the tax on the money prize 0.2%. Having done that the parcel received a Tax Clearance Certificate and left UK but was stopped again in Nigeria(?!) by the United Nations Antiterrorism Agency which again required additional documents to be sent for verification if I did not have a record on terrorism(!) after I had done this and was cleared by their offices I was asked to pay USD5,000.00 (!) to obtain a Clearance Certificate that I was not a terrorist. The parcel containing the prize has still not reached me and is still in the hands of the UN (Dr Abdul Wahad Rasheed) who now says that the Clearance Certificate can be released when a lawyer signs on it and requires further payment of USD2,500 for this made to the lawyer and additionally USD 2,000 even to him. I consider this whole thing to be a scam and a fraud and extortion.

By extortion I mean charging unfairly high prices (USD5,000 for Anti-Terrorist Certificate USD 2,500 for a lawyer’s signature and USD2,000 for AW Rasheed to facilitate the arrangement with said lawyer.). I and my husband had countless telephone calls and emails from Dr Anthony Floyd (tel. number: +44-704-574-5253 as well as from A.W.Rasheed (tel. number: +234-8095-028969) to chase us to pay them the monies they requested of us. This amounts to nothing less than harassment. And they still call 2-3 times a day. My parcel is being illegally held by A.W.Rasheed. I have all the documents sent to me by NOKIA and The UN Antiterrorism Agency i.e all the learance documents, Deed of Guarantee, NOkia Winning Certificate signed by dr George Smith, -Prersident, Mrs Anna Rolland - secretaryand dr Anthony Floyd on-line coordinator. I got a sms stating that I have won R175 000-00 from Nokia.

The lady Cindy Madube 0769224197 send the sms, when I phone her she said I must buy 2x R110-00 prepaid vouchers and sms the voucher numbers to her, they then will release the R175 000. She ask me how would I like to receive the money, cash in my bank or by Cheque. I said cheque and she said I must just sms my adres with the voucher numbers. I ask her for her adres and where there offices is and she said Cape Town, Water Front Builing 225 to 228 in Water Front street. She said I can come to the offices. Is it possible that it is so easy to make money without filling in any competion. I ignore this sms, because people told me If I would have won anything Nokia would have phone me personally. Is there anybody that can ever stop these type of sms's.


Dears Nokia team, I have an issue regarding to a hardware, that the phone wile it was charging with the origins charger it burns the socket and the charger socket ,noting that it was after stabilizer also the burn was at the charger socket not on the adaptor which is clear for any young boy, the problem happened during the insurance period when I introduced the phone to your maintainance team the first impression is that client will not get his rights from your side and after their diagnosis of the problem they intend that it is a users problem while the problem is very clear that it is a problem phone not the charger not the electricity and all agents was not able to convince me with their point of view ,it was just intention to run away from their responsibility and after discussion with them they said we will only give you another charger and you must pay the maintainance fees which is unprofessional way and they refused to give me a maintainance report.

And after a long conversation they introduced only a print from screenshot of the device case which was have only their opinion and they mentioned on I they the device is out of insurance. What is the very bad experience customer service I had seen ,no customer centricity , very bad customer service and I got a very bad impression from your company ,even the complaint which was introduced to call center,no one give me any reply and they said that they will get back to me but unfortunately no one get back to me ,where is the after purchasing services???? Please submit this as an official complain , and I am waiting to get a reply ASAP. My phone is Nokia Lumia 920 Ime : 354149056569665, I have the official bill and I can introduce a photos of my mobile and charger ,as I will escalate this issue at media and through YouTube and I will give all the bad experience I had faced while dealing with one if the trade names at the market.


Reception is insufficient unless dropped calls and bad internet is what they are going for. Calls drop constantly and internet won’t work even when there is one bar shy of full reception. I lost coverage in certain areas where I did have coverage with my Android. Why is the back cover so slippery? Easy to drop this phone because it is hard to hold. Biggest complaint is reception.


I am using a Nokia Lumia 925, I have been having recurring issue with the phone since I purchased it, first time I submitted the phone at the nokia center it was not even a month old phone, the problem has not been fixed till now, every time I submit the phone the s/w is upgraded and said that the problem has been fixed, however I am still facing the same issue.

The phone is heating up even when it is not used, even if it is in my pocket or in a handbag, no applications are running, even when there is no sim in phone, no wifi it still heats up, sometimes it is heating up even when I am using any application, it is not a normal heating of the phone, it heats up so much that if I keep holding the phone, chances are I will get rashes due to heat on my hand, there are also performance issues on the phone when compared with other nokia lumia 520 or 720.

I bought the phone in Oct 2013. I want a brand new seal packed replacement phone or a refund.


I purchased a Nokia Windows phone in January 2012. I have a 2 year contract before upgrading. I am now stuck with a junky phone that has no options and doesn’t receive group texts nor picture messages most of the time. Apps suck and really hate this phone. I also purchased the same phone for my son and know that soon this will also happen. I hate that there are not many options for Apps of things that I like. I can’t even get the app for our local weather channel. I will never have another Nokia phone and will never recommend one to anyone. I am now stuck with a junky phone for another 9 months and hate it.



Order Number: 161339022224 for Nokia Lumia 920 Yellow and Yellow wireless charging plate. I have been through every possible person in sales and customer service and told that it is not available. I bought the phone based on the 2 pieces matching. I would have bought an Iphone 5 but wanted and was told they would be sent to me back on Nov. 24th 2012. I went thought everything that was asked and ordered it off the website when It did not arrive with my phone and then weeks later when I heard nothing and called, I was told it was backordered and I had been dropped from the list and could try again. I have spoken to many managers and told I would hear back and once I hang up that is all until I call and start the process again. I have asked to switch to an Iphone 5 but told it is to late because I did as you staff requested. It may seem trivial but it means a lot to me and I find it very unprofessional that nothing can be done until my 2 years is up.



Useless touchscreen technology! Typing texts is stressful as keys do not match the letters typed! I have heard of numerous problems like this! The phone also switches off itself sometimes, and shows; ‘resuming’ on the screen when trying to connect!
I have written to Nokia before about this, but they do not respond. Useless company and technology, and people!!


I faced touch screen problem in my nokia C3 -01 handset at the interval of every three or four months since i purchased it in 20-08-2011 .The nokia Care Jorhat was approached few times and one time i got it okayed from Guwahati. Last month i again faced the same touch screen problem and asked for replacement of the set with a new one as i feel harassed due to this regular problem.The Nokia care Jorhat Assam was approached and they said that they are sending it to Delhi though they dont have a right to ask for replacement. This time they got it repaired but no replacement is done with a new set. What should i do accept the set again and ready to face the harassment again.


To NOKIA, I spent RMB 1850 Yuan and bought a NOKIA Lumia 620 in Qingdao of China on Jan. 19th of this year. I have to admit that the microsoft windows phone 8.0 system is really good, but the quality of your hardware is just pathetic: the unlock / lock button of the machine is more and more insensible and I had to press it harder and harder to realize the required function, and finally the button just failed at the end of March, and I opened the back cover, and found that the tiny switch under the failed button had been pressed into the assembly hole of it.

I shook the machine several times, and the tiny switch just fell out from the hole. So I had to go to your after service and I was told that this kind of failure (parts fall off from the main body of the machine) is not included in free maintenance, and I shall pay for the repair.

Now I can still use the machine by pressing the camera button for a long time to unlock the screen, but I think it will not be long till the camera button’s failure, then I will throw it into a dustbin, and say goodbye to NOKIA forever.

I used to be a loyal user of NOKIA – NOKIA 2100 and NOKIA 6300 were chosen by me without any hesitation, and my wife’s NOKIA 8250 is even still operable after about 10 years. But now, I only got disappointment, nothing else. So today I am here not to complain, but just to tell you that you have just lost a customer, and maybe his wife, family and friends, but don’t worry, you still got thousands, millions and billions of users.

Wish NOKIA a splendid business future and bon voyage!



