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In addition to chicken tenders, wings, salads, wraps, and various sandwiches, Slim Chickens serves a variety of other foods as well. Greg Smart and Tom Gordo, both residents of San Francisco, started it in 2003. The first restaurant opened in October of 2003, and the company name after the first four letters of the founders' last names. For over 15 years, Slim Chickens have been serving the best chicken in town. They have been making delicious, healthy food. The restaurant concept consists of the "chicken tenders, not fries" slogan on their menus.

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My name is Eric King and I visited the store in Longview Texas yesterday at approximately 11am. One of the workers, a tall young man, had some type of band in his mouth. When i came to order, he took it out of his mouth and begin to take my order. he was putting it and and out of his mouth. he also touched the desserts in the jars. while i had no issue with his demeanor, as he seemed to be very polite, please instruct management to go over SANITATION with the YOUNG staff. he didn't seem to understand that you cant be putting your hands in and out of your mouth at a RESTAURANT.



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