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I went to Michael's on June 25, 2020 in Waynesboro, VA. The employee who rang up my items was one of the rudest customer service reps/employees I had ever encountered either in Michael's or anywhere else. He didn't greet me, was very curt and coarse in his manner, barked orders at me, and dropped/threw my items into the bag. I'm fortunate I didn't buy anything breakable. He acted as though I was daring to put him out just by wanting to buy a few items in the store. I will likely never go into Michael's again after that as he such a bad representative of the organization.


On 6\17\2019 We ordered custom frames. I the turn around time was the first week of July. The First week of July we were informed the frames were sent to another location.
On 7/12/2019 I called the Store to ask about the order. the frames was at the store and the order was not complete. I reminded the person I was talking too ( John) that there is one thing that Michaels has left out of their store model and that was customer service. There had been no notification to me as to when I should expect the items I ordered. All I was told was how frustrating it was to the frame shop at the store that the frames was shipped to another. There was no concern for the customers in-convenience whatsoever.
I had to threated to return to the store and ask for my money back in order to get a time frame of when the order would be done.


The staff don’t know anything about the products. Also I have been waiting for weeks for other colours of outdoor paints. I guess no one cares so I ordered some from Amazon. Horrible customer service. Start training your staff!


Good evening,
It is with the utmost regret that I have decided to file a complaint against the Michaels store in Lexington KY in Hamburg Pavilion. I have shopped with both stores for years. Today wasn't any different then any other day until I returned home to work on a order for t-shirts and realize I didn't have my circuit mat that I had purchased. Because it took me several hours to get home on today June 3 due to attending graduation, and going to several other stores including the other Michaels across town it was several hour later before I noticed the problem. I immediately called and spoke to someone who said yes its here, I proceeded to the store to pick it up.
Upon my arrival I was asked if I had the receipt, I immediately said no because when the cashier ask me if I wanted the receipt with me or in the bag, I chose the bag. I'm sure you can understand my frustration, however the cashier went to get someone else who said they too couldn't give me the cricut mat without receipt. She too leaves briefly, then returns and said no one here spoke with you. So I said basically what you are calling me is a liar respectfully. Not only once but twice because I stated the mat was in a bag and now its not, which mean someone removed it from the bag. She proceeded to tell me that none of the people who were there would do such a thing, so I firmly said they would and they did, which means again you are saying that I'm not being truthful. As a educator and patron who has spent thousands of dollars at Michaels, as oppose to going hobby lobby I expect justice.
What ever happen to customer always right? What ever happen to when employees worked to find a solution or common ground to fulfill the needs of the patrons. I need you all to pull camera, ledgers, or anything else that would help me solve this issue. I don't appreciate having to leave the comforts of my home to go to bank to gather information to prove that I am a woman of my word. Lesson to staff never judge a book by its cover,


I purchase a suit and a pair shoe i had the pant cuff and side take in the chart gave a price of 10.00 for cuff and 10.00 for sides but i was charge $25.00 for the sides when the , my name is Otis Jones my number is 757 754 9060 i im a senior citizens and veteran and i feel like im being taken advantage of
Otis Jones


Michaels sore #9545. I suggested to the cashier, Kayla, to please make sure the next person in the other line is helped when she calls “Next”. I had a cart and couldn’t get there as fast as the customer with no cart. She argued with me. She didn’t have change so I had to wait. I told her I found enough change, but she wouldn’t take it and made me wait. After giving me my change, she mockingly laughed really loud and long enough for me to get to the door. I went back and asked her for her name. She said “Kayla with a K” in a defiant tone. She needs to show respect and some basic manners. I asked the manager, Monique, for her manager’s name. She was very kind and gave me his name and schedule. I felt she was happy to have me complain. Kayla needs training in good customer service.


They have gotten so big they have forgotten the one thing they say they stand for "CUSTOMER SERVICE" I placed an order for oil paints and canvases. They held my bank account for the money and never released that hold and then charged me again for the same products. They caused my account to bounce and I spent all day back and forth between my bank and Michael's fighting to get my money back! When my oil paints arrived I only got half an order as they were discontinued and should not have been on the site! I am still fighting for my return on that product! Then a week later my canvases arrived only to be not what I ordered and what was advertised on the site!! So all they have done is bounce my bank account and not send correct product and I still cannot paint!!! And I think what tops all this off even more are their rude customer service reps who make snide apologies and rudeness!! If you do not want my business all you had to do was tell me. There was no need to treat a customer this way! You win and I am done!


Went to my local Michael's store last night for 3 for 10 candles. Got three, checked out and went home. I unwrap them this morning and look at the receipt and was charged for 4!! This isn't the first time this has happened at this store!!! What's wrong with people? I was getting my wallet out and getting money out and didn't pay attention to the lady ringing them up. So I paid and left. Got to thinking about it this morning and wondered why I had to pay over 13 dollars for candles that were 3 for 10! Why can't people pay attention and do the job right!!! I am tired of having to make repeat trips back to this store for a refund!!! Maybe emphasizing paying attention to what you are doing with the customer in front of you and items you are checking out for that customer needs to be gone over again in training!! This is getting ridiculous!! I have never had this issue at Hobby Lobby!! Guess I will be driving an hour to go to Hobby Lobby more often!!


Item was marked $5.00 however computer rang it up as $7.00.
Returned to store and although they gave me my refund -that was not the point which I'm not sure they understood. I spoke with manager because it wasn't the pleasant cashier's fault. I asked that they change the computer price- she said it would have to go through corporate because they had no authority to do so. Therefore unless and until it's corrected others will be overcharged.
My overcharge was only $2.00 but multiplied by hundreds of stores adds up to a tidy profit.
Product #191518559491 store #4714. I've had similar experiences here with coupons which are almost to decipher and therefore effectively use.


I wanted to get just ten little dolphin wood cutouts to complete a project. Item #10327315. there were none in stock so i asked that it be order for me and was told they do not order them in that I have to do it online at home. Now this is a regular stock item. It's only .29 each. I went home and got online and they're out of stock. I called customer service and they say if it's out of stock online they can't order it. Now I simply do not understand why it could not be scanned and ordered in the store (Goleta, CA. #9963) I don't know why they would refuse to do that? Why can I not order it online either if it's a regular item? If its out stock why does that mean I can't order it? I know it's not a big sale but I would think they would still be willing to order something that is a guarantee sale. It means I would be back in and might get other items at the same time. Isn't that what customer service is all about???


My daughter-in-law had a wedding picture of our wedding. But last night my son noticed the picture is deteriorating and has something that looks like white mold on the picture. I had no idea Michael's would use low quality photo paper. The picture is definitely going bad.


A MIchael's employee cursed and threatened to kick me and drag me out of the store. Is this how you treat your loyal customers? At once I am going to go to the corporate office and file a complaint, if I can ever find their contact information.


I'm a teacher and in constant need of craft supplies all the time. With a teachers budget, buying crafts can really add up. I love going to Michaels because the are always affordable and have coupons and sales on all their nice products. They also give teachers a discount which goes a long way when you have a classroom of 24. Not only are they friendly and offer a variety of products, but they are also conveniently located. 


I don't really have any problems with Michaels Stores but I couldn't find a place to submit a positive review, so I will give them 3/5 stars. I have gotten most of my crafts from michaels. They always have amazing deals and they have coupons constantly for 40% off an item. Get the Michaels app on your phone and you will be rolling in the deals, it's not used by many people but I've tried it.

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