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HTC Corporation manufactures telecommunications equipment such as smart phones and tablets with its main headquarters in New Taipei, Taiwan. HTC website is and so far in 2015 employs 13,000 and net income is reported at US 46 million.

To report a problem you might have with an HTC product you may call customer service at 1-866-449-8355.  There are support numbers here for English and Spanish. Although it is unknown how to contact the Chairwoman and CEO of HTC Corporation, Jebastin Cher Wang, Forbes recently named her with the top 100 influential women in the world. You may write to the HTC North American headquarters President Jason Mackenzie at 13920 SE Eastgate Way #400, Bellevue, WA 98005.

Founded in 1997 HTC has grown quickly after being chosen by Microsoft as a hardware developing partner for some Windows systems. You may find social media forums for HTC helpful at Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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I returned the HTC u12plus to htc for a refund, it's been in the repair centre for 15 days (meant to be a quick check over on the handset) (ticket 319268826000089) was meant to have a call back on Friday, I rang the repair centre & HTC head office in slough UK. they informed me HTC said they telephoned me back which they didn't, this went 3 times on Friday alone, ups tracking said they delivered to HTC 1/7/19 the ticket says 2/7/19 ,this level 9f service is appalling


This is the worst online shopping experience I ever had. I ordered a htc type c usb cable from the htc website almost a month ago now. And the package never came despite the FedEx website saying that it did. I received no type of notification or anything that my package arrived (that is if it even did) I contacted FedEx the company shipping my package and they told me to have htc file a claim with them. I contacted htc over a week ago now I believe. I was told they would contact me over the weekend, but they never did. I contacted them again and was told the escalation management doesn't work on weekends..I just now contacted them again and was told that they would contact me again in the next 24 - 48 hours yet again. I now told them if they can't contact me through phone then to reach out to me by email, I gave them my email but they never said that they would contact my email if they were not able to get a hold of me by phone. It's almost like they have no intention of calling me back because they know that this is all their fault. I paid nearly 30 dollars for a cable I never received.


I purchased the HTC u12 in August, 2018, sent it in for repair of a cracked screen in November, 2018. The damage was my fault, I did not expect warranty to cover it. I just needed it repaired. Easy communication with customer service regarding the repair process, was estimated $140 for the repair. Two weeks later I received a missed call from Mai regarding my device. she left me a voicemail, I returned the call the next day (Friday Nov 16). Spoke to a representative, he assured me Mai would call me back from a secure line to process payment. She never called. I called Monday. She promised to call me back, she never did. Tuesday, I am frustrated. I call again, speak with her, she tells me their payment processor was down (reason for no call back) but we can try now. I attempt to submit payment, it is unsuccessful (though I had sufficient funds to cover the cost). Finally, I was able to process payment today, Friday Nov 23. Now my phone can be submitted for repair. I have been without my phone for 3 weeks now and who knows how much longer it will take to be repaired. This is beyond ridiculous and should not be tolerated. That phone cost over $800 yet, because of incompetent service workers, I can not use it.


First off the phone shuts off all the time even when fully charged. And usually in the middle of important phonemes calls! Then it feels very hot even when not in use! Then just the other night I picked it up to set my alarm and it felt very hot then a small puff of powdery smoke came out of the side of it, I got nervous so I went outside and it started sizzling pouring this god awful smoke and caught on fire! If it had Hall while I was asleep my home could've burnt down! Upon calling them I had to keep arguing with them because they wanted the imei number when I had to keep saying the phone burned up there are no numbers anywhere now. I called my phone service provider and they gave me the zero number but HTC company kept arguing with me saying they want the imei number off the back of the phone or in the sim plate Enoch was burned up!!! Now I am waiting for a call back on Monday! Well I'll kjeep u posted! I'm ready to file a class action law suit if I don't get results!!


I have a HTC my phone just out of nowhere freeze up it has no service I can't text or make calls! I call customer service and was told I had to buy a brand new phone. Something serious needs to be done because I feel as if virgin mobile only cares about money and not the customer.


I am HTC user since last 3 months and i have being using HTC desire 826.But from last 1 month the front and the rear camera is not working. Also, there is no proper customer service center or response from the company employees in the city of gandhidham and the near by region (PIN CODE- 370201). It is my hope that you would soon resolve the problem as soon as possible.


I have a problem with my HTC cell phone. Vibration mode suddenly quit working.I expected far more as far as longevity goes, considering the high price paid for this unit. The phone is approx a year old, and problem was intermittent in the beginning, a few weeks after purchase, store purchased from said nothing can be done other than send unit in to a local repair shop, average price for repair over 2 hundred dollars. Unacceptable. HTC should replace unit, or make available at large discount a newer functioning model... I will never purchase a HTC product in the future due to near non existent customer service. I would like to hear back from HTC corporate, outlining an acceptable low cost solution, that doesn't leave me with out a phone whilst being replaced or repaired.


