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I went to Office Depot at Haymarket Square in Des Moines, IA. There were three staff people and not one of them greeted customers. After waiting for someone to even make eye contact with me, I loudly directed my question to the nearest one. Still not making eye contact, he told me the mailing machine was down. No "sorry for the inconvenience" or anything. I said, "it would be nice if you guys would at least greet your customers," and this same staff person said "yeah it would, wouldn't it." Absolutely unacceptable. I will not shop there again and will tell my friends.


Good Afternoon! I have been trying to get my refund for a Tech Bundle that I did not use it was cancelled within a couple of hours of getting it.
Mind you this was June 16th and today's date is July 13, 2020. I would simply like my money returned to my card. Covid yes but this long to get your money back doesn't make sense!
Work Order
Associate: Charmaine Aikins (0639378)
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I was a the copy desk window, waiting. An employee, Dillon Schnieder approached. I said, "I just need to pick up my stuff (manuscript). He yelled for someone from the crowd to the right to come over for help. I stated my need again and he said, "You'll have to go over to there. She'll be off the phone." I stepped back as the invited customer dumped her items in front of me on the counter. As I waited at the corner I said out loud to myself, "Was what just happen white privilege?" I am Native American. After Dillon served 2 other customers, the female clerk called me over. I explained my reason for being there and asked a clarifying question. The original clerk had indicated I could bring in a zip drive and the material could be transferred to that. The current clerk said that would be a new order, "and there are people in line before you", and it would be another $30 charge. I indicated to let it go, I would just take my materials. She checked the receipt which indicated it was already paid. She said to me, "You don't have to act like that!" I reached for my sack saying, "This is not a very good place to do business." She kinda jerked the sack back towards her so I had to lean forward over the barrier to get it. I left with my manuscript. I was about 8 or 10 steps away and Dillion yelled loudly, "Mammm, you have to pay for your merchandise!" I was mortified. All the people in the two check out lanes looked. I held up my package and said, "My receipt is in here." Dillion wouldn't wait on me but he jumped in to call me out when he believed I was stealing.

I contacted the manager, Bonnie Wilmessmeier and told her this happened on Wednesday June 24, 2020 at approximately 12:30 pm. She made excused for him. She said he doesn't usually work at the copy center. On June 25, 2020 my husband stopped in and talked to the manager, Tyler Nelson. He talked with me saying, "Did Dillion yell at you?" I said yes and described the above. He was going to view the video and get back to me. Today is Friday. I have not heard from anyone about my complaint.


Poor Service with regard to mailing by FEDEX. Very poor interchange with one of the staff as I was trying to send something by fedex and explained what it was a part of a gun not a firearm only a no functioning part non serialized and not something that could shoot. The person said they would not send it but I had sent the same thing from that location many times in the past without any problem.
I looked at the SOP for Office DEpot and it does not say anything about parts being sent by FEDEX.
The person was not going to give me their full name and did not provide a business card when I asked for one.
Very sure this was some sort of power thing between her and me in this charged political climate. I identified myself by showing her my Sheriff's Office ID and told her that I hold a Federal Gun License. I think by her actions this was her trying to control the process.


Hello, I need a problem resolved. On May 21st I ordered an office chair that was scheduled to be delivered on June 5th. I got the order confirmation and then never heard anything else for about 2-3 weeks. I contacted customer service several times about the chair and they continuously lied to me about whether or not the chair was in stock, when I would get it, and when it would be shipped. I requested to cancel it several times and each time I was told to wait 24-48 hours. Each time they gave me the run around and provided me with no new information. Sometimes I never heard back at all. They hung up on me and left the chat multiple times. They were rude. I have been told that the chair has been shipped and also been charged AFTER I finally canceled and was TOLD by one of their employees that the order would be canceled and “don’t worry”. I have proof of this. I have already filed a dispute with my bank about this because I don’t trust their customer service to give me my money back. Also, I see that the order must be refused upon delivery to be canceled if it is already shipped, however, on the order there is no tracking information. The tracking number is the order number and I KNOW that's not right. So there is no way to tell when the order will really come for me to even refuse it. I would like to speak to someone with some sense who can resolve this problem for me. This has been a nightmare and I will never order from them again and I will make sure anyone I know knows never to order from this shady business. I have attached the proof that I was told my order would be canceled.