I bought Nokia E7 in 2011 under 24 months contract.within a year period there was a problem with the phone. I sent the phone for repair via Vodacom outlet and it was fixed. Currently the phone has got a charging problem,the charging port is loose and the phone is not charging. I took the phone to the same vodacom outlet, the report I’m getting is the phone cannot be fixed because its my fault. This phone is still new to give so many problems and the reason why I bought a new phone was to avoid problems. Why should I carry on with the contract without a phone? Even if there is a fault the phone must be fixed and payment be done.


On the 2nd of March 2012, I took my Nokia E7 Handset for repairs to Vodacom Repairs Umhlanga Ridge, job number 7577481. I was told that it was to take 14 days for my phone to be ready for collection and I was going to receive an sms notifying me on the readiness thereof. On the 23rd of March 2012, I called the service provider at Umhlanga to check because 14 days had come and gone and no sms or any correspondence have been received by me.

the lady I spoke to told me they sent a qoutation on the 2nd of March 2012 to indicate that I had to pay some R320 and they sent me an sms to indicate that I should come collect my phone unrepaired because I failed to accept the qoutation. All these smses were never received by my nominated cellphone. I’ve been patiently waiting for my phone for sometimes as I had to drive more than 300 KM to have it fixed (I stay in Vryheid: Northern KZN).

Now I am receiving smses from Umhlanga Ridge to indicate that I must bring back the loan they have given me. whe I call them, the lady tells me to ignore the sms and come collect my phone but these smses keep coming to indicate I owe them a loan amount. how does this sms system work if it indicates I received smses that I did not yet I get smses that I should not get?

I am currently paying for services I do not enjoy thanks to the sytem generated smses that tell lies to the sender. what should I do to have my cellphone repaired? I also want to check if it is possible to pay whatever portion when my cellphone is still under warranty.


I have purchased Nokia Lumia 800 from Nokia priority on 4th of feb 2012. I am really dissapointed with the phone. I regret on buying this phone. The phone takes too long time to get charged and vibrations sound in background is rediculous. I contacted nokia care about this but dint get good response. After getting some good response from Mr. Rajesh Gandhi, i submitted my phone for further process and its already 6 days that i am waiting for the response. Its strange that within 15 days i faced these problems.

Other companies have their commitment that after buying the phone, 10-15 days if customer face any kind of serious preoblem in phone, they will replace it. And Nokia Lumia is very big deal for a person to accept and spend such huge amount. Now, i being the customer, requests Nokia to either replace my phone or send me the phone back so that i can sell it to third party and never make any relation and deal with Nokia. I even am goin to write my review about Lumia on net and suggest evrybody to not to buy this phone at all. coz the deal is not worth at all.

I hope to get the issue resolved as mentioned.\


I have Nokia N97 which has some problem switching off by itself and battery only lasting a day, meaning i have to charge the phone everyday, took phone to vodacare Eastgate was advised that they need to update the software. I have submitted my phone in Vodacare Eastgate Dec 2011. They SMS’d me 2 or 3 days later to say that phone is ready for collection. But i only used the phone for a week and the problem occurred again, i took it back again on the 08.01.2012. They told me that now they will sends it to the head office, which was later sent to the factory and i will get it back after 7 working days.

Then i phoned 0821944 to find out the status of the phone and was advised that they have replaced the phoned which i received on the 20.01.2012, but when i got home the phone did not have the sim tray and key pads and again i took it back to Vodacare they told me to come back after one week. I just want to ask that whether Nokia people are not responsible to check the piece before sending them. What is the need to buy from a trusted company and to rush to the nearest care center every now and then with your new phone.


I had purchased a cell phone Nokia N93 in 2007 and I had got the display problem in it after few times but it was in a period of warranty. I went to Nokia care center in Chandigarh, India and I had deposited my phone there and they had given me a query number include the time and date to return the phone. However, I need a phone urgently and I told them to return my phone as soon as possible because I could not connect with anyone until I will recover my phone from them. After 15 days, I had received my phone back but the problem was not fixed by them because the parts of the phone were out of stock and I went there again after 20 days and they had again given me a new query number.

Meanwhile I was getting a problem to connect with anybody. However, after few days again I found that a display was not working because parts of the phone were unavailable there and till they had wasted my long time. As my phone was not working so it was useless. Therefore, I had to purchase a new phone from another company because they do not have full parts of the phone to fix the problem. Now I feel that there is no use to give the cell phone to Nokia care for repair and I should give it to some other mobile shop for repair so that I would not lose my time and at least I would save my time.


I just got an sms saying: “Congratulations your Amoung Lucky Winner u Won R250,000.From Nokia Yearly Promo. With Ticket No.0277p Call Miss Memory Dube For Your Cash Price 0732940369″ -First of all, i typed this exactly as it is on my phone, so the english raised a huge flag in my opinion as Nokia is a world wide company and know how to spell and use grammer. Secondly, i have a blackberry… why would Nokia give my R250,000 when i don’t support them… and lastly, if anyone would have my number, it’d be Vodacom or MTN etc… Not Nokia!

I received the sms saying i won R25 000 in Nokia yearly promotions. I called the number and they told me to buy R275 vodacom airtime. I told the lady but why vodacom when im using mtn sim card. she told me its to activate my prize money. I asked so many questions which she could hardly give me a proper and clear answer. This peolpe just know how to scam people and there are people in this world that would really need that kind of money and buy the airtime to activate their price money.

Since when do a person just receive an sms to say that you’ve won so much money without the company contacting you directly on your cell number so that you can be certain that you did win and its not a scam. Everybody is trying to make a living in this country and i trully hope these people will be cuaght sooner or later and go to jail for what they do. Hope everybody is carefull and dont fall for these tipe of things.

For those who are falling for it, Nokia (or any other world wide company for that matter) would never ask you to send them money in order to recieve a prize. Don’t be stupid people… Report their number so they can be caught


My father received an sms saying “Congratulations! Ur sim no. has won R195,000 and Nokia E65 from Nokia Yearly Promo. Your pin is yx2, contact Miss Sharon Dube on 0780465945 to activate ur pin no.” You know i depressed by all this because our parents live in the villages and do not know about these scams. He told me about the sms he received after he had already given the scammers his bank details. And because atleast i went to school and always hear about scams, my gut told me that it was a scam and i decided to call the lady and told her to explain her sms to me. I also asked her ukuthi for which co. she is working for, she said she is an agent at Nokia in Cape Town.

I called 1023 and requested the no. for Nokia Offices in Cape Town and they confirmed my fears that it is a scam. Because its December people are looking for a quick way to make money Can somebody please investigate this thing please thle coz if these criminals are not brought down they will continue scaming innocent people. Atleast i think that should be easy seeing that we also have RICA that can assist in terms of giving more information about the people owning these contact noumbers. Worse part is that after i called Nokia i went back and called this Sharon lady and she was so arrogant telling that if i choose to believe what i was told by the gentlemen in Nokia Offices then its my own loss.

How on earth a normal person can be so arrogant even after she has been bursted. I am so angry and depressed by the whole thing. I just feel for my father who might loose his money to these criminals but i have advised him to go open a case at the police station (i hope the police officials will assist him) and i also told him to go to his bank and report the matter. If possible change his bank details.

From a concerned citizen


COMPLAINT ON NOKIA CUSTOMER CARE AND SERVICE CENTRE. I purchased the Nokia handset Nokia Express Music 5130c-2 Red on 3/11/2009 and the IMEI No. 358245034671510, In my Handset there was a starting problem during initial period and after 26/07/2010 it had stopped suddenly and never started again so, i visited to nokia service center (Bokaro Nokia Care in Jharkhand) at 16/8/2011 but they assured me that it will be repaired soon at first but after some days the scenario had been completely changed and they had clearly said that sorry, we are not able to do anything else. But one thing is noticeable, when i gave my mobile there was no physical damage in it externally.

They (Bokaro Nokia Care in Jharkhand) haven’t given any positive response so far but they said that we have given the email to nokia head office but its not working and they just passing their time.


I have brought a Nokia C6-00 on June -2011,and after a week it started giving problem to me the set automatically goes on headset mode and i have to look for the earplugs,can you imagine one day I met an accident and was busy rescuing the victims ,suddenly a man asked can you make a call to my family so I can talk with my wife,as he was bleeding profusely and I called his wife and the set went to head set mode and me headset all tangled up,as he was bleeding I dint waste any time to rush him to the hospital and he was not able to talk over the phone to his wife,that time I felt like Banging the set but I bought it with all the money which I head earned with blood and Sweat.