My HTC e9S handset is not working properly. How can I submit a formal complaint to the HTC corporate office?


I am among the unfortunate customer who opted for HTC 820 instead of Samsung, expecting a different experience as compared to other phones. I have being facing below issue with my phone:1) As soon i ans a incoming call, speaker automatically gets activated. This issue was resolved by the contact centre team.2) As soon this issue was resolved, my phone started throwing the voice outside which was audible to other people as well. When I approached the contact centre asking them to check what is the issue i was diverted to the service centre. They formatted my phone and then got the issue resolved.

Now After few months when i got a option in my phone to upgrade the system,I clicked ok to go ahead. Once 100% upgrade was done the phone got switched off automatically and didn't work. When checked with the service centre they have now informed me to that the mother board needs to be changed and a warranty of 3 months will be given.

Here i am not able to understand,whats wrong with this phone. Was this a defective piece handed over to me by Vijay sales. It is not even a year to this phone and has given up. I need a new set of HTC 820 phone as i was cheated and this phone didn't even work for a yr time. Also need your escalation matrix. I have submitted my phone in malad service centre and these guys have asked to hold for next 7 days which is impossible. Need a revert to this complaint immediately.


Phone cracked the inner screen and you cannot see the display. It was in my sons front pocket and when he took it out and showed it too me the screen was blurry and I noticed the case was bent. I've been carrying my Samsung phones in my pocket for 5 years now and still works great. I guess the case was just made cheap because it bends very, very easily. Tried to get help from HTC but was told I would have to pay an estimated $150 for the repair and I'm assuming pay for shipping.

I paid $149.00 for the phone new at the beginning of this month so not hard to do that math! Guess I can use this phone as a reminder to buy name brand electronics from more reputable and better known companies. I wasn't looking for a hand out, just some help from a company that should at least accept some of the responsibility for this happening.


You big companies are such liars and I can't stand you. You advertise 8 gb of memory on HTC cell phones, yet over half of that memory is taken by software and such by both you and the phone service companies! I remember when cell phones were worth having; now they aren't worth crap. Sharing this story with everyone, might even call the HTC complaint line.


I have always used HTC phones and have always been completely satisfied. However, I recently purchased a HTC desire 512 from Walmart on the cricket plan, and I am so frustrated with this phone I am ready to file a complaint online. I will never buy another HTC again. I realize that paying $100 is not going to get you a top of the line phone, but this is the worst phone I have ever owned. Supposedly a dual core, but this thing is slower than grandma walking to the mailbox with a broken walker. Storage sucks, even with an sd card. Some things can't be put on the sd card, and the phones built in memory hold about 12 apps. No flash is ridiculous. I hate this POS! Time to buy a Motorola which seems to get better customer reviews.


I had purchased HTC One on August 2013. The phone was working all fine till April End 2015. I started facing a problem with charging where the phone was not getting charged. Then gradually the camera stopped working and Audio quality depreciated as days went on. Then I decided to hand over the phone to the HTC service center located in South End circle (Jayanagar), Banglore opposite to Pai vista Convention center. So I had given my handset on May 9th, 2015 and they promised to return the phone in one week. Its been more than 30 days and still they are not giving any estimated time to give my phone.

I have visited this place every 3 days once and I get a very bad response from the workers there. I have been running around the customer care and the service center almost every three days. The concerned person has stopped responding to my queries. Even though I call the helpline number 1-800-266-3566 everyday they keep saying we will get back to you in 24 hrs but i won't get any call back. They say that the phone is still under maintenance. HTC has also promised me to give my phone back for free of cost as they didn't deliver it on time.

Now that guy has stopped attending my call and he is not even giving any call back even though all the executives in the above mentioned help line number say they officially arranged my call with him. I am helpless and don't know how to get my phone. Its been more than month that I am not having my phone with me. Its really frustrating to be out from the smart phone world.


It is with absolute disgust I write this.

I want to know what my rights are in these circumstances and how I can make HTC payable for their false promises and faulty, just so that no one else gets to go through this. I have so far spent about $215 for this and been without a phone for 5 weeks. Sending my phone back again for repairs.

In summary, HTC FAILED MISERABLY in their Customer Service at every step and in keeping up with their commitment.

I want to complain against Supervisor and Customer Support Rep, for failure to provide adequate quality customer assistance. I want my $215 BACK and I want to be compensated for over 1 month that I didnt have my phone due to HTC.

You guys at HTC repair are a joke/ are blood suckers, who loot people... you do not know how to perform repairs and your customer service is absolutely disgusting and pretty much a disgrace.

