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H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) is a global fashion retailer with over 5,000 stores in more than 70 countries. The company offers a wide range of clothing and accessories for men, women, and children, known for its trendy and affordable fashion collections.

If you have a problem and need to contact H&M complaints department, the best H&M contact number to call would be toll free 1-855-466-7467 or contact H&M support through email info@hm.com. The best hours to reach H&M customer service number with a live agent are between Mon to Fri 9am-6pm EST (all times are in EST).

H&M corporate office is at 110 Fifth Avenue 11th Floor New York, NY 10011 USA with H&M corporate number of 1-855-466-7467.Leaving your H&M corporate office complaints below is a great way to have your voice heard.

The most common H&M corporate complaints are 0ften sizing inconsistency is frustrating, making it difficult to find the right fit. Additionally, their frequent sales can lead to overcrowded stores and messy displays, making the shopping experience less enjoyable. If you have an issue with your order or experience and you desire to leave H&M headquarters complaints then we offer a convenient link to a complaint form here https://www2.hm.com/en_gb/customer-service/contact.html.

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Was at the Hamilton Place Mall store and was shock to hear the manager whom I later found out from staff was very rude to her staff and had the worst attitude. I shop at H & M quite often and was told she was a new manager. I told the staff they should report her...


Ordered on Nov. 25 and no way to check order unless you sign up which I did after the fact. I now have been waiting over 45 min for
someone to answer the phone. Always at least a 30 min hold time. I can't even cancel the order because it doesn't show up anywhere.


I was looking for a different size for this sweater so I asked the fitting room person and she said she was new so I decided to ask at the register. I asked the guy at the register named “Frankie” on his name tag, he said ask her and started pointing and said who ?? I was confused and he said no there’s no other size and I asked if he can look it up online or the system to see if there was the size he bluntly said no, after that I asked if he worked here? He said “ do you work here”... very hostile and rude if he couldn’t help me he should’ve said it in the first place. So I found someone else to help who was very helpful, which I would expect from someone who’s working at the store.


I bought some pants for my daughter they wasnt never worn nor washed unfortunately I didn't have my receipt the store manager was adamant that they had been washed and worn and wanted to exchange them for 5 dollars I put the pants in the garbage will never shop there again


To who may concern. I
love shopping in H & M stores. I have shopped at H& M at Mall of America.
Today September 14th, I was in the Bloomington, Illinois store at 12.15 to 12 40.
Absolutely not one staff was assisting no one in the store. Except ring up sales. Not a hello , nothing. Such a disappointment.
How do these people acquire their jobs? No wonder people shop online.
I hope their is improvement.



i brought a backpack purses with the drawstring and a flap on it at one of ur stores in Pensacola F July 22 2019l.My purse on the flap part it has unraveled and it looks like 3 different flaps on it and its looking a mess I thought buying from you guys i would think I had the best quality in anything i bought out the store I live in Cincinnati Ohio and im not going back to Florida anytime soon i wondering can i get a refund and I was so excited to wear it in Fl I threw the receipt away


I simply went in to return an item and 3 of the non black employees started talking poorly about me. I am an avid shopper of HM but i always avoided going in store because the employees are generally racist idiots. I will no longer shop online at this point, HM needs to diversify who they hire as I refuse to ask anyone I feel uncomfortable with for help


I bought a bra and it did not even last one year and the wire came out and is hurting my breast and no one will replace it or give me refund I hate how this company treats it's customers by selling bad clothing


I placed an order online 6/28/19 never received a order confirmation # my order was shipped to the store my son tried to pick it up for me and he had a order number but no four digit code and he was turned away I called customer service who called the store and they cleared it up but once again they turned him away a second time this is unacceptable and I will not stop complaining till something is done......Chicago Ridge store customer service department is awful and they need to be re-trained.


Too begin with I never received a tracking number for my package. I ordered me and my daughter clothes for our trip to Disney trip. I places my order in April 6, 2019 and it was “Supposedly” delivered on April 11, 2019. I so happened call because I never received a tracking number and that customer service representative stated my package was delivered. I explained to her that I never received a tracking so can I get a refund she stated I had to wait till the 21st .