I came back to the shop from where I got it purchased and can you imagine he’s always been forcing me to get a samsung handset ,but I always prefer Nokia.I handed him the set asked him to get it repaired or if in provision provide me with the new one.Tha set was sent for reparing to NOKIA care centre,Gangtok and returened to me in a week or two,I was said its ok now,but on the spot I inserted the headset and plugged it out again the same problem and I was not provided with any other Handset so I deceded to use it for a week as the representative form nokia visits this town once in a week,after dat the set again turned normal and started doing good automatically for atleast three week.

Later the condition became worst same problem started,The touch screen calibration totally gone,it became like samsung touch phones you touch somwhere and it gets clcked in somwhere,and the set was not able to read my memory chip,can u imagine C-6 without external memory?? I handed the set to the shop demanding him to get it done or give me a new one again on 7/10/2011 and hes has sent the set to NOKIA Care centre GANGTOK,he had asked me a time of one month and after a month I was told that the set has been sent to Kolkatta Service Centre,and they are again askin me 20 days time.

I dont want ot go to all dis consumer court because I avoid headace,Because am gud enougn in giving it.tI got the Job Sheet No.too but dont knw wat to do with it .kindly help me out please.


I got this message, “CONGRATULATION YOU HAVE WON. R.250,000 FROM NOKIA YEARLY PROMOTION. YOUR REFERNCE NO 0011.PK PLEASE CONTACT UR CLAIM AGENT MISS AMANDA ON 0786728973 FOR YOUR CLAIM . ON N.Y.P. THANKS.” I called spoke to amanda but by the manner she spoke had a alert gut working over time! This is the nokia consumers 2012 promotion scam messages.

She said I must call back after 5 mins which I did..I asked all the natural questions which she struggled to answer and then came phillip on the line very saure of himself explain to me how I need activate my ref no with the 220 airtime and if I sms my bank it wil take max 45mins for my 250k to reflect in my own.

Phillips words were hurry now so u can activate and get ur money! I ask wen does the promo end phillip said he doesn’t know! Strange doesn’t every competition have a end date? It really terrifies me that theses ppl have our numbers and how did they get it? Coz rica has all our info!  NOKIA PLS DO something about the nokia consumers 2012 promotion.

I received an SMS on my cell-phone informing me that I have won R45,000.00 in the Nokia Promotion 2011. Ref No SA011. I should contact to Mr Morrison at 0789135539 for my prize. I ignored it because I suspected it to be a scam. But I thought that it would be advisable to report the matter. I won 215,000ponds on 11th nov. 2011 but i dont know what to do. here is my acct. number 3390001009567 kyrian ejiogwu. thank you.

I also received the same message, saying that my phone nr was chosen, and that I won R95000. Ticket no 009kp…contact Mr Morgan 079 650 5903.. to collect the cash…. Surely with all these cell numbers and rica…..these people can be traced??


Listen everybody out there… THIS IS A SCAM INDEED! My work mobile phone is not a NOKIA phone and still recieved a text message telling us we’d won 2million UK pounds and to send Name , Age and Ref.No. to nokia.uklondon or

Didn’t even give me a Ref.No. to include even if I DID fall for it!? I recieved a similar text on my personal phone around this time last year (2010)and upon contacting Nokia about it was urgently informed not to reply or have anything to do with it as it was and is a scam. replying could also (after doing some research)render your phone a zombie or give it a virus etc. Who knows what the real agenda behind this is?



Just straight out ignore and report it to NOKIA.


sms received, won R125000, Ref no 019NKP, call Fred Williams on 0785471462. If Nokia allows these smse to go out, then why don’t you as Nokia pay up since this gets peoples hopes up and I am sure Nokia is aware of this. All cell phone numbers are supposed to be ricad so why not stop these scams…. this is unexceptable. This morning I also got an SMS “Your mobile phone won R250,000.00 in Nokia yearly promotion. I was given a cell number: 083 896 7069 to ask for Norma, I did that now told me that someone will transfer money into my bank account. Please help me with matter.I was told to purchase a R275.00 air time then give them the serial number of the airtime

Please HELP ME. I wake up to read an sms that read as fllows :Congratulation:Your number has won R250 000 in Nokia Yearly Promotiom ,with ticket no:2295NP:Call 0837138146 to claim ,from 8am-5pm T&C apply,Nokia Connections.When I called a spoke to a lady called Thandi .Conditions to claim my loot was R175 voda air voucher my I’d no,bank account no which I must sms to 0837138149 nd my so called moola wil be deposited within 24 hours.What is the airtime for?Why do a company like Nokia use a personal no.Questions are mane here.What out .Its a scam.I never entered a competition.

i get sms on phone saying your mobile number has won 70000 pounds payment numbers Nk91 for claim send name,winning number number country to this email pls do something or we do it for u. I have recieved a email in which subject is please see the file i will go through and send a details on given id after that i recieved a call from +448713158997 on 18-oct-2011 at 8:30pm someone is talking but i cant clearly understand main i understand that person is in New Delhiand as per rbi norms he need my a/c details.

I will send it then i have recieved a call from +919654817030 he has send me a account no of Mr Harish Gadhewal A/c No 1192015011739 icici bank branch nehru place new delhi pan no BTSPK7502D and said transfer amount 24800/- of exchange charge in this account. Please clear it to me is it genuine or any froad. waiting your reply.

On 17th october some people call to my number and he sayes your number has won the price [ on this email id was came to my phone and says that please mail into your full detail.i will send my full adress and he says that on 17th oct our agent is come to New Delhi and take some demand draft cheque and he meets the customrr officer after you will receive the cheque. But he was demanding some price on our side.he will give some bank account on the below A/C No 20084772298,A/c name VINATO SUMI STATE BANK OF INDIA this account nbr sent to my nbr..but i will not pay the amount sir..wat ti do sir.

My mom recieved an sms stating she won R250 000.00 and to call Mr Sindiswa Khumalo on the following number 079 6792973 i tried the number from a land line and then i got this message( 0711233668 this mail box is full) to claim her prize ref: 029np. I would dlike to know, what is nokia doing about this info when we place this complaint…

Wed 19.10.2011
I have this morning received an sms from +27791934728 containing this message: “Congratulations your mobile number won R950 000.00 in our yearly Nokia award draw. Call Jassy Atkins on 073 922 4073 with you ref. NK24 for claims.” Is it possible to make this sort of scam more publicly known. Some elderly people have been caught with similar messages. And these poor unsuspecting people do no have computers, neither do they access the modern Internet system to find out any further information. I suggest perhaps a national, public TV announcement, in all languages, informing people of these sort of scams.


I received a sms from +27886021828 saying i have won a R175.000 on the Nokia Yearly promo with a ticket number 5822K and the contact person is Mrs Thando- 071 099 7103. Called the person and was advised to buy a R110 airtime and give the voucher number and they will contact me but because i had used the voucher in my phone first i was never contacted. Today when i called for a follow-up the lady(Thando from Nokia supposedly) was very agressive but what is bothering me is that WHY IS NOKIA as big business as they are , would not stop the SPAM.

Imean this has been happening for over a year ( tracked your previous HP complaints on the NET ), the least that you should do is to send an sms / advert or billboards advising your customers of this BLUNDER or else you will LOOSE your customers. I told my family, Facebook friends etc and about to share this horrifying experience with the MEDIA liaison from from one of your competitors. Not much help i received from your call centre agent Renee-0861 166 542. This is poor service and serves your business negative PERSONALITY.

I received an sms at 3 o’clock this morning stating that I have won R450,000-00 with my Nokia mobile number with ticket number 0166P and I must call Lucia Khumalo on 0712599735 to claim my prize. I called at 10 o’clock and the lady said I must call back in 3 minutes she must check if this ticket number is valid. I called back and she confirmed that it is valid, and that I must buy airtime worth R275-00 and sms her the pincode in order to activate the claim.

LUCKILY I started to google Nokia scams and found that this is in fact a big scam. It is just cruel for people to do this. My mother is currently unemployed, and I was looking forward to help her with this so-called money I won. Please warn other people about this ! !


