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good afternoon as I was walking through your store I stopped and employee ,denise to ask for help when she approached us she smelled like marijuana and her eyes were glossy. so it made me wonder do you ALL PERMIT THIS. is this a drug free drug testing.


On 12/3/18 at 4 PM I was rudely treated and yelled at by the employee attending the self check out in Ocala Florida. Since this site allows only 100 words, I want to be contacted so I can further describe the unprofessional treatment by the employee, the register supervisors lack of concern and the store manager being too busy to talk to me after being notified several times that I had concerns. I feel discriminated against and offer you the opportunity to hear my concerns.


Long time member but very disgusted with service. Will have to re-think my membership status. I ordered online, and it looked on my end like my transaction went through including me getting an email from my card company letting me know a pending transaction had gone through. So you think everything is good right? Wrong, checked days later to see why hadn't gotten order yet and noticed charge no longer on my card as pending. Called and they said that they authorized the transaction, but did not receive the request for payment from, so after 5 days, automatically cancels out. Called and even spoke to supervisors and at first they told me it had not liked that I used my secondary email address rather than the one on file. The other person told me that my zip code I put in on billing didn't match. When I proved that it was put in correctly, they just said that the order never finalized, so nothing they can do. Strange how they don't want to help especially since they can see it in the system and can see I put payment in, but since it was some how never FINALIZED on their end, there is nothing they can do to give me the sales price and just put the order through again, especially since I didn't cancel it on my end. Just feel highly disgusted and let down. I intend to take this much further since they have cost me a lot of money now, but finding something higher up than just customer service is difficult online. This would have been the second computer I would have bought through them.....I will definitely be searching else where to purchase it now since in my eyes it is on their end and they "CAN'T" fix it.


I went to Sam's on Goodman Rd. on Monday mourning. When I got there Sam's had 1 & 1/2 employees working in the tire and battery center. I say 1/2 because one of them didn't know how to do hardly anything. There were 6 people waiting to be served and plus incoming calls. I waited
30 minutes or better to be waited on. I was there to get 2 tires. When they finally got to me I was told the guy I wanted 2 195/65r15 tires. They said
they had 4 different ones. I forget the first tire but I remembered a Perrill for $90? something & he said a Goodyear for $66 & change and a
Goodrich for $64 & change I chose the Goodyear. They pulled 1 off the shelf close to the register it had a stick price clearly mark on it of $73? & change. 5 minutes later plus a phone call between they got the other tire. When they scanned it the price came up $89. I told them I wasn't
paying $89 for the tire. They said ok and that was all that was said, nothing about the sticker saying $73 & change. What is ironic my wife had
just "upgraded our membership to Plus" the other day. 30 to 40 minutes of my time I walk out of Sam's with nothing but a bad mood. I WILL NOT
EVER CONSIDER SAM'S FOR TIRES ON ANY OF MY VEHICLES. I will talk with my wife about NOT Renewing our membership. We have lots
of other places in our area to do business with that are just as price competitive and who would like our business.


Customer service Department,

My husband and I went shopping at the Sam's Club on University Drive in Huntsville Alabama on Saturday 12/1/18 and checked out at 5:36 . We did not place our items on the roller because there was something wet all over the roller and we did not know what it was. When a woman came up and started putting our food and other items on the roller my husband told her that we had not put our items on the roller because there was something on it and we did not want our things in whatever it was. She continued putting our items on the belt trying to miss where it was wet. My husband asked her if she could wipe off the belt and she said with a lot of attitude and very rudely "I am NOT wiping off that belt!" So again we asked her not to place our items on the belt and she said "You can't talk to me that way!"

My husband walked away very angry and I focused my attention on the cashier and ignored her and the fact that she put our items in something wet on the belt.

My husband went to the help desk and asked to speak to the store manager. When a woman walked up the young man asked her who was on tonight and she stated that she was. When we started telling her what had happened she said "I already know. I was standing right behind her and I have already talked to her about it but you know that people hear things differently. I asked her if she was saying that it was our fault that we were treated this way and she again repeated that people hear things differently."

I walked away in complete disbelief that a store manager would speak to us like this. My husband told her that we have been Sam's Club members for 15 plus years and that we would never step foot into that Sam's Club again. She did not say anything more and we left.

We have always been treated well and have been very happy with Sam's Club until now. How do you excuse not only the cashier's helpers attitude but the lead cashiers as well?

I have been in customer service and a manager for years and I would NEVER treat a paying tenant or employee like that!

How sad that this is how your company is being represented!

Please respond to this letter and let me know that someone at Sam's Club cares about how their customers are treated.

Karen and Cal Northrup



We have been a Sam's Club member for well over 30 yrs. and we are completely disgusted with the check out service at your Sam's Club located at 16573 West Bell Road Surprise, AZ 85374. First of all this store has more self check out stations which were just added about four months ago or longer then cash registers, and since we always pay with cash these stations are of no use to us. Secondly every time we've been to this Sam's Club over the past few months and most recently yesterday they had one cash register open, one cashier and one worker to load and unload our merchandise, which by the way I am quite capable of doing this process myself. After a while and noticing a long line starting to build up an employee finally opened a second cash register but, it took us 30 minutes longer to check out because the cash register stopped working and the employee working along side the cashier along with the customer had to move all their merchandise to another cash register as we all in the line had to make the move also.The couple ahead of us and the long line of people behind us were thoroughly disgusted as we were. This isn't the first time having to wait in long lines to check out, that's why I decided to voice my complaint enough is enough. If this is the way Sam's Club is changing their check out procedure, catering to people who pay with their credit card and going to treat their cash paying customers like we're in material, then we're not going to re-new our Sam's Club membership which is coming due at the end of this month, but instead we're again going to join Costco, which we had been a member for the same time period that we have belonged to Sam's Club before cancelling our Costco membership. The main reason we're continuing to stay with the Sam's Club located in Surprise on Bell Rd. is that it is far more convenient than Costco to our home, but convenience isn't the important factor, it's the service a store provides to it's loyal paying membership customers. I'll be waiting for your response since at this point we are extremely dissatisfied with the checkout service and believe customer satisfaction and loyalty should be a priority for any company . Please feel free to contact me by phone 623-322-6532 to discuss my dissatisfaction further. Thank you


Yesterday 11/30/2018, I arrived at your store located in Pearl, MS about 1:30 pm and during the time I was there 4 different isles were closed for restocking. During this busy holiday season how are the customers supposed to shop and spend money in a store where product is not accessable? Why can't these shelves be restocked at night or early morning before the store opens?


My club in Corona has very nice people working there. No complaints there, however, as an early shopper at 7:00 a.m., there always was coffee for us. There once were goodies which they took away, and recently gave back. Now, no coffee or goodies. We enjoyed walking around with our coffee and usually shopped more, and bought more in doing so. Now, I go there and get one or two items and leave to get coffee at starbucks.

Also, older people do not like the extra self checking. Lines are long now if you want to buy wine, etc. as you can not buy it in self checking.

We also enjoyed our independent "sample" people before they were replaced by the other sample people.


27 November 2018

April B. Beard
871 Wandering Ln.
Beaver, WV 25813

Sam's Club
702 Southwest 8th Street
Bentonville, AR 72716

Subject: Customer Relations Complaint re Ms. Susan Williams

I opened a Sam's Club Membership on 11/16/2018 and on the same business day ordered and paid for 4 tires for my vehicle. I was instructed the tires needed to be ordered and I would be contacted when they arrived to schedule an appointment for service. I received my call and scheduled an appointment for today, 11/27 @ 11 a.m. EST. When I checked in for tire installation, I inquired approximately how long would the appointment take, and I was informed that the usual time frame was approximately an hour but that since the department was short-staffed that it might be a bit longer.

I shopped and checked back in with the Tire & Battery Dept. at 12:30 pm and was informed my vehicle was still not ready. I continued to shop and eat and finally check out. At 1:30 p.m., two and 1/2 hours post appointment time, I noticed my tired were still not installed. I instructed the bay staff to stop working because I was leaving and to re-install old tired if needed. I requested to speak to a manager to voice my complaint and instead was brought a $20 gift card via courtesy Susan Williams, whose presence was still obviously absent. I explained to Chris, the dept. lead, that the gift card was not going to suffice for my complaint being not heard. He related to me that he understood and promptly walked me to the manager's office to speak to Susan Williams personally.

I asked her professional status and she introduced herself as the manager. I started to voice my complaint and she stood up from her chair in the business office and moved us to the consumer aisle outside her office. She started to berate Chris, the Dept. Lead, in front of me, for my experience that she had yet to hear of, for I had no issue at this point with customer service but rather with operational issues that resulted in an unacceptable time frame. I was extremely offended by this professional handling of the situation as she is the manager and was trying to hand off the responsibility of my issue. I stopped her in the middle of her tirade and explained to her I would not allow her to speak to her reports in that manner. I requested her business card to file a formal complaint which she instructed me she had none. I requested her name and store number and she ripped off the bottom of an 8x10 sheet of paper and wrote her name and office number of #4860. I started to walk away and she re-initiated her berating of the employee in the customer aisle. I informed her my complaint was still not wrapped up as I was not checked out and taken care of. Chris excused himself from her tirade and escorted me to Tire & Battery and wrapped my vehicle up and presented me with paperwork and with a proper apology.

I followed up this charade with a personal phone call to the store to learn that the actual GM was Tasha Segura and that Ms. Williams was an Asst. Manager. I was never informed of the additional escalation process that could have my voice my heard at a different level and was never given Ms. Segura's business card for follow up. I followed up with a formal voice complaint to Ms. Segura where she shared her concerns with the operational manner in which this was handled and assured me she would follow up on her end.

I am not requesting a refund in any shape or form. I would be offended if any was offered at this point - I am only offering my voice and my complaint and do not want my intentions muddied but would rather request corrective action be taken to prevent this scenario in the future with a separate customer.

I am requesting my membership to be cancelled and I would like the address to return my $20 Gift Card.

I appreciate an analysis of this situation and how the customer relations scenario could have been improved if not for Ms.Williams' poor skill set. Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions.

April Beard


Membership #10142100933606832


I bought tires on11/9/18 said they would be installed the same day then was told 3 to 5 days. Mean while another cashier has the same vehicle as mine tells the guy ringing me up to add 4 tires for her car. Which I think she got my tires. I took a picture of the tire size and gave it to the guy. I call to set up my appointment 6 days after and they say we have nothing until the 26th or you can come in on Sunday between 10 am and 3:00 pm so I go there shopping on a Saturday I stop to see if my tires are in and she don’t see my name. I give her the tire size and name oh here they are. No name. And mind you I only got A Sam’s club recipe nothing with the tire order the guy said I was all set. So 3 weeks later On a Sunday they don’t take appointment just come in between 10 and 3 and they will get you in. I’m number 10 in line on Sunday morning they say at 10:10 you are the last on we are taking for the day. I say okay. Then another lady comes out and says we are booked no more appointment you al have to reschedule. So the guy I’m front of me says no her and I are the last cars for today. They say ok. So have standing in line for over and hour I get up to the counter and she says we will have to schedule you an appointment. I say no I need my tires. I already had a blow out and had to buy a used tire because Sam’s Club couldn’t fit me in. I come up to Sam’s to see if my tires are in and she can’t find my name. Because now I’m thinking that he ordered my tires and the other cashier got them. so she finally finds a tire order with no name. I get a call at 5:00 threat they ordered the wrong size tires. I go there with my Sam’s club recpiet and she said that’s all you got? She went looking for the Tires and can’t find them. Comes back and says he never order my tires. So now she looks my the tires I ordered and they only have 2 left in stock. So now I have to get another tire. And set up another appointment. As much time that I wasted $170 wasn’t worth me saving. Because now the snow is here and I have to drive on unsafe tires. I will never buy or recommend anyone to buy tires from here. And I spend quite a bit of money at Sam’s club. Thank you for your time.
Stacey Hoffman


I have purchased glasses from Sams Twice in the last few year's….The first pair was lost, and the would not replace because I didn't have the frames...I then purchased a replacement pair and used a old frame I had purchased from Walmart, the frame broke and was told they could not replace it also….to go to Quick Draw Optical in Cheyenne...This new pair is only 3 months old....Can you please help...Thanks Robert/Martha Thein...Cheyenne Wyoming....


