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Gucci, an Italian clothing and leather brand headquartered in Florence, Italy is part of the French Gucci Group. Influential, innovative and progressive fashion with attention to quality detail describes Gucci. In 2014 revenue was report as E3.5 billion with employees numbering over 5,000. As of 2011 there were 450 stores with official Gucci oversight.

If you have need of Gucci customer service you may call 1-877-482-2430 or you may find more contact info on this page. If you would like to contact the Gucci CEO, Marco Bizzarri, address your postal correspondence to him at 685 5th Avenue, NYC, NY 10022. The New York corporate phone number is 212-750-5220.

Mr. Guccio Gucci began a leather goods shop in Florence, Italy in 1921. The company is #42 on Forbes most valuable brands list and is considered the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship. Online sales are offered complementary gift wrapping.  An Italian museum, Gucci Meseo, has been opened to archive and celebrate the Gucci 90 year history. Social presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and YouTube.

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I took my Gucci belt to the King of Prussia to be repaired. Gucci could not fix the belt but i was given a $450.00 credit for another. I went back to the King of Prussia store, they didn't have it in stock. So i ordered it and opted to have it shipped to my home (i live in New Jersey which is about 40 miles away). I was told it would take 5 to 7 business days. A week and half past still no belt. I called the store Tuesday at 10:46am (keep in mind they open at 10am). No answer and i was transferred to customer service. They tried calling, no answer. Custom service then sent a email to call me with a update. No call on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I was calling on each of those days, STILL NO ANSWER. Each time I called i got customer service. They sent another email to have someone call me. Finally i got a hold of some Friday evening and come to find out it was never ordered. From the store manager Gregory to the floor manager Jessica, who says to me "im trying to help you now" in a very condescending tone. They all are horrible. Very very poor customer service.


Ppl are selling duplicate product on telegram...


I love Gucci so much and when I went there for the first time I was extremely disappointed with the lack of help and disrespect I was about to buy a wallet and they would not server me because and I quote they said she is buying a more expensive item so she is served first so I walked out of the shop and I recamend you buy Gucci online so you don't have to deal with the complete monstrosity in the shop


I purchased an item online and wanted it delivered next business day as it was urgent and i was willing to pay the extra cost for delivery.
I had rang head office in Sydney and i had to wait 20mins for someone to answer the call and then to say sorry we cant help you.
So rude the customer service rep.

As i have been reading the reviews there is more customers who are unhappy with Gucci and you know what the amount we are spending on these items us customers should be treated with respect. You need to train your staff Gucci.

I have lodged a formal complaint with fair trading and i will be advising others on social media of this poor service we have recieved from Gucci.


I have purchased several of your "rubber" band style watches from Macy's each costing approx. $500 apiece. 3 of the watches bands broke. I was told that I had to send them back to Gucci to be repaired. So that's what I did. When talking to the repair representative, I asked how did the bands break so easily, she gave an excuse by saying it's possibly the lotion or perfume my wife and I wore when wearing the watches. She also stated that this was an ongoing problem that they see when dealing with these watches. I really have a problem with is because Gucci is known for luxury. In this case I wouldn't have purchased from Gucci, I could have bought an off brand rubber watch for cheaper. All three watches are going to cost approx. $350 just for the repair of the rubber band. Why is this such a problem? Please email me back with resolution. Thank you.


I bought a belt from Gucci store located at Palladium Mall in Mumbai. The belt is getting faded, the colour is getting unpolished. I'm very unhappy & unsatisfied with the product & services. I wasn't expecting this from Gucci. Kindly look into it & please find the attached pictures of the belt. Kindly revert me with positive response.


Gucci store at Waikiki Hawaii. Horrible customer experience, will never visit again, wanted to surprise my wife, had to wait 5 minutes for a price check. Finally got a Saleslady. Asked her the price and also asked if there is a discount. Very rudely answered this is not a bargaining store this is Gucci. No discounts. Would have purchased it but I walked out. Very rude store and reported it to the manager. She also didn't care.


For a luxury brand, I got a pair of eye glasses. The frames which have been rarely used for 18 months now have a broken screw. A screw - not rocket science! I take it to the official Gucci store in Dubai - who keep it for 5 days and then tell me the glasses and frames are useless as the screw has broken. Like are you freaking kidding me! Yup fashion is all cool but get some common sense or may be some ethical business practices, never ever coming back to Gucci stores and will be sending my complaint to corporate.


Tax Invoice Number: 1153846. I bought a Gucci watch (Item number: 806628535) from Gucci Boutique at Paragon in Singapore. They sold me that watch for SGD1220.00 (no discounts). I asked the salesperson Kairi as I saw the same watch at one of their dealers in Tampines Mall (Vincent Watches) at a 20% discount which is still on-going.

The sales person told me that they do not have any agent in that mall which was an incorrect information. I feel cheated as a customer because I could have got the same watch at SGD250.00 less had I known that Vincent watches is the authorized agent. I requested the Paragon Gucci store to either match that price or give me the full refund so that I can buy the watch from that outlet. It was rejected.

