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I went into the finish line store at Hamilton place mall in Chattanooga Tennessee and made a order through the store. I received my shoes by mail and they didn't fit, too wide. I took them back to the finish line at Northgate mall and exchanged for kids size shoe. I wasn't satisfied with them so I took them back to the Hamilton place mall for a refund. Only having the reciet that the store gave me after exchange and Jamie at the store told me she could only give me a gift card or cash and the store didn't have enough cash on hand and it may take a few hours to get it. I went to the other store located at Northgate and I asked if Jamie at the Hamilton place mall could have looked this receipt up and she told me yeas since this was where I made my original purchase. I have to say Jamie had the audacity to ask me after returning with every reciept Jamie asked me If I wanted a instore credit!! She knew I didn't! She also told me that she really couldn't have looked it up, after the manager from the other store told me she could! Bad way to run a business I say. Never will I do all this running around for a refund again.


My son had bday money, and went to the store to buy specific shoes. He bought them Sunday and wore them Monday to school. He was almost in tears when he got home because his feet hurt so bad . He asked if I could return them for him because they hurt his feet to much . So Tuesday morning I tried to return them and I was told only exchange because he wore them to school. they are in brand new condition still and only worn for 5 hours. So disappointed in the store and the corporation. My son will never buy shoes from the this store again.


We stopped at the Finish Line in Sprongdield Illinois. My 11 year old aon found a pair of shoes and the price was $79.99. While looking we also saw a pair just like them marked $110.00. After waiting forever and actually leaving the the store once and coming back we finally got someone to help us. They were all too busy talking!! We asked about the 2 different prices. He checked and came back and said they are $79.99 , ok then my son will try them on. After he tried on the guy came back and said they are $110.00. Refused to match the price clearly stated on the sticker on the shoe that I had on my hand but qas not friendly or apologetic about the mix up. A $30 difference is a big deal to an 11 year old spending their bday money. I think a redund of $30 is due from Finish Line!!


Beware of online purchases from Finish Line.
I ordered these Timberland Gaiter Boots from Finish Line and recieved them today.
They sent me a pair of boots that were worn folks. One boot looks brand new and the second boot had a crease at the toe and dirt on the sole. I am not talking about demo dirty as in a display shoe, I'm talking about dirty like it was worn outside and then returned to the store.

Their customer service offered to resolve the issue by shipping a new pair but could not offer any information about how they would hold the store and the employee accountable. That is where I have a serious problem. When there is no accoutability then situations like mines can occur. They are willing to address the symptom but not the problem.

Be careful about spending your money with this Company. They are shipping products that are unsanitary. This is ignorantly disrespectful and these folks will never get another dime of my money.

I made this post public so please share it far and wide. The store that shipped this garbage to me is:

Finish Line
1911 Leesburg Grove City
Grove City, PA 16127


Very rude customer service from Amanda Benavidez. All i asked was for help and if she worked there because she was dressed with a sweater and i couldnt tell. Her response when i asked for help.was... "do i look retarded?". I had never met her in my life. I was with my wife and kids and this was embarrasing and disgusting. She needs to be corrected by management. This all happened at the finishline in north star mall.


Finishline at Fairlane Mall in Dearborn MI debited $63.58 out of my account. Transaction was successful but they refused to release my shoes because of some type of system error. Customer Service refused to help stating they were getting ready to leave. I showed the cashier my online statement showing transaction was successful and this meant nothing to them at all. I called my bank which listened to the conversation and I was told, what this company is doing is Fraudulent and they cancelled my card. We are filling a complaint and disputing the charge. This is ridiculous and a great inconvenience. I will NEVER shop here again!!!! No shoes and you took my money!!!


Please have someone contact me 6099681289


These people are the worst. Not only are you speaking to people from another country you can barely understand but they can't understand your issue. I have been a member for over 2 yrs spending lots of money and they alwayz manage to mess up my orders and my rewards. On one occassion they wete supposed to refund me money and stated they couldn't and made a note to keep a credit of $20 dollars so when i went to a store they can call and get authorization. On another occassion they messed up my order did not give me my points and added another credit to be called in. Never used them. I go to the store today and i call a rep ( calls seem to be outsourced ) and she tells me i used them. I told her i was supposed to have 2 i could call in mind you after all the f@#!ups i continued to buy a lot of sneakers accumulating more rewards aside from the two i owed ( which i have never called to use). I demanded to speak to a supervisor, again that seemed not ti comprehend English. He was very rude and condescending. I will not ever give finish line my business and am returning the 6 pair of sneakers i bought. I will go to foot locker or champs. Truly infuriating. Worst customer service i have ever experienced.


I ordered a pair of shoes on 11/11/2016 never received a shipping and tracking email to track my order. From the time I ordered the shoes until now I have called the customer service department 4 times and every time I called they told me the exact same thing." There was something wrong with the shipping label we will send another label out to the store and you should receive your item in 2 to 3 days". At this point I do not want anything from finish line they was quick to take the money out of my account but did not send me the product. I will never shop with them again. Please beware when ordering products from Finish Line's website online.


I ordered 2 pairs of polo boots from Finish Line, but my order was canceled with no notification. On the phone with Finish Line customer service for over 4 hours. It was told to me that it could be picked up in 2 hours at store which was false. All I want is either the shoes shipped to me or pickup at another store for the same price. Order 5429525193 and 5429733666.


Ordered online for in store pickup.Did not receive an email confirming the order was ready so I chatted with CS online and Divena called the store. The store manager (according to Divena in CS) confirmed the order was ready for pickup. Went to the store and was told there was no order for me even tho my money had been taken and I had a confirmation number in an email from Finish Line. The shoe was not in stock. Was told there must have been an error...

(really? you think?) CS told me they could ship the shoes within 8-10 days. UNACCEPTABLE practices. The store manager called another location that was about a 45 minute drive away and there was the shoe. My order confirmed the location (which is NOT where the shoe was located). That manager drove to that store, picked up the order and met us later that evening after hours to make sure we received the order. Thanks to the store manager - but the Finish Line company itself? I will not be doing business with them again.


I was looking for a good duffle bag and searched many sites online but didn’t get anything that was good. Then I came across which has a good collection of bags and I found what I wanted.As soon as I made the purchase, I received a confirmation to my email along with the track order id. The site also allows us to track our order from the date of purchase. I was able to check the status of my order online and FinishLine delivered the product on time. FinishLine also has various products apart from bags which are of good quality. One can be assured of the product purchased. I personally would shop in the future and would recommend this to all my family and friends.

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