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Fast-food restaurant chain Manchu Wok serves Chinese fusion cuisine throughout Canada. Hong Kong-based Café de Coral owned it, and now it has been owned by Canada-based MTY Food Group since 2014. The Manchu Wok is the first modern wok designed specifically for the home cook, and is the perfect companion to your stovetop. Whether you're making stir-fry, dumplings or soup, the wok's wide base makes it stable for flipping or tossing ingredients, and the curved edges make it easy to turn over food without burning yourself. Manchu Wok restaurant has authentic Chinese food, especially the delicious cuisine found in the region of China known as the Manchu. The Wok is a versatile cooking vessel used to stir-fry, boil, braise steam, deep-fry, fry, or bake a wide variety of foods.

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    • United States
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