Ordered on-line a printer and 4 ink cartridges as one order on my credit card. Office Depot placed it in three separate orders and tapped my Credit card three separate times. One order (black ink was not received because they did not pay postage on it. They would not ship the replacement fourth black ink cartridge. They gave me credit for the one. I ask for them to authorize a prepaid return for the printer and three ink pack. They only authorized a pick up for the printer but not the three ink pack received in the original shipment. What am I going to do with ink they sold me with and no printer. I will not send the printer back for fear I will not receive credit for it. They are the worse I have seen.


I travel around, mainly in Florida, but sometimes in NY and California.
I teach classes that Universities really don't want to do.
An example is hazardous chemicals, application, storage, etc.
Testing is mandatory in most states.
Consequently I need copies, lots of copies.
The Vero Beach Office Depot has consistently been error prone.
In one memorable incident, 13 test pages were completely missing causing an exam cancellation.
That one alone cost my company over $6,000 in refunds.
Numerous other incidents persisted, copy pages missing, upside down, even backwards.
Management never accepted responsibility for any of these incidents.
I gave up and went to Staples about 6 years ago.

But I had a very small order today, only about 600 copies, folding included..
So I patiently waited behind the yellow tape only to find my old nemesis was still working there.
As I tried to hand him the copies he simply pointed at the customer copy machines, said that's where you make copies, and turned and left.
I needed folding too, but he never even gave me a chance to utter a single word.

Compared to Staples, this place is a joke.
Why I even went there I have no idea.
I will not make that mistake again.

It may interest you to know I tell every single one of my classes about this VB Office Depot.


Visited Office Depot in Fayetteville Ga to fax a document, sign in computer had note on it stating it was not working. Approximately 1 min later a Caribbean woman walks in front of me and stated she was here first and she just stepped out of line to look at something. I have no knowledge of any of it and really don't care and proceeded in the line. Once you leave the line, you and I both have to start over. The young black gentleman and the manager proceeded to service her ahead of me, I guess because she has an accent. I took my business elsewhere. I will never use them again. If I go into a store and leave the line, I can't come back and get in front of someone, especially if they never knew I was there. By the way, my husband of 30 yrs is Caribbean, so I don't understand the logic of the staff.


I purchased a desk from your company. One of the pieces of the desk cracked when I moved it. I contacted your company for a replacement part ( part P. I took a picture of the incorrect part that I received and sent it to your company. I received replacement part F. I called a second time and the same EXACT thing happened. I received replacement part F. I called a third time and again ordered part P and did everything I was supposed to do. This time I received replacement part Q. I called back AGAIN. I asked to speak with a manager. They offered me an e gift card. The desk is 95% put together. I don't want an e gift c ard because I don't want to have to put the entire desk together again. I told them I would call back. I called back again and asked to speak with a manager. The agent refused to allow me to speak with a manager after asking 3-4 times during the call. He then advised me one would call me back. Im still waiting for a call from a manager . I called the complaint line on your website and the agent I was speaking to searched for my information by my name, email address and phone number and couldn't find ant information linking me to your company


On August 21, 2019 l purchased a shreader from Office Depot along with a 2 year warranty. On August 22, 2019 l received an email from warranty company that my warranty was cancelled. I called and supposedly ir was fixed... I received my credit card statement and on August 21 l was also charged 2 times for the warranty. Today l actually went back into Office Depot to get credit for 2nd charge. Supposedly l received a credit for the 2nd charge but on the way home l received an email from the warranty company saying l needed to provide proof of payment for the warranty.... WTH... ALSO l wss told a manager in Office Depot needed to deal with my issue so she called a manager. I waited n waited then saw a man coming towards me only to bw intercepted by another customer. He took time to help that customer and l continued to wait. Finally he came to me with a name tag if Kile however ib talking to the warranty company he identified himself as Andrew????!!!! ALSO while talking to the warranty company he identified to their rep that l was not happy about all this. Upon the end of his assistance l assured him that l was not happy because he sidelined me even though he had been called to deal with my issue instead of sidelining mw for a customer that nust entered the store.