Our membership renewal was due in November. BEFORE our renewal date, we cancelled & received a confirmation number for the cancellation. We received in the mail, after the renewal membership date, a postcard indicating membership renewal cost had been automatically deducted from our checking account. We called today to get our membership charge returned to our checking account. Customer Service stated we would have to go to the store to get this cancellation. The store we signed up with was closed shortly after we began our membership. Any other store is much further away and inconvenient.

On top of all this, Customer Service advised us in spite of cancelling ahead of our membership renewal date, and receiving a cancellation confirmation number, Sam's Club policy is for Sam's Club to withdraw the membership charge from the card on file. And it is up to the customer to handle this. What the heck kind of business is this? Is this legal? We want our money back right now!


I bought a pumpkin pie on Wednesday 11/21/2018 from Sam's in Clarksville, IN, to have for Thanksgiving. We had our Thanksgiving dinner and after awhile we went to eat our pie. I got pumpkin and went to eat it and had 2 bites and could not eat anymore as it was gritty and extremely moist (way too moist for pumpkin pie), the bottom crust tasted like it was not done! In the middle of the night I was ill and vomited up the pumpkin pie! I hope no one else experienced this. No one else at my house ate pumpkin pie after my taste experience.

Connie Henderzahs


We bought 4 tires in june of 2018 from sams club which comes with a 4 year warranty on the tires. on 11/15/18 one of our tires was flat, my son checked and found the problem so we called sams club tire department multiple times and kept getting a message that they were busy and transferred up back to the service desk. I was finally able to talk to someone in tires on 11/16/18 after going through the same problem and was told they were booked uo and I would need ti schedule an appointment next available was on 11/24/18. We finally gave up and took the tire for repair at an outside company. Why can't customers with flats be able to get the tire fixed at walmart if sams is that busy. We had to pay for the tire repair instead of getting fixed under warranty at sams?


Quincy IL, Sam's club buy 300 bucks in merchandise and have to wait in line to check yourself out,over priced with no customer service, never going back


Tire Auto Department:

I attempted to call the tire center at the Elizabethtown, KY Sam’s Club for 20 minutes with no success. Eventually the line connected me to Member Services where they directly transferred me to the Tire Center where it proceeded to ring and was not answered for 26 minutes. After that length of time the phone disconnected. I called back and my call was answered by a tire associate who did not introduce herself, she merely said, “Tire Center please hold,” and promptly put me on hold without allowing me to speak even one word. I then was left on hold for 7 minutes before the line disconnected again. Why does Sams have such little regard for their customers and why was it such a task for someone to answer the phone?


Words cannot describe how dirty the ladies room was at the Sam's Club located in Trussville, AL November 16, 2018 at 1:00. I've added pictures just to show the conditions. It was obvious these conditions didn't happen recently but the dirt and mold built up over time. It was hard to find a clean stall that was working. The ladies room at the Sam's Club located in Irondale, AL was always clean but unfortunately this was the only Sam's Club in Alabama that was closed.


Bought new tires had appt to be put on got to appt couldn't do it then set up new appt got to new appt 15 minutes early after one and half hours nothing done the workers out in parking lot helping someone out there meantime we still waiting paid for tires up front bad bad service very unprofessional would never use Sams club again regret getting a card and opening MasterCard with Sams


I picked up my medication on 10/18/18 (after a delay as they did not order it). Today I called it in and the voice recorder said it would be available 11/17/18 after 12. Not a problem but I decided to check and make sure they had the medication. They did not and claimed it was unavailable from their warehouse. I asked them to check with Wal Mart but that was refused as they said Wal Mart had a different supplier. I called 2 other stores that said they could order it and it was available, Why would you not call a customer if you did not have a heart medication and could not get it?
If you have a customer on heart medication would it seem logical to order right after you sell the bottle? I can also see not calling CVS or Walgreens but somehow I thought Wal Mart and Sam's were sorta kin.
Again I know one customer in the pharmacy will not break the bank. However, do you want them to be unhappy?


I visited store #4740 Tire Center in Southaven, MS, 38671 on 11/14/2018. I am very, very, very disappointed the operation I encountered. I was scheduled for a 5:00 pm to put on four new tires and didn't leave until 7;50 pm. The two tire workers were trying to put on tires and run the cash register, totally unsatisfactory. The management stated several employees called in because of snow flurries but did little to assist with the back log in the department. There were long periods of time when absolutely no one manned the desk, while the phone ranged constantly without being answered. One gentleman stated he arrived at 3:45 and didn't leave until 7:30 pm. I've not witnessed such a poor state of customer service in a very long time. I am very put off by the experience. After purchasing my tires, I paid the additional money for lifetime package; however, after today's experience, I am very reluctant to use the service because of the horrendous service provided today. How can a Fortune 500 Company with revenue totaling 59 billion dollars have lousy customer service. Before i end, I want to acknowledge and commend the two gentle doing the work of six people, especially James. Despite being overworked and ignore by non-responsive management, he was committed in getting the job done. I am a member account # last four: 6088. Please get your act together and impress upon your management that customer service matters.


My company,Sundance Energy Corporation, has been a member of Sam's Club for 25 years. Recently I got an email and then later a flyer that if I upgraded my I Phone on Saturday November 10th I would receive a $300 Sam's gift card. My wife and I went to Sam's that day to upgrade our phones and were informed we must get an appointment for the next day which we did. We both returned for our appointment and began our "upgrade" for our new phones. My wife worked with not one but two employees attempting to log into her Verizon account. Both of the employees were very cordial and helpful. Finally two calls were made to Verizon to enable us to access our account. This process took in excess of 30 minutes. Finally, they were able to access our company account and we were at that time informed the upgrade and $300 gift card did not apply to corporate or business accounts. The only place where this information was stated was in footnotes to a Verizon document which of course we had no knowledge of until they showed it to us. My wife had indicated these would be business phones when we started the process that Sunday. We indicated to both the employees that none of the information that we received or that was provided to us indicated the promotion did not apply to business phones. The email sent by Sam's did not indicate this, the flyer at the door did not indicate this nor did the form we had to complete to set up our appointment indicated this. Thus we made two trips to our Sam's club and spent considerable time going through a process that was unnecessary. I really consider this to be at best very faulty advertising or maybe even false advertising. I believe that both and my wife should be provided our $300 gift cards just for the time spent and for the aggravation of trips and spending that time trying to access our company Verizon account.

Robert King
account #69010140177687057




This complaint is specifically directed to the location on Walbrook Dr., Knoxville TN. I have wasted close to an hour during two separate trips trying to locate Natural Brew #4 cone coffee filters which Are normally carried in this store. On 10/25/18, after not being able to find them in their regular place, I went to customer service to inquire. There was ONE person working in customer service at the time, so I waited 28 minutes just to be helped. He looked up the item and told me a shipment was coming in the following day and they would be back in stock. We live some 25 miles away and I don't go to Sam's at the drop of a hat, so I returned today and again could not find them. Again I went to the CS desk and had to wait before being helped. The man made some calls and pages and several minutes later, he said he was meeting the managing another part of the story to see if they could be located, as they showed up as being in stock, and just left me standing there! A very pleasant employee checking receipts at the exit observed what was happening and asked me if I had other shopping to do, took my cell number and said she'd call when he returned with the info. I finished my shopping and she had not called, so I headed back to CS. She saw me and said the CS person was again away, but she located him and he finally returned, only to tell me that the units showing on their inventory had probably not been unloaded from a trailer and I could check back tomorrow! I told him I did not live close by, so he offered to order them until I reminded him this is a club only item. I don't understand why something shows as in stock when technically it is not. I have found your customer service to have declined in recent months. I have been shopping more frequently at Costco and less frequently at Sam's, and I expect this trend will continue.


I purchased 2 packs of pork ribs. when I got home and open the packs they were smelling really bad. I tried to call your branch in Augusta GA 706-863-7846. every time I call they put me on hold. I started calling at 6:30 PM and at 7:00 PM I called back and stayed on hold till current. they would pick the phone up and never say anything and just place me on hold. I live 80 miles and it will be Saturday 11-10-2018 before I can return the ribs. I only open 1 pack and the other is still sealed. They cost me $22.26 and $18.37. They were reduced for quick sale and because I was going to cook them today for some Veterans that was all doing a reunion here at me place and that should have been great, but it never happened. it was bad enough to get the bad ribs but being put on hold and no one caring was something else. I hope there want be no problem bringing them back Saturday because it will be the only time I can get back there and not to mention the cost for the 160 mile round trip I have to make. The bar code on my receipt is TC# 6180 7656 9267 1916 3196 6 and I am still on hold now.


The pharmacy at the Sam's Club Virginia Beach Blvd, seems to be having a bit of trouble fulfilling prescriptions in a timely manner. When I call for refill and the auto reply tells me it will be ready at a certain time, I normally take an extra day prior to pickup just in case they are running slow. The past two times, there has been a lapse in communication from them to inform me that my RX cannot be filled due to lack of inventory of the product or pharmaceutical and their would be a delay in pickup. When I arrive at the pharmacy, I am told my order is not ready and they are waiting for delivery of certain drugs.

They have my contact information and I feel they should notify me as I do have to make arrangements for a ride to the store to pick up my RX's. Just recently (today) I was again notified that because of a shortage of a certain drug for me, my order is incomplete until it arrives at the store. I am considering taking my pharmacy needs to another vendor, although I do shop at Sam's and enjoy the experience.

PLease try to either increase your pharmacy personnel to help expedite these prescription fulfillment's in a timely manner. It will be greatly appreciated since the majority of my drugs are cardiac related.



Sam's club is impossible to reach via email.
I have a simple question which they can review and answer at their leisure, but they have two ridiculous, time-wasting options:
1. wait on line forever for a CSR
2. go to live chat, which doesn't work on my computer (probably my fault, but can't help it.)
This really pisses me off because their Indian CSRs can read emails and either answer or kick the issue upstairs.


I call your Bakery at the Newport News store on Oct 16th, 17th and 18th 2018 , all day long and no one answered the phone What kind of business is this I call back on the 19th and a lady answered I told her that i had been calling and she act like and so I mainly keep my membership to order birthday cakes if I can't call an order in I need to take my business some where else I gave them a second chase because on the 19th when they did answer I asked her if they had any round cakes with butter creme frosting and yellow cake she told me yes I went all the way to that store and they only had chocolate cakes I again told her how I had been calling trying to order a cake and she told me they were so busy that they could not answer the phone Now it was four people working in the bakery and you tell me one of them could not answer the phone and believe me this is not the first time that they did not answer the phone I call the bakery number (7578750870) no answer I call the store number (7578750243) they answered and transfer me to the bakery still no answer this went on for three days and no answer I just don't understand but I have truly had it with this Sam Club at 12407 Jefferson Ave in Newport New's Va If I could I would give them all zero's because that is what I think of their customer service


I am a charter associate from Sam's #8275 . I retired from Sam's in 2006 and have gotten a free charter membership since. I now live in Louisiana
and have tried 3 times in past month to renew my membership #24843971 in the club only to be told I have to do at home on my computer. I have
been unsuccessful at doing this and the store associates are not inclined to help me. I am very upset and disappointed in the lack of customer
service in the store. Can I get some help in this matter. I have tried to login into website given to me but there are no options for renewal on a

charter membership.


I called into customer service to close an account I didn't authorize to be opened. Sam Club refused to close account I did not authorize because my name was not primary on the account. They refused to refund money that was spend in fraud. The associate in the call center by the name of Mary, refused to let me speak to a supervisor from her poor attitude and language towards me and hung up. Mary should be fired, and my fraudulent charges should be refunded.