We are not sure if we are safe in using or purchasing nokia devices ’cause people get our no’s easy and they use them to hurt us. Just received a message: “Congratulations: your cell no won you R500 000 in Nokia 2011 promo. Ref no N. Contact James A@ 0835631016, and make sure your ref no is activated.” Am well aware that this is a scam. Called “James” and was not surprised to hear that I must send him airtime in order to “activate” my reference number together with my full names and Bank account details. Please spread awareness of this scam and stop b@st@rds like “James” from benefitting from other people.


I have purchased Nokia x2-01 mobile.After reading the user guide that it can be used as a modem i have purchased it but it is not connecting through via usb data cable for internet.I am very disappointed about this mobile after spending so much money it can’t be used to connect internet.Any version pc suite r ovi suite does not support it to connect internet.plz tell me if u have any pc suite that can be used to connect to internet.I am very unhappy with Nokia company.after publishing it on the user guide it can’t be used to connect internet.i think the might have entered the wrong details


Ok, so I was unfortunately gullabe- an 0720439255 number smsses me on a sunday @ 21:51, and says “Nokia Congratulations! Your mobile No: has won the sum R295, 000 from Nokia Promo. With Ref: No: ZNK012, for claim call 0710171669 to activate ur Ref: Number” So I call the number and a lady with the name Lisa answers and asks for the reference number and says I should call back in 10 minutes because she has to confirm the number. I then phone back and she says I am in fact the winner of R295,000 and that I have to buy 4x R110 vodacom airtime vouchers and have their refernece numbers and pins on hand and phone her back to activate the prize-which I actually did (feel so stupid).

She then informed me that my prize has been activated and that I will be contacted the next morining by their accounts department for processing of payment. She also asked if I would like the money in a cheque or transferred into my account? then asked I send by banking details so she can forward it to her accounts department….

The next day I receive an sms from 083 335 0977 stating: “this is to inform you, that the R295,000 is insured and it can not be tempered by unauthorized person, the bank are requesting for insurance clearance certificate, before they will release the money, you have to pay R3, 374. to obtain clearance certificate. For help call 0833350977″-so now I’m thinking “ok thats weird’, and I call Lisa up again-who did not answer at fist and after a few tries she did-assuring me it is legitimate-so I aske her to send me proof of my winnings by email-sms her my email address, and am still waiting for the proof (go figure)

I just want to warm others please do not fall for these people like I did-I lost R440 which I did not have Luckily I did not pay the ‘clearance amount’as well!!!!!


I received the following SMS at 03:50 on 31 August 2011. (I quote) CONGRATULATION ! YOUR SIM IS ONE OF THE CHOSEN SIMS IN OUR 2011 NOKIA PROMOTION. PLS CONTACT OUR AGENT ON 0735896232 WITH REF NO.010KP AND CLAIM YOUR R95,000. The SMS was sent by the following number 0712869975. I respond and a guy with the name Kenneth answered. I phoned the number again and a guy with the name John answered. He asked me whether I would like to receive the money via a bank transfer or cheque. I respond and ask for a cheque, which would be delivered to me via a courier service.

On 1 September 2011 I received the following SMS (Quote). Att: nokia general accountant in regards of your fund, you have to pay R2 200 for insurance and corirer charages so that your wining prize can be in your address today.note that due to transfer is R95 000 call mr Robert.

The above SMS was sent from the mobile nr. 071 2869975.

I phoned the number and told the guy that I called the police and told him that he was a thief and its fraud. He however told me to be quiet and shut my mouth. The police told me they cannot help me regarding this matter.

How long is this going to keep on? Can’t you trace this guy and stop this kind of fraud, please


My name is bakari kaya i received a message 25\07\2011 on my mobile that i won 415,000:00 pounds on nokia, and I was ask to submit some detail about me e.g name,email, occupa. I have received sms that you won 415,000:00 sterling pounds of NOKIA UK PROMO, Is it true or fraud, Why are nokia complaint dept. sleeping. Your customers receiving such complaints. Your compliant dept. directing to Royal bank. They asking courior charge 250 pounds with any proof. What is going on.

My Ph+255713518026, tanzania, TIGO.CO.TZ. Please i don`t understand the text message i received on my cell phone. What is goining on in the uk nokia promo? They send that they say my mobile number has won 415,000.00 pounds in the nokia UK mobile promotion. I must now send by +255713518026 or the email is,, yes my name is bakari kaya my mobile number is the winner of the NOKIA UK PROMO the amount of 415,000.00 pounds REF NO.E115EG for claims e-mail to or call +447045760254. i have now received these sms twice in 3 days. As far as I know the last same kind of sms i received.


I got a telephone call for my No. 077 9211248 and i was informed by one Mr.Larry Henshaw the PROMO CO-ORDINATOR from Nokia Claims Office, Nokia UK Promotions, 2 Queen Anne’s Gate, London, SWIH 9 AA that he confirmed as I am one of the lucky winner on this Year NOKIA MOBILE PROMO and my mobile number has been selected and has won for me the sum of 500,000.00 GBP and also my mobile number tagged to my winning verification number is : UN:438-02-9. According to the above information, let me know whether it is true and correct. Please let me know if I am in fact the luck winner in 2011 of the Nokia UK Mobile Promo Awards.


My Nokia 6270 slide phone cannot download application, each time i try they say “No certificate”. So when i want to select certificate from “setting” it will ask me to insert security module which i dont understand. I really could use some help from Nokia in this matter so that things would be fixed and I can download the app. I don’t have a security module to insert, which is keeping me from selecting the proper certification and fixing this issue. Thus far I have been pleased with my Nokia 6270. Please Nokia can you solve my problem by sending me the feedback through my email address.


Hi please be advised that I received and sms from this number 0728724542 and that I must call this person named Pocia cell no:0781244558 saying that I have won R250000.00 in the Nokia year promotion with the ticket number 0166p and that I should buy her two times R110 vodo com air time .Today call I get an sms from this guy that claims that he is the manager of Nokia saying that I must pay into his account R3600 ,insurance perpose in order for him the sign of the deal and to put the R250000 into my account .His name is David and says that his office is in Cape Town .I need Nokia to advise if there any such promotion that is running currently .


To whomsoever it may concern,I want to say that I am very unhappy from the day when I choose Nokia.Earlier,I was using Samsung phones for last 5 years but I had never faced any kind of problem.The day when I purchase since that time problem is occuring i.e touch, volume, battery, camera etc. all are not working at all & I am fed up with all this.I showed my phone to NOKIA CARE at Sec.-14 Gurgaon but none of them was able to solve the problem,instead of solving they created another problem & raise their hands.I am very much unsatisfied with NOkIA CARE Service Centre of Gurgaon.They have no regard for customer & talks very rude.

So Sir,please suggest me what should I do now????????????Kindly take some necessary action as soon as possible. I hope you will do the needful.Waiting for your response.


my complain is about the sms`s that made the rounds that you win certain amount(GBP)Needs to be clear rightfully by the responsible managers of nokia,via legal means in order to curb the international scam who is moving in the name of Nokia fact you deposit the required amount of money to receive your so call and ends nowwhere…Therefor nokia clear your name if things are fallsely are down on your name,cause we the customers will lost trust in fact in your dealings…and inform the globe legally via their respective mobile telecommications that such type of competition is on if is the case,with duration etc..make it more transparent and acessible,in fact nokia cellphone is been used all over the globe mostly…..Can nokia righly and legally inform me about the so call price win…


i received a SMS telling me that my number won R250.000.00. I had to buy R275 Vodacom airtime to activate my ticket. I did so, phoned the numer that were given to me by by the person on the phone. I was then told to pay R2800.00 for insurance before the money would be paid into my account. I had to phone a Mr Simon to get the details on where to pay the money, I told him taht I was a pensioner and that my pension would only be paid in on the 10 th of August 2011, he told me that by then my tiket would have expired, how can that be after I have paid my R270.00 airtime. Is this a SCAM or WHAT??????