Here is my story. My HTC one (7) shutoff while on call and it wouldn't turn on. Contacted the customer service who advised me the process of repairs, etc.

I followed due process and what really happened was shocking to say the least.

1) They tell you the cost to be $90, repair in 5-7 business days and would send a shipping label within 24 hours (meaning shipping on them). I never received in 24 hours, so I ended up paying for OVERNIGHT shipping on my own.

2) Once the phone was received the customer support center and after about a week the phone was shipped, they came back to me and said it would cost $200 and NOT $90 as initially promised. I had no choice but to accept the charge, since I needed to get my phone up and running.

3) Next 2-3 weeks, no one contacted me or indicated to me what the status of the phone repair was. I had to check on their website periodically, which kept saying it's under repair. When I had expressed my unhappiness at a HTC survey, one of the guys contacted me and asked me why I was unhappy, etc. When I made him aware of what the issue was, he said "I will report to the corporate office for this." That was the end of story and I didn't hear anything back.

4) After nearly a month, I got the update from the website saying my phone was ready for shipping. Eventually 4-5 days later, I got the phone via UPS 3 days shipping.

5) It was shocking to say the least to see the "repaired" phone. The phone now wouldn't change. Whatever the little battery life that was left, exhausted in 15 mins.

6) Called the customer service within 30 mins after I received the phone. To my dismay, they indicated it may take another 10-15 business days for shipment/repair

7) Had to talk to the supervisor, to express my unhappiness...She was adamant that they cannot change "the process" and free repair was all they can do. Shipping the crappy phone back...

All along, I'm left without phone.


I bought my htc 526 g+ glacier blue about 2 months back. It's having a problem of losing the paint from back case as well as for the front display cover. I made a complaint with the customer care and have gotten a reply of getting it replaced within a week. It's been 1 and a half month and I didn't get it repaired. Now the customer care representative is asking me to submit the phone for one week for its repair. How frustrating!


I got HTC Desire 820S on 5th April, 2015, & from the next day my phone started giving lot of problem. The bottom left hand side of the screen is elevated & apart from it, 4 days back my phone got a crack on the screen without any damage to the phone. I kept my phone on charge & when unplugged the phone from charge, it showed the crack.

I visited Pune-camp service centre & rather than listening to my problem, he was blaming me that I broke the screen. It has just been 25 days since I got the phone. HTC is the Worst service provider. I just hope the matter is addressed to the HTC higher management, & they get my phone repaired. I will never suggest anyone of HTC brand phones. I was a very loyal customer of HTC, but after this incident & seeing the behaviour of the HTC service provider, I will never suggest this phone to my family, friends, colleagues or any known person. Looking to get my problem resolved by HTC people.


When our contract with Carphone Warehouse was due to expire, we were told we would need an upgrade. We were advised to get an HTC Desire phone. We have had the phone for under five months and the sim card tray would not accept the sim card. We took it to the Carphone Warehouse shop where we had got it from and were told that it was a common fault with the HTC Desire phone. They didn't have a spare phone I could use while mine was being repaired so we took it to another Carphone Warehouse shop and were told the same thing about the HTC phone handset. It was sent away for repair and when we tracked it online we were told as the phone was damp the warrantee was void. The phone works other than the sim card not staying in the phone.

I contacted HTC directly to try and get my phone repaired. They sent UPS to collect it today but didn't send any paperwork. I was advised by UPS to contact HTC again to check where it was going and what service they required even though they had said that they had arranged it. When I contacted HTC this evening the guy I spoke was rude, unhelpful and put the phone down on me !!!!! Very Unhappy with both Carphone Warehouse and HTC!!!! Would not recommend either of them to anyone !!!!!!!


HTC as a one time replacement screen process. So I wrote an email into HTC and got a very fast response and was given a number to call. I called into the 1800 number provided. After 4 calls and 30 -35 mins each call due to the "customer service rep" lack of ability to spell correct, my email was wrong 2 times, so I kept having to call back so that I could find out why I was not getting a email in regard to the process of how to get the screen replaced under there one time replacement.

Each time they requested my IMEI and a the list of information rather than just opening up the previous call ticket. They were extremely slow and frustrating to deal with each time, I did finally get a email back and my last name was spelled completely wrong, and was told when I went to send it that would need that corrected so no confusion and to who I was, ok so 4 call in I finally lose it , and refuse to speak to the rep and just continue asking to speak to a manager in the hopes this would get resolved and I could stop wasting my time. the rep would not get a manager, I m sorry we need your IMIE number, we need this , I will process it for you is all she could say. I hung up and went on the HTC US website and logged into a chat room. Was then told sorry your Canadian you have to pay for the screen replacement its only for US customers. I later confirmed this by calling the number given to me on the email on how to get my phone fixed. I have bought htc since you had to use a sylus pen and after that will never buy one again.