I signed up about an hour ago and even though I got mail from you I still can't order


I work for the Jefferson county school system. I order several times a year for the system. On October 14 I picked up an order I placed online as normal. I pulled up to the pickup loading area. I went inside to pay for the purchase. My order was ready. I was not in the store 10 minutes when I hear on the your store radio about a car in the loading area. I told the person helping me that it was my car to let them know I was paying for my order. The lady did radio the person who called the police to let them know I was picking up my order. However, the policeman was nice and only gave me a warning but I should not have gotten that. So where am I suppose to go if I order online, which I do several times a year (ranging from $200 to $700 dollars a trip). I did nothing wrong. I placed my order online. I pulled up to the pickup area. I went in and paid for my order and I felt like they enjoyed the fact that I almost got a ticket for pulling in the correct area. Granted some people probably do park there and shop. I did not and it was relayed to the lady who called the police. She was informed that I was picking up an order, which was $260. There needs to be a better system of catching people who actually park in the loading area and go in and shop. Please let me know what I’m suppose to do when your signage clearly direct people where to go. There are no signs that say park first, go inside and pay, then pull to the loading area. Thank you.


It was time to renew my membership. They insisted that I get a plus card. I didn’t want one. They said I had to go to customer service before checking out. I had already stood in line for 45 minutes. I still said no. Why do you inconvenience customers like this. It is stupid. Cut the crap.


Today, Saturday around 2pm my wife and I went to Sam's Club #6239 to buy a couple items that Sam's club near my house did not have. We drove about 30 minutes to out of our way to get to this Sam's Club. As I was walking past a food sample cart one of your employee pick up a sample cup and went in from of me and I had to sidestep. As I was sidestepping I said excuse me and sorry, soon as I said that the employee said "get the f*** out of the way" She said is low voice and at that point she did not have her blue Same's vest on so I did not know she was an employee so I said back to her excuse me did you just say F-word at me, as I asked her she speed away from me in a rush. I asked one of your other emplyee who was stocking a food if that lady was one your co-worker and she said yes. I ask the lady where is the manager? She said the manager is in the front near the cash registers. I went to manager C. Brittney and told her what just happen and the manager said the employee was on her break and could do anything until the employee comes back from her break. As we were walking out of the store I saw the same employee on the parking lot talking to a couple other employees and pointed finger at us as she was talking to the other two employees. As she was pointing I said, "do you still have a problem with me?" when I said that the employee started yelling and other saying we should just get out here. My wife hearing that did not like what was happening and she said few words and as my wife saying your employee said: "get out of here or I will punch you in the face." As we were other two employees went back into the store and came back with one of the supervisor, the supervisor did not help the problem, she sided with the employee saying both sides must having a bad day and just told us to leave. As a Sams Club member since 2006, I was not happy what just happened so I went back into the store and meet with Brittney and told her what just happened outside. She said again she will have talk with the employee and the supervisor. I did tell Brittney that I will write a complaint and I will follow up with her next if anything has been done with the employee and the supervisor. As a Korean American, this is not the first time I was treated this way. It seems that some of your employees think we do not speak english or understand english that will and so they think they can get away with saying things. I will follow up with Brittny next week and will ask her if she got any complaint letter from corporate. As a member for over 10 year,s I don't think we should be threatened by anyone. Please let me know what action will be taken. Thank you.


I visited the Joplin Missouri Sam's Club 10/8/18 at 0930 and I am not a Plus member. I was not told hours before 1000 were only for Prime members when I got my membership. I walked in with a baby carrier in one had and bags in the other and the greeter, Vicki Waggner, told me I needed to get a cart from outside the doors and didn't even offer to help me. Another lady was leaving and said I could use her cart and Vicki said "Oh well I guess that was good timing." She proceeded to ask if I was a Prime member and I said no and she still had me dig my card out to prove it. Vicki said "Yeah these hours are for Prime and business members only, you need to come in at regular hours." I asked her when they were and she said 1000. I told her I didn't know and that I really can't shop another time that day. She told me I could do it this time but next time after 1000. After I was done shopping Vicki was waiting to check my basket. Let me tell you it was extremely thorough! Vicki made sure to count and touch every thing that I put in the basket. Now I understand that they need to do a general count but never like that! No one has ever touched the items in my basket and I've had a membership for a little while now. She made me feel like because I didn't know the rules and came early that I was going to steal something. She was very inconsiderate and rude especially when the store was going to be open to everyone in 30 minutes. I understand that I would've been told the hours eventually and will follow them but I do pay for a membership regardless and shouldn't be treated like that.


I just left the Sam's Club in North Lake, IL today 10/5/2018. I am a new Sam's Club Plus member, after being a Costco Member for about 5 years. I think I have made a big mistake, not do to the quality and selections of the Club. I LOVE all the shopping varieties that are offered, it was just what I was looking for and I usually have very good interaction with the store employees.

My complaint is that on 2 different occasions I have had no luck in getting assistance with tire service, All I needed was for someone to check my tire pressure (the light came on). About 3 weeks ago, I was told by a tech they were busy today and would not have a chance to look at my tire today. Okay, I accepted that it was a busy day and went on with my shopping.

Again went to the tire dept today to see if someone could look at my tires. I could not get anyone to assist me at all. I knocked on the overhead doors, and honk my horn, nothing. Well,after about 20 minutes I finally decided to check my own tire pressure and put air and all 4 tires. I was amazed that when I finally finished I looked up to see a Service Tech looking at lady car that just drove up 15 minutes after me! They were looking under her hood! I felt very disappointed in this type service.

What really got me is when I asked to speak with a manager, a person named Jason approached saying he was the manager, I introduced myself and explained my issue. He looked at me like I was taking up his time, as if I was bothering him. I did not feel her cared about my service AT ALL. I am very disappoint in this matter. He seemed to be totally confused that Plus member get tire service "at this store", Jason said that this store does not assist with tire inflation, I was confused because that is what Plus membership states, is this false? Because I see it in writing. And if this is false, this is misleading, and just to get someone to upgrade to Plus, I will have a definite issue with this false information.

Also, the checkout is more hectic, than Costco, so in that respect Sam's Club is lacking.. Again, I like the variety that this store offers, so I am on the fence as to whether I will renew my membership Plus card.

Thank you in advance for your assistance. I look forward to any feedback or response to my complaint.
Mrs. Lawrence


The MEMBERS MARK food is HORRIBLE. I have done business with Sams for around 20 years and at this point I am so disappointed. As a matter of fact, trying to get products other places. The french fries taste dirty, green beans are not good. I bought egg rolls there and had a lot of people loving them at my business and can't get those but the ones they have are horrible and look horrible when cooked. When you try to talk to someone it's always somebody else fault
I shop at the Sams in Waco, Tx and has gotten to the point where I hate to go. There are three people there that are very friendly, Ana, Sheila, and June.
The green vest person, I think her name is Christi makes you feel very uncomfortable. I hope that things will get better or I will have to go somewhere else. I also wish that Miracle whip or some brand of salad dressing could be brought back in the gallon. Sorry, but get no help at the store when ask about things. Thanks for your help


I go to Sam's a couple times a week and I have lunch and buy a few things. Today is 9-22-18 and I just left there. I have called about this problem before and even talked to the store manager. They do not have enough people working the snack bar. The people there are working their butts off so it is not their fault. It seems that a assistant manager or someone on the floor could help when they get backed up. There is always someone walking around not really doing much. They need to fill in when a snack bar person goes to lunch. Another matter is they do not provide stress mats for the check out clerks. There is a girl for the ' Home Service Specialist ' she stands her whole shift with no mat to stand on or the place to sit. I would think Sam's could provide in this area for their employees. I will also call in this complaint as I'm not sure these are read by the powers that count. P. Robinson


8/19 - we ordered a 2-burner gas grill, 862730, online and it was delivered on 8/24. We attempted to assemble it on 9/2 to use on Labor Day. However, the Grill Body did not fit the cabinet so we could not cook on it as planned. Cabinet was 21.5" square, grill body was 21" front 7 20" back, not remotely square. Called Sams Club on Tues, 9/4, and they told us to call Rankam, the manufacturer. We called and emailed pictures and the sales receipt. We finally received a recycled fire box from Rankam on 9/17. We are very upset that Sam Club made us deal with their manufacturer to get a replacement part and that we received a box marked recycled part and that we still need to take the recycled part and piece it together with the grill body. Not a good product to be selling and forcing the customer to deal with the manufacturer is absurd. We had to spend too much of our time assemblying all the various parts and dealing with Sams Club business partner. Very dissatisfied with the product, service and Sam Club response to our issue. Today is 9/22 and we still do not have a grill we can cook on. We have had a Sam Club membership for a long time and this situation has soured our desire to renew that membership. Costco & BJ are looking a lot better to use and spend our purchasing dollars.


Can't find items they have had in the past at Sam's
club 6357 in Annapolis,. Called club and they said they could could not help answer my question. I wanted to know if they were going to restock the following items: 1. frozen sockeye salmon 2. Jimmy Dean hash browns &3. Boulder potato chips(cooked in olive oil). I spent a lot of time on the phone and could not get any answers. .Please let me know who I should contact in the future.


Today I called the Rocky Mount, NC store to inquire about trailer tires. I am ready to purchase. The first call the associate ended my call by hanging-up the phone. I then called 3 more times without an answer. After requesting a manager he transferred me back to the tire department and made sure my call was answered. The associate then told me "we have to order trailer tires." That took 15 minutes in total.

Our most valued commodity is "time." We spend it every day, and can not get time back. No one have 15 minutes of their time to waste. Now the next time I need to purchase something I have to consider the length of time I want to spend when considering Sam's Club. I can go to Amazon, make my purchase and pay in 2 minutes.

There is currently a retail war and Sam's Club will not win with this type performance.


Went to Topeka, Ks. Store today to see if I could get my tires rotated that I purchased from them 6,000 miles ago. Was told by service technician that it would only take 45 minutes to an hour at most. Went shopping in store for over an hour, went to pickup vehicle, was told by another technician that there was 5 more vehicles in front of me. Easy to figure this out: not busy when I dropped off vehicle, moved other vehicles ahead of mine because a tire rotation was a freebie. Great way to eliminate customers! Never again will I purchase tires from Sam’s or refer anyone else to do so. I’m a pretty good customer spending over $1,000 weekly at Sam’s. I’m sure I can curtail some of my future spending habits.


I spent over two hours in Walmart in Ocala Florida to make a simple purchase. The employees did not know what to do. Today, at approximately 5:45 pm I entered Walmart with the intent to purchase a new television and a sound bar. I had spoken to several employees there earlier in the day and was told that if I purchased the product protection plan for $99 they would deliver the TV, set it up and add an additional four years to the manufacturer's warrant of one year. I returned and picked out my TV and sound bar. The guy in the store selling Directv was most helpful and assisted me in the selection of the TV and sound bar that I eventually purchased.

After waiting in line at the service desk for over 20 minutes the service desk employee said that she would call someone from electronics. Well, I looked for someone in electronics for several minutes and could not find a single employee on that side of the store. She called someone to come to electronics and after 15 minutes an employee materialized. I told "Mr. Feroze" my intention of purchasing a television and a sound bar with delivery and ad-on warranty. He said they don't deliver sound bars but I would have to purchase it now and take it home. But first I would have to pay for the TV and then establish delivery and set up. I said fine. He found a cart and placed the sound bar box on it and promptly disappeared. After waiting in line about half an hour I was able to tell the service person my intention to purchase the sound bar and I gave her the TV model number, price and product number. She was perplexed as to why I didn't have it with me at the time. She had to call electronics again and get it delivered to the service desk. I purchased the sound bar and took it to my car. Upon re-entering the store I saw that a damaged box containing the TV I wanted to purchase had been pulled from the display section and set up front. I then took a cart and retrieved a TV in an undamaged box. I told the customer service employee that I did not want the damaged box TV and would take the one that I had retrieved. At that point in time it was simply a matter of me paying for the TV and scheduling delivery and set up. The electronics guy came back and asked why he was required to retrieve a TV since I had one. I told him I didn't want the TV he retrieved because it had a damaged box. I was taking the one I had with the undamaged box. He began to complain about having to get the TV again. I told him not to argue with me. He should just take the damaged box TV back to the display area.