They never want to stand behind anything they sell. Two week return policy in the original container is ludicrous. Terrible people to try to get any resolution to a detective item after two weeks.


On June 10, 2019 I drove to the Office Depot store at 2690 Coral Way, Coral Gables Florida.
(This is the address that is listed on the internet. On the actual store receipts there is no address listed. I live right down the street from the store and this is southwest Miami, not Coral Gables.)
I visit this store several times a week, to pick up office supplies or to do some printing or make copies.
I always find the employees helpful, pleasant and professional.
On this particular day I went to the print department to make a copy of an email message.
I've done this numerous times in the past, never with any kind of problem. I know the people behind the counter
and they're always friendly and accommodating.
I went to the computer screen, logged in and was preparing to print my email message when all of a sudden
some guy runs up to me and starts screaming. "You cant do that! You cant do that! You have to wait in line over there!"
I looked at him, he had on an Office Depot shirt but I didnt recognize him, I never saw him in the store in the past.
His eyes were bugged out and his face was very red. I told him that Ive been coming to the store and doing this for
the past year and Ive never been told to wait in line. If someone is using the computer I just wait here until they're finished. He screamed at me once again, "You have to wait in line over there. What if someone wants to use the computer and you cut in front of them." I looked in the guys eyes and he looked like he was crazy or possibly on some kind of drug. I looked over at the line of people waiting in front of the counter and I made the announcement, "Does anyone want to use the computer here?" No one said anything. They had been listening to this guy screaming and they looked scared and confused. I looked at the guy and said, "See, no one wants to use it".
He became more angry and screamed again, "You have to wait there, right now" and he pulled the computer screen away from me. I was afraid that he broke it. I decided that there was something wrong with this guy and that I'd shut him up by going and standing in the line and then later when I left the store I would call the police. As I walked toward the line the guy followed me, continuing to scream.
I stopped and looked at him and said, "Look at the insane scene that your making. Your giving Office Depot a bad name. Who is the manager here?" and he responded "Im the manager" and proudly showed me his name tag: Jose Jimenez. I told him that he was acting inappropriately and unprofessionally and I was going to make a formal complaint about him. He looked at me with wild eyes and a twitching red face and said "Go ahead! Do it! I don't care!" And with that he walked quickly away, mumbling to himself like a crazy person. Within 2 minutes the customers in front of me were served and so I walked back to the computer screen. He came running up to me and I said to him, "Was the scene that you created worth it? 2 minutes? Did you need that crazy shot of power and authority?"
He grabbed the screen, pulled up the internet and walked away. i made my copies and then turned and watched him. There were people printing documents on the copy machines and he was going up to each of them and questioning what they were doing, apparently harassing them. He moved very quickly, in jerking movements, like someone under the influence of something.
I went to the check out line and paid for the copies and told the man behind the counter what happened with Jimenez. He apologized and said he was very sorry. He told me that he's seen me in the store many times and I told assured him that during all of my other visits all employees conducted themselves in a professional manner.
I then told him that this guy, Jimenez, acted like he was crazy.
I hope that you follow up with this manager. He clearly needs some form of intervention. He's going to act out his craziness with the wrong guy and then your going to have a law suit on your hands. I hope that you'll be proactive and find out what's wrong with this guy who so proudly wears the Office Depot name tag while acting like he's out of his mind.


I haven't been able to log into the website for weeks!


I purchased a tablet. I set the screen saver for five minutes, yet it still timed out at default. I also needed to be shown on to copy and paste, as I was having trouble pasting. I go to store to be shown what to do, and they charge $50. Very ridiculous. Will never purchase at office depot again. My next purchase was going to be a computer. They lost that sale.