It is a mistake not to launch the M9 plus in the United States. In fact, it should have been the flagship release over the humdrum M9. I've have been a customer of all your flag ship devices since 2005 but have sadly passed on your latest device for Samsung's GS6 Edge. WhileI'm not a fan of the S6 build quality, they are offering better options (with the exception of the speakers & possibly camera ). There is just no "wow factor" with the plain M9. Sure the build quality is great but what's inside just isn't enough. I would purchase an M9 plus however because it seems whatever is missing in the plain M9 can be found in the plus...but this is just based on what I've read. As it stands the plain M9 is just a Maybach with a dent on the side & nothing under the hood....making the car worthless...release the plus version in the U.S. or you'll continue to lose loyal customers such as myself.


I purchased my new phone Htc Desire 816 G 4 months back. On 3rd March, while using suddenly my phone powered off. I tried to power it On but I was not able to make it. I plugged in the charger in hope that It will power on but no response. On 4/03/2015, I went to the Htc Service Care Patna & submitted my phone. The problem was that (*No power & Sim slot 2 not working). The Care staff told me that they need a time of 7 to 10 days to sort out this problm but they couldn't. I called up the care for my phone they told me that you will have to wait 1 week more because we haven't got the part till now. I thought that give them 1week. But whenever I call the Htc care they keep telling that 1 week again & again. They gave me the date of today to collect my phone but when I called them he told me that your phone has't been repaired till now. It's a request to you, sir, that please If you are not able to repair my phone then please Replace It. I'll b very thankful to you for this. Now I'm not going to call the care again, you need to do something, otherwise I will take some action.


I have a M8 and sent it in for repair on 3/24/2015, it is now 4/3/2015 and both the customer service department and the repair department can't tell me where my phone is. They said this happens and the repair department gets backed up. It's a cool phone as long as it never has to be repaired. I am going back to Apple where I can go to the local store or mail it and have it back before 10 days. HTC this has been the WORST experience ever.


I have bought HTC 820, the battery is really bad, it takes 5 to 6 hours to charge my phone to 100% and it drains off in 4 hours really disappointed with the brand experience.


Siir i have submitted my htc phone for repair at service centre in nirman vihar near psk on 18.03.2015, my job no. is DEL022-0011819 and i have deposited repair expanse also on 25.03.2015 but they are taking so much time i have yet not received my device please take appropriate action and provide my device as soon as possible.


My ticket number for servicing is 15INCW12ENA001423. My issues are as follows with HTC.

1) My new handstand and charger stopped working after 1 month of purchase.
2) I have given my handset for servicing on 2/3/2015 but still have not got any revert from the centre.
3) I called up to customer centre last week and they confirmed that they gonna give me the phone on 28/3/2015 but when I called them for confirmation they said its not ready and probably I will get it on 10/4/2015.
4) customer care centre executives does not have basic communication skill.
5) When I raise it on website of HTC they send me a revert which is nothing but absolutely a generic mail.
6) call centre number never gets connected


In January 2015 i bought my HTC DESIRE 616 phone from one of the authorised dealer "MOBILE HOUSE" in Jalandhar (punjab). The IMEI no. is 353835067630865. After 2 months on 13th March the Touch panel was not working and i submitted the mobile at your authorised dealer "SHRI COMMUNICATION" in jalandhar. They said they will send this devise in Bangalore for repair. After 2 weeks i received message on my cellphone 9988115518 that we can collect the phone from their auth. dealer and i got my mobile back in working condition. But after an Hour it was still at the same condition - The touch panel was still not working. Now the HTC customer care person and auth. dealer suggest me to re-submit the devise for repair.


We are writing to you to express our deepest disapointment regarding the smartphone HTC ONE M8 bought at Saturne Luxembourg shop (30/04/2014, copy invoice attached). Above mentioned smartphone had already been returned two times for repair due to a recurent problem. This will be the third time we have to return it to Saturne Luxembourg (26 March 2015) . The technical problem, which has not been settled concerns the upper loudspeaker that doesn’t work during an incoming or outgoing call. You can’t hear the other party.

This issue is extremely disturbing, especially when you use mainly the phone for business purpose. We request the replacement of this defective smartphone by a new one. We cannot accept such a weak repair service. However, should you decide not to replace this defective smartphone by a new device, please return it repaired, we than would consider another brand for our staff members.