SMS from +27760672301 stating my sim card won R350,000.00 in NOKIA anniversary UK draw. I had to phone Mr. Paul on 0782930452 to activate my Ref.No and purcahse airtime of R275.00 giving him the no which I did. then he said I have to phone Belly on 0835138082 and she told me to pay R2550.00 into a account no which she gave me at FNB. I received a Certificate of Insurance from Mr. ESCA Johnson the chief operating officer. I phoned them on +447924590325 and he confirmed that this is not a scam it is ligit. Please check if this is ligit or a scam. Thx Rina Muller


Just recieved a sms from the following number +27714539620 Stating that i have won R 150 000 SMS GO’s like this. ( NOKIA congratulation you are one of our lucky winners. you have won R150 000 on nokia yearly promotion your ticket number ****KP please contact number 0739849899 for your cash ….now office time 8am to 5pm) end of sms. I called the number he checked my phone number and ticket number and says congratulations to me for winning asked me if i am happy say not really what should i pay to get it… he started talking talking gave me 2 options a check(R 66 in airtime) or bank transfer(R55 in airtime) What do you think this is it sounds like a scam to me.


DELIVERY OF YOUR WINNING CONSIGNMENT NOTIFICATION FROM NOKIA COMPANY UK. NOKIA COMPANY UK AWARD PROMOTION Sat, Jul 2, 2011 at 7:54 PM. NOKIA E-MAIL DRAW 2011. NOKIA EMAIL PROMOTION, 152Z MANCHESTER UNITED, LICE PQ64YK, LONDON. UNITED KINGDOM, ENGLAND. TELL NO: +447010045995, +447017601497. PARCEL DELIVERY INFORMATION, DEAR WINNER: Tejveer Singh. We the Nokia company UK wishes to congratulate you once again on this note, for being one of the winners selected in the 2011 Lottery Promotions. The NOKIA Company United Kingdom felicitates with you and your family, this promotion was set-up to promote the active use of the NOKIA product all over the Globe.

And we are pleased to inform you that your Award Winning Seven hundred and fifty thousand Great British Pounds (750,000.00GBP) have been approved and issued with your name in regards to your related winning, and the winning will be delivered to you by our delegated officer Diplomat John Steve, he we be leaving United kingdom to your designated home address there in your country on Sunday 3rd July 2011 and arrive in your country Monday 4th July 2011 for the purpose of remitting your winning prize to you in your country. We require you to get back to us with a valid means of identification of either a national identity card Passport or company identity that is acceptable in your country.

This will enable our delivery officer recognize you in person on arrival to your country, Be informed that on arrival of our delivery officer to your country, he will give a call to you at the international airport at his arrival point. However, kindly be inform that you are to make payment fee of your Parcel at the arrive of the official diploma for Stamp Duty/Notarization Task remittance to the Air Port Authority over there in your country before it can be delivered to your home of residence .
Kindly Contact the official diplomat John Steve Via, Email id:

NOTE: You are requested to cooperate with our delegated officer to enable you have a smooth and safe delivery of your winning package. Dr Frank Nelson and the Nokia Board of Directors Congratulate you Once Again.


Congratulations: Your cell phone number won you R500 000 in the nokia 2011 promotions. your ref number C20, contact James A @ 0737072605 and make sure your ref number is activated. When I call that James he said to that top activate my ref number I should buy a R220.00 airtime and sms to him as well as my banking details. I did that and then i received the following SMS. ABSA:Noitce of Payment from Marry J. to 9202021526 for the amount of R500 000 which was deposited on 2011/06/28 at 14:19. Helpline : 0769969010 Int number (011) 0392 771.

While I was still waiting i did received the call from the woman who said that she is calling me from Nokia Mobile and her name is Josephine Mthombeni of FNB account number 6314159634 and i must beposit R2800 which is going to insure the policy to that is responsible for the money transfer and once i pay that amount the money will be released immediately. I did pay that money which is R2800 as part of insurance, but I did received the following SMS that read as: Please be advised that you are required to pay 1% capital gain Tax of R5000 to SARS, Please note that this a final stage of the transfer process and withdrawal commences by you, in your account immediately the pay ment is done.

When I call them a woman said to me that when i’m ready to go to SARS I must give them a call and they will send someone from their company to assist me by paying as part of helping me to go through.


I received a sms from 079 572 9563 stating that my sim was selected as the winner of R250K from Nokia Equity 2011 and with a ref no and to call Raymond on 073 361 6316. I called the number and gave him my ref no, he asked me to call him back in 10 minutes, he would like to varify that I have qualified. I called back and he indicated that I was a winner , Nokia Equity was apparently a new company in SA, I asked him where the company is situated and due to his strong french accent I couldnt make out the address , asked him to sms it to me at which time he got very offensive and on his hind-legs. This is a scam without a doubt in my mind but lets leave it to him to think that he can scam people and get away with it.


I received an sms last night at 00h26 saying that i was one of the lucky winners that won R175 000,00 in the Nokia Yearly Promotion with ref. no 225 and that i must please contact Mr Eric on 073 857 653 to claim my prize. My brother named above have won the GBP of nokia 143 annivesary the winning code is NLPRO.He does not have e mail. bt i am his brothe and he told me to assist he have bee told to send the code to how do he get his prize. my e mail is zenzely@yahoo.come. we are in tanzania. I received a sms stating that i am a winner of R250k from Nokia Equity 2011. My Ref No NKP41 and I had to phone Raymond on 073 361 6316 to activate!

I phoned him a few times and it made him realy angry. Funnie how it is alway a black trying to steel my money through a scam…??? So much for BEE and Black Impowerment. Viva Muntu! I was told i won 200000pounds and am to pay 180 pounds as courier service charge. i want to know if the information is genuine. It was signed by an agent mr Marcus Steve on behalf of NOKIA CORPORATION UK. Titled 2011 Nokia uk Global lottery. I have won R95 000 and a phone by Nokia Yearly Promotion the person who i need to contact 2 receive da prize is Milisa and the phone number is 072 7709 437 and i tink this is scam they send me a sms with the code no YX2 to claim my prize.

I received an sms at0:34 27/06/11 stating I have won R250 000 frm Nokia yearly held in UK with Ref:No019KP contact Mrs Sandra on 0837115845.I called the no this morning wanting to confirm the whole competition or promotion as they state it.I was told to buy telkom R400 airtime fro them to be able to activate the payment into my bank account which i find very strange cos I dont use telkom and why would a person want to buy airtime they wont use.


Sir I purchase NOKIA X2-01 on 21-June-2011. when I opened the bluetooth it was not opened then I restore the phone, then it opened. After a day when I reopened the bluetooth again it was not opened, then I go to NOKIA CARE. They told me that there is software problem and when I change the software the problem not become, but when he install new software bluetooth opened, but after an hour when i opened the bluetooth to recheck out it has not opened. Now I want to change my phone plz give me new phone immidatly.


I received message this am at 1.39am informing my cell number had won R450,000 in the 2011 nokia international promo,and i was to phone a mrs eden 0822637205 with the ref number given.I havent phoned as i found your nokia site saying it is a scam.I hope you can stop these people before some poor person gets conned into giving there banking details out. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your Email I.D was selected at random and you have therefore been awarded the sum of £850,000.00 GBP (Eight Hundred and Fifty Thousand Great British Pounds Sterling) in the ONGOING UK NOKIA PROMOTIONS 2011. To claim your Prize contact: Dr.Jim Frose. FINANCE DEPARTMENT, UK NOKIA GRANT PROMOTION 2011. Information and Payment Bureau: London Representative Office.

TEL:(+44)703 590 8001,
FAX:(+44)844 774 3369

Reply as soon as possible for quick verification and claim. Reply along with your names, mobile number, contact, occupation, address and keep this winning information confidential to avoid external claim. CONGRATULATIONS from all staff of NOKIA INC.

Best Regard,
(Mrs.Maryann Warwick).


Hi, I recieved a message from my nokia phone today morning at 02:45 am, saying I have won R95000 from Nokia yearly promo so I have to call Miss Memory Dube for my cash claim on 0732940369 and funy enough I was asking myself why they sent me a message at this time and these person used a cellphone again to send me the message but its a different number (0715355835), and the other thing this message is not clear enough or takes my attention I suspected from the time I saw it dat its just mayb somebody who knows me or just scam cos the message is not advertitive and lucky enough that i decided I wil check this site when I get to work.