The day before I was told that delivery, set up and extended warranty is $99. I learned that this is not true. Because of the cost of the TV the actual price is $129. The customer service representative was on the phone another 20 minutes or so in an effort to schedule delivery and set up. I was initially scheduled for Tuesday morning, however, I have a meeting on Tuesday so that day was out. It was scheduled for Thursday. Today is Wednesday. That means that delivery would have to wait for at least a week. I told the assistant manager this and requested that the customer service person try to obtain a Tuesday afternoon delivery. She called back and was successful. I was then able to sign the paperwork and leave. The paperwork does not denote the time and date for delivery. I left the store at approximately 7:10 pm.

I am appalled by the lack of training and poor attitude of the staff in this store. The individuals on the floor, specifically electronics, don't seem to care and are argumentative, lazy and uninformed. I suggested to the assistant manager that this individual should be fired. Secondly, additional customer service personal should be hired. There is no reason that anyone should wait in line up to half an hour to be served when there are employees standing around the store doing nothing. This is outrageous.


I was in Sams on Wheatland Road,Dallas Texas 08/07/18. I picked up a box carnation creamer and the bottom of the box opened and the bottle hit my foot mainly the big toe. It hurt and continued to. I am diabetic so I felt needed to advise mgmt in case I had problems . The manager on duty Roland don’t know if first or last name he never said. I told I thought be okay but just in case I wanted to complete incident report He gave me paperwork and said he be back My husband and I waited 30 minutes with various Sam employees calling him to come back. we saw him walking around picking up paper and doing every thing to make us wait. one employee said it looked like he was avoiding us . I was angry and I am honest person I told him to watch tapes if you have them but it was accident and if my toe got inflamed I be in trouble. I have called the phone number on my receipt 972-283-1704 to speak with store manager at least 7 times today and no one answers. The was the worst service I have ever experienced and Roland is horrible manager. He treated me like I was dishonest and I hope you have footage and you can see this bottle just fall out of the bottom of the box and hit my foot. He told me he had store duties and told me he would be back . I told him all you had to do was come get the form or send another employee for it but to make us stand around that long was wrong.


Purchased auto tires (4) around 7:20 am Sat. Aug. 4, 2018 at Tucker Ga. 30084 store. Made appointment to have tires installed at 10:00 am on Tues. Aug. 7th, 2018. Arrived at service desk at 10:00 am and was told by employee that our appointment would be honored and that we would next. I waited 45 minutes in the store and went back to check on tire installation. My car was not even on the rack. When I ask the employee at the desk why my car was not being serviced and my 10;00 o'clock appointment not being honored he said that one of the other employees had put another car in front of my car. No apology from anyone for the delay. My 10:00 am appointment to get tires installed took 2 hours of my time that I did not have to spare on Tues. I was not pleased with my experience at Sam's and most likely will not visit Sam's again for auto tires or recommend Sam's in the future. Your appointment on tire installation is of little value to your customers. What a shame. Don Martin 770-939-9298


I went to Sams today to shop and planned to update my 25+year membership. After shopping I went to get in line. I noticed that there were only three checkout lines open with many customers waiting at each line. I saw several employees walking around and I asked one employee "are there really only three checkout lines open"? She nodded yes. I then saw another employee and asked her "does your manager know there are only three checkout lines open and it is Friday afternoon. While she kept walking she told me yes and that the manager is upstairs and I could tell him if I wanted.

I did not tell the manager. Instead I used a self checkout and left. I did not renew my membership, I have not made up my mind if I will. I shop Sams almost weekly and usually enjoy shopping and looking around. Today I was quite annoyed. I cannot see if they can have two checkout people at each register, I assume to keep people honest, they could have more registers open on a Friday afternoon where customers are shopping for the weekend. I thought you would want to know.


I visit the Sam's Club store locater in Rock Hill S.C.
Store #6236
Manger Marcus Potter
Store Phone Number 1 803 372 6500

I usually shop the store whenever our church has several large yearly functions. This day there was only 1 cashier with the manger helping the customer to remove items from cart. He could plainly see others were in the checkout line .One family of several people were shopping for a family reunion and had 5 carts. Never once which in tee did the manger offer an apology for our wait he instead left the area and went over to another register that was not open. They offered others to be check out at the customer service desk which only made that area crowed. I shop Walmart often and just expected more from the Sam's Club. I hope this type of service will be handle.


The return center is the worst I have ever dealt with. I returned a couple orders, & received a confirmation email that I would be credited on my original payment card within 48 hours. That was on 7/4/18. Today is 7/21/18 and still no credit to my account. When I called I asked to speak to the manager and was put on hold for almost 20 minutes. She introduced herself as Latera, and then told me at the end of our conversation her name is Tyrea. She gave me a ref # of 180717-014419. She assured me my money would be returned the next day. Nothing happened. I also contacted the help center and was assured it would be taken care of. Nothing. Here is my order information. Please credit my account.
Order # 1337734303 received back to your return center
Order # 1551564529 received back to your return center. I was charged for a pair of boc sandals women's size 11. Never received them, but was charged for them.
Please correct this situation.
Patricia Nice
2221 Garden Drive
Santa Maria
Ca. 93458


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with store number 6341, located in Sunrise, FL, Club Manager John Padgett.

The reason why I am extremely upset is because while making my purchase, I asked the cashier if I could exchange one of my sequence tote bag for another. She said "yes", but to hand her my membership card so she can start ringing up my order, at which point I did.

When I came back with my exchange, I noticed my order was run up and set to the side for payment process. The original cashier left her post for her break, while the other cashier whom was helping put my items on the counter took over the register. The second cashier retrieved my order at which time I proceeded to pay for my items. I asked for my membership card, but she had no idea what I was talking. She stood in place and didn't bother asking someone to get the original cashier from her break to ask what she did with my membership card.

Finally, another member came back and when in the break room to ask her what she did with my membership card, and her reply was that she left it near the register. We look for it, but it was no where to be found. I was FURIOUS to see that no one took action to try to find where my card was located. Both members stood still. All I got was to proceed to the customer service line to get a replacement card.

When I got to the customer service line, I explained my dilemma to the customer service person, of course, I was FURIOUS with the situation and was hoping to get some understanding from her but all I got was disrespect. She dismissed my concern and was not a bit empathy to my situation. In my opinion, this person shouldn't be working at the customer service desk, if she isn't going to be helpful and courteous.

As for the original cashier, she lack professionalism and cautiousness with customer personal belongings. I have had bad experience with Sam's before relating to my credit card, and now this. Makes me think twice next time I need to renew my membership.

Please ensure that the manager at this store address those concerns with the staff, so no other person experience what I did. Not only did it get me upset, but also inconvenience me in such way that I had missed my son's baseball game.

If you need to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to call me directly at (954)554)4026.


Carmita Arencibia
Dissatisfy Customer


In case you are keeping surveys:

REGARDING July 10th order with the confirmation number 1665363850

Shipping info - ON BOX 1 OF 2
Ship to:

KY, 42519

FEDERAL EXPRESS tracking number

Shipping details(9 items)
Item Qty Orig. price Total

1. SensodyneExtraWhiteningToothpaste65oz3pk

Item # 123652 1 $17.86
Free Shipping

2. MembersMarkUltraPlate101/16204ct

Item # 980076970 1 $14.68
Free Shipping

3. CloroxwithCloroMaxTechnologyRegular

Item # 980042447 1 $9.47
Free Shipping

4. Clorox2MaxPerformanceLaundryStainRemoverColorBooster11275Ounces

Item # 980007836 2 $13.98 $22.96
$2.50 off Instant Savings $5.00 savings included
Free Shipping

5. MMSublingualVitaminB125000mcgmethylcobalamin300ct

Item # 156350 1 $18.98
Free Shipping

6. MembersMarkBiotin10000mcgwithKeratin100mg250ct

Item # 438723 1 $14.83
Free Shipping

7. MembersMark220mgNaproxenSodium400ct

Item # 391250 1 $12.98
Free Shipping

8. MembersMarkHandSanitizer676floz

Item # 980060231 1 $5.48
Free Shipping

ITEM NUMBERS 3 AND 4 ALL LEAKED IN TRANSIT. NOT FEDEX FAULT. The wrong sized box was used versus all the weight involved. Packing was inadequate. All contents wet. The packers were either ill trained or didn’t care! Fedex did major re-taping so box could continue.

Shipping info ON BOX 2 OF 2
Ship to:

KY, 42519

FEDERAL EXPRESS tracking number

Shipping details(11 items)
Item Qty Orig. price Total

1. KeurigK50ClassicSingleServeKCupPodCoffeeMakerRhubarb

Item # 980116379 1 $89.98 $69.98
$20.00 off Instant Savings $20.00 savings included
Free Shipping

2. CarnationBreakfastEssentialsNutritionalDrinkMixVanilla30ct

Item # 91487 2 $9.44
Free Shipping

3. DuracellCoppertopAlkaline9VBatteries8Pk

Item # 279654 1 $18.48 $15.98
$2.50 off Instant Savings $2.50 savings included
Free Shipping

4. MembersMark650mgArthritisPain200ct2pk

Item # 390716 1 $13.98
Free Shipping

5. LiquidPlumrProStrengthFullClogDestroyerPlusPipeGuard128ozbottles2pk

Item # 389458 1 $13.68
Free Shipping

6. MembersMarkOmega369DietarySupplement325ct

Item # 610421 3 $14.98 $35.94
$3.00 off Instant Savings $9.00 savings included
Free Shipping

7. EcosPlusLaundryDetergentWithEnzymes225HEloads225floz

Item # 539297 1 $15.94
Free Shipping

8. OralBGlideProHealthComfortPlusFloss6pk

Item # 399324 1 $13.98
Free Shipping

ITEM 7 LEAKED IN TRANSIT. AGAIN, NOT FEDEX FAULT. The wrong sized box was used versus all the weight involved. Packing was woefully inadequate. All contents wet. The packers were either ill trained or didn’t care! Fedex did major re-taping so shipment could continue.

Unfortunately, most likely will not use this service again. Great idea on Sam's part, but poor execution.

Acknowledgment appreciated.

P. Adams


Recently I purchased a Members Mark , Hard Arm Chair , from your Charleston ,SC , Sams Club . After approximately six (6) times of use , the front right hard plastic slider snapped in half , thus making the chair un-useable . I am 6'1" , 220 lbs , so my weight shouldn't have been a problem . I'm curious if there have been other complaints ?

Dave Jones


Hello I'm a member at your Sam's club in Macon GA I shop there all the time love the place but on July 12,2018 between one and two as I was unloading my shopping cart someone took my purse out my shopping cart while I wasn't looking I spoke with the manager that was there his name was Mike I had to call the cops because he refused to tell me what happened to the purse once the cops got there he refused to show the cops the security cameras he treated and talk to me very rudely because he said he couldn't access the cameras and that the manager that could wasn't there I asked him what was the other managers name and what time will they be in so I can call and have a talk with them he refused to give me their name and the time that they will return he act as if he didn't care about someone walking past and taking my purse with all my personal information in it that I own I've been shopping there for a long time and I'm a member Plus the way I was handled was very upsetting Mike wouldn't even give me his last name I feel so violated his customer service was very poor


I purchased three sets of titanium copper colored flatware 11/22/2017 and the copper color is coming off and turning back to silver. This is a major health concern for an item that's being placed in a persons mouth and I want a full refund on my three sets. The cost of each set was $29.98 item # 908051 20Pc flatware set


We were in Sam's Club in Rocky Mount on Sunday July 7, @ 4:30 PM. Waited in line to order a hot dog, drink, and ice cream for two people for 15 minutes. Told that they were out of hot dogs right then and it would take 30-45 minutes before they had more. Sounds like a management problem that could use a fix.


