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4 years ago we moved into our new house and during the hh Gregg Black Friday sale we bought a total of 5 appliances for the new house. A washer and dryer, dishwasher, oven range and refrigerator. Every single appliance has had a problem and is now broken. I have to replace every single appliance bought from that store AT THE SAME TIME!! I took excellent care of every machine and followed all instructions and care.


I have been on the phone for two days trying to get a service pair on my washier. I have called several numbers that have been given to me , put on hold for over 40 min. at a time to be disconnected. I have my paper work and the number to the service dept. that fix it last year. I need someone to return my call 219-942-5887/ the info under this number is incorrect.


Hhgregg lied about delivery date. It was a supposed to be delivered on Friday but it didn't come, no phone call, spoke to several store managers. They all lied and promised it would be here on Monday, no call. Tuesday the delivery person called and said it would be there Wednesday it was delivered that night. The promise delivery dates that they can't keep. When pressed they lie.


We purchased our dishwasher June 11. It was installed June 21 and there was no kick plate or insulation for the plate. I have been unsuccessful on having it installed and here it is July 14th. I would very much like this resolved ASAP as it seems the store in Murfreesboro, TN is playing the blame game stating that its the installers fault . I don't care whose fault it is because I still am without the parts of my new dishwasher. Please take care and resolve this ASAP.


We purchased an LG refrigerator with an HH Gregg extended warranty. The refrigerator started having problems in May 2016. It went out totally Labor Day weekend. We have been without a working refrigerator since then. We have contacted the warranty company AND the service company every week and at times multiple times a week. We have also attempted to contact HH Gregg corporate offices.

Repairs have been attempted, but the refrigerator continues to not work properly. We have had Labor Day, Father's Day, and 4th of July without a working refrigerator. Nobody seems to be concerned that visits by a repair person and replacement of several parts are not fixing this appliance. We have been extremely patient, but are at our wits end.


Stay away from this company. I purchased a dining room table in 2015. They shipped the wrong table. I called the store and was told I was a liar, that I did purchase this table. I drove 45 minutes to the store to show pictures I took while in the store. I had to wait 3 days for the table we purchased to come. When I arrived the table was missing its leaf. As it turns out the leaf was left on the loading dock then lost. When we received our third table there was a bit of flaking of the clear coat. Wanting nothing more to do with HHGregg I didn't complain.

It's been a year, the clear coat of he table is chipped in areas we've never sat. I've been calling the warranty department, customer service, spoke with the escalation department however following up, honesty and taking the initiative has not occurred. I've called the warranty department 10 times, customer service now 15, the escalation desk 3 times and have waiting on hold in excess of 2 hours. (yes, I can show my phone records) The longest I was put on hold was 22 minutes.

So here I am, I was told the warranty (5 year warranty) will not cover the table top which means by wife, our 2 year and 1 year old continue to eat dinner on a card table in the living room. Don't trust HHGregg, they have no compassion, they are not empowered and would rather blame the consumer than help. I asked to speak to the CEO or VP and was told they don't accept calls from customers. I'm so tired of hearing, I'm so sorry you feel that way, please provide us your account number....


The HHgreg located at 3421 Virginia beach blvd, Virginia, has "THE" worst management team I've ever come across, Drew Lalim (Electronics Manager) was very rude and does not know what is happening in the store, does not know what product is available, has no people skills and need to learn how to resolve issues with customer. Shameika, don't know her position but walks around with an attitude, talks to you with an attitude and very rude, does not listen to the customer. My shopping days at HHgreg are OVER and I wish to report this terrible customer service to the corporate office.


Have contacted hhgregg on numerous occasions regarding the issues we have had since leaving the store. The original invoice was incorrect (delivery charge included); the deliver was a nightmare. Wednesday turned into Thursday; Thursday turned into the following week. Delivery group were a drop and run team. Never hooked up either washer or dryer. Dryer was incorrectly wired. Electrician had to be brought in to set up dryer. Washer never hooked up. Delivery ticket had frivolous charges on it. One for the hoses at $29.99 (I purchased the stainless steel set at time of purchase. Charged $79.00 for hooking up dryer? Missing hardware for dryer. RE: connector to keep pigtail of electrical lead fastened to back of dryer.