I have been a loyal customer of the Summerlin location since day one, until today. I emailed a small file to be printed and when arrived I found 2 people ahead of me. Behind the print desk were 3 employees trying to figure out how to print a business card, waiting time was 15 minutes, the so called manager who is a total lost cause was bouncing from one counter to the next doing absolutely nothing. Mind you there were no customers at that time in the store and as I could count were 7 employees on duty and NONE OF THEM had a clue what to do.

When my name was called by the older lady with red hair and glasses who's name I did not catch at this time, called me and asked me why I was there. I responded to her that I have send a small file to be printed. She proceeded to tell me that I can do it myself using a credit card at the self service area, all that after 15 minutes of watching the Office Depot Three Stooges live show...

After that part of the conversation I asked her if she wants to print it or not. Her reply was once again you can print it on the self serve machine. At that point I proceeded to walk out she proceeded to tell me that she can help me but it will be more expensive if she does it. All that for 5 pages of print.

Till last summer there was Jordan and Jeffro there and let me tell you something. Jeffro was on the phone taking care of a customer while he was printing and cashing me out, along with answering the incoming calls. That was one person not 3. He left the company after 13 years and I wish I knew where he is because I would have hired him in a New York minute. Jordan was equally as good but unfortunately Office Depot Human Resources or local management has no experience in identifying talent.

No wonder your stock is going down just like the "Manager" of that location is doing to that store.

Wake up Corporate America, you are supported by the masses out there that have a choice called Kinko's who's stock is rising and they know what customer service is all about. They may be 20 times further than you but guess what? I am going there from now on, not to mention that I will buy my company's supplies from them as well.

You may want to teach your employees what's the meaning of customer service means, before your stock will dip under $2.24 a share.

Have a nice day.
Mickhael Hallman


I complained about order no. 29679176-001 about being short an ink cartridge. My wife
with alzheimers disease jad opened the package an for some reason hidden that cartridge
which I have found in the trash. I apologize for the complaint. Your service was perfect.


DISLIKE!!!!!!!! Very unhappy BUSINESS customer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We purchased $123.98 of Canon ink on Feb. 9, 2018. When I took the package out to put the ink in my machine I found a Free $20. merchandise offer. This offer started on Feb. 10, 2016 so I called Dixie (store manager at Miracle Mile store) and she said I did not qualify for the $20. gift card . I think this is a shame that we had purchased the ink the day before the off started and they would not honor it. My husband would not let me return the ink and then repurchase it in order to qualify. I think you could be a little more lenient of some of your policies. We have now purchased our ink from Staples, I do scrapbooking so I use quite a bit of ink and photo paper.


I've been buying Bankers Boxes from Office Depot for years...never any complaints. NOW I'M COMPLAINING. The new boxes jumped way up in price and are crappy quality. The scoring is so bad that I have to use scissors. One box in this last batch was so badly bungled that it's totally ruined. WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR ""QUALITY?""


I took my laptop in on December 2, 2018. When I finally got it back and turned it on, it was damaged. I called them and complained. They hem hawed about it, and I called again and got a manager named Katie. I talked to her about it, and I got the same nonsense. she had me bring it in again and they kept it for quite a few days. no one contacted me as to what the problem was. Now they are trying to say that it was a manufacture defect. It was not there before. I was told by another tech person, that when they changed my hard drive, they could have hit the wire, that cause my screen to go weird. I spoke with Katie again, and she promised me a full refund, and she would write a letter regarding that they are saying it is a manufacture defect. she told me she would email it to me that night. that night came and left, so when I went in the next day to pick up my laptop, I spoke to her in person and mentioned that I never got the email. she said she did not get to do it that she would definitely do it that night. , Still no email, nothing. no refund either. So it is now January 27, 2019, still no refund, no letter nothing. I called the corporate office a week and a half ago, and they told me I had to go through human resources to speak to the corporate office WHY???? what would H/R have to do with a store not keeping their promise. so to this day, I have absolutely nothing, laptop is still messed up, no refund as promised, no letter of being a manufacture defect, nothing. so unprofessional. Guess it is time to go even further. The manager Katie, outright lied to me and did not keep her word.