Unacceptable, so I asked for a manger and I was then speaking with George for the Chicago,Illinois center and he was rude about the situation. He provided no assistance and he had a nonchalant attitude on the phone. So I asked for a high individual above him and he had the audacity to transfer me to another rep. Their customer services is SHITTY and I would never ever shop with them again.


money was never refunded to my credit card. Gace me the run around even had me go into the store and they couldn't do anything. It's been almost a month and i don't have my refund yet. Last time I purchase anything from this store!!!!!!!!


Hello, my name is Gustavo Ramirez, I am a costumer of H&M for a long time. I just wanted to call your attention on something that bothered me as I visited the store in H&M MAN in Emeryville, CA. There were around three young employees working there and as they worked they were having a conversation that involved profanity bad words were thrown, it made me a bit uncomfortable and I thought of calling their attention, but I didn't want to create a scene and make them feel bad. I think that employees need to be trained to treat the workplace as a professional environment and not their normal hang out places. If your department can do something about it, it would be appreciated. I love the store and I'll like to shop in a place were the employees are respectful with their service and also with their language.

Thanks for your attention


I went to H&M store in the Mall in Houma Louisiana on 7/24/18 @ 7:20 to 7:40 PM if you have a security camera and can check this time you will notice that the line to check out was long, They had one woman at the register when a young man stepped up to help the woman she sent him away told him she didn't need help...as everyone in line was very shocked since we were all standing in line.. when I was finished I asked the young man who was the manger and he informed me that it was the woman at the register that had sent him away.. I feel like this needs to be addressed if someone is willing to help and you have a long line it would be better customer service to get to your customers taken care of in a timely matter.... it was very annoying and I'm sure other people felt the same and can make people not want to shop at your store.....


I ordered a package. After i ordered the package i realized that it was being shipped to and old work address that was already on file. I tried to change it but i was unsuccessful. I called, and was told to wait for a shipping confirmation. I called a few more times when i didn't receive an email. I was told to wait. I was on hold each time for about 45 min. I called ups i was also told to wait. I finally got the email a few days later and i was then told i could not change anything.

I asked them to please just leave the package at ups. I was told by both h&m and ups that that was the wrong address and it was being shipped back.. The package was sent back to h&m. I called and they said they could give a discount on half of my order. I didn't want that. I want my whole order. I was told i could reorder but some of the items were sold out. I am angry. I don't want to shop at h&m any more. The customer service was horrible. This was my worst shopping experience. Its cold and my son needed those items now.


I also shop and H&M and found some additional customer service information below. I ordered jeans online and three pairs came in the wrong size. I am still trying to get my refund!

General contact info (outside the US)
+46 8 796 55 00
Email: info@hm.com

Press enquiries (outside the US)
Phone +46 8 796 53 00
Email: mediarelations@hm.com

Media Relations line (outside the US)
Camilla Emilsson Falk
+46 8 796 39 95


Went into Oxford Street H&M store for a refund, 19th Feb. A week later I noticed this transaction was still outstanding, I called the store and was told to go back in, bearing in mind it takes over an hour to travel in. I sent an email to the customer services team, just to receive an acknowledgement but nothing more. After working as a Training consultant who's focuses on training staff to deliver exceptional customer service, this was clearly a complaint I wanted to escalate.

I contacted H&M's telephone customer services several times, having to repeat each time my complaint & on every occasion all my personal details / contact details were taken, stating they were going to pass on my details for someone to contact me. with no result. To cut this very long story short, after speaking with 2x admin members at Oxford St branch 2x store managers, untold customer service members, 4x telephone Customer Service staff, & in total 5, branch visits, & numerous online form submissions, I finally received my overdue refund.