Even a brand like Guess corporate does not indulge in these go at any outlet to buy Guess, if there is a discount; it will be same almost everywhere. Even in their boutique stores, they will extend the discounts at par from any other agent you may get around Singapore.

I was so thrilled buying this watch as Gucci is one of my favorite brands and I already have a bag from you. However, I cannot say this anymore. I am really going to take my bad experience to my friends and my high end card members who are totally into brands. This kind of customer service from Gucci is really not acceptable. I still think that the price of my watch should be matched and I should be reimbursed 20% of the amount.


I have bought a new gucci purse of approx. 1,000 from London 2 months back in month of may. Now you can just see that the chain is not properly working. I have tried to contact Gucci but they will not respond to my request for a refund. Please, help me out as early as possible.


I'm referring to one of the staff at the Gucci store at the Macy's Herald Square Store today. Her name is Brandi from the woman's shoe department. Firstly I want to state that this store is always short staff. But words can't put together my experience with this girl Brandi. This is my first complain "Ever" But this experience was unbelievable.


I have bough a leather Lady's belt less than a year ago and used couple of time, what u can see on leather it self it has no wear sighs, after second time of using gold hardwear pilled off, the buckle of belt full of black spots, I went to the shop where I have purchased the belt, they told me we can't do any things or I have to pay price of buckle 90 €, what I find ridiculous , they gave me address of customer service and wished me "luck" after emailing with customer service and sending fotos to them I got same answer as in the shop.

I explained them belt used twice but it did not help, I'm really dissapointed on quality of product of Gucci and service is so poor or better to say no service. I own couple of other designer belts some I have for long time and years but nothing happened to these belts, yes normal scratches on the hardwear of course it's normal, but not black spots after 2 time of using, to be honest I don't know where to complain now. But definitely Gucci has to take responsibility of their poor or defect quality merchandise. Price of belt was 200 euro.


First my husband purchased a pair of Gucci shoes for me, I wore on my birthday. When I took it off a few hours later, the right side stained my foot, my whole foot was blue/black. It was very embarrassing. When I went to Gucci today 4/30/16 at almost 5:30 pm, to show them the shoe and actually to remove the sensor off the pants that my husband also bought me. The manager gave me an attitude and told me to get back in line, even though the sales rep was expecting me to come. It's very disappointing how a manager isn't even apologize or tried to fix things. She actually lost a customer. I was going to buy boots but changed my mind.


I brought a Gucci bag for my girlfriend at a Gucci store. When I brought it I was informed the bag was cover for everything with no charges to me if I need the bag fix. So about over a month ago I brought it to the Gucci store in westchester mall in westchester New York. I never received a call from the store to let me know about the status on the Gucci bag I brought in. When I did call the person I talk too was the manager and she was rude to me. She wasn't friendly and she cursed at me telling me it's not free to fix what's wrong with the bag I brought in. I'll appreciate it for you guys to help me with this situation. I always buy from Gucci.


I am a retailer and sold a Gucci watch to a customer which was bought back to me by the customer stating it stops at 12 every day it was not the battery the movement was bad the customer had it less than 6 months. I send it to Gucci for repair with the warranty card they send me an estimate of $120. I told them it in the warranty, but they said they would charge me $120 finally they gave me a discount and charged me $90 to fix the watch.

I am not happy i paid since the customer bought it from me and i told him he has warranty but looks like Gucci does not honor their warranty. I have stopped carry Gucci since last 4 years i am glad i am not carrying it their warranty is worthless and do not stand behind their product.


Very disappointed of the quality of the Gucci sling bag that I just bought for 2 years ago. The printing of the bag is peeling. At first I thought it was just stain and I use wet tissue to clean it but it became worst. Then I release that the the printing is coming off. I bring the bag to Singapore takashimaya boutique and the sales staff only take picture and issue me a receipt and ask me to wait for the HQ to get back.

I have been waiting for more than 3 months and no one have call me till today I went down the shop. The staff only tell me that it cannot be repair or replace. They told me I should not use wet tissue to clean it and they also say is wear and tear. I never hear before I cannot use wet tissue to clean bag. I have been doing it with my LV wallet for the pass 6 years but it have never give me the problem that the printing will peel off. I am very disappointed and upset with the reply and quality of the bag. I wish someone from the HQ can give me a satisfy explanation.


I am particular, but I am not unreasonable. When you are paying that sort of money, you should be expecting perfection. I bought a pair of new logo of Gucci sandals in Gucci Westfield Sydney on 31-01-2016. Wore them on the 07-01-2016 for shopping. Sore feet after half an hour but have no choice as on the street. After home (2 hours later), my feet got worse due to the buckles and the weight of the sandals.Back to Gucci today (08-01-2016), asked if they can do something for me. The answers were "No, No" from the customers service and the manager (after I got the shxx from the customer service and asked to see the manager).