Door had to be adjusted. Washing machine did not operate. Contacted Whirlpool. They immediately had service person come out. Found out that this model was sitting in a warehouse for almost a year. Reason machine did not operate was that it had an error code. Machine was overloaded. Other error codes were corrected by whirlpool representative. Cardboard boxes never taken with delivery team. Rear hot/cold threads on water intake stripped from someone attaching hose previously. OUCH. Have contacted the Mount Laurel Store so many times. No response.

Contacted Dave store manager. No longer works there. Was given to Peter...new manager. Made a request to return washer and dryer as per hhgregg guarantee .....been waiting for over 100 hours for a return phone call. Contacted him yesterday, March 14, 2016 at 5:59 pm. Dave the floor person said " he is not available" left detailed message with Dave. He was going to hand deliver it. Now it is Tuesday the 15th of March....still no return phone call. Ouch !


I made range purchase on 01-02-16 only find out 3 days later that the product was out of stock. One day later I was told the range was not available, and was sent a substitute range that did not even have any features that I wanted that was on the original purchase. When I ask about the floor model, I was told it was already spoken for by someone else. the range they sent was returned. they then called and I agreed to accept the model I wanted and paid for in a different color. When it was delivered there was a short in the range causing us to replace the breaker and plug which was not defective.

No we cannot get all of our credit back on our Visa Card. They want us to pay for the delivery charges which were not our fault and were suppose to be free in the first place This I wrong because it was not our fault that the range was defective. Thank you for responding and looking into this matter because the charge has to be deleted or we must pay the 175.77 balance by Feb. 9, 2016.


I was to Gregg Appliances Inc, at 10:45 on 12/24/2015 there were at least 8 employ's there and at least 4 customers counting me. I was looking at the Apple I pad air 2 16 GB that they had on display for 14 min's not 1 person came up to me for help.

I looked around to see where your employee's were and they were talking to each other. 2 younger girls were sitting on a couch 4 were behind the check out counter, 1 was helping a customer with a coffee machine and not sure were the other 1 was. I walked back to the tv's and no one asked me if I needed help. I could of asked but is that not there job to sell? In that time the guy picked out his own coffee machine because the sale's lady left him and he was mad, the other 2 people got tired of waiting for help and left and so did I.

I have bought a lot of thing's at hhgregg's store including: washer, dryer refrigerator, TV, never had this problem before. What's going on there? If you can check your camera's you'll see what I'm saying is true. I called hhgregg customer service at 1 (800) 284-7344 afterwards but they just put me on hold too.


Thanks to hhgregg for helping me to make my home the best place to stay as I got the best deals for my kitchenware and branded smart TV for my living room. Amazing brands, comfortable prices, attractive discounts and many online here. Instant discounts on appliance and gadgets, vast varieties of Furniture, Computers, Mobiles are the special attractions. I feel proud to shop in hhgregg which made to get things within my budget. No complaints here!


I have three nonworking applianes made by whirlpool. I purchased a Jenn Air Range in 2005 that I paid around $1200 on sale from hhgregg in Atlanta. I purchased the extended warranty at the time. In 2009 the control panel was replaced on the Jenn Air range along with a check of the electric wires in the range. I purchased another extended warranty from Whirlpool that same year for $300+ and called today Novemver 2012 only to hear that their records shows I never paid the last payment and was canceled April 2012!! I have to prove the final payment was made in June 2012!

In 2005 I also purchased a Jenn Air Refrigerator from Appliance Smart in which I also purchased an extended warranty at the time of purchase and it went out in June 2010. The replacement extended warranty for it was around $600+. I declined the refrigerator warranty. I was told by the warranty department that the warranty for the Jenn Air range went out in May 2010, therefore, I had to pay out of pocket for that repair. In 2005, I purchased a Kitchen Aid undercounter dishwasher from HHGregg which was repaired twice, in 2009 before the warranty ran out.

In 2010, a foul smell and smoke coming from the Kitchen Aid dishwasher which caught a fire in the control panel, meltied the panel and burned the door controls along with the surrounding insulation. Instead of admitting there was a problem with the door panels catching fire on several dishwashers made by whirlpool, the serviceman called his office and was told that the problem must have been the home wiring. He mentioned that they had several simular complaints with some models. Somehow, my dishwasher was never repaired. Later, found out there was/is a Class Action Law Suite for the door panel fires against Whirlpool and Sears for the dishwasher door panels. Please response ASAP!

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