Y. Dimofski
MokaStar S.A.


Really very worst product from HTC. Hi friends, Please don't buy this kind of waste product..I buy this mobile 12000/-rs around. with in one year . i am facing the issue with major parts Touch and Speaker. Please don't loose your money buying this kind of Branded mobiles....This is a really worst phone I ever used. Only camera is great and everything is worst. phone getting heat while internet using,even when charging also..Hanging problem also there, self restarting . Net connection is turning on automatically. I am a huge fan of HTC I didn't faced this many problems with any other devices.I think all desire series phones having soo many problems. If you buy htc phone you will face many problem and if you buy a china brand mobile its better than a htc phone dont buy htc phones but buy a china phone. Please HTC first check quality before you release the products to market.


I brought htc desire 816 G dual sim on 5th December 2014 from zoop charni road bill no 22-7298.From 22/2/15 the phone started giving problem I gave it in service centre on 24/2/15 in v care telecom service fort mumbai over there the representative shradha told that phone will back in 15 days, so I went to take the phone then again they told me its not done as part is not available so will give u back in 15 days I called thrice on customer care and they are not responding to our call which is seriously not acceptable as we are spending are precious time and the result is 0% then again I went to service centre and they told that now ur phone will be replaced in 15 business is complete depended on cell phone and kind phone problem is harresing alot and now I am going to file a complaint in consumer court as I did not get any response from your side.


I have a HTC One X Phone, which was broken just in guarantee time, so the store had it 'fixed'. This was in August, and STILL my Phone is not repaired properly. I send an e-mail to HTC Holland and Vodafone (from where it's bought), but it's just still not okay. In the meanwhile my Phone has been in repair about 5 to 6 times and I couldn't use it in the meantime (over 4 months in total!). You are my ultimate source for a solution!


i purchased a HTC Desire X on 31st march 2013 and on 3rd of April the screen started flickering and on the 20th of April the phone stopped working and was'nt charging so i took it to the service centre and they gave it back to me on the 27th April and the phone still had the same problems so i went back and asked them to do it properly they tried trouble shooting it and they could'nt resolve it so i asked for a replacement they kept saying that they couldnt give me a replacement and when i called the customer care number they told me that their higher authority will contact me in 24 hours and tell me if i can get a replacement but still no response its been 3 days now and they still they tell me that you can do what you want but we will not give you the replacement even though its just one month old and htc has had my phone for almost 11 days in total.

And i have all the relevent reciepts the prove that the phone was given twice for service but nothing has changed and the problem has not been resolved. please do the need full.. and the customer care number is...18002663566 and the service center number is ....9663570107.... and i bought the phone from ROSHINI MOBILES which is located on kammanhalli main road and i have given the device to the authorised service center of HTC which is in Indranagar.


I had bought new HTC ONE V on 29th october and i have been facing so many problem during using this HTC phone like processing very slow, my contacts not open it is taking time may be 3-4 mins and the same problem with Messaging and on 29th november i had visited HTC centre for resolving my problem that time it was so hanging problem and Heat up problem so they changed my battery and changed it with new battery and thereafter i have been facing the contact loading problem whensoever i opened my phonebook its take time 3-4 minutes and sometimes few softwares not working ihad also visited in march for resolving my problem so I visited HTC centre they just updated my software and i told them and i am fed up with this problem and after 15 - 17 days the same problem occurring sometimes contact not open on time and today my bluetooth not working and contact also not working i am seriously sue over HTC company they just cheated with customer. 17 k bucks not a small amount and i want that kindly look into the matter and resolve my problem otherwise i would complaint consumer forum.


I have lodged my repair complaint (3rd time) to HTC.

The 3rd time complaint lodged on 26/2/13, HTC send a courier service to pick up the problem phone on 1/3/13 for send it back for repair. There is no reply from HTC since 1/3/13 until. 7/4/13. Thus on 8/4/13, I called to the HTC to check for the status. The customer service told me that they shall replace a phone for me. The phone is at service centre but so far no arrangement for shipping.As inform they shall check and re-arrangement for shipment as soon as possible.They shall give me a call within 24 hours after getting the status from service centre.

I have totally upset with their service thus I have been following up by a call every day from 8/4/13. Every day the customer service told me the same answer. As of to date (already 5 days) No call receive from HTC. No solid answer from HTC, still keep me waiting.


Three months ago I sent my HD2 to the HTC repair department to have my screen repaired. I get a call telling me that my phone is dead and needs a new motherboard (funny, since it was working fine when I shipped it) and the price has gone from $125 to $285. Everyone knows that a brand new very disappointing HTC HD2 running Windows 6.5 doesn’t cost that much brand new anymore. They ship me back my phone with no screen and NO buttons. It’s a shell of a mobile and I can’t do a single thing with it because the buttons and base they were connected to are GONE.

