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Pier 1 Imports www.pier1.com is a Fort Worth, Texas based retailer focusing on interior design, furnishings, accessories and seasonal décor. It is publicly traded on NYSE:PIR. In recent years revenues have been reported as US 1.8 billion with over 1000 stores and over 17,000 employees.

If you would like to contact Pier 1 you may call them at 1-800-245-4595 or email them at connect@pier1.com . You may also find helpful numbers here. If you would like to contact the CEO, Alexander Smith, you may address postal correspondence with Pier 1 Imports, 100 Pier 1 Place, Fort Worth, Texas 76102. The corporate phone number is 817-252-8000.

Starting with a small store aimed at the baby boomer in San Mateo, CA in 1962 the business moved to Fort Worth, TX in 1966. With the  longest running corporate partnership, Pier 1 has sold UNICEF greeting cards since 1985, raising over 32 million for international needs. With slogan ‘find what speaks to you’ social presence may  be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Pair one has taken a turn for the worst I am a longtime shopper and until recently have always enjoyed my purchases now because they're struggling their employees are rude they don't backup their product and a product backup the prices that are listed in the store I was just told when purchasing something that O it was in the wrong place even there were 20 of those items sitting right there on the display the woman was rude she was rude to me yesterday I made to large purchases and I recently encouraged my daughter who got a new house in California to get a pier 1 card and she is had nothing but trouble damage goods things not coming in when they were supposed to again people being rude what's happening with peer 1


asst manager sandy at powers colo store absolutely unacceptably rude unprofessional a purchase on hold was sold before my sister picked it up w/in 24 hr time. staff promised to hold for her due to no cc allowed over phone sandy allowed my sister to leave the store upset and in tears sandy had no concern kept repeating she left at 5 the nite before n knew nothing about situation didn't offer to help fix the prob but told me to tell sis to go on line n research herself for another tree. omg sandy needs another job certainly not one in management wev purchased thousands of $ for our restaurant at pier one for last 12 years.. wont be back to the store sis stated it wasn't the tree itself but the treatment of staff toward her that was pitiful no star rating not one


Your employee Charlotte grey is beyond rude everytI'm I call customer service and she answers she is beyond rude and always rushing me off the phone I'm not sure if she works for home but at times there is yelling and cursing in the background. I will no longer shop with this company thans to her poor customer service I might come back if she is fired.


I placed an online order and even though it was in the same status the next day I found the item in store which are st least 20 miles for me to drive and no one would assist and cancel my order which is unacceptable!!!!!!
Terrible customer service!


SO SAD I got 545. 78 purchase and 1 of the items go on sale few hours later, I call them and they tell me go back to the store, do a return..so was3 hours far away, The girl laugh and laugh over the phone and say is not worthy LOLLLLLLL, I say excuse? and she continuing saying silence nothing else we can do. I thinks not the way we do business in other store they call you and let you know about the adjustment in the price…..PIER 1 COSTUMER POLICIES NO FAIR


Three employees talking at the counter when I walked in and no one said hello. I was waiting for them to stop talking so I wouldn’t interrupt them...HALF an hour later, they’re still talking and I’m next to the counter pretending to look at stuff so as not to be rude. THEN, one said she was going on break, one left for the day and the last one went to the back room without acknowledging me whatsoever! I had questions about a piece of furniture I wanted. I actually waited a couple months before coming back to get it because it wasn’t cheap. I guess I don’t need it after all. This is the Pier 1 in Holland Michigan. Never coming back.


On November 8, 2017 and again on November 9, 2017, I made a purchase at your Chesterfield, Mo. location. There were a number of holiday items I was interested in purchasing and asked one of the sales associates if they knew if they were going on sale in the near future. She was very rude and stated "I have no idea". As I was paying for my merchandise, another customer was also at the register. After they rang up her order, I heard her ask them if they took off the 25%. The rude sales associates stated "if you don't ask us, we can't do it". I then asked my sales associate the same question and got the same response however my salesperson was very apologetic.

I would like to know if this is the way you treat your customers? There is a 25% off sale on regular priced merchandise yet you don't tell the customer hoping they are not aware of this? If this is the case, please explain to me how this is considered good customer service. Stores are dependent on customers to survive. If this is the way you treat them your stores might be added to the hundreds of others that are closing. I did not receive my 25 % off yesterday and plan to return everything I bought.

Please advise if this is the way you direct your employees to treat customers are was it the employee just being rude. I await your response.

Thank-you...Nancy Muchnick


I would give Pier 1 a zero customer service rating if I could. I asked my husband to pick up some glasses that I had seen earlier in the week. When he went to the charlottesville store, he was treated terribly. He first the only woman he say at the counter if she might help him. Brusquely, she replied, I'm busy entering merchandise. She didn't call another associate to help but just kept working at her computer. When he asked for a basket to carry 12 glasses she just said, we don't have any. He went to the back of the store and selected the glasses (7.95 each) but could only find 8 and we always purchase 12 at a time. When he asked the same woman if she might have some in the back, she said there was no use looking as everything was out. He asked if some would be coming in, or if he could special order 4 more and she said, "We only do that if your ordering more expensive crystal glasses." He came home with the 8 glasses vowing never to set foot in that place again. I'm writing my complaint to Pier 1 corporate because I have also had a curt experience in that store about a week ago. You should send a secret shopper there!


On July 25, 2015 I made some purchases in your store. I began to write my check for the items, the sales rep said, you had a promotion going , if I used my charge card with the purchase of 200.00 I could get a percentage of the merchandise. I just wanted to pay for my items and leave. I was purchasing right at 200.00 anyway, so she kept promoting the Idea about the charge card. I gave in and used the charge card, when she gave me my total, and charged my account, I also paid the account off for my purchases at that time. I returned the rug on 8/11, the original price was 139.95 with 15% discount brought it to 129.96, the sales rep said I could not get the refund, it had to go back to the account. My checking account cleared many days before I returned it. I want my account closed as of today, August 17, 2015. I do not frequent your store often and I told the rep that if I had known your store policy I would not have use the charge account. I am complaining because you have been paid for my purchases, but when the customer try to get a refund for purchases that have already been paid, there is red tape policy. I don't know when I will be back in your establishment and you're holding 129.96 of my money. I am only speaking for my account, I don't know what others do, I only speak for myself.


I love the furniture sold on Pier 1 as they have some exquisite stuff sold on their website. I had purchased an ottoman for my living room to give it a classy look. Believe me for the compliments I received from my friends for this. When I went to the store as well, the quality of products that they have are simply appreciable. Pier1 have great designs to choose from. Not just furniture for the indoors, but also outdoor furniture, rugs and carpets, pillows and cushions, decor and lighting and many more. I personally feel that one must visit their store or website to get some great home needs. On the website they are also running a 10% discount if one registers on it. Very customer centric staff who make you feel welcomed and give you suggestions on your purchase.

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