This is a brief description- not enough room for everything. Laptop was taken in at Redlands, CA office depot. Ended up needing a new hardrive. After receiving it back, it had line across the screen. spoke with tech that had me bring it back in. They had it for a while longer. Finally got ahold of someone that tried to say manufacture defect. Was told by another that wires could have been touching causing this. It was supposed to be checked out. several days later, when I had not heard as promised. I called and spoke with Pedro(tech). once again was told mfg defect. this was an unsatisfactory response. Spoke with Katie E(manager). after talking and discussing the issue, she told me would write up a paper stating that she would give me a full refund and make statement that it was manufacture defect, She took my email address and said she would send the statement that night to my email. As of 1:00 am on the next day, still had not received the email from her even though she said she would do it right away. I went in that next day to pick up my laptop, because basically they did not want to do anything to fix the problem, even though it happened in their hands. I asked to speak to Katie and told her I still had not received the email/statement that they were going to give me a full refund and a statement for the manufacturer. She said "oh I am going to do it, I will send it to you tonight". I said are you sure since I did not get it last night as promised. She said yes. Well it is now over a week later, still no letter, no refund nothing. when calling for her to speak to her "she is out". They have failed to keep their word on what was stated. I am suspecting they want me to just forget about the screw up, and not fight for my rights.


I waited for ever in line as your employees work at a pace that clearly don’t care. I left a deposit and left my material. I was told it was going to be ready Friday. Now I am told not till Monday. Had to waite in line again, to pick my deposit and material. I asked the manager if he can send some of the workers to get the line at the copy center moving. He knew there was a line but was socializing with a friend.
Twenty minuets later we got another worker stroll as slow as he can to the copy department. Fineally I get to the desk only to find out they can’t find what I provided to be copied. Another twenty minuets till she found it. I took my deposit and left.
I went to tropicana store again your copy department slow and only one working. In the empty store other employees doing absolutely nothing but texting family or friends. I walked out again never to return, you got no customers in your stores for a reason.


We went to the one in Menomonee Falls, to get a desk calendar. We saw calendars listed for 5.99 and the ones that were there in that slot were 7.99 and the other 14.99. We asked the girls in back who were busy talking and helping one customer what the prices were of the two. WHen I said would you have the one for 5.99, the one rolled her eyes. The other girl was told to come and help us. She asked the front, the manager came down the isle with an arm load of them. Then my husband tried to ask the same girl something else and she ignored hm until e persisted. Then stopped as tho he was putting her to great lengths be asked. I’m sorry, but if those girls Ave time to talk, they have time to fill store shelves. The manager had no smiles on him either. Tried to do a survey and it wasn’t accepting my receipt number, so I could get $10.00 coupon


I reviewed the Office Depot website and found a flash drive that had the storage I wanted. Fighting the holiday traffic into town and the store a store employee found the item I requested and I confirmed the price with him that was on the website. There was one register open and customers were backed up 6 to 8 in line to complete purchases. When I got to the register and went through the customer rewards ID the item was rung up by the clerk and it was twice the price as the website. When I pointed this out and told him the other store employee confirmed with me that it was the web price all he said no it's not. I cancelled the purchase and left the store without anyone asking to help check the price.

When I got back to my computer I again looked at the Office Depot website and again verified the sale price and bought it online for instore p/u. I had decided to go to Staples and get it but wanted to go back and show this store their mistake. When I did pick it up and explained to the clerk what I had experienced all he said was "have a nice day" and walked away.

I have bought many times from this store but you've seen the last of me there or anyone I have the opportunity to discuss with the amount of unappreciative customer service. The store is located on Sunset Blvd., Lexington, SC 29072. And, you received one star only because that is a low as it will go.


