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Toll free phone number: 1-866-513-0513

If you need to write or return an item to the Calvin Klein head office, use the address 9271 Meridian Way, West Chester, OH 45069. There are many methods of contacting CK including by email at or by phone toll free at 1-866-513-0513. There is also a live chat option available on their website during the hours of 9am-10pm EST, Monday to Friday.

Common issues with Calvin Klein range from their many products for men and women including shirts, jeans, and fragrances. Their is extensive information available on the CK website including shipping information for orders. There is also detailed information on returns and cancellations.

If you have ordered from the website and not yet recieved your order, there is a timeline below for shipping dates and expected delivery times for U.S. Standard Freight is 7-14 business days, Standard Ground is 3-6 business days, Second Day is 2-3 business days, and Overnight is 1-2 business days.

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Was on vacation November 2019 in Puerto Rico with my son.We went into Kohl’s where I saw a Calvin Klein women’s backpack I loved my son bought it for my early birthday gift.Back home in North Carolina it was about 2 weeks when I started to use it I noticed after the third use it tan/brown and it started to change blue mostly on the back and bottom and the front started piling off.High upset and trying to submit a complaint on several occasions and got to last question and it kept making me do it over .


My Husband bought these pant's not once but twice in two years and both times they worn out pulled apart on the butt part.Now its not like his butt is so big because its not,it didnt rip at the seam.His size is 36w 43l slim fit.Your ads say better cotton but i don't think so.Just to let you know we stoped buying Calvin Klein . Thank you Theresa Malone


When I Received My Shirt And Jacket it Had 2-3 Stains


hi i bought a handbag n purse in florida 2017 christmas i have used the bag a few times the straps are contacted to gold coloured rings which conect to the bag the rings have came away from bag so i cannot use my bag .geraldinne duffy


Today I brought back 2 belts (unworn) and 1 backpack bag (unused) to Calvin Klein at Vaughan Mills for refund. This store manager was very rude and she raised her voice at me asking why did I remove the price tag on the belts, I told her this was a gift and therefore I removed the price tag!. She rudely tells me that I should have just cut the price and leave the barcode on, well maybe your receipt should print leave the bar code on if there is a chance of returning the item. Because we were getting loud and she asked me to step aside and I said NO! I then asked for her name so I can file a complaint, and she loudly respond that she doesn't have to give me her name. I then took a picture of her and she calls the security threatened to arrest me, I walked out of the store and she continues threatened that she has called mall's security to arrest me. I am sorry, people like this is just classless, embarrassed the company they work for, embarrassed herself, and there is a reason why she can't get anywhere in life at her age 60+. Here is the lady

I will never shop at Calvin Klein, I will post this incident on Facebook to share this disgusting experience of mind shopping at CK.

I rate this company 0 default I have to select 1 star, not worth 1 star


I purchased some men's cologne "Truth" by Calvin Klein. The bottle was in the box on my wood end table. Apparently from the sun hitting the bottle the bottle cracked and the cologne came out all over my table. Taking the stain off the table top and leaving a terrible mark. I Have picture is so needed. I would appreciate anything that you could do as this has ruined my table. No answer from corporate headquarters yet from my complaint. I am hoping to contact the CEO of Calvin Klein next to tell him my story.


If you want to have a multidimensional life style, then walk in to Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein offers modern, sophisticated styles for women and men clothing including apparel, handbags, underwear, functional athletic wear, original designer wear jeans, home & kitchenware products, jewelry, accessories from the most prestigious and luxurious brands round the world.

I am glad to be Calvin Klein's customer and I am grateful to the quality of products they do supply. I suggest you all to have a look at Calvin Klein, if you want to set a trend in your life style! And no I an not an employee just a big fan!


Sometime in December/2010, or January/ 2011, I bought a Calvin Klein jacket in the Women's Department at Macy's store in Augusta, GA . In the beginning of January 2011, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to go to Atlanta for a long medical treatment. I returned in June. So, the jacket hung in my closet until December 28, 2010, when I discovered that the security lock had not been removed. I was surprised to see that it still had a security device attached. I did not have a receipt any longer, so I proceeded to go to your store to have it removed.

How astonished I was when the clerk and the department manager, after a long time of checking throughout the cash register and phone calls, refused to remove the device, stating that it was a store policy. Consequently, Macy's left me unable to wear a coat for which I paid a considerable amount of money. I have been a faithful Macy’s customer for over 20 years, and assuredly, I did not steal the coat. Nevertheless, the manager's treatment of the situation certainly had a devastating effect.

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