This level of service is unacceptable, I had to take time out to travel into central London in order to resolve a mistake made by a member of H&M. Not at any point was I made to feel valued in any way. Normally I wouldn't bother, but the fact that I had contacted every department possible, to still receive such poor service, with no brand values, or customer integrity was far from disappointing. It's These instances that I will use as examples in training events on ' how Not to deliver service.' This will be my final attempt to put forward my disappointment, & it shall be interesting to see how much H&M as an organization value their customers. I should expect an acknowledgement from an individual as opposed to another standardized email response.

You have my contact details, & I'm sure if you look back in the complaints inbox you may still see several complaints still awaiting to be acknowledged. I Shall sit in anticipation to see whether I will actually receive an acknowledgement, not only for the error, which after unacceptable number of attempts, has now been resolved, but for the unacceptable staff attitude to help resolve my complaint within an acceptable Service Level of agreement. All staff lacked to demonstrate any customer values Whether being both from face to face customer advisers, or telephone staff.

I would have also expected some kind of an apology, or gesture for such inconvenience caused, yet I was left shocked that a worldwide organization has no customer standards in place.


I went to H&M to exchange a jean jacket that fit too small b/c of the cut of the jacket. I usually try clothes on But this day I had my 2month old w/me & didn't really want to waste time. The day I bring the jacket back, all systems were down and the exchange could not be done. The staff told me to come back the following day. Ok, I go back the next day. The same thing. I put the jacket back on hold again. & at this point, I'm pissed b/c now it's the 2nd day and I couldn't even call the store to see if the systems were back up b/c H&M does not give customers the store phone number to complain. Which is beyond stupid.

So now I have the staff getting annoyed w/me b/c I'm annoyed w/them. Then I send my husband back on the 3rd day and the staff puts the jacket back on the rack so now the jacket that I want to get is no longer there. It was the last 1, that was the main reason I put it on hold. This whole situation is so petty. It was the store's fault that I could not exchange the jacket when I came in the 1st time so they could of at least held the jacket longer than their 24 hr hold rule. I will NEVER shop there again and I'm going to try to get all my friends and family to avoid.

This is not the 1st time I've had a bad experience w/that store and location. The staff is very rude. They get NO stars just an "F" for fail.


Make a style statement with fashionable clothes from H&M. I made great purchases from H&M and was well appreciated by my friends for the apparel I wear. At H&M I had purchased some cardigans and jumpers. I must say once I received the order I was thrilled and happy with their quality. H&M has a wide range for men and kids as well. They also have some home accessories which I would love to purchase in the near future. Love the quality stuff they have to offer and their shipping is pretty fast too.


I purchased a suit for myself and one for my teenage son in preparation for my daughter’s wedding. Your employee was kind enough to place my suit in a protective black zip up hanging container. That was a day or so before we left for New Orleans for the wedding. After we arrived in the French Quarter I took the suit out of its leather travel bag designed to carry suits and hung up the suit, container and all, in the hotel room closet. The day of the wedding I took it out and with about an hour before the wedding ceremony where I was to give away the bride much to my shock and horror the suit still had a security device attached to it.

It was one of those that explodes with ink if it is not properly taken off. I called Penney’s and was told to simply take it back to the store where I purchased it and they would remove it. That would be in Provo. I was in New Orleans. I was on my cell phone long distance for over twenty minutes trying to find a solution. I noticed that there was an H&M store close to where the wedding was taking place, Penney’s also suggested that I could go to the local Penney’s store. It was 20 minutes away by car. By then it was less than 30 minutes before the wedding.

I did not have a car with me. I went to H&M and they did not have the proper device to take it off, nor did two other stores. I was forced to take escort my daughter by placing one hand over the device in a sort of ridged fashion.. For the pictures, the reception, and the dinner afterwards I was forced to do my best to hide the ugly thing. I feel very badly about what happened and I and my many family members, hold Penney’s responsible. When I returned back to Utah the only compensation I got was a heartfelt “sorry” and the quick removal of the device. So far my memory was not a good one. I don’t know if anything van be done about it but I felt I needed to complain.

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