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Louis Vuitton, www.louisvuitton.com is a French luxury goods boutique retailer. Sometimes it is referred to as Louis Vuitton Malletier or LV for short. There are over 3700 locations worldwide with 121,000+ employees. Revenues in 2014 were reported at over E 30 billion and headquarters are located in Paris, France.

Advisors are available to help and gladly respond and provide advice on your purchase. You may call 1-866-884-8866 or find online advisors to here to help. You may also contact the CEO, Michael Burke by writing and mailing a letter to him in the United States at 19 East 57th Street, NY, NY 10022.

Started in 1854 at Paris the LV Corporation was originally a family owned business and during WWII there were published rumors that the family had sales to Nazi German forces. At the present time LV philanthropic participation includes donations to UNICEF. Social presence is a highly preferred way to contact the store advisors for assistance and may be found on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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I bought a very expensive duffle bag for a trip I was planning unfortunately the trip got canceled and I no longer needed the duffle bag. I called and text the store in King of Prussia Pa. I was told by the seller he would see what he could do for me so I could get a full refund. By now 30 days have passed. So me and my parents took the long trip to the Louis Vuitton store. When I entered the store I talked to one of the store employees and explained what happened and he said getting a full refund is no problem since I never opened the box. It was in mint condition. He then and found the person I bought the duffle bag and he told me it was too late for refund and I could only get store credit. I was lied to. I need the money I spent back I told him. I think the employee was only concerned about his commission. This is not how you treat a good customer. I will never shop at this store again. I see now why it has a very low rating. I told all my friends that shop there and they are awaiting the outcome. I just want my money back. The owners of the store should be embarrassed for how their employees treat customers. Needless to say I will never shop there again.


Not only have I not received my order after 6 days of placing it. When I called customer service I was on hold for almost 45 minutes only to be put on hold again by the representative. I still have no idea what is going on with my order. I was told they would investigate my order. It says order in preparation on website but never changed from that status. I payed $2000 for my purse not $200. Other places like Coach have way better customer service. Will never order from LV again.


I just experienced the most horrific customer service from Louis Vuitton folks and company as a whole. Never would have imagined them being so incompetent in such way where they not able to resolve simple online order predicament. Definitely pushes me away from this brand for good.

Funny how a bad customer experience ruins a relationship with a brand.


My husband and I went in store and asked associate for the LV Georges MM she said she had sold last bag and said it was discontinued, she left to help other costumers.I looked around, went with second choice Surène MM, then asked to have tag with initials, she told us it would take two days and she would call us when ready.A week went by and went to store to ask if my tag was there, waited 10 min. Or so, mind you my 4 year old was with me, employee came back and no tag! A week and a half later I stopped by again just to check and tag was there! Ofcourse waited for a while again with my son, Only to realize the purse I had asked for was there! GeorgesMM,
Proceeded to ask employee about that bag and asked if it was discontinued or not and she said it was a returned bag and probably that's what it was, instead of her confirming or checking she just assumed proceeded to give me tag and left!* I didn't have my LV since I wanted to wear it until the tag was on the purse) she didn't even put the tag in a bag or anything, at that point I felt dissatisfied and mostly disappointed and sad. I left store and called to check if George's MM was discontinued and long and behold it is Not! Went home placed tag in my purse and the Letters were placed wrong! LC was back wards. Again went back to the store this time asked for manager, and no manager was there, employee took my information and said he would call next day, and no call at all. At this point I don't want bag I feel almost discriminated, and it's my first time buying bag. I want to return since it's still on the first month and receipt is there along with a never worn purse and girl said most likely that can't be, because of the tag, but I no longer want to wait another 2 weeks, and do notwant to deal with anyone for that matter from that store!!!!!!