I just did that and im so amazed……scam,scam,scam, People beware! Received the following SMS in the middle of the night 02:25:59, 13-06-2011: Congratulations!! Your cellphone number has won R250,000 in, Nokia 2011 PROMO.Ref No,0193Np. pls call Mr James on 0786778820 for your cash price. From 8am-5pm. I did not phone, but is pretty sure it’s a scam.


hello my name iskeshav kumar jha from Noida and my complaint is that my nokia x2 data cable is not working properly. when i connect to my computer it says your memory card is working by other application. i wait for many hours but it’s not working… so i connect it on next day but it tells again that these memory card is not working by another application….. so please tell me a solution for this problem. I don’t understand why the x2 data cable which is included from Nokia is not working properly.


This morning around 03:52 in the morning a receive sms stating that i have won R120.000 from Nokia UK Yearly Promotions further read sa follows, Your ticket number is 010uk and please contact :0796598574. Fisrstly i knew it was a scam, Later today 10 June 200 around 08:55n i dialled the number and african guy who spoke like a ball inside a mouth keep on asking me don’t call me with private number then i said thank you but no thank you, and that i was a scam UK Nokia Yearly Promotions and not a real one. So nokia please do somthing please about this before more are scammed and taken advantage of.


Seems like there are already a number of people who have complained about this, but obviously nothing is being done about it. I, like everyone else, received a text telling me I had won R250,000 in a Nokia Yearly Promotion scam with ticket no. 0166p. I was told to call one Memory Dube on 072 967 5600 or 071 938 6957 to claim the prize. One, I never entered a competition. Two, I don’t even have a Nokia. Three, they told me I had to buy two R180 MTN vouchers, provide them my name, surname, the voucher numbers and bank account details. I hope no one got scammed, and that this will help someone out there.


I Muhammed Hussaini Isah recevied some message on the Monday,06-06-2011 around .08:45:06 that my phone number has won the nokia promo, 2010. Sir i have received a message bearing that my mobile no won the btelecom2011 Nokia lucky prize which generally helds annually. the prize worths 500, 000 GBP. i have sent my address to them and they had the provision of a diplomat who will arrive india (my country) in 27 May 2011. they charges 25, 500 rupees for the transportation. I want to know wether it is fake or real. They have already issued a natwest bank demand draft and a prize winning certificate also. please sir, i need your sincere advice on this matter.


At about 00H35 this morning I received a messages on my Phone. This is the exact wording and Numbers: ‘Sender: (no name) +27834354546 Received: 00:35:30 07-06-2011. Computer selects your number in [N-O-k-I-A] PROMO.You are to clai9m ine hundred and fifty five thousand rands R-e-f No.111 call 0797680567 from 8:30 am.’ When you phone this Guy (Mr Smith)he sounded like a African, he will then told you to buy a R180.00 (MTN) Voucher (or whatever Service Provider you use)It has to be a unused (NEW) voucher to be read back to him, he told you then after getting the number and it must not take longer than 4 hours to get it back to him, then your name will be entered into the Computer registering your Address etc.

Supposedly you will receive a Cheque the next day at your nearest Post Office. I have reported this to our Local Police Detective Branch. I have been informed that these Guys on on there list. Please, if anyone getting these Fraudelent Messages on your Phone report it immediately to your nearest Police Station.

Nokia House. Summit Avenue Southwood


I received and sms from a cell no 0796508980 with a ref no stating that I won R95000-00. They also gave me another no to call the call centre, when I phoned the lady couldn’t really tell me anything accept that I should buy a R100-00 airtime voucher and phone them back to give them the serial no of the recharge voucher. I know there must be something fishy about this because a call centre’s no is always a 08600 no. Never a cell no. The call centre no they gave me is 079 067 3739. Come on Nokia, please trace these people and put a stop to them scamming people please.


I had send them an email after receiving the nokia annual promotions sms message and now they ve been calling me that they ve sent me the form to fill in and send back to them, I am yet to see the form and see its demands. They send d message two times to my father but what amazed me there is that my father is not using nokia phone he used lg phone they even send it to me true am using nokia phone but when they have send it to my father before i dont beleive it again, when i saw the text message i pick up my laptop to search the email unfortunate the answer is that the email address is not exit.

Please i beg the nokia management to put an end to this because when i told my father dat i will search the adress from dat time he usually ask me that niyi what about about the money because he though that i have collect the money. Please if is true tell me through my email and if is lie tell me. Mrs nosipho @ 072 691 2301 you have some nerve trying to scam me. Do you really think im that stupid. Catch a wake up not everyone falls for such rubbish. I hope you and all these other scammers get caught, and get what you deserve. You have no right to do these things.

My parents got the same thing and they are very poor. You get these peoples hopes up and then shutter their hopes so quickly by taking these peoples money, shame on you. I received a sms this morning saying i won R500 000.00 Tecket no 0166P. Call Mr. A J morgan on 0786607994 or email for your cash prize from 8 am to 6pm. I did so and Mr Morgan said i must just fax my id no and bank details and my address to the fax no 086 655 4239 and after i done that i must contact him and he will give it through to Nokia account department and the they will transfer the money in 48hours into my bank account.

Please can we know if this is a scam or what i dont like these tip[e of illegal sms the no where i got hte sms from is 071 246 5821. If some one from Nokia pls can contact me. How can Nokia not do anything about such scams. The scammers have a contact number to be reached. Why doesn’t Nokia do something? I have recieved a message stating my cell phone number has won R95 000.00 in a yearly promotion & I was to phone Judith on 073 221 2877 to activate ticket no. 0166P.


Congratulation! Your number has won R250,000 in NOKIA YEARLY PROMOTION, with ticket no:2295NP; call 0837138149 to claim, from 8am-5pm T&C apply, Nokia Connections. So I phoned out of curiosity. I was told to buy R200 cellphone airtime and send it to the above number. How would I like my prize? Cash or Cheque? Cheque please. Now she wanted my ID number, (Why?) home address, (Why?)(What about a postal address?) No. The whole toetie. For cash she wanted the same as well as full banking details. When I asked her where their office is I was told in Cape Town.

Can’t I collect the cheque. No. Then I told her she was talking BULLSH*T and asked her why I should pay to get my money? I mean if one won something its yours for free!!! She hung up on me. Very bad telephone manners!!!!!!


If Nokia doesn’t put a stop to this scam, then they need to come good on some sort of compensation for its customers! I also recieved an sms dt stated. NOKIA:ur phone no has won R250 000 on the rica prom.ur pin no is 01666s, call 0837461924 frm 8am-6pm for ur money. i recieved this sms at 21:51pm on the 19 may 2011. i called them and they told m that i shld buy R180 of airtime, send reference of that airtime,my address and my full names if i wnt a check, and i can also send my bank account and my full names if i want them to send it through my account.i want to knw if this is a scam or what.

I rec’s a text message saying “(Re)” “You have won the sum of $275,000.00 from Nokia Promotion”. Email OR Call +447035958252 for more details. When is this going to stop? Why are scammers allowed to do this to people?? Especially IF that person has to pay for their text messages!!! THIS IS WRONG!!!


I recieved a sms message from number +27736933976 claiming i have won 420,000 gbp(great britain pounds on ongoing nokia mobile promo 2011.instructing me to send my email so that yhey may send to me filling forms.something i did.there was also a number to call +447035936703 in london.after filling the forms they verified every detail and send back a confirmation email stating i was the winner.deed of guarantee given by barclay chambers 2a barclay road leytonstone london, E11 3DG signed by Barrister Shannon Murphy as their legal adviser was send to me.

also attached was impact award certificate signed by,Dr george smith,mrs Anna Roland and Dr Anthony Floyd.the Author of the email,Dr Garrick oxford. i just want the truth on this matter.the adrress given,2nd floor Berkley square house.Berkley square london. W1j6BD london,united kingdom.please reply me soonest possible.i’m live(ONLINE)


Hi i recieved an sms saying that i won 95000 on the nokia promotion and the phone back on 078 527 4440 for the so called agent Ms Monica with ref num 0059 she picked up and said i need to phone from my mobile num and not the landline cause she wont be able to acces my details if i dont use my phone now i need to know is this a scam or the treu thing ? If not you guy’s need to do something with these people times are tuff and people are despirit and will do any thing to get money so please do what ever you can to stop these people.