My member number is 1410708588 ... on 12/7/18 I went to your store on Panama City Beach Parkway in Panama City Beach, FL to make color copies on your self-service machine. I put in my account number, my credit card number, and the number of copies I wanted ... pressed the start button ... and then the machine went blank and stopped working. I called to an employee for help and she said she would make my copies from her work center ... and also said not to worry, no money would be taken from my credit card. When I got home I found that a $5.00 hold had in fact been taken from my credit card. It is still there today, 6-days later, and PayPal says will won't go away for up to 30-days unless someone from Office Depot contacts them to remove it. Needless to say, I am furious with your company right now ... faulty equipment, deceitful employees, and corporate greed ... if you want to keep me as a customer then please resolve this issue immediately.



(410) 224-6005

Additional Comment:

I have been shopping at your store for a few years now. SO very frustrated and disappointed at last visit. Came in to buy a 32 inch monitor which had 4 slips in the slot and said to see store employee to pull from back. Well ---- despite FOUR slips you had ZERO in stock. They did offer to order but I find that poor management and almost a bait and switch as I saw those slips Saturday and came all the way back there to buy on Tuesday despite many other options for buying. Thought you should know.


I use to bring in my empty ink cartridges, but it became such a chore/hassel/pain in the butt to get the '20.00' credit back, I stopped. Now I find out, I can bring them in and as simple as giving my phone number, I get the credit on a future purchase. I turned in 10 cartridges 3 weeks ago. I bought $167.00 worth of ink TODAY (10-12-18). The 20.00 credit from the cartridges I turned in is no longer available...WHY??? It was for last Quarter??? WHAT??

I told the cashier, then give me back 10 empty I can turn them in for this 'quarter'. I got a blank stare. (I could hear crickets) What is up with this company? Turn in the empty ink cartridges, get nothing in return. Why wasn't I informed this company is on 'quarterly' basis for giving credit?? Can I turn in 10 empty ink cartridges each and every time I shop? Will I get credit for all? Example: If I turn in a total of 30 cartridges, will I get $60.00 in credit? OR Do you only give $20.00 for each quarter?

A totally dissatisfied customer
Karen Howard 1876039007


Recently I shopped at the Office Depot on Breckinridge Lane here in Louisville, Ky. and I want to tell you it was one of the worst experiences I've ever had at any Office Depot's and here is the reason why.

When I walked into the store I noticed that I was the only customer there. Next thing I noticed was all the neat things at the front of the store that was just a $1, $2, so forth and so on. As I took a moment to look at those items I happen to look up and there was a man pushing a cart towards me. He appeared to be a manager. I didn't think that much about it because I was having so much fun with the little trinkets. Once I got passed all that I starting hearing really loud conversations. It finally dawned on me that it was the manager who was in the back of the store, the young lady was in the front of the store along with a young man. I really couldn't believe it!!! The conversation was not one that should have been talked about in from of a lot of people including myself. Now my question to you is WHY????? THAT IS WHY I WANT TO KNOW!!!



Missy Stricklan


First off, I am a stock holder.
Second, I used to work for Irv Helford (former Office Depot CEO) years ago and respect him and the company for many reasons.
When I went to use my Rewards number, and then my partners too, the clerk, Shawn,
could not get either to work, or my phone number to work.
Please look into receipt #2PTTY99PAXQYX4MWF. Dated 10/3/2018 at 2:53PM.
It is only for 15.99+1.64 tax=1763, but I want my points on principal and do not like that it did not work at Office Max.
My 2 numbers for Rewards are 1231316215 and084749 and phone number 847-338-9432. These have not changed in years and years.
In looking at the web site I also see another Rewards number. I also correct a old phone number to 8473389432.


Office Depot, College Station, Texas. Store # 397. Jorge Rodriguez the Manager and his bad Attitude makes shopping in his store far from enjoyable. I am amazed the store stays in business.


It's been almost 3 weeks and no response ...