I purchased two bottles of honey july 5 th at a sams club in ne. Labeled pure clover honey . As a former bee keeper I know what clover honey tastes and smells like . Your honey was mixed with inferior and much darker honey . I would like some compensation , as I am a regular customer , and spend a ton of money at sams every month . Mr Levinson


I entered the Sam' club in Southgate California within 72 hours approximately to return my HP Envy Desktop + 27-inch Curved Monitor Display purchased on 6-20-2018. After presenting my club membership ID, driver's license, and physical receipt, an inspector was called to open to contents of the closed item. Before opening the item, I showed the inspector photos of the item opening the box after buying it. The photos depicted the monitor before use powered off and then powered on. The inspector deemed that the screen was defected as no physical damage was done to the screen after physically opening all items and checking by hand + eye. Due to the 'price' of the item a manager by the name of Eric G. was called in to take a second look at the item. Contrary to the technician, he accused me of piercing the screen. I said, "are you stupid". Then he called me chink, and I said, "fuck you". He spat in my face and called security. Upon his calling security I said to him, "you little bitch”, and I took my leave peacefully along with my item and vacated the Sam's Club premises. In addition, he marked a special note in the system. His action(or his notation) was further cause for the disallowance of the return of the item to other Sam’s club locations. At the other Sam’s club locations, the process was the same. Check and verify ID, membership, identification, and receipt + item. The employees deemed the item returnable due to defect as item was still excellent condition at time of attempted return and all accessories including manuals and items wraps were still there. At the final call, again the manager stepped in to give his approval(or disapproval in this case). When the manager came he refused my return, overturning once again all the other employees’ judgment and said leave and take the item with you threatening once again the same actions as the first and initial employee, Eric G. of Sam’s Club in Southgate CA.


Abraham very bad customer service.crazy and old.should be fired .


I wish to complain about the closing of your Irondale, Alabama store. I have been a member for over 20 years. Your store closest to me does not carry what I need. and I now must drive over 90 miles round trip to get what I need. Your Trussville Alabama store does not carry the Friskies Buffet classic Cat food, only the shredded kind which my cats will not eat. Nor do they keep in stock the small cans of the solid wet food. I spend approximately $400 to $500.00 twice each month. PLEASE NOTE THAT I DO NOT AND WILL NEVER ORDER ANYTHING ONLINE. I DO NOT USE CRESDIT CARDS AND NEVER EVER USE MY BACK ACCOUNT NOR ALLOW ANYONE TO DRIECT DEBIT MYBANK ACCOUN T. IF THAT IS THE ONLY WAY THAT I CAN DO BUSINESS WITH YOU, YOU CAN TAKE THAT IDEA AND STUFF IT WHERE THE SUN DOES NOT SHINE. ADDITIONALLY I DO NOT ALLOW UPS ON PROPERTY AT ANY TIME FOR ANY REASON WHAT SOEVER, THAT IS ALSO AN IDEA YOU CAN TAKE AND STUFF WHERE THE SUN DOES NOT SHINE. YOU NEED TO OPEN ANOTHER STORE IN THE EASTERN AREA OF THE BIRMINGHAM, ASLABAMA AREA. or your Trussville Alabama store needs to have the foods that my cats will eat.


In the food court at this Sam's Club, I always buy a frozen yogurt cup after shopping. About two months, I went to buy the frozen yogurt as usual, and was told the machine was broken and was awaiting repairs. The following week, I was told the same thing. Eventually, (weeks later) I was told there was a new replacement frozen yogurt machine on order. Weeks later, I was told the new machine was in the back of the store awaiting installation and would be up and running in a few days. Two weeks later, (still no frozen yogurt available), I see the new machine is installed but is still not operational. How can such a simple process be delayed over, and over, and over again? If I were the store manager, this problem would have been fixed long, long ago. What needs to happen to make someone get off their butt and get this resolved? The very least they could do is to cover up the sign showing that they're selling frozen yogurt, but no -- they make me waste my time again and again standing in their darned line just to tell me the machine still isn't up and running. What a poor way to run a business and a good way to frustrate customers. Please get this fixed!


Roseville Michigan. Ian a small bussiness owner in Michigan for 63 years .I shop for my company at least 4 days a week.I spend between 1600.2000 a week at our local sams club. Friday I was shopping here and there were so many non sams sales agents INSIDE selling home repair. Photos. Cable TV catering parties landscaping what the heck I was stopped from my shopping 5 times. I AM HERE TO FILL MY COMPANY NEEDS not for some who rents floor space from a retailer. If this is a thing to come I will just go back to having product delevered from local merchants. Thomas Gullett Jims Industrial Catering Co. 241 Cass Ave Mt.Clemens Michigan 48043


I received an email to renew my membership. I did not respond to that. Monday I received an email that said my membership had been renewed and my card was charged. I called and was told they didn't see that on the record it was most likely a computer glitch. I said I don't like a glitch that says anything about my card being used. I ask how did you get my card number to pay for this and she said like I said it was just a glitch. Today I look online at my bank account and someone charged my debit card $45.00 without my permission. I called today and was told this had to be done at the store and I would need to go by there. Why should I go by the store and be inconvenient for your problem. I called the store tonight and was told that I would need to come by. I am not going by the store to receive credit for you charging my card without my permission. I ask the lady how this could happen and she said corporate. I love shopping at Sam's but this isn't making me like it. I don't know what needs to be done but my card needs to be credited back.



Yesterday we visited Sam's in Louisville, Ky. ( Middletown ) location and was surprised when we went to check out and saw two open lanes with cashiers and several with self service. We lined up in one that had a cashier. Another employee approached us and asked how we were going to pay. I said, with a check. (just like i have for the past 28yrs) He escorted us to the Electronics dept. to be checked out. The employee there said we have self check out now. He was told to check us out. I asked him if this is Sam's new policy. He said yes because 35% of customers said they wanted it. I didn't tell him that that means 65% had no opinion on it or didn't want it. He then told us that they couldn't hire new employees now.
Listen......We have been loyal customers for 28years. I told my wife that i guess it's time to visit Cosco's She agreed.
Thank you for your time, it's time to move on Bruce Bero


Yesterday Monday April 30th 2018 I purchased medication at the Sam's Club Pharmacy on South Wadsworth Boulevard in Littleton Colorado as I've done multiple multiple times, I've been a Sam's Club member for 10-plus years with a business account membership never really had too many problems until Monday .
I do not know the pharmacists name he was a male approximately in his 30s not sure if he was having a bad day but decided to act as my doctor instead of my pharmacists (if i wanted his input and help i would have asked for it)he reminded me that I'm on high doses ofa controlled medication and should talk with my doctor about getting it lowered, i told him which i think is none of his business to begin with that I've had it lowered 3 times in the last 2 years due to Colorado's restrictive system on controlled medications...
He has no idea of my medical conditions that I have and I've had four numerous years ,and for him to prejuge me is totally unacceptable .
I also added that its this or using marijuana for pain control, as seems to be his m.o. told me there's no proof / studies that marijuana helps. I think that's kind of funny how that's totally opposite of what I've heard with cancer patients and other issues that it helps not that I'm using or plan on but again he had to make sure that he was the boss and I was the idiot.
Upon us having a somewhat heated conversation I asked him after he handed me my medications if he needed my Sam's Club card, he then stated no it's been paid for ,which my medication is paid by a third party which I pay online ,and that was it he turned around and walked away no thank, you no thank you for your service (which he did not need to do anyway I was wearing my army hat)...
I just hope someone has a talk with him I'm a very mellow person but when somebody in his position acts like a pompous ass needs to be reminded ...
I've talked to numerous friends and family who also think he overstepped his boundaries and I hope you Sam's Club management will have a discussion with him on his actions I can't imagine I'm the first to complain...
Douglas J Kreiling


Good evening Sam's Club Corporate Headquarters:

I am writing to you today regarding a horrific experience that I went through at your Long Beach Towne Center location. On Saturday, April 7, 2018 I was racially profiled by one of your employees named Jaime who was checking the receipts at the exit.

After I purchased all of my merchandise, I proceeded to the exit as usual. When I got to the exit, a Sam's Club employee by the name of Jaime took my receipt, and then started checking my cart for a very long time. I thought that this was very unusual since I didn't have very many items in my cart to begin with. But I gave him the benefit of the doubt, waited for my receipt back, and then left the store.

Something still just wasn't sitting right with me at that point. So I decided to stop outside the door to monitor how this employee treated the next customer. The next customer happened to be an Eastern Indian family. When they gave their receipt to the same Sam's Club employee, he checked it off right away without even checking their basket. And they had much more merchandise than I had.

The third customer was an African American family who were the same nationality as I am. When they gave the employee their receipt, my suspicions were indeed true and confirmed, The Sam's Club employee was treating this family just like he had treated me by taking a very long and checking their basket as to if the black families might have stolen something.

I then went back into the store and asked to speak to the manager. I spoke to the manager by the name of Jeremy. After I had explained to him what I had experienced with the racial profiling, he just responded by telling me that they do random checks on customers who have items at the bottom of their carts. All three customers that I mentioned above, including myself, had merchandise at the bottom of our carts. So this explanation didn't add up. I wasn’t even given an apology by this same manager who didn’t even seem to care at all.

I have been a member of Sam's Club for a very long time, and I have never experienced any type of treatment like this from this company. Everyone there has always treated me with the utmost respect. That is why the last time that I renewed my Sam's Cub membership, I actually had to convince my wife that we should remain with Sam's Club, because she wanted to try out Costco instead. Is this the type of treatment that Sam’s Club is now administering to its customers? Are only certain types of people welcome at Sam’s Club now depending on what nationality you are? Is this the type of treatment that I should be expecting from now on if my wife and I decide to remain customers of Sam’s Club?

I was very much insulted during my visit on Saturday, April 7, 2018. I really feel betrayed by my favorite store that I always like to shop at.

Steven Watson
Member# 101 42120 841212327


We have been members since 11/1997. The past few years have been difficult due to loss jobs and illness and we let our membership expire. However, imagine my surprise to receive in the mail a free 60 day membership or renew and get a $10 gift card. I went to Sams today at 9:50am 2/10/18. I went to the service desk and asked if I could use this. I spoke to Mervis she said I had to renew. I stated and pointed out on the flyer that I could have 60 days free membership. After "receiving attitude" i was told renew or I could not shop there. She also said I should of never received that in the mail, but I did. I was HUMILATED!!!!!! and walked out of the store. I do not understand.... This flyer came to me in the mail. Why did I receive this if I could not use this? Why would I want to pay to shop at the store after being treated with no respect? I need explanation, please.
Lorri Howes


I ordered a childrens bedroom set from Sam's Club on 26 November 2017. The bedroom set was supposed to arrive between 12/12/2017 and 12/21/2017 and as of today Sam's has not called or written me to apologize. I've called Sam's at least 5 times, was cut-off by them twice, and the representatives have no clue when the bedroom set will arrive. I called the carrier MDS in December and they stated the shipment was left on the dock because the truck was full and offered me a $100 gift card to compensate me. They could not tell me when the furniture would be delivered, and that they would have to get with Sam's Club. Every time I call Sams to inquire about the order they have to call the shipping company and they can never get through. Sams has taken no responsibility or offered no apology for the merchandise which I ordered through their web site. I would not recommend ordering any furniture from Sams Club to anyone. Not surprised they are closing stores.


I was talked to very poorly when refused to get rung up by a palm pilot by a cos manager lamar. This happened at the Cinnaminson N.J. Sams club. He replied to himself as gay and he don't take boujie customers that he doesn't have time he has things to do talked about my hair to his co worker and laughed and made fun of me I was humiliated and it was unprofessional of him to do so I have the right to refuse any services I choose.