What a bad service I received at sandton. The guy did not have time for the worse part he ask me if he should rap the bag for me . Not even offered me a sit while he was going to rap it. Worse part the package is short. The hand bag comes with a key but they is no key on the bag. While is cape town they showed me that. I need a key for my bag please


On my last visit to the King of Prussia Louis Vuitton, my feelings was hurt and I feel like the customer service was not to the highest level as it should of been working at a high end designer store. I was put on the list to see a sales associate I was waiting for almost 20 mins just to be skipped and had to wait an additional 15 min to be assisted. I was not offered any refreshments such as water, champagne and/or cookies. But someone Caucasian walked in and was offered refreshments immediately. I am not sure if this was intentional but as a valued customer with Louis Vuitton I do not feel like this is how you guys go about your business. This is my first time at this specific location but all the other locations always went the extra mile to make sure I was comfortable and needed for nothing while I waited. After the Sales associate was finish wrapping my things it looked like it was a rush job my box was not all the way closed and the ribbon was not secured. I am totally disgusted with the service I received because I have been in different locations and the service was impeccable so for this location to do any different i'm in utter disbelief.


I have had an ongoing issue for well over a month now. I've been dealing with a manager named Tia (extension number 57980) who claims to be the person in charge of customer complaints It has been most unpleasant to say the least She does not return phone calls as promised, and today she would not even take my call. I sent back a defective bag which they received on Thursday, Feb. 28th, 2019, and was supposed to have new merchandise overnighted to me when they received the other purse. It is now Monday March 4th 2019, and nothing has arrived. When I called back again to find out the status of my order, Tia told a customer service person to tell me she had no info, and no way to track it. I have asked several times to speak with someone above Tia, but she claims to be the last stop at the unhappy customer line, I assume at some point this letter will be forwarded to her, so I am sending a copy to the CEO of the company Michael Burke in New York. I was a big fan, and a good customer before all of this, and I must say everyone else I spoke with along the way was helpful, professional, concerned, and courteous. Hugely disappointed in LV!


I don’t like going into the store because they don’t have good customer service skills , I ordered items on line with the advisor ,she put my order in then couple hours later I called to find out why my card did not go through ,because the young lady that was helping me charge my card three times . I never got my order straight . I had settle and I am not the type of person like to settle I like to buy my items and enjoy them .


We purchased an item from the store located at 9700 Collins Ave, Bal Harbour, Fl 33154 on 10/01/18 item # 1A3R4A for $990.00 VEDETTE WEDGE SANDAL. We ordered at the store and they sent it by mail because they we're not in stock. Lorenzo de sales person was very pleased. Tonight 12/16/18 7:30pm at moment we went to complaint about the uncomfortable shoes to walk he's attitude changed toward us, the team Manager name IACHI ZAMBRANO became very rude and she told us that they cannot changed or give us a store credit because it is used. Then I ask her to speak to the manager she said that she is not gonna help us either. I told her that I need to speak to the store manager she pointed at her like she doesn't care. I went to the store manager and she was very rude too. I mean I have to buy something at the store for everyone to be happy? I asked the store manager what do we do? Then she said I could do whatever I want. I ask her what else we can do? The store manager said that she is gonna send it to quality control and I don't know if she did it or not. I am sending my copy of everything. I just don't buy a $1000.00 to discard the beauty of it! It was very unpleasant to go thru this moment in time of seasonal holidays. Also I used two times these shoes and the sole became peeled at the front sole. I hope this complaint will resolve my inconvenience at the store and remedy any part of i!


Hello, my crossbody bag has cracked where the fold occurs. I was informed there was nothing LV can do to repair my bag. In July 2013 ( year of purchase) i worked hard to treat myself to a designer bag. Thanks hope we can resolve and please respond