Now I have to go small claims court because they refuse to send me the parts they stole. All I wanted were my buttons and to get my phone fixed somewhere else, now I am going to ask the judge that they replace the whole unit for being so moronic. I just need the screen repaired on my HTC phone!


i purchase my htc desire sv on 4-1-13 ,after few months it stared switching off automatically , 15-20 times in a day. I gave the phone for sevicing in htc service center in chennai(gemini parsn complex) on 27-07-2013 and they told me that it will be serviced in 7-8 working days but still the phone is not repaired.they say that the parts are not availabe.if the parts are not available then replace my phone.please see to the mentioned problem and try fixing it as soon as possible.


I bought HTC sensation XL back in year 2011 and it has been giving me lots and lots of problem! I have sent in for repair 3 times (in the period of 12 months) for the same problem - phone keeps auto restart and the problem has not been resolve until today (31 March 2013)! And now the phone is giving me another problem, again! I off the phone and on again after I inserted a new sim card and then it blackout and was unable to power on!! Could you please tell me what should I do next? I am seriously pissed off with how HTC handle my case! I even gave my feedback to them unfortunately no one from HTC seem to bother me! I am talking about a 'SMART PHONE' which is suppose to appear as a convenient tool and perform smart for the user but end up giving me.


Well, as with many other owners of the HTC One X, I ended up with one which had a fault with it's wifi connectivity. After grinning and bearing it for a number of months, I finally decided to send it for repair to HTC through its warranty.

I contacted HTC and was put through to their Romanian call center, which had only recently been opened and a UPS pick-up was arranged for the next day (Tuesday, 5.3.2013). This pick-up occurred as arranged and I began waiting the 7-10 day period that was required for repair and return.

By Friday, I had not been contacted by HTC with a tracking number or information relating to my repair which raised concern. I googled HTC's customer service record and was horrified to discover their extremely poor track record. I contacted HTC on Friday and was provided with a tracking number over the phone. Upon checking this tracking number, it was revealed that my package had been sent back out for re-delivery earlier in the day and i believed it would arrive at my address shortly. When it didn't, I began to presume the worst had happened and that my phone had been lost or stolen, which was only confirmed to me a week after it had gone missing.

Even with this being the case, HTC refused to replace my phone until UPS themselves confirmed in writing that they had lost the phone which took another week. I am writing this after being contacted by UPS confirming they had lost my package, yet have not been contacted by HTC.

Now, I can only presume that HTC are going to take even longer in sending out this replacement handset, however, I don't know whether they have received this communication from UPS admitting liability for the lost phone. When speaking with HTC customer service reps they constantly blame everyone but themselves, from UPS to the technicians involved in the repair process. I was sent around in circles, from UPS to HTC and back again for a period of around two weeks

I am now 2 days short of 3 weeks without my phone...All for a very simple repair I probably could have carried out myself, but didn't from fear of voiding a warranty HTC are so obviously incapable of satisfying.

simply put, HTC have the worst customer service I have ever experienced...And I've flown Air India.


I rang HTC about 4 to 5 weeks ago regarding information about how I could get my HTC One phone fixed, the operator ran through the details with me and after that I decide to go ahead with the repair. The operator asked me for details which I gave including my full postal address which I spelled out for him, he told me that a courier would be collecting the phone the very next day, and that repair should be endeavoured within a week, I thought this was fantastic ..Also he said I would receive 2 emails in which to put 1 in with the phone in a box, I never received any emails like that from HTC, I checked my spam folder to see if the emails were there, I even checked the thrash to see if I deleted them by accident, they weren't there, I received NO emails of this kind...

The next day I had to take off work to wait at home for the courier, I waited all day till the close of business but NO COURIER CAME. I emailed HTC to see what had happened, the continued to blame UPS for getting my address wrong so that's why they didn't get there, but it was HTC that gave the courier the address, anyway, I had to email my address of again and all I was getting in return were emails of "sorry for the inconvienience" from 2 different technical people but nowhere near getting my phone collected, weeks had now passed and I still had the phone. After 4/5 emails to HTC expressing my anger and disappointment, I finally received an email with a "Ticksheet" attatched and a Ticket number in which I had to keep to keep track of the phone, the "Ticksheet" I had to print out and put in the box with the phone, I did this but just before I put it in the box I looked in horror, as they still had my address wrong.

I rang HTC again and told the operator about the address and he pulled my file that they have and sure enough, my address was wrong on that despite the 4/5 times I spelled it for them, the operator changed it over the phone and after I had hung up the phone, I received another email from him with another "Ticksheet" and another Ticket number, now I have 2 different numbers to track my phone, I was and still am outraged at all this, this is a total lack of disrespect for me as a customer and as a consumer and a terrible act of incompetency from HTC... also what has me totally aggrieved is that Im paying for this phone in a contract and as a result of HTCs lack of competency towards the problem.

