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Ralph Lauren is a manufacturer and worldwide retailer of luxury fragrances, clothing, apparel accessories and home wares. It is publicly traded on the NYSE:RL. In 2014 revenues were reported at US 7 billion and net income reported that same year was US 776 million.The Ralph Lauren Company has employees that number over 23,000.

If you experience a problem with Ralph Lauren merchandise you will find their 1-888-475-7674 to have a reputation as having a less than 30 second wait time. You may contact the new (as of November, 2015) CEO, Stefan Larsson by writing to him at corporate headquaraters.  That address is 650 Madison Avenue, C1,  New York, NY 10022.  The Ralph Lauren corporate telephone number is 212-318-7000.  Their website is www.ralphlauren.com and you will find a helpful consumer support menu here.

Founded by Ralph Lauren in 1967 the first brand name was Polo Ralph Lauren. Originally the company’s singular line was luxury men’s neck ties. Mr. Lauren was President and CEO until November, 2015 and will still remain actively involved. There are worldwide boutiques that carry full Ralph Lauren designs and couture. You will find social media forums on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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I went in to your store and was looking for cute matching outfits for the family photos we were going to take. I spoke to Bee, she stated she was the manager or that's the name she gave me not sure if it's real or not. But she was so rude to my husband and son. She was nice to me, but I felt harrassed as if she was hitting on me. I am a straight women and not interested at all. But besides the point, she was way out of line and I want and am looking into an assault charge on her for targeting me, putting her hand on my shoulder. And treating my family badly. Making gestures. She must be really crazy I'm not sure how she works in Polo in Allen, Tx. My father is a cop and I am going straight to him or the police station after having an awful encounter with a very uneducated black women hitting on customers. This will not be tolerated anymore. I dont liked being touched like that its inappropriate and illegal!!


I shop Ralph Lauren both retail at Macy's, NY and Dillard's in SC and frequent the Tanger outlet in North Myrtle Beach. I have purchased many of your V Neck tees both retail and outlet. I have never made any complaints. These are very affordable and look nice on. As they are inexpensive I just replace them. However I now recognize there is a fault in the fabric Of these V Neck tee shirts. I wash gentle hand wash . I bought a new top pf the line Samsung washer ? I even blamed my washer. The issue ! Every time I wash these tees there seems to appear little bite holes in around the same area lower front of the Tee shirt. I also never dry them in a dryer. I hang them. I have bought so many because I love the look. I amm now buying any more even though they are inexpensive. I replaced so many they are getting expensive now. This week was the last straw Wore one once only put it in gentle wash and sure enough same thing tiny little holes????? I am a much older woman who certainly knows how to wash especially with 5 children and seven Grandchildren. I actually took three shirts into the Tanger outlet in No Myrtle Beach to show the manager. I did not ask for a refund. I just wanted this to be reported to Corporate headquarters. he stated he would indeed report it and told me to do the same. Seems most of the shirts from the same country. I know I can't be the only one this happens to. It is not possible. I have gone through dozens of Tee shirts all the same. It is just not possible this has not come to your attention. The only thing is they are very affordable, very cute and comfortable so at the price they are maybe no one has complained. However it is only your Ralph Lauren Women's tees that have this issue. I buy lot of other brands Nautica. Gap, all similar and none have issues. I want to make you aware of this. I will continue to buy Ralph Lauren but definitely NOT the tees. Seems to be this particular tee V Neck style. I buy others no issues. No issues with the collar shirts, The three quarter sleeve shirts . Only those seems to made in Peru short sleeve V neck tees. I would like to have this recognized by your CEO . I would wonder also ?? that I can hardly believe this has never been a complaint before. It has been happening a long time with this style. Only now did I decide it must be brought to someone's attention. I just noticed a place to upload photos. I did not take photos as I did not know this option was available But please feel free to respond and I can absolutely upload exactly what I am speaking of . Looks like a mouse was biting my tees.
Angela merry
2300 Tidewatch way
North Myrtle Beach
SC 29582


I purchased some sun glasses which I loved. I took them to Hawaii on a trip.

Not sure why but the lenses started to peel off with the sunlight. I would like to see if you can provide me an alternative. I only buy Ralph Lauren or Oakley glasses. Hate to remain an unsatisfied customer.