Horrible experience, no one cares.... emailed the district manager, no response; it's been over a week! there's no system of customer feedback. What kind of company is this???
How many others have gone through/would be going through what I had! So sad. Someone can tell you 'Just leave' with the most disrespectful attitude, and no one else cares. Not the managers, not the above store people, not the corporate office people, not the website either! So sad. No wonder that employee (a manager) feels it is okay to treat people horribly like that including me and her own supervisor!!! Ya'll got it real bad. Disrespectful and very confrontational!


How many times do I have to report this? is there anyone that cares in this company?


I ordered an office chair on 3/20 for my home office location and received information on 3/23 that it had shipped with an estimated arrival date of 3/29. I checked for tracking information each day and was only provided with the shipping date. On 4/2 I called Customer Service and was told that they couldn't find any information on my item other then it had been shipped. I was further informed that they would contact the shipper and have an update to me within 24 hrs. On 4/3 (after 24 hrs) I called again and was told that there was no reference of me calling on 4/2 but that they would inquire about the item and get back to me within 24 hours. I did ask for, and received, a confirmation number on 4/3 because I knew that I would have to make another call back to them.... On 4/4 (after 24 hrs) I called again and was told (again) that they had not heard back from the shipper and could not tell me when my item would be delivered. I was told that it would probably be tomorrow (4/5) and if it didn't arrive that I should call back. I told them to cancel my order and now it will take 3-5 business days before they can credit my paypal account. Why 3-5 business days? Why couldn't they find this item and provide me with correct information instead of giving me the runaround? Why didn't they give me an option of getting something comparable at my local Office Depot to salvage the sale? Really piss-poor customer service which will make me re-think my business purchases in the future.


Ordered 2 HP 920, CMYB, 920XL. Cost me $140.00. When I was ready to use them, the first one only gave me approximately 12 pages, and the second one would not yield any copies. You apparently shipped me old dried up product. I will NEVER order or buy ink cartridges from your company again! That is all..


O On 1/24 I brought my laptop to the Brown Deer store in Brown Deer Wi, for repair I was told they would call in a couple hours with report , they did not call so at 5:30 PM I called the store and was told it looked like it was repaired so I picked it up on 1/25 AM brought it home to find out it was not fixed so I returned it and again was told they would call when done again I did not hear from them so on 1/26 I called at 2:00 PM and was again told I would receive a call, did not hear from them so on 1/27 I went to store and found out they were unable to find the problem, the mgr said she would have the tech call me and guess what, it is5:00 PM on 1/29 and still no call, computer still not working and the worst customer service ever, is the way all customers treated. Very unhappy with Office Depot


Sorry to have to report this I had a bad experience at the office max in Cumming, GA this morning and need to report it I had several faxes or scans that I needed to send and having never been to this location need assistance the representative was not all interested in assisting me, which I thought I would get through.

I had trouble with a fax not going through so asked if I could scan and she picked up the phone to disconnect and typed in a number that was on the back even worse it confidential personnel and credit card info on it. It was sent to my employers corporate office which I will have to explain due to the nature of what was on the pages. I was never able to complete my fax because the machine said drum empty and she never tried to assist me or a customer behind me. I walked out and saw a competitor down the street and was in and out in 5 minutes.


Dear Mr. Steve Hare, on August 5, 2016 I went into Office Depot in High Point North Carolina. When I went in the store, it was not busy. An employee looked at me when I came in but looked away as if he did not see me. I walked around in the store until I found someone who was willing to help me. The employee I found said he was new. He told me that he would see if the manager on duty could help me. He took me to the employee that saw me when I walked in and looked away from me.

The manager name was Ty. I asked him if he could help me with resetting my past word on my table. Ty had a tune when he spoke to me. It appeared he did not want to help me. He told me to contact Microsoft. I did not have a good feeling about the visit to Office Depot that day. I decided to let it go! I thought maybe Ty was having a bad day. On Saturday September 24, 2016 I went back in Office Depot in High Point North Carolina. I went to copy center. I walked up and there was one other person there. An employee walked over and said may I help you. I advise her that this lady was first. The lady said I have been helped. A Muslim man walked up. I told the employee it will be a couple of minutes for me to send my email to Office Depot email.