I have been paying for a broken phone for 4 weeks or more when in actual fact the phone should have been back to me, mended weeks ago, the phone only got picked up yesterday Aug. 16th 2013 by courier and I already have another monthly bill in for that phone... Now I am seeking some sort of compensation for all the inconvienience that I have been caused throughout this whole ordeal, from missing a full days work for waiting at home for a courier that never came and for continuous payments made on a broken phone that should have been fixed weeks ago if it was collected when I rang first time... I would settle for a reduced price on the repairs to the phone at the very least and an apology or I would have to seek other advice on how to deal with this situation.

I would rather it be dealt with internally, so I will leave it in your hands but I cant express enough how bitterly disappointed I am in HTC and really angry that I even have to write an email like this at all because I never had to before.... I would appreciate a reply as soon as possible to this email and if you are not the one to deal with this matter, I would hope that you would forward this to the correct person in charge of these matters as I will not be writing this complaint again, I will be showing it to my legal advisor.


A complaint about HTC product and costumer service. I am from Israel and I own HTC one X which I bought in the USA. The devise carries a global warranty. I would like to start and say that I was very excited to buy the HTC one X, and join HTC family, since I had an excellent opinion of the company and its products. At the first couple of month since I bought it, except of low battery life, I was very satisfied by all functions and devise itself. Even after other companies released similar and competitor products, I was still very certain that I have made the best decision and that I have a super-premium device. After two month of use, suddenly a problem occurred: Whenever an incoming call was ringing, I pushed the answering button, but the devise didn’t "wake up" and did not get out of the "sleeping" mode. Only after 20-25 attempts to answer, it started to respond and got out from sleeping mode (Of course the call was no longer on line, and I had to call back...).

At this stage, I would like to point out that I have treated the device very carefully, I bought the original HTC case with back and front protection (cost me $40), it never fell or was damaged in any way. Contacting HTC service center, I was told that I need to send my device to Greece on my own expense (Euro 25), and it took more than 7 weeks to get it back fixed. This caused me a lot of frustration and inconvenience. From previous experience with devices I bought from other companies: 1. Under warranty no cost should be on buyer. 2. Nevertheless the defective devise should have been switched immediately by a new one, considering the severe problem occurred after such short period of use. (this shows to my opinion of a production defect).

3. The main reason I bought my cell phone from a brand company was the quality and service. Unfortunately none of the 2 reasons were proven. 4. Compering to prices of similar devises by other companies, this devise already cost me about $750 (altogether), which I find very expensive. Now that I got my device back, I feel insecure with it, and am concerned regarding the possibility that same or different problem might occur. I wrote a letter to HTC head office few weeks ago and did not get any response by now. I suggest to all future buyers to think it over.


Your update of my HTC ONE X this morning caused irreparable damage to the phone home page. Please show me where I signed a document that said I let HTC update my phone without my permission. I lost the best picture I had on my home page of my daughter and the five apps that I use frequently. AT&T staff says I have to rebuild everything. all the settings were changed to who knows what. And today I had to buy a new battery for $75 installed, 14 months after I purchased the phone; it was hot to the touch even when not in use. I babied this phone, not a scratch on it.. As soon as I can I will get rid of the HTC One and go to either the iPhone or Windows phone. I know that Microsoft has NEVER updated their software without notice or permission from the user. I'll spread the word that HTC ruined my cell phone look and feel.


it was my mistake of choosing HTC again. and i am paying for it now. really HTC have played with my emotions of being loyal to your brand. have placed complaints so many calls but at the end of the day what i get is nothing. took my phone on 7/8/2013 and all of a sudden it stopped working on 21/08/2013 they say mobile cannot be replaced after 14 days so have to take request. still have not received any answer.. i regret my decision of buying HTC again. give me phone which i can use.


I bought a brand new HTC Desire U from Bobby Electronics ,sector-35-C,Chandigarh on 15-6-2013.after only some time i have been facing the problem in the set. HTC is a brand that everyone loves to purchase due to its good reputation and good quality sets.but this problem was unexpected and very does not give proper network.i have tried many sims of different service providers to check but all are not working properly.There is one another problem that it automatically switches off in between which cause much problem to me.the service center of sector-20,Chandigarh sent my phone for repair to Bangalore but the problem is still not solved.i request you to look into the matter as early as possible and replace my existing HTC Desire U with a new cellphone..otherwise i will complaint in the consumer forum under Chandigarh jurisdiction.reply as soon as possible.


Hi, I purchased new HTC cell phone "HTC Desire SV" on jan, 2013 but within a six month, I had to visit service center around 8-9 times for problem as "Mobile gets switch off any time & need to switch it on again" and still problem is not solved(Bad experience). Escalation team told me that they will replace the cell phone but after receiving phone from service center, again it was repaired. also, on the same day, I was facing the same problem.(Worse Experience).

