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I was at the Gap store on 12/16/18. I wanted to purchase a shirt, in which I wanted to try on, I proceeded to the handicap dressing room. Which was obviously used as a storage room. I could nit use it, their was display tables and other things stored in the only handicaps dresing. Room, I’m an amputee and need to use a scooter fo, distance walking the scooter doesn’t fit in regular changing, rooms. I was very angry that the room was not available, to me. I told the sales girl nasty said “ I didn’t know it “ about it being used as a storage room. I will,no longer shop at any Gap stores. This is inexcusable and it’s also illegal. This was the Gap store at the Colonie Center in Alban, NY


Gap in pembroke lakes mall make me feel so uncomfortable shopping in there. They follow all around the store and they have a floor walker she pulled my friend arm once we got outside and said I seen you put something in your bag and we were with our children that was embarrassing she checked her bag and didn’t even apologize. A second time I went there with my babies there were customers Spanish in the back and I was at the front they followed me all around the store while no one monitored the back. The cashier radio Thea associate so she can watch me everyone is not a thief I love Gap clothes for my children but they need better training to not make customers not feel uncomfortable


Old navy and Gap of Millbury MA, a woman at checkout was condescending and rude, her name was lisa. I had a coupon and she wouldn't wait for me to find it. I called over a manager and she did the transaction but gave me nothing for my time I had to spend in there and the terrible service I received after spending over $100. I am in old navy all the time, I have 5 daughters. I will not be going there any more, also bought a sweater during that time and they didn't take off the sensor so now I have to go back again.


Gap still has Amy Schumer in your ads after the back lash of her calling people nasty names over a vote. Bad for business she is not role model material.


Ok so me and my fiance went to Gap at the mall and I told my cashier what I needed. So I watched her ring it up and she rang up the items, which I thought she knew what I didn't want. So not only that but the discount bins they have was completely empty, while we waited for them to refill it. So that pissed me off cause we live 15 minutes out of town and I did not want to waste gas to go back. They need to pay more attention to the customers because from waiting on the machine to ring is up wasted a lot of time.


I am very upset with Gap I want close my account out I was sent an advertisement in the mail on the cover was the print edition dresses 40% off the ones on the cover were green, white and pink print mother and daughter. I found the mothers but not the girls I went to Alameda, San Leandro, Fremont and San Fransisco and even on line no one the the girls at all and if you know where it is I need a 6-7. I considering calling my attorney because I feel like this is false advertisement I work retail for a many years.

And you least had have one my time my gas my disappointment has really pissed me off and I lost trust in old navy I would like to know. I will talk to some about this situation and see how legal this was. You can see I am a loyal customer and I expect old navy to be loyal to me. The print edition dresses 40% off women's from $15 girls from $10 old navy sale may 31-june 12 can not wait to hear from Old Navy corporate offices and explain why this happened. I do want the dress for my granddaughter for our vacation have a nice day.


I used to shop at Gap all the time. The clothes are cute and reasonably priced. But not any more. After one time of washing my new jeans, they faded and tore at the seams. Thought it was only a fluke, but it also ruined 2 sweaters and a tank top. The customer service has fallen to the wayside as well. The employees cluster together, talking amongst themselves, and not helping any of the customers in the store. Had to track down an employee myself to open the fitting rooms. Won't go there again. It's just not the same as it used to be. 


I like old navy, but I have a major complaint about their new 50% off sale. I went to the website to shop online, but was upset when I found out that there are very few items actually half-off for their sale. Everything else is full price. This feels like a bait and switch tactic to me.

The sizes are never the same. I bought a pair of pants at Gap and they were a size 8 and fit like a glove.  I loved them so much that I told my mom to pick up a pair in a lighter shade.  She brought home the pants and when i tried them on they were too big.  The same jeans, the same size, yet they didn’t fit the same? What’s up with that?  If you ever buy anything from Old Navy, you have to try on each individual item you want, doesn’t matter if it’s the same brand but different color.  Frustrating.


Not made for tall people!  Whenever I see a Gap commercial I always think, “Man those clothes look cute!”  Then I go to the store and NOTHING fits.  The shirts are too short and the pants look like high waters.  It’s awful.  I am only 5’10 girl and it is annoying as heck to go into a clothing store, find the cutest pair of jeans only to have them end at your ankles.  Great clothes for average height but if you are tall you are SOL.

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