Can you please help him? The employee asked him what he needed, but walked back to the job she was working on. Ty continue to look at me and the Muslim man never walking over to help. A white lady walked up. Ty came over and asked the white lady what do you need? I was upset at this point! I told my daughter to get my things we were leaving. I told my daughter we were going to another Office Depot. I went to my car and thought about what had happen.

I went back in store and asked the cashier who was the manager of the store and I would like the corporate office number. Ty comes over. I ask him for corporate office number and manager of store name. Ty walked over to a computer. He was at computer for about five minutes. I asked the cashier can he give me the manager name of this store or corporate number. Ty walks over with just the corporate number on paper he handed me. He still would not give me store manager name.

Ty said what is the problem? I explain to him that he saw me standing there before all of those other people came up to get copies. You walked up to the lady and said can I help you. You never asked who was next. You looked at me and turned your head away. He said I thought you were helped. I told him that he did not want to wait on me because I was black. Ty just walked away. He never apologized for giving me bad service.

This is the second time Ty a manager has been rude and disrespectful to me. I got no help both visited in the High Point North Carolina store. Mr. Steve Hare if he is giving me no service and treating me like this, what is he doing to other customers? I still have gotten any help for my table. He gave me the wrong number back in August. Is there anyone at Office Depot who cares and want to help all customers, no matter what race or culture?


I have been trying to find my rewards. I tried to change log in/password as they could not find what I put in. The name they gave me is 46 spaces, numbers, letters long! Really! I put that in and tried to change my password, did not work, did not recognize name! I tried over 2 mo ago to do same thing on the phone, absolute craziness. I didn't get to my email and back in time to put in info they sent me so it started all over again during phone call, I finally just slammed phone down, just crazy. I will pay my balance off of $87 with out ever finding out my rewards which I am sure is a lot but will never see those. I will not use OfficeMax or Depot again. I can buy my ink, etc elsewhere. I even bought a printer through you, never got credit for rewards. Goodbye, was not nice doing business with you.


Great products and buying things in the store is great. But don't ever buy anything online! 

I bought a couple of items online for my home office. A chair, desk, lamp, and floor mat. I got a tracking number, receipt, and total satisfaction and confidence that my things would be delivered withint 7-10 business days. Well, one week goes by with no package. Then two. At the beginning of the third week, I contacted a joke of what they call customer service. They told me that the items I purchased have already been delivered. But I NEVER got them. When I told them this, the lady on the phone told me that "it says it's been delivered, so it's delivered. Not sure what you want me to do about it." Seriously?!? That was total BS. 

I asked to be transfered to her manager (which I'm sure I was just passed around to another employee) and asked if I could at least have a refund. He said he could give me a refund. But I have yet to see that money! So, yeah, will go to the store to make purchases but will NEVER order online from Office Depot ever again!


Seriously, is OfficeMax still around? With all the complaints I find it kind of hard to believe. Most of my office supplies I buy online at Amazon now anyones, that means no dealing with customer service at a store and better prices overall.


OfficeMax has given me the best supplies and saved my petty expenses this month and I got appreciation from my Senior accountant. OfficeMax has Paper, Ink, toner and is a complete office deport with low prices. It also has Computer accessories, school supplies, furniture, business cards, custom stamps, postage stamps everything which is needed in any office. Free delivery and store pickups are the extra features in online shopping. Do register here for your office needs , place your order and get things done one time.


Office Deport was able to provide Brenton Studio Crawley Executive High-Back Chair for my company at a discounted rate. Prior to that I looked out for many stores that could take my bulk order and give me a good deal, but couldn't find one. At Office Depot I found the right chairs for my employees. I would never write a review unless I am very impressed by the product or company. Office Depot gave me other options to choose from and I was glad to find all the necessities for my office to make it very comfortable for my employees. I highly recommend Office Depot for any office supplies.

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