The big guy section at the polo outlet in GulfPort, MS. needs a lot of work. I buy many clothes from there but have to settle for what i don't want because there is not enough variety to choose from. The other sections have different stuff all the time. Is it discrimination against big people. This really needs to be addressed and I wish someone would contact me to further this complaint.


I purchased a pair of Ralph Lauren shoes --it's the Claremont 8.5B Navy blue style shoe. I have worn these shoes maybe 4 times and they are showing awful wear and tear on the bottom and some discoloration. Very disappointed in this shoe as I paid $85 for these shoes but do not have the receipt. This is like the fifth pair of Ralph Lauren shoes I have owned and never had this issue with previous pairs. I feel a refund is in order to make this right. Can you please advise how to handle. Thank you so much--Vickie Matthews


Different jacket sent than advertised, eight emails and photos to customer service. One phone call to Ralph Lauren customer service not returned. Opened a dispute through PayPal, completely arrogant. They refuse to acknowledge that I am even a customer.


Several months ago I purchased 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels and a bath mat at Elder-Beerman in Zanesville Ohio. The color was deep purple and they were made in India. They are Ralph Lauren so I assumed they would live up to the name. I noticed the first time I washed them in cold water with Tide the tub in my Maytag washer had a purple ring. I have washed these towels and keep noticing patches where the dye was gone. Yesterday after washing them I saw big areas where the color has faded and they look awful!! I am 76 years old so I have had a lot of experience doing laundry so I know it is not something I have done. The dye is just defective. Very disappointed!


I purchased a set of sheets-loved the print for my bedroom. I have never slept on a more uncomfortable set of sheets. The russling noise is terrible. I have tried to wash with fabric softener, line dry them, fluff in the dryer with dryer sheets,but nothing seems to work. Was wondering if i could return for or get some type of credit to purchase another set. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Neon pink button up long sleeved shirt and a orange button up long sleeve shirt was purchased and when washed the color around seams have faded. Two washes and they both look like they have been worn a couple of years. Please advise me of what i can do and am i eligible for a refund. If I am eligible for a refund please notify me on how to obtain one.


Bought a neon pink button up long sleeved shirt and a orange button up long sleeve shirt was purchased and when washed the color around seams have faded. Two washes and they both look like they have been worn a couple of years. Please advise me of what i can do and am i eligible for a refund. If I am eligible for a refund please notify me on how to obtain one from the corporate offices. I think this complain is justified given the price I paid as a customer for this shirt.


We received Dillard's gift cards from our children for our 50th anniversary 2 years ago. We purchased very expensive Ralph Lauren sheets, which we loved because they feel wonderful. They are 100% cotton, made in Bahrain, RN 116947. We didn't use them right away because we were in the process of doing a little remodel and refresh, so we've actually used them for a little over a year.

We liked the feel so much that we bought another set and we alternate between the 2 RL sets and another white set from an unknown brand that we've had for about 10 years. Last week, when I removed the sheets to wash them, there were huge tears about 18" long and about 6-8 inches wide at the foot of the bed on my husband's side of the bed. It was so frayed, that it couldn't be repaired with a single seam, so I put another piece of cloth underneath and used my zigzag stitch to secure it. The cloth appears to be rotten.

This week when I changed the sheets, it had ripped out again. I examined the pillow cases and they are pulling apart at the seams and fraying like crazy. I have never paid $300 for kingsize sheets and cases before & that was on sale, so I'm a bit shocked. Please tell me what to do. I have another set in a different color, purchased soon after the first set. I expect they will also fall apart as well. I always follow the laundry instructions, which recommends cold water and dry on low heat. Since they are colored, I don't use bleach on them.

I have worn RL clothing for many years and have never had this type of problem, but will be a bit cautious now. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


When it comes to matter of style, brand is what matters which we have to follow and Ralph Lauren is the best portal to select your favorite brands in luxury clothing,accessories,sun glasses. It was very easy to order my favorite Rayban sun glasses in Ralph Lauren with a good discount. Ontime delivery with good packing and the best brand are the special services which we can expect from Ralph Lauren. Thanks to Ralph Lauren to get my sunglasses ontime and i am going to rock this sunny weekend.

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