I have also received a sms this morning saying that I have won R150000.00. After going onto the internet I was rudely surprised that this is a scam. Why are people doing this. I am so deep in dept that I couldnt sleep after the sms. I was so excited that for once I am going to be debt free, and this all for some sick person playing sick jokes on us. Im really sorry for you, you have a serious problem. Hope and wish thay you will loose everything you have and become a bloody street bum. Received an sms on the 17/05/11 at 03h20 claiming i was among the lucky winners of a nokia yearly promotion,i’ve won 250 000 REF NO 010KP.

Call claim center on 0824312838 for your cash price and to activate your REF NO immediately from 08 AM to 05 PM. This sms was from this no 0725501928. I then received an sms yesterday 19/05/2011 from +27787073516 from Nokia saying I had won R250,000 and I should call 0813742597 to claim my prize. This is my new number, where did they get it from since I have not entered any competition?


I got a message that i have won the sum of 250000 pounds on the 3rd of april. I was told meet up some requirements which i almost completed. These bastards almost got me going for it, wel thank God it didn’t work. Pls nokia should do some thing to protect their image otherwise thex would have themselves to blame in the future. I also received the following sms, from number +27798331572, today, 18 May 2011 @ +/- 03:00 AM: Congratulations!! You Have Won R155,000 Your Number Was Randomly Seleted In NOKIA AWARDS London UK. REF No. NK1109 Call MARK @ 0719625592, To Cover Your Winning. My sms came through this morning from 079 235 0512.

R250 000.00 won; call Joseph Rowe on 079 927 4749 fax 086 599 1532 ref sa74f R250 000.00. He asked how I wanted the payment made, via bank to bank transfer or cheque by mail. He stated he would send me an sms requesting the info he needs me to send him. I am still waiting. Whoever is this crowds service provider must step up to the plate and sort this out!Can this please be investigated and sorted out. Thank you.


Got message frpm Bridget Masina code nr 022B that my nr is among the lucky nrs choosen and that I’ve won R175.000. But got fishy frpm the first time I phone and got answering machine saying my nr is been send and that she phoned me back phne a little later and lukily my airtimed were finish just when she said I must phne her back R110 vodacom voucher! Please online users be aware of this Nokia scam going on right now! THE scam message is from Bridget Masina at NOKIA INT’L YEARLY PROMOTIONS!


I got a text massage on my mobile phone [nokia] telling me that i won 520.000 pounds from ongoing nokia uk promo for claim email your name, country & occupation to so i want to ask may be the promo still exist. It is unfair, why will people start frauding with the name of nokia & nothing was done to stop it. I wondered last week when i received a sms that i won 115,000 pounds in NOKIA UK PROMO. I called the number they said i should call about an hour to that time, i was told to send my detail to an email address, i did, but, i have no feedback.


I have received a sms this morning 02.22 that my cell no has won r500.000 in the nokia 2011 and they give me a ref no and a cell nr 0737072605 mr james a. To contact to activated the ref no. could this be true, I want know to before i do anything about it. is their a contact nr from nokia who can assist me with this matter? 12th may 2011. 2 38am. I received sms saying you won R 100 000.ref. Nyx2 from 00 27738200185. From nokia promotion and I was to contact the claim agent Mr Fred Williams at 00 27730434757. 13 May 2011. 3 33 am. Your cell no. has won you an LG award of R 250 000. from 00 27 738101494. your ref no is SAO117P. Call 0788584388 for your cash prise between 8am _ 5 pm.

Surely this is harassment to get a bogus sms at the early hours of the morning two days in a row.


I like, I am sure 1000’s others received a message that my no. won R250 000.00. I knew immediately it was a scam. But I decided to call knowing that I will be listing the incident on scam sites. The man that answered the phone was of foreign decent (nigerian) He ask if I would like a cheque or if I would like them to put it in my account. I sais they can post me a cheque. The man asked me to buy 2 X R180.00 MTN airtime and call him back. Apparently the airtime is to be registered to receive my cheque. The Cell No. of the man is South Africa 071 945 7090 sent from 073 939 6209. I hope this helps other people not to get scammed.


This morning i received an sms at 05:36 that says congrats you have won R150 000 from nokia yearly promotion. Your ticket no is 250NP. Please contacy Mr. williams Tasong on 0797508394 to claim your price. NYP. This is nonsense because some of us we have a lot of debts that needs to be paid and when you receie such messages it makes your tummy to have butterflies and its not fair at all. Nokia please do something about this people because this will destroy other peoples emotions, lives e.t.c. I WANT TO KNOW WHETHER IT IS TRUE OR FALSE. I received a message that my NOKIA Phone number has won a prize in the NOKIA UK PROMO. The amount said to have been won is 85,000 pounds. If it is true, how do I get the PRIZE.


I received a message on my phone saying that i have been chosen on nokia promo 2011 and to contact margret van zyl at 0826472797and give my code number nypc948 i phoned and she said that i must go and buy a vodacom voucher for R275.00. I am a ugandan, I Love Nokia products, have used nokia phones since i started using phones way back in 90s BUT i dont like the lies in the name of nokia promos. I recently received an sms on my phone claiming i won some big amounts of money in nokia promo in Itary. Being a christian, i prayed about and now am convinced its the devil through its agents. NOKIA, can you please come out and clarify on this, some of your loyal customers might land in stupid problem.

Sorry i am not sure if i wrote the cell number of the scam NOKIA PROMO 2011 PHONE margret van zyl 0826472797 the amount i won was R250 THOUSAND CODE NUMBER NYPC 948. I to got this sms to say I had won R195.000 with ticket no. 0166p, and for claims of the Nokia awards program promo to call Paul Benson 0710155856. I know it is spam but how do they get our numbers! We all have to RICA our sim cards so can the networks not start a complaints section that you can fill in the number (0721883335) and they can cut off the number? Slowly but surely that should help stop cellphone spam online today?


i purchased 2sets of modle no. X3-02 on 23-03-11 for which the imie numbers are 356981041578258 & 356981040235773 one of my handset imie number 356981041578258 colour white was not working properly after 3-4 days for the same i gave my handset to nokia care on 19-04-2011 with job sheet number 105 after 9 days i got my handset back on 27-04-2011 stating my handset is been repaired. but after checking the problem was not rectified and i again went to nokia care on 29-04-2011 and gave my handset back for the same complaint with complaint number 110428/64. i need to complain that after the purchase the handset was more with nokia care then with me. if the handset is causing this much trouble why not provide me with a new handset.


I received an Email on my cell phone that my phone line number that I won 415000 pounds with payment no NK141 and the people involved in the transfer of the money are Dr Anthony Floyd, John Elemen, Mr Ramond Benjamin, Igbinedion Isreal. Pls is this real or it is a fraud Contact me on my phone? Not sure what happens with this why I am getting nokia end of the year promo Email.


This has been going on 4 more than a year now.I received sms’s in the middle of the night informing me about winning a cash prize in the nokia yearly promo.The latest 1 was received yesterday with the following info:sent from this mobile no:0783450914. “Congratulations!!!your number have won the Nokia 2011 promo of R250000, code:0023e/2011. Call 4iya or Jerry at 0735832467 for your cash prize.”I phoned this no and a man asked me if I would prefer a cheque or transfer 2 bank acc.I said cheque.he said that I should sms my name,address and cell no. 2 them and a cheque will b sent 2 me.I did not sms my details.please cn they b stopped!


sir, i received sms in my mobile dated sms they given that congrat! nokia company inconjuction with all indians network has awarded u the sum of 500,000.00 gbp in mobile draw. to claim via e-mail: then i send e-mail following e-mail id, then they send me a form to fill the details.