I mean really,???? Are you tooooooooooooo damn hard up and cheap to reimburse me for my 19.50 Fed Ex fee to send back my bag that you all re-did and turned it into a "knock off" looking bag...you put a clasp on it that wouldn't even close the bag...I sent it back via Fed Ex...to be fixed...and have asked for this reimbursement many times....to add insult to injury your little elves tried to say that they had NOT replaced the clasp...that it was the original clasp...but they put a new one on as a courtesy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I have said before, I used that bag daily for about 8 years and I KNOW what the clasp looked like everytime I would go to close it and it was all scratched up of course...The clasp you sent it back with that wouldn't stay closed was all SHINY with a piece of blue saran wrap over it and had NEVER been used...I mean come on, do you think I am that STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was charged 680.00 plus dollars to have the bag re-done and it looked like a KNOCK OFF...I wouldn't be caught DEAD carrying that bag.....but of course I was told how fantastic it looked and it was such and such kind of leather....when I had asked for the darker leather like what had been on it...and you put the almost WHITE looking leather on it, which make it look like I bought at a dime store.....but was told "Oh, the leather will age over time...blah, blah... well I AM 71 years old and I will DIE of old age before the leather turned to the color it was supposed to be in the first place....I sent pictures of bags on your website with the darker leather....to the idiotic personnel in the store in Tucson who sent my bag off for the re-do ....and was told "oh, that was just a different lighting they were taken in.." OH MY GOD...what a bunch of CRAP! You charge out the WAZOOO and produce CRAPPY returns.....and since you charge SO MUCH for your products....do you think you could pay your employees a little more and get some more intelligent ones who knows who they are sending emails to??????? I received an email..."Dear Mr. Knettle....sorry you are not happy with your purchase at our store in CANCUN" !!!! HELLO !! I am NOT MR. anybody....how stupid is your employees that they don't even know who they are sending their emails to????? I WANT MY 19.50 REFUND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DONATED THE BAG TO GOODWILL !!

Karen Roedig
PO Box 1678
Abilene, Tx 79604



My Name is Giuseppina Dasilva and my daughters name is Bianca Dasilva. Bianca Dasilva Purchased a bag NEVERF MM in October 2, 2014 at Bloomingdales in White Plains New York which she’s love the bag. Then she went in February to Purchase the Z. Wallet at the same location.
Bianca also bought a lovely mens wallet at the same place in March 21,2016.The Z.Wallet has been a night mare they had two repair this wallet twice already. I took the Z.wallet back in December of 2017 at Bloomingdales and the gentleman told me that is not normal to have the wallet repair twice he did take photos and email the corprate office. I never heard back from the store at Bloomingdales to let me know what is going on with the Z wallet. I went back into the store on January 6, 2018 to check up on the Z. wallet and they gentleman told me that he is really sorry with the holiday its been crazy but not to worry someone will contact you the next day. As of January 30, 2018 no-one contacted me…. I wide up going back the third time into the store at Bloomingdales.At this point I was lived. I did speak to a lovely lady name Kritina Ciuti at the store and she did email someone in front of me and told me and my daughter to return in 15 minute she will have an answer for me if they are going to replace the wallet or fix it. After returning to the sore the answer was they are going to fix it. I am so disappointing after spending almost $3000 for all of the items. How can they not replace a new wallet having it repair three times is not acceptable? I just keep getting the running around. I also spoke to three mangers they promise me they will call me back and never did. If I do not feel satisfied with your company at the end of our correspondence, I will be forced to take further action. I hope that you can redeem yourself as a company because as of right now I would not recommend you to a friend.


Very expensive brand. My complaint about Louis Vuitton is the amount of fake products on the market today. It is very difficult to tell what is real and a fraud, yet the corporate office does nothing about it. You see so many purses out there that are being sold that look like genuine Louis but are not.


I am known to make a fashion statement at college or wherever I go. Thanks to Louis Vuitton for their accessories, apparel that I love to flaunt. I have been regularly shopping my clothes, jewelry, shoes and accessories. They design their clothes with lot of perfection. The summer 2015 collection is something that is latest and awesome. The Lockit bags are something that I adore. The bags come in various colors and defined by elegance. The leather is fine and one can use to for their daily use as well. It has a removable shoulder strap and has Louis Vuitton Paris palladium signature on the front which creates a fashion brand. Thanks to Louis Vuitton to come out with unique and classy fashion wear.

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