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Went to pizza garden and received plastic forks to eat with, not expectable. One of the forks broke off in my 1yr olds mouth. Had to dig it out of her mouth, she doesn't know enough to spit it out. She started crying profusely she was extremely traumatized by this. Reported it to the manager and was told they were busy and got behind in the washing. We waited almost 40 mins for our order, how long does it take to do silverware. The way I see it they just didn't want to have to wash anymore. No excuse for giving patrons plastic to eat pizza of all things and no knife to cut it. By the time we ate our food was cold, my daughter actually took hers home. It ruined a perfectly good night out, all because of laziness.

My daughter worked at this same pizza garden for 4yrs will she was in school, she knows that this would NEVER be excepted by her manager. All hardware was put out on tables, they even had to wrap them before they went out. Of coarse plastic is already wrapped in a little baggie that you have to tear open just to get it out. Am I happy NO, will I ever go back, NO what a pore excuse for a restaurant. By the way, I am in management, and I would have flipped out on my people for such a trick.


Pizza Garden used to be my favorite place for pizza and didn't care what it cost. I like the supreme but, your pizza hardly has any sauce now and is dry. I don't know if this is your way of cutting cost but, you will start to lose my business. I have bee buying your pizza since you first opened. I don't stand alone on this observation. Please bring back the old recipe.


I ordered 2 medium pizza with everything on it except for sausage, anchovies and beef. I called again to make sure they had it right Chris is the person that took my order and he also said he made it after paying for it giving a nice tip come to find out there was loads of sausage on both pizza which makes me very sick I have been in the restroom all night my stomach is killing me. And all Chris had to say is that wasn't sausage it was pork I've been eating pizza for over 47 years I know what sausage is.


Issue: Placed an online order for pizza delivery at 5:10 pm. At 5:50pm, called for status. Was told pizza was just coming and it would take another 45 minutes. I decided to pick up myself. Pizza was cold and stale. Did not just come out of the oven. I spoke to manager to return my money and Explained this has happened before. Manager wanted to issue credit. I explained that I did not want "credit" just good service.

Mangers (Cody) response: "So I lose one customer." Wow! Great way to run a restaurant and speak to a now Past customer. I hope i receive a response and this complaint was a waste of time.


Employee Azziz takes orders, uses phone, swipes credit cards, handles money, doesn't wash hands, tosses cheese, knead the dough with bare hands. 03/08/2015 12:50 address Lorton Plaza Virginia location. Pizza was ok and he was friendly just unclean.

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