1, Names in full:
2, Country of Residing:
3, Nationality:
4, Residential Address:
5, Date of Birth/Age:

6, Marital Statue/Sex:
7, Tel/Fax:
8, Mobile No:
9, Occupation:
10, Company:

11, Email address:
12, Ref No:
13, Winning No:

after that they send me another e-mail:

Nokia House. Summit Avenue South wood
Farnborough Hampshire GU14 0NG.
United Kingdom.
Telephone Number :+447010042184

Dear Valuable Customer:


Dear. Dr. Vinay Kumar Pinjani.
We wish to inform you that your winning parcel that is with us will be dispatching to your country on Monday 25/04/2011 and will arrive in your country on Tuesday 26/04/2011 for the purpose of remitting your fund to your in your country.

The NOKIA MOBILE Lottery has paid all expenses regarding the shipment of your winning parcel from London (United Kingdom) to India your country.

As per the rules of the India Government, you winning parcel will under go a custom clearance process.
Be informed that on arrival of our delivery officer Mr. Mark Philip to your country, you are to bare the payment of the custom clearance charge,in the Airport, to enable him clear your winning parcel at the International airport on his arrival before he will be able to proceed to your home address for the delivery.

We have to follow every rules of the India government to enable a successful transaction without the Lottery company and the Lucky beneficiary having problems in future.

Thanks for your understanding and co-operation.
Kind Regards,
Dr. Scott Richald.
TEL : +447010042184
(Prize Administrator Nokia Mobile Draw).

after that event then they contact to me through mobile and pressurized to me payment clearence charges ,after that he said me u send id proof , bank payment receipt copy through e-mail and when i received all these things when i will be come to ur home to give ur prize. but he could’nt came and after that he says i am going to R.B.I. for receive payment then another drama start from R.B.I. one lady contact me in my mobile. she demanding money to payment conversing charges and she send to me account number to deposit to money.after another day drama turn another scene, the lady demanding money for to pay british high commissioner fees and they issued after payment certificate and C.O.T. code. this all things going on R.B.I. site and link.

then she asked me my bank account numbers. then another day she demand money to expend my account. she says ur account is small so i expend ur account so u pay some amount. after that she demand more money for pay the tax. they are com paling to me pay the amount . i payed lot of amount still i could’nt get my prize. every time they cleaverly make a fool to me. now i suggest to that they are misusing to R.B.I. name as well as british high commission. and nokia company u.k. to. and these people use these names to make cheat so many peoples. so plz all the indians beware the fraud sms. and every indian need to take some step aginst these kind of persons.

Note: sir, i am visually challenged person they cheat me and misguide so i need ur help. i hope u will help me. if u want more detils plz contact my id : shweta_lovely810 [at]


I have received an sms that i have won R95 000 from this nokia annual promotions and want to know if this is fraude, please someone tell me and if it is here is the number 0727709437, if it is cant the police stop them please. I, Amrinder Pal Singh, S/o Sh Kartar singh, I received msg through My Mobile No.99882-53612. on,Congrats your mob.won.500,000.00GBP.Pound,but i not belive this some one hack my e-mail and my password, I also se on This site many more complaints to this Scandals, I Requested to these 6sences, don’t play Innocents people Immosens, “STOP” your Crime. I also requested anti-fraud agencies please Arrested these Internet hackers.

I receive sms on 24th April that .your mobile number has won you 415000 great British pounds that i should send via name, number, country .They go ahead requesting 63200 parcel delivery from uk .is it true or false. I need reply for my email This my My brother has received an SMS on phone no.+94779211011 stating “Congratulation: your mobile number has won for you the sum of £500,000/- in the nokia promo. For claims and call +447035958150″. Please confirm the validity of this message. Last night i received an sms saying that that i have won a R250000, for nokia promotions and to claim my prize I should call Jerry Mac to claim my prize on 0734400601.

Where did they get my number? I receive text message on the 1 of may 2011 that i have won 415.000pounds in uk Nokia promo asking me name and number to Email.Nokia.real@live.Com. So I want to know whether is true promo or not if it is a scam awards from nokia then confirm thanks. I received an sms reading like this: “congratulations!!!! your sim has been selected as the winner of r250 000 rom monia equity 2011 promo. .. for claim call department 0733616316.” I phoned this morning, spoke to raymond, he told me to phone back within 5 minutes. When i phoned back he said he was waiting for my call and that i am a winner of r250 000.

Congratulations! The money can be transferred electronically or paid by cheque, which dot i prefer – so i said i would prefer a cheque. So he told me to bay a r400 telkom airtime voucher – then i must phone him back with the pin because this airtime is needed to do the transfer. I may not use this airtime for private use. Please be very careful – seems like every time somebody ‘wins’ they have a different scam! I have received a sms from Mr James That I have won R500 000 with ref c20. I phoned the guy and he said i must buy airtime of R220 and then phone him back but I should not load the airtime on my phone He needs it to activate my Ref no. How can this be true?

About the BBC mobile draws also a scam. I receive a message that i won, getting all the details w/ them is inspiring but at the end they are just want to get something from you. Getting the money from you as i mean. Beware of this people, you might be the next to be a victim.


The reason for my complaint is, I was awarded NOKIA MOBILE PROMO 2011 by Mr. Dr. Greg Williams the cash officer assigned to winners on the mobile sweepstake. On the 21 day of April 2011 by 12:07am, to my mobile Number: 08020992317, the promo i won is 415,000 pounds. they have request 63,200.00 Naira for the charges before they will send the promo i won, that is wy i decided to complain so that i will know. Please i want you to tell me the truth. i need a notificate through this my email address if its true or false: musak74 [at] My names are Musa Kabiru, Nigeria my country, Bauchi State.

Submitted for kind consideration and approval, please.


Musa Kabiru


Let me summarize what has been happening with my Nokia N97, purchased 5 August 2010. At the beginning of April 2011 my battery did not seem to charge anymore. When taking out the charger, it seemed to be still charging by the battery indicator and small green light at charging point. I bought a new original Nokia battery @ Ksh. 2800/- ( approx. Euro 20, only). The battery was still not charging, while after taking the charger from the phone, the indicators showed it was charging. I charged the battery in a Nokia E63, which I also have. It had charged the battery which worked in my Nokia N97.

As I was very busy, I did that for several weeks, until last Tuesday when I took the phone to the Nokia Service in town. I could leave the phone behind and would get it back after 3 days. After complaining that I should get another device, I could get one of your cheapest “dumb” phones, which I rejected. I then went back to the office and start blogging Nokia. Immediately they started calling me, while removing my blogs from the Nokia Twitter/Conversation site. We agreed I would take the Nokia to the Service Centre. I put the SIM in my Nokia E63 and went back to the Nokia Service Centre in the Nairobi City Centre.

They had promised me a turn around time of 1 day (They have assured me of same day turnaround time. Direct message from Nokia East Africa – Tue 26/04/2011 3:31 PM) They told me as the battery is an accessory, there is no warranty. I had the phone collected the following day and although it charges now normally, the following software/data was not Restored: No email settings, No internet, My phone albums were not there anymore, My diary is gone. The dot ( . ) on my Qwerty keyboard gives apostrophe ( “ ) and I have to go to the symbian keyboard.

In short your service team has reduced my Smart Business Phone to a Dumb and Useless phone and after all these years as a loyal Nokia user, I am very frustrated as I have no email and internet access anymore.


I have received a msg early this morning stating the i have won R95000.00 in the nokia yearly promotion. They have given me a ticket no. 009kp. call Phumzile 0783796176.for your cash prize, and the ticket must be activated before you get the money. I just want to now if this is a scam? Please i received a text dat i won 520,000 pounds in the ongoing nokia uk promo hw true is it? ma fone number is 08033870669. is it scam pls i want to know am from Nigeria. Hi i recieved a sms from this num 0784378536 and says that i am a winner of a nokia promotion.

The amount is R95 000 but the person said to me a must buy airtime of R600 and sms the pin nums to him .He said his name is William .So i didnt buy the airtime. And he gave me a num to claim my price TTTx .So is this a scam or not. Thanks, Mr J Bouwer. My name is chawas i come from Nigeria. Please i receive a message on my nokia phone saying that I win 50 thousand pounds on nokia promo, and i want to confirm if is true or not. Let me know please soon about this winning mobile number. At april 28th 2011, i got a massage from yours mobile num win 1,000,000.

So please give me information about the nokia gbp in nokia anniversary 2011, and the msg came from dm-congrats.

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