After that, again my discussion held with escalation team and we were in the middle of the discussion & without any satisfactory solution they closed the ticket as mentioning comment "Again they will replace the product"(Worst Experience). No Refund policy, no proper service, no customer satisfaction, not ready to discuss the problem nothing Now feeling, purchased second hand mobile in 20100 Rs & still teasing myself. Simply I would like to say, I will never recommend any one to go with HTC cell phone.


When I first got the HTC One X it was great. But then when i tried to restart my phone it keep restarting and restarting and i only wanted it t restart once. And today my phone froze. The screen wouldn't turn off and i could do nothing. This will be my second time having to get a new phone and im really getting tired of it.


I have called your company numerous times with issues about my HTC EVO. This is getting ridiculous. I went in to my local Sprint store and they told me that they could send me out a replacement phone. They send me out a Galaxy even though I told them I did not want a phone that had a sliding keyboard. I call again and get a supervisor and explained to her that the replacement phone is now having troubles and she tells me that I just need to return the phone and go back to my old phone that doesn't work. This has been going on for two weeks.

My phone doesn't even turn on now. I have been without a phone for days. I am ready to switch providers because I feel like your company is not interested in helping with this issue. You all want me to just use my upgrade and spend more money. I am not the only person on my family plan that is having issues with their phone, but because they see how much trouble I am having getting this solved they don't want to get the run around. We are really considering taking our business elsewhere. I have had to use my daughter's phone just to call you all to get this resolved. We should not be having this much trouble with our cell phones. There is a new baby in the family that has had medical issues and we all need to be able to get in touch with each other at all times and so far none of our phones have allowed this to happen.


I got my First HTC One in Oct 2013. Since then till now, (14 months) I have been replaced phone 4 times by HTC because of issues identified. Every-time they send you a replacement phone they give you refurbished phone. This time Jan 2015 I got a replacement phone which when opened from shipping box doesn't turn on at all. I dont know if it was tested before It was sent. HTC doesn't take consumer say seriously. When I call then now and complain, they ask to send the defect phone so that they can send me one more refurbished phone. How many times will they send refurbished phones. ? How can I get trust/confidence when I have replaced pones 4 times in 14 months. When I say this, company says that they have procedures to send only refurbished phones.

I ask, was there a procedure to test the phone before it was sent? Everytime we replace phones, its such a waste of time. Calling Customer Reps, Getting Shipment, Backing Phones, Restore Phones, Sending back I used Apple from 2008-2013 and I had no major issues. Even for minor issues like battery, they are happy to look into it and give you a new phone if there is a problem. But I never had to do it. Apple is reliable and customer service is great. HTC is bad. I am sure HTC will not be in market if this is their lifestyle.


Phone Attended orange (now ee) shop to complain about performance of. My HTC. One. Phone as the internet. Connection is. Substandard. And fails to connect more often than not this iothing to do with my internet provider as my old iphone. Connects no problem also the volume on the calls is woeful on attending to equire about this.

I was brushed and told to contact. HTC. Also the filling in on this complaint form is awful all punctuation mistakes on this complaint. Are a result of your awful. Product. Any. Refusal. Or. Failure. To deal with this will result in the cancellation of this contract.


Well where do I start.. Phone purchase June 2010 by the 1st week of August the phone would no longer function with an SD card in it. However the phone would work normally for calling, internet and texting. Once the SD card was placed into the phone it would go completely snakey and not work at all. I sent the phone awsy and got the run around and around they even tried to send me a bill for 75$ for processing or sum shit without fixing saying I got it wet which I never ever did. They said the motherboard was wet which if true the whole phone would not function. Motherfucking liars and cheap ass junk phone.

I used the phone just as a phone with it being able to talk, txt, and browse internet however no updates, camera, apps ect.. without an SD card. Recently the back cover became loose and would fall off in my pocket I’d almost lost it several times finally I did or at least it hasn’t shown up yet. I’d never recommend an HTC to anyone their service is lousy they can’t fix shit and say you got it wet or whatever they can to increase profit and make an inferior product.


MTN prides themselves on making promises, and not keeping them. More so, your staff seems to be excellent in saying ‘I DON’T KNOW’. A month ago on complaining, I’ve was told JHB would receive stock of the HTC HD2 in the end of March. We’re in our second week of April and MTN still has no response to stock availability of HTC HD2. By the bad attitude of utmost irritation that i received by the people that received my call (in CPT and JHB), I’ll make the assumption that i’m not the only one that has taken it upon themselves to followup, something that should be MTN’s responsibility, and get no answers or assistance.

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