About a Month ago I went to our Sam Club in Colonial Heights, VA, to Purchase some King Crab Legs and saw that there was a few bags there. I attempted to purchase one bag but noticed that there wasn't a Price tag on it. I went thru several bags before I could find one with a Price tag on it. When I went to pay for the produce I mention to the Cashier that there was a problem with the King Crab not being properly tagged as far as the price of each and that there was tags laying in the cooler because there was just stuck on there and that the cold made them fall off. I told here that anyone could take a 20 dollar label and place it on one of the more expensive bags and she said she thank that this has been happening because some have been paying a little for a large bags of the legs. I asked who I could complain to and she said I could try to talk to some back in the meat department. There seem to be only one guy in the department working and he seem to be busy and a few people was waiting on him for meat to be cut. When I got home I called the store and spoke with the manager of the Meat department said he I could come and talk to him and I told him that I made an attempt to do so but the person that I saw in the department seem to be very busy with other customers. He said he would look at my complaint to see what he could do because he wasn't allowed o staple the Price receipts on the bags, I said ok and I would check on my next trip. About two weeks later I went to make a purchase of the King Crab Legs an this time there were bout eight bags in the cooler but none had price tags on them and all the tags were laying in the bottom of the Freezer, I asked for a Store Manager and spoke with a Lady who said she was the store assistance manager and when I explained the complaint to her she said she would have it corrected. Today I went to the store which has been three weeks later from my last visit saw many bags in the cooler but none had any price tags on them, I spoke with several people standing by the cooler and some was saying just place one of the tags laying in the bottom of the cooler and just go pay for it. I do try to be as honest as possible and would not listen to them and for the third of forth time am making a complaint that I'm not satisfied with this department, the store is being cheated by consumers that just place any price on any bag that they want and just go and pay for it. I haven't purchased anything from the store lately because I don't want to cheat the store the same as I wouldn't want to be cheated. Hopefully with this information given directly to you this problem can be taken care of. At the local Food Lion Store they were having this same problem and People were stealing the produce like crazy, they started stapling the Price tags on the bags which has stop the problem per the Meat department that I spoke with at Food Lion. Please Help!


I bought a set of Purelli Tires from Sam's a couple of months ago and they have been nothing but a headache. They keep loosing air. I went to Sam's today because one of the tires look as if it was going flat. The girl in the automotive dept. informed me that my card had just expired and they could not look at my tires without renewing my card. When I purchase the tires, they did not tell me this. I spent almost 800 dollars and they told me I would be able to come and get my tires changes, aligned and rotated as long as I owned them, not as long as I had a Sam's card. I am on a fixed income and I don't have the money to renew my card. This is so wrong, I had to leave with a half flat tire. I wish I would have known I would have to have a Sam's card to get my tires checked. I would have never bought them, I don't always have money to renew a card. This is so wrong of Sam's, I was never informed about always having a card to get tired checked!!!


Unbeknownst to us Sams raised our contract to Premium adding $55 dollars to our yearly charge. After hours of phone time we were able to revert contract back to the original agreement however we had to call back second day in order to receive a refund and we have to wait 8 to 10 weeks?
Poor customer relations service. Bye bye sams hello Costco! :)


Just to let you know that I have shredded my card due to absolutely the worse customer service department I have ever tried to work with. Top management should be made aware of this since even the service desk at Sam,s “The Villages, Florida couldn’t help and stated several others had complained of the same problems.


I received an email that said my tires were ready as club #6611. I went over there and i spoke with Daniel who went to the back 3 times and came back to tell me i cant find your tires, then i spoke to Rosanna, the manager, who told me we cant locate your tires, call us back in 2-3 days. I said no just go find them now. She said it would take 1 hour to locate them. After 5 minutes she came back to me and told me we found your tires. Now the biggest problem is that after 1 week, i discovered they replaced only 3 steam valves, which means now i am driving with brand new tires and 6 year old steam valve, and the person who did the job was named Eric.


I bought Samsung headphone from Sam's club back in Feb, with extended warranty. today 10/3117 I went back to have it replace due to issue with the right ear phone was not working. I spoke to Steve ( team lead) he refuse to give me and my husband his last name. He said that he will not replace it and for me to call Samsung and deal with it. My husband was on the phone and ask to speak to him, he took the phone and I can hear that he will not give his last name and he said " if you are shouting at me I will not talk to you, do you understand." he said that about four times to my husband. I asked him to return my husband back to me. He handed me back the phone and took off. And left me standing there. I asked my husband what happened, he said that he ask Steve for his last name and he refused and Steve said not to shout at him. I went around and asked a few associate to help me locate manager on duty. few said they don't know if there is a manager on duty. After 15min Antonio came to speak to me and I explained the situation to him and he spoke to my husband. Antonio said that he will read the policy and will take care of it. I finally got my exchange. I will not buy another extended warranty again. And please talked to Steve about customer service skill. Leaving me standing there without and help is not customer service. Antonio gave me Steve last name Edelman thanks to Antonio helped I am still a member today.


I placed an online order been a month still dont have it not shipped says exception have called customer servivpce numerous times they just hang up on me worst service ever. Please hire new people to do your customer service because horrific. I just want my merchandise I ordered as soon as pissible order number is 186290133 Please make this right just send me my item geeez. I am going to call corporate asap.


I placed an order on 9/8/17 for a case of whole chickens, to be picked up on 9/13/17 at the Joplin, MO store, as I was getting married and this was for the wedding reception. I got there and my order was not available. I got an email 10 minutes after I got there stating my order was cancelled. I had to speak with 3 people to find what happened. I was told that the orders are filled the day the order is made and I was not there to pick it up. This makes no sense as I requested the pickup for 9/13/17. I was also told that they go by not what is ordered, but by what was bought the previous year. Why place an order if no one is going to pay any attention to it? Luckily there were enough in the case on the floor for me to purchase, but they refused give me the price by the case, which is what I ordered. Instead, I had to pay for each double pack of whole chickens separately. This is extremely terrible customer service, I had even shown them the confirmation of my order. I will never place another order from Sam's and I have nothing good to say about my experience and do not recommend anyone else to order for any occasion. I'm attaching my confirmation order along with the cancellation notice, which shows 9/13, which was the date I was to pick it up.


Wrong delivery for mattress received a Beauty-rest paid for Serta Perfect Luxury Hybrid Glenmoor Super Pillow top and box spring.
Its been 4 days and still no one has a complete answer SOME ONE NEEDS TO CALL ME BACK AND NOT CUSTOMER.


I ordered pizza cutters over a month ago and they were shipped to a Pregnancy Crisis Center in Arkansas, the young lady is about 2 hours away from the nearest Sam's and they expect her to take the pizza cutters to them, this is unacceptable. This is the last time I will order online from Sam's. My telephone number is 770-293-1822. See order below that I did not received.

Item / Item # Qty Status Gift Shipping Method Price Total
Wheel Pizza Cutter
- 4" diameter - 6

Tracking Number#: 742242376103
Item # : 161587 1 Delivered
08/30/17 16:30

Delivery Date:
Wednesday, 08/30/2017
$10.88 $10.88


EEL Marketing
P.O. Box 5235, Vail, CO. 81658
(970) 690-7600
To Whom It May Concern
From: Mr. Monroe

On Wednesday, August 30th, 2017, I was on my way to a meeting and stopped into the Sams located at 4827 S. Wadsworth, Littleton, CO. They had some shirts I had spotted on a previous visit when I had waited for a prescription to be filled. I picked up the shirt and used self-checkout.

Right before I walked into the meeting I threw on the shirt and noticed it had a broken button. As I was quite early, I decided to run back to Sams and switch out the shirt for a second one I had seen of the same style, size, price, and color. Pulling into Sams parking lot, I grabbed the shirt and receipt believing that the exchange could be accomplished quickly. Leave one and pick up the other.
I parked, rushed into the store with my shirt and receipt and proceeded to customer service. After arriving in line, with one person in front of me, I was accosted by a Sams employee, who began an attempt to belittle and demean me in front of other customers and employees.
She stated that I should have heard her yelling and screaming at me. (The yelling and screaming were her own words. She stated, ‘Why didn’t you hear me yelling and screaming at you?) Then she began a lecture on the proper doors to enter and how that next time I was to enter the proper door when I returned an item. Her entire demeanor was rude and unflatteringly ugly. Her actions were similar to a pit bull, taking snaps and bites at people to show who's boss. I was appalled at the attempt of this female employee to scold me as if I were a criminal or an unwanted visitor, who had no right to be where I was. She did this in front of the other customers and employees as if to show the world that she was in charge or, whatever else her ego required. However, I do not do rude well and responded back.
As she would not stop her snipping and biting and rude remarks, I told her to go back to her dog house and turned away. Her comment was, ‘Okay fine, I’m going to call the manager. I don’t have to take that.’
Really? And yet I, as the customer, am supposed to accept and take the vicious nasty attitude of Sam’s little attack dog because I failed to hear her yelling and screaming at me as I entered! What a great procedure Sams has taught its employees, that of yelling and screaming.
Next, I stood in line for approximately 10 minutes waiting for customer service to figure out how to help the one person in front of me. That always seems to be a problem at Sams. Customer service often appears confused and unable to figure out how to help their customers. It always amazes me. More often than not, they consistently have to call a manager over to deal with what they are not or have not been taught to deal with.
Finally, when it was my turn, I still ended up waiting another 10 minutes for the customer service clerk to do whatever it was that he needed to do to verify my purchase before he would simply allow me to grab another replacement shirt, same size, color, price. I had the receipt in my hand that verified the shirt was only bought within the last 30 minutes. However, the receipt alone was not acceptable. Meanwhile, the pit bull waited impatiently for her manager to come over and pat her ruffled fur.
Finally, I was allowed to go back and grab my shirt. Upon returning to the front, I now had to wait behind another customer. It was then Mr. Manager appeared on the scene wanting to know what happened. This also was in front of other employees and customers, as if that is Sams big procedure, ‘Show everyone who is boss.’ I explained that I did not appreciate first being yelled and screamed at, and then being lectured in front of the customers and employees as if I was some type of criminal. He stated he understood but that 2 wrongs do not make a right. Excuse me? I was flabbergasted. The wrong was the attitude and mouth of their employee and now, a lame manager who could not address his own employees rude and noxious behavior but instead, wished to defray blame on me. In a way then, he was correct. Two wrongs did not make a right. The employee was wrong in her general obnoxious and disrespectful manner yelling and screaming, along with her intended rudeness that was directed against me personally. The manager’s inability to honestly assess the situation and deal with it accordingly was the second wrong. The Manager must have also feared Sams Pit Bull, as he vainly attempted to make me share the blame for his employee’s bad behavior. Unbelievable!
The only thing the manager probably got right was that two wrongs do NOT make a right. Neither did the employees intentional rudeness nor the managers inability to manage, make anything right.
I had to state to the manager that this situation was unacceptable, and that if Sams allows its employees to act like pit bulls, to yell and scream at their customers, and then attempt to lecture and rebuke them in front of others, snipping and biting, then customers certainly had the right to tell them to Heel, and request that they return to the dog house from which they emerged.
If Sams management lacks the courage or integrity to do this then it is up to the customers. During the entire encounter, I did not scream or yell or use profanity. I simply responded to a rude and ugly employee, who would not stop harassing me or demeaning me until I firmly told her to return to her dog house. It is clearly where she belonged and it was only then that she at least shut up after stating that she was going to call the manager. A veiled threat? Was her thought, ‘Now I‘ll show you!’ Again unbelievable!
And a manager who seems to hold no control over his employees and so must find fault with the customer seems to sum up the problem with this Sams Club. If it were not for a quality Pharmacist, I would never walk in these doors again. I can just hear the morning manager talk.
‘Okay employees, today I want to affirm that when any issue arises, please feel free to yell and scream at these customers who must be forced to obey our rules!!! And when a customer does not respond to your yelling and screaming, then rebuke them soundly! And please do this in front of other customers and employees so that all may fear you. Furthermore, if any customer dare responds back while you are lecturing them, and say anything that hurts your feelings or makes you feel that you are not worthy to be worshiped, then please call a manager so that we can point out that customers bad behavior!
And finally, on a more pleasant note, please be assured that our employee shipment of rattles and pacifiers has been delivered and will be passed out during our afternoon nap time! Enjoy your day and do not let these horrible customers that parade into our store, do anything amiss!’
It absolutely amazes me that retailers still do not have a clue regarding customer service and success. They hire expensive consultants and advertisers with 6 figure salaries, spend millions on advertisements, and yet they fall short. However, the difference between success and failure is so evident, that Sams would be well to fire a few of their college educated consultants and advertisers and take up what I call the Costco Challenge.
What is the Costco Challenge? Well, first let me ask why it is that both Costco and Sams basically carry the same products at the same price and yet the Costco located just a few blocks up the street flourishes while this Sams struggles? If you think this statement is off, then let us prove it with the Costco Challenge.
Disclosure: I do not work for Costco. I am not hired by Costco or paid by Costco for any purpose. I am simply a card-carrying member of both Costco and Sams, and so, am able to share a completely honest assessment.
And thus, the Costco Challenge.
For one week, require each manager at Sams to pick a day, any day, and pick a time, anytime. On the day and time selected, have the manager do a walkthrough of their store, observing customers and employees. Take notes on the approximate customer count. Then immediately drive to Costco a few blocks up. Walk through the Costco store. What will they notice?

