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Sammy Dress is one of the leading companies in the online fashion world that provides clothing, accessories, bags etc for men, women and kids. The aim is to mainly provide direct sale to the consumer with low cost but keeping quality standards high.

With more than 200,000 product lines, low price, fastest shipping and packaging, best customer service Sammy Dress ensures being client oriented. If you have a problem there are many ways to reach support to share your feedback.

24/7 live chat is available on their website. You can also submit a support ticket using an online form or by emailing To reach USA customer service, call toll free 1-909-581-9508, the best hours to reach a live person are given in GMT time from 7:30-21:30.

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I ordered 2 wigs. When they arrived they were the exactly the same and I broke out immediately just from touching them. They are made some where in China out of unknown materials. Impossible to contact them to request a refund. None of the website information work. They are a total rip off and is allowing to operate without limitations. No one should buy from these people. They are taking your hard earned money.


Ordered 5 dresses for my daughters for a dance paid for expedited shipping back the beginning of February. Have not received anything tracking number but no info there for tracking can't reach a person at customer service and will never order from sammydress again. I advise no one else to order from them either. Worst customer service and company to deal with they are frauds and take peoples money.


We ordered zipper warm gloves for riding, a blue dress for my wife, and i would like to order some jackets and shoes. But there incompetent sales are not trusting. I am afraid to order. I would have to go back and give the list, but the point of my SammyDress complaint is money taken is money stolen. Is this email going to do any thing? I'll be waiting.


I received two out of three items ordered one pair of boots had torn furr and thread coming apart not wearable. Called SammyDress customer service to find out were other pair of shoes are no one has called back. My password is not being accepted through support service online no way to reset it. Very dissatisfied really want my money back. I waited 18 days for the shoes that I actually received to be unwearable and a pair missing from order. Feel like I got ripped off. The shipping an handling costed more than the three pair shoes I ordered.


I've placed a order mid on the SammyDress website back in November and it is now middle December my items still haven't been shipped yet. I'm very pissed off and will be writing my review to their customer service dept. after I finish this complaint. I wanted them for Xmas. Only one problem here, there is no customer service number to complain!


I placed an order on the SammyDress website on October 12 2015 it's almost the end of November and I haven't receive my order. Emailed customer support and heard nothing!


I placed a large order paid through paypal 192.10 for order. I have not received it yet and they are trying to tell me I only had one order and it has been received. I did receive the one order, but the first one I never received. I have sent SammyDress my order number and my tracking number. I also called customer service and spoke to a rep who was no help. Now the tracking number goes nowhere. Guess what? The 1 star is for the worst service I have ever had. Invoice #m1510151937239406 and my transaction #5bk251979x984670r.


I placed an order on SammyDress almost a month ago. As a customer I usually get what I want. I ordered a large woman's top for Christmas with the order number of m1510151937239406 and shipping tracking number ltn31985136nl. Have not seen anything yet and my calls have not been answered or my emails returned. I have ordered a second a week ago and received it without a problem. Is this company legit?


I contact you because I don't know what happens with my order. I send to many messenger about that but I don't received answers. I bought CN14391914053461 with the SKU YJ1528901 and order number MM1508150939537734 SKU 133195602 and 139299101. Please contact me and let me know what happens with this order because I don't received yet.


Ordered a swimsuit that is a size for a child but was lead to believe it would fit a large adult and the quality of the material is good. No tags on the swimsuit. Would like to be able to contact customer service but can't seem to find where and how to do it. Would someone be able to help me out with the complaint number or customer service hotline?


Never order from SammyDress their communication stinks and they don't know how to place a simple order. It took over two weeks to process an order? Over 8 attempts to reach out to customer service with zero help or answers? Thanks for nothing.


I paid for insurance and I'm still waiting 2 months later. I doubt my order was ever mailed. I was given different tracking numbers. They were all invalid. SammyDress is not a reputable company.


Has anyone ever used the app SammyDress and is it legitimate or not? The deals look great but I am worried after reading a ton of customer complaints online that I might not get my order the right way. In particular many women have said they get sent the wrong sizes, items, etc. and have no way to send them back.


Please whatever you do, don't order from the SammyDress website without reading some review first. I paid for my order in full, only receieved a partial order. I did get a tracking number with my shipment but no phone number to call. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Buyer beware!

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