They said "You have wore them. I am not doctor, I don't know if the sore of your feet caused by the shoes. I did not forced you to buy the products, that's your choice......" I told her "unfortunately today is my doctor's day off, if not I will go to see him to get a doctor certificate". They were so rude.... What a customer service. When I asked "what is your after sales service?" The manager said they have no problem and no complaint from other customer only me. I said "may be there is my feet's problem not the shoes. But when I wear them, I have sore feet." Another man said, how about when you walk on the carpet? I told "do you think when you wear shoes only walk on the carpet and not walk out on the street?" Very stupid and silly question.

The customer service also mentioned that the Gucci made the products, would not tested that nobody has problem. When the manager came out talked to me, she said the Gucci has been tested all product to make sure everybody has no problem when wear them. The answers they both gave were so funny. I am wandering do they know "What is customer service and customer satisfaction?" I did not asked for anything such as refund. unfortunately I know I have wore them even though only two hours.

I just asked "can Gucci do anything for the shoes as my feet sore after wore them". At the end, they asked my contact number, took photos and the code of the shoes to send to Gucci in Italy. Ask them to check the products. But they packed my shoes back in the box, asked me to take home. I don't know how are they going to check the product if the shoes are with me? I have not idea. But anyhow, this is my first and the last with Gucci. No more Gucci

I am L V fans. I have a good experience with them as the scarf I bought has problem. They checked and exchanged straight away with no issues. What's wrong with Gucci? Because I am not Chinese? Not tourist from overseas? The manager definitely is Chinese. And the customer service also either Indonesian or Filipino. Racism? Jealousy?


Good afternoon from Bangkok, I would like to inform you that I'm quiet disappointed regarding my Gucci Watch and Glasses. I do have it about 6 years now and I have to change the rubber belt 3 times which already cost me half of the price of the watch. There is no stainless option which is weird. I have decided to replace the belt one more time then the Watch care shop inform me that that the digital system is now damaged from some water.

How come that this Swiss made watch is not 100% water proof ( I do not do any diving or any other thing that may damage the watch). The quotation to replace belt and digital system is now about 600 euros for a watch that cost about 1200 euros and I did spend already 3 times 160 euros to replace the belt previously, I always ask Gucci shop or certified watch care shop.

I do think that Gucci products should be high quality made product based on the brand image and the prices of the products. I am leaving in Bangkok now and been always proud to wear my Watch but this time is too much I can afford a Tag Heuer, Tissot, Rado and many other brand that will sustain much longer for the same price or less. I am waiting your feedback and hope that you will find a constructive alternative regarding this matter.


On December 6, 2015 around 3:15pm I purchased a men's Gucci wallet from the outlet in Woodbury Commons. As I entered the store there were two gentlemen (one Caucasian the other African American) standing near the door area. When I entered I was not greeted and when I said hello I was ignored. I over heard the Caucasian man tell the African American by the door commenting that he is letting so many customers walk pass without acknowledgement.

I then heard the African American say that I would not buy anything anyway. I continued my shopping and purchase inspite of the ignorant comment. I love Gucci ( I have frequented many locations: Flagship store in 5th Ave, Italy, and outlet locations). I hope that this not a trend with the Gucci corporate office around their employees you are hiring because it is a very uncomfortable experience and honestly I feel like I should discontinue shopping at Gucci. By the way the sales person who assisted with my purchase was great ( which is why I purchased, and if my boyfriend did not want a Gucci wallet so bad I would have went to one of your competitors).


I bought Gucci from store at Milan, Italy on June. But now fyi haven't gotten tax refund. I have been trying to contact Premier Tax where is Gucci tax refund and Gucci customer care. Now almost 2 months but still no progress. Premier tax and Gucci still keep telling that they haven't received the form. I can confirm you that I did submit all document at he airport. Now waiting for their response to my customer complaint but it's been quite too long. I think the corporate office might have ignored my problem. Please kindly help.


I have purchased a bag from Gucci and the interior lining of the bag is deteriorating. As you touch the fabric, it becomes powder in your hand and gets undone. I turned in the bag to the Dubai Mall Branch and after 2 months, they wanted to charge me to fix the lining which is obviously a defected material I took the bag back only to use it as evidence that the Gucci material used is not up to the standards that they claim. I am reporting this to every social media, and consumer affairs website so people know the product they are buying may not be as you thought it was.


To whom it concerns I purchase a gucci belts from Neiman Marcus in Oakbrook mall about a year ago. My problem is for this belt to cost so much that it didnt hold up for one year. The belt is basically bent in and dont know what to do about this problem. So can you or somebody from Gucci help me!


Gucci has the latest collections of ready to wear clothing which I was looking out for my unexpected official meeting. Flexible sizes, attractive colors, good quality stuff are the special attribute of Gucci's services with free-shipping and free returns. I love the service of Gucci which also has handbags, shoes and accessories. It has the latest collections in all the brands and i can quote Gucci as an elite in the online shopping World. Get the latest fashion trends and Events updates, shop online with your personal account anywhere and anytime on your desktops and mobiles now.

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