Sams: Entering Sams always feels like you’re entering a graveyard. It is dark and somewhat gloomy. Its employees, for the most part, are unaware of the customers and care little about their needs. (Please note: This should not be taken as negative on your employees. Employees are only a reflection of management.) Although there are exceptions, Sams employees always seem low energy and often confused by what they are doing.
When it is time to check out at Sams, a customer can expect a long wait time. With few exceptions. it doesn’t matter how many customers are present. It is almost as if Sams believes a waiting customer is a happy customer. Or, it is part of some genius plan to force customers to use self-service and thus cut down on paid help at the cashier’s stations. If customers won’t use self-service, they can wait 30 minutes to get checked out.
Then we have Costco.
Walking into Costco one has a feeling of brightness and life. Things are happening here. The customer count, at a minimum, is always double Sams and often 5 to 10 times above the Sams Club down the street. It does not matter what day or what time of day it is. The Costco on the corner of Bellevue and S. Wadsworth is always full of life and action. The employees are professional, quick, and friendly. They look like they want to be there. Even if they do not, they look like they do. They also look like they know what they are doing.
Costco Customer service is quick to help, resolve, and take care of any issue, and always with a smile.
Costco employees do not need to yell and scream at their customers to force them to follow the rules! They do not corner customers and attempt to lecture and belittle them in front of other customers and employees. They are helpful and energetic. How would the same situation as I experienced at Sams probably be handled at Costco?
An employee would have walked up to the customer with a smile and said, ‘Hi! I noticed you have a return. Here, let me put on this sticker to make the process easier for you. And you have a nice day.’
Less than 10 seconds and a quick win win for everyone. (Even though I must state that Costco does not feel the need to use little green stickers to confirm an item is being returned. A receipt always seems to satisfy them. And so Costco does not require attack dogs or pit bulls.)
The Costco Challenge, if honestly completed, would teach your managers more than all of your high paid consultants and experts. If you fail the customer on the retail level, all the other money you spend is wasted. Fire your failed upper echelon consultants, re-train or change your management staff and inspire your employees to go beyond themselves, with both incentives and honest recognition. It is, after all, the customer that you desire to shop within your store. Your store should be designed for that customer. It should be a store of life, with kind and helpful employees, not distant yellers and screamers, many of whom do not have a clue.
Am I simply rambling on because of an incident? What I state, I have observed for quite some time. Over time, my visits to Sams have become less and less. In fact, if not for your pharmacy, I would have stopped visiting Sams a couple years ago.
Now you can take the Costco Challenge and find out. It will not matter which day or what time of day each Sams Manager chooses. Simply entering each store paints an immediate picture of what is right about Costco and wrong about Sams, and it has nothing to do with advertising or high-priced consultants. It has to do with the lighting in the store, and the light within those who work the store. Costco will always have at least twice the shoppers, normally 5 to 10 times the shoppers of Sams, and yet half the wait time for check out and/or customer service. Costco customer service also actually does know what they are doing.
Hanging a picture of the store manager on the wall that then states, ‘My goal is that you are completely satisfied,” is not an honest sign when the completeness lacks fulfillment. Sams has no viable concern for its customers. They mistakenly believe it’s all about the discounts. Wrong. It’s more than the discounts. It’s about customer service and actually caring about your customers, employing and training employees to know what they are doing and to be a helpful solution to any problem, not a mad-hatter who believes yelling and screaming and scolding customers is an efficient way to govern any situation that arises. To have a store that operates as a customer friendly store means a management that actually cares, employees that actually care. Care is not found in a plaque hanging on a wall but in the actions of the managers who are on call to sort out problems before they happen. At Costco, you will not miss these managers, always on the lookout for any problem or issue before it arises. They and their employees are crisp and alive. Sams? Not so much. At Sams, they all simply drag along, digging graves and waiting for their time-clock to tell them it’s time to return home.
Now, in ending please note that I do not wish a response. I know how to respond for myself. I do not require an insincere statement of understanding. I also do not need another rebuke by those who have not a clue. Take the Costco Challenge and you will quickly see that every statement I have made is correct.
Do not take the challenge and your store will forever be nothing more than a graveyard located at 4827 South Wadsworth, always wanting and never fulfilled.
P.S. By the way, this consultation is a free gift from EEL Marketing, in order to help you set aside the tombstone, return your pit bulls to their dog houses, and walk once more with the living.
Will you respond? Unlikely. And so, Costco will always run circles around you.
Respectfully, Mr. Monroe


my wife had a car battery replaced at sams club in fort smith ar yesterday they started the car twice but didn/t let it run long enough to reset computer it cost her atoll bill and garage bill she goes back to sams club and they will not take blame for their mistake and will not let her talk to manager I thank they owe the cost of fixing car


Thanks for your attention. I'm facing the crisis on call with customer service center. It was a universal standard service 5-6 months ago. But after that the changes made and its blasts. Its good to make changes but it also should be good for the customer. My most important issue is that the FedEx clearly states that the item was never received. But instead to process refund or replacement the representative said that he is going to forward the issue to back department. I don't know what is this back department which never responds. My issue is that If you are seeing that there is issue then why don't you solve at that time. Please do some thing.

Thank you.


My family and i visited Sam's Club Bogart, Ga at 2:30 11/21/16. I felt Like I was being treated like nothing but a thief. I walked up to the lady at the door to check out, she looked at my receipt for 5 minutes going through my cart full of items. I know she was doing her job but when someone with more groceries was ahead of me, had more groceries, and didn't get a whole cart strip down it was obvious that we were being profiled as thieves.

She kept telling us that the eggs and muffins did not get paid for and that we needed to return them. The line was getting longer and longer as other customers watched me, my sister and children get humiliated. I wasn't for sure if my husband forgot to scan the eggs or not but when she found out that the eggs and muffins were indeed on the receipt I got no apology or anything. I am a 7 year member and a frequent shopper and never felt so disrespected.


On Nov. 16th I order a recliner Number Item #: 299758 because it matched the sofa I purchased in Sam's months ago. I ordered it because it was out of stock in the store. I requested delivery on Wednesday. Everything was confirmed on your ordering system, the order number was; 5596574467 I asked for a text for pick up between the hours of 1:00-2:pm. When I never received the text I called the store I was dumbfounded to talk to three managers that had absolutely no ideal how to help me. I felt as if I was disturbing them from something important.

I called the website .com people talked to a Sam's Club manager and was equally as disturbed to get such treatment and answers that I all ready knew. Now The local Club manager promised he would call when the recliner came in and set one aside for me. well on the 24th he did he left me a message that it was in and ready for pick up. He called again this time I answered and he said they got some in and he would have one for me. Well on my way home to get my track he called again and said he had mistakenly read the invoice the recliner is not in it will be in on the 25th. Well I called today and I was on hold 1 hour I held on to see how long they would take and was told they have 8 on order and none in.


On Nov. 16th I order a recliner Number Item #: 299758 because it matched the sofa I purchased in Sam's months ago. I ordered it because it was out of stock in the store. I requested delivery on Wednesday. Everything was confirmed on your ordering system, the order number was; 5596574467 I asked for a text for pick up between 1;00-2;pm. When I never received the text I called the store I was dumbfounded to talk to three managers that had absolutely no ideal how to help me. I felt as if I was disturbing them from something important.

I called the .com people talked to a manager and was equally as disturbed to get such treatment and answers that I all ready knew. Now The local Club manager promised he would call when the recliner came in and set one aside for me. well on the 24th he did he left me a message that it was in and ready for pick up. He called again this time I answered and he said they got some in and he would have one for me. Well on my way home to get my track he called again and said he had mistakenly read the invoice the recliner is not in it will be in on the 25th.

Well I called today and I was on hold 1 hour I held on to see how long they would take and was told they have 8 on order and none in. What do you think about that?


Worst return policy despite fake "customer satisfaction guarantee". It's really much sad when you invest in an expensive electronic and want to return after some time. Apparently, they kept my return without issuing any refund because over the period of a month, I have called their customer support at least once a week and each time I am given a different timeline to expect the refund. Next time, only buying from Costco. If it doesn't have it, I will wait but never again from Sam's Club.


I purchased a new set of tires for my daughters car in July. As required , I purchased the warranty / the road hazard protection. I purchased these at Sam's Club because they assured me that should she have a problem while at school that they would take care of it. I have had my card for many years but have not been in Sam's in the past couple of months so have not had an opportunity to renew it in September. My daughter had a warranty problem with one of the tires and took to Sam's to have it addressed. They would not honor the warranty unless I renew my Sam's membership. In my opinion, one has nothing to do with the other and that Sam's Club is using warranties that they make you purchase to ensure that you continue to renew memberships. I want my tire fixed under the warranty that I purchased. They are crooks and people need to be warned about their slimy business tactics.


I went to Sam's Club today to purchase a whole pork butt and have it sliced as I have done several times in the past. When I asked the man who was working the front of the meat department, he said they don't cut raw meat, only deli meat. We could see another man in the back cutting meat. The man in the back agreed to slice it for us. We told the man in the front we wanted it cut 1/2 inch thick. When we arrived home and were re-packaging the meat into smaller packages, we found the meat had been cut much thinner than 1/2 inch.

It would be nice to get a consistent answer among your employees, and/or post the policy on slicing meat. I could understand if it was near closing time and they had already cleaned everything, etc., but this was at 2:30 in the afternoon. This is not the only time we have had to go through several employees to get the service we needed at this Sam's Club. We've found which customer service desk employees can get things done and which seem to make an issue out of everything. Maybe some re-training or shadowing is needed so all employees are on the same page.

This was at the South Street store in Lafayette, Indiana. We did not notice the employees names we dealt with today.


My family and I have been Sam's Club card holders for I believe 20 years. And unfortunately witnessed a sharp decline in service, cleanliness and overall standards of our location. I visited the store today and was completely shocked by the customer service I received. It seemed that the bad attitudes started at the door and followed us out. When we arrived, we were not greeted. There were 2 representatives standing at the door. Neither looked or said a word at us and even appeared disgusted as we voluntarily showed membership cards. Upon entering the store there was trash covering the floor. While shopping I tried to flag down an employee to ask a question. She quickly waived me off and gave me the wrong information without stopping.

She also did not greet me or even smile, in fact it was as if I had bothered her for asking a question. I found the organic juices on my own after being pointed to the wrong place. Once I found them, I was shocked to see all the bottles of the particular use (green machine Naked Juice) were all mangled with the necks completely bent inwards. The bottles were also dented and damaged. I regret not taking pictures of this in the store. I tried to flag down another employee to ask if there were any others but of course no one could be bothered.

I finally choose the best bottle I could find and proceeded to the customer service counter to request if perhaps the item was marked down. The customer service rep also did not greet me. I asked to speak with a manger and she simply told the manager. Of course the manager could not be bothered to come out of the office to personally attend to my complaint. I explained that all the bottles out for display looked horrible and completely under standard. The rep hung up the phone and told me "he said only 10 percent off. I was so disgusted with the level of customer service I elected not to purchase. I did not demand and remained pleasant but was very disappointed.

I tried to redeem my experience and visited the food court. I was shocked to see food handlers operating the register taking money with gloves on and then preparing food with the same gloves on there hands. The area was filthy: trash on the floor and the counters were sticky and disgusting. I decided not to get any food and only chose a beverage item. And of course not one person at the food court smiled or greeted any customers. It was as if this bad attitude and nonchalant behavior is now the new norm for this location.

Upon existing the store, again the rep there did not say a word to any customers just stood at the door. Customers were not thanked or treated with any level of professionalism. At lease I can say I experienced consistency: a consistent level of dissatisfaction, disgust, and terrible customer service. I left that store feeling as though my business is neither appreciated or wanted.


Customer service at the store is the worst that I ever came contact with. I stood in line for about 10 minutes and not one of the three even said I will be with you as soon as possible. One of the three was talking to a women and it look like they was just talking about weather or what not. After when the women left the person got on the phone and talk and again did not even look my way. The young fellow was busy with customer so that I did understand. But the other women who was on the other side took care of a customer and when she was done I thought good It is my turn wrong again.

As another customer who was not in line came in and walk right up to her and she took her. All I wanted to do was pay my bill and it was like they were doing me a big favor in taking it. Finally the first one who was on phone called for to come over. I am a server and I know if I am busy with another customer I do go up to them and say I will be with you as soon I can. Then they know that I saw them. For this reason I may not renew my membership. You know what they say about word of mouth, right?


Sam's Club customer service was very bad at 2920 Knoxville Center, Knoxville, 37924. My husband placed a order on line. We ordered sodas,chicken breasts and some other things. On August 16 was pick-up day. So in the afternoon, we got a call from Sam's support department. The women said she was getting my order together.Then she started yelling at me over the phone. Then she started yelling at me again. Saying to me, do you agree to this, do you agree to this, do you agree to this. The women is totally nuts. My phone was not on speaker and my husband heard every word she said.


I have been a Sam's Club customer for many years & this is the first time that I have a complaint. Unfortunately due to Age & to problems walking, I am now forced to use an electric cart (which I am grateful to have available to me). My problem is that they are not plugged in to be charged when they are returned & I have been stranded in the store or, worse yet, I have driven to the Club, managed to find a parking spot & there were no electric carts available.

After waiting to get one, I found that while shopping there were two in the aisles that were out of juice! I believe that your handicapped customers would benefit from your looking into this problem or possibly obtaining additional carts. I shop in your Marietta club on Cobb Parkway near Roswell road. I don't see a store # on my receipt, but the name of the manager is Marc White, who I did leave a message about this. I am very satisfied with the courtesy of the staff at the club & hopefully, I will be shopping there until I can no longer drive.


I ordered 2 Shark Vacuum HV325 on Saturday August 6th on the one day only sale. Online was out of stock so they sent to the Spartanburg SC store for pick up and they let me choose the day to pick up. I noticed as of the August 11th the day I was suppose to pick up the order was still pending so at that time I called the Sam's Club 1-800 number on my confirmation and they told me to hold on so they could call the store and find out what the problem was. The store said they had the order and I could pick up within 2 days so I went on Friday August 12th for pickup.

When the 2 vacuums were brought to me and scanned for me to pay it rang up regular price and not sale price. I then told the cashier the price was wrong and she called the manager (Vickie) and she would not honor the price and said I was suppose to have paid on Sat the 6th of August. I told the cashier that online I was told to pay at the store. Vickie never came out to talk to me she only spoke to the cashier on her speaker phone but I could hear very loudly and she wouldn't even come out or listen to the cashier all she would say is I should have paid on the 6th.

I left the store and didn't purchase the items because of the price. I have a confirmation email from with the sale price not the regular price on it. I went home and called the 1-800 once again and they tried to help but then they told me I ordered them on the 7th not 6th. I told them I ordered before 12midnight but the confirmation came on the 7th. If I was suppose to pay the regular price and not the sales price why did I get an email with the sale price on it and it said to pay in the store at pickup. Please help me with this matter, this is the first time I have ever ordered online to pick up at the store and its been a nightmare. My 2 order numbers are 7863479988 and 1722817843, I have all my emails saved if I need to send to you.


Purchased items on July 16, 2016. Had to return 3 items, 130103 Salsa $9.57; #760373, Scallops $30.98; SMDGOUDAPIM $7.98, all of which expired on July 1, 2016, 16 days’ pass had expiration date. Returned items back to store on July 17, 2016 at membership desk. While speaking to manager regarding expired items being sold and how disappointing to buy items for a party to learn that food you are going to serve is out of date. This is a very serious health matter. The manager seems not very concern and stated that she would talk to the department. This is a membership club and this should not be happening.


I received a recall on Nature Valley nut bars on June 2, 2016 that I purchased as a club member in December 2015 that states to return the bars for a full refund because they are potentially contaminated with Listeria. I had eaten 10 of the 16 bars and did get sick with vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and chills and missed a day of work and stomach issues for a week. Expected to receive a refund and apology, but was refused a refund because my membership expired in Dec. 2015 which is totally irrelevant.

Your letter is totally valid for a food contamination recall. The customer service gentleman proceeded to ask me why I had let my membership expire and that I would have to buy another one in order to receive my ten dollar refund! I will not be renewing a membership which is a shame since I have lived here longer than the Sam's Club has been in business in Cookeville, TN. Seems like greed is more important than consumer safety.


My daughter, along with my grandson went to Sam's Club in Newport News, Virginia this afternoon to do monthly grocery shopping. First, I was looking for a specific lotion to help my grandson's skin, couldn't find it , so I asked a group of three employees if it was in stock. They were so nonchalant. Well, we completed our purchases totaling almost 500. We proceeded to the door where they check your receipts and look over the items in your basket. I disagree and believe that if enough customers begin to change their minds about accepted this. I would like to be contacted by a customer service representative.


The Newington Store on the Berlin Turnpike is the worst store that I have ever been to. No one knows their job and everyone has an attitude. An time i have an issue they tell me to call a number. I want to get rid of my sam's club altogether because of this store. I just want to pay of my bill and be done with sams club. I been a member for seven years too long enough is enough. I done with same clubs.


This needs to go to corporate. Sam's Club hire's managers who don't know anything about the store or the area in which it is in. They put managers in who don't know how to listen to their employees. Instead of listening and trying to figure out how to make things work out, employees are written up and then fired. The manager doesn't want to admit that the employee may be right and have a good reason for the things that they do. The manager doesn't want to admit that he/she is inferior by being new to the area The manager who thinks they know better than anyone who has worked and lived in the area for years and won't listen to their employees is not a good one. People who have worked for the company for years, are dedicated and do everything in their heart for the customers who shop at Sam's get the shaft.

Employees are told what a great job they are doing, how wonderful they are, They are trained to do manager and assistant manager jobs, know the store inside out even tho they don't get the same pay level but do it any way because they are dedicated. They go out of their way to keep customers coming in, rain, snow, storms and all. Drive all over the area keeping customers happy and wanting to do their business with Sam's Club. They cover for their manager and train them because they are new. Then all of a sudden they are a threat and the next thing you know everything they do is on the line and then they are fired. I have known several people who this has happened to. I have walked in the Sam's Club in my area and felt at home, loved to shop there. I have seen employees in there that do a great job, you know they care about the customers.

Every time you get to know them you find out they have been fired for some reason or other. Cashiers come and go, understandable. The main employees who work 40 hrs a week who I see work very hard at least when I am there come and go also. Why is this? Familiar faces is good, people you know you can count on if you have a problem, will answer your questions and you know they are truly trying to help you with anything no matter how outrageous it might be is very welcoming when you come into the store. I don't want to go back to Sam's to do my shopping anymore.

Not a great loos to the company I am only one person. It is a great loss to the company when the customers who find out the employee was no longer working for Sam's Club I wonder how many will continue business with Sam's. I am done going on and on. Firing employees because a manager feels threatened with her job I don't feel is the right solution.


was in the Tire And Battery Center on 4/4/2016 and purchased two P195/65R1591HP4FS and two wiper blades. I requested two front tires, change wiper blades and battery if needed. The receipt states battery declined. When I reminded the clerk at the register, she stated that I needed to take the car to the dealer for a battery replacement because the work could not be done at Sam's! Also it was suggested that the new tires should go to the rear. Anyway, when I went to retrieve my car, I was told that I had two bad nuts and stud on the drivers rear. The technician broke my nut from the stud. The Tire And Battery Center claimed no responsibility for the damage of my vehicle.

I was told by my mechanic that my nut was stripped, most likely due to the technician using high power tool that stripped the nut, which no longer fits on the stud. In order to fix the problem, the drum has to be taken off and the stud replaced and the damaged nuts! Darcars Chrysler in Marlow Heights charge $150 an hour for labor plus parts and additional fees.

I have been a plus member for a very long time. It frustrates me that I left the store as a unsatisfied customer. I want Sam's Club to pay for the repair of the damage to my vehicle. In addition, last month I purchased 4 tires for my Volvo C90. I took my car in for service to the Annapolis Volvo Dealership and was told that one of the four tires was put on backwards. I think you might need to check the competency of your technicians in the Tire And Battery Center. I thought Customer Satisfaction is guaranteed at Sam's.

I phone the Sam's Club and spoke with a woman name Julie in management. She said she spoke with someone in the Tore And Battery Center. Basically, she is siding with Brian, the tire technician in the Tire And Battery Center!


I received an email for free Garcinia Cambogia, from Sam's Club. My wife takes this product for weight control, so I opened the email. I was informed that I would only have to pay shipping cost of about $5.00. After accepting this offer, I was asked if I wanted any other products from this company. I thought I clicked, no thank you, but the way the email was written, I was tricked into ordering another product. When I discovered this, I tried to cancel the order and could not find anyway to accomplish it.

I received my Sam's Club bill today with two charges of $84.71 and $79.31. I called and found out that these bills were for the continuation to ship me these two products for ever if I did not cancel. I was told that I was sent an email telling me that since I had not canceled this order within 15 days, I was stuck with this deal. I firmly believe that I was tricked and I'm disgusted with Sam's Club for allowing a unscrupulous company like Nature Review to use your name.


As I was exiting the self service check-out register in Midwest City, Oklahoma, one of the associates very unprofessionally asked me for my register receipt. Her tone of voice was loud and "demanding" so much so that other customers stopped and looked. She was within 5 feet of me so there was no need for the loud, harsh tone. I gave her the receipt, she stamped it and I left. I completed a survey on-line to your company but the survey was very limited. I strongly feel I was being profiled for whatever reason. I spoke to an acting supervisor today, who although he apologized, I still feel the urge to follow through with the corporate office. As I said earlier, I seriously doubt I will patronize that store or perhaps other Sams store. How one says things is more important than what one says. Overall, yesterday experience, March 10th, 2016 is disgusting.


Our church has business account with Sam's Club. I am having difficulty understanding the store policy that will not accept a check if it is not presented the same day it is presented. We have times when we are planning to purchase an item(s) from the club. Usually, a volunteer stops in to pick up the check, which is for the exact amount of the item being purchased. We usually run checks on a specific day and the volunteer(s) will stop in usually within 2 - three days to get the check and complete the purchase. However, we find that your stores will not accept the check because it is not dated the same date as the purchase. Now keep in mind, I am not speaking of a post-dated check, a check dated AFTER the date of purchase. This is the only store I have encountered this problem. I do not have this problem with Wal-Mart, Costco, Big Lots, etc.

The Sam's Club is conveniently located for us, but the policy makes it difficult for us to shop for large ticket items when we have to write checks one-off, and only have a limited staff. This forces us to shop outside of your community for large ticket items, and only shop at the club for small items that staff/volunteers can pay out of pocket, and than be reimbursed.


I have had it with Sams club. The poor quality of their products, the constant wrong prices, the indifference and rudeness of the staff. The person that pretends to count my items and check my receipt that digs thru my cart and comments on what I buy. She even ran my foot over as she pushed my cart back and around because she couldn't get out of her chair. The cart guy ran into my shins with a whole row of carts. If I could rate them a minus 10, I would.

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