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Dillards Department Stores, www.dillards.com is a publicly held company traded on the NYSE:DDS. Merchandise includes up scale, mid-ranged priced clothing, bedding, jewelry, footwear and house wares. In 2015 there were 330 stores in 28 states. In 2011 employees numbered over 38,000. In 2010 Net Income was reported as US 180 million.

If you have a problem with a purchase or service you may call 1-800-345-5273. You may also find Customer Support here. If you would like to send postal correspondence to the CEO, William T. Dillard II, address you letter to him with 1600 Cantrell Road, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201. The corporate phone number is 501-3736-5200.

Dillards was founded in 1938 by William T. Dillard in Nashville, Arkansas. The first Dillards store located in a mall was in Austin, Texas in 1964. Social presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest.

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Last week I bought a pair of pants for $89 and a blouse for $45, plus the tax involved. I took them home and tried on the pants, however, the waist would not stay pulled up and I wished to return them with the blouse that I bought that matched it. However, when I went to return them they refused to give me my money back, quoting that the tags were not attached anymore and that the pants appeared to be worn. I did not wear the pants other than to try them on. They not look worn and there was nothing wrong with either garment. I have been a customer with Dillard's for over 45 years, buying most of my clothes there and have never been treated so poorly. However, I will never shop there again and we'll make sure that everyone I know doesn't either! I spent good money on these garments and wanted to buy others to replace them, but I was not able to and am stuck with clothes I cannot wear that cost a lot of money. I am extremely upset!


Just went into the Dillard's in North East Mall, NRH, TX. Was rudely greeted by a girl who clearly didn't want me in her department to begin with while I was browsing in the NYX makeup section. She was very in my face and when a simple "how are you today?" would have sufficed she turned it into a forceful question. She seemed really pissed about something. Then, when I asked where I pay for the eyeshadow I bought she informed me in an extremely sassy tone, "you can pay here, or anywhere in the store because it's a department store." Ok. So I pay then she starts with treating me like I'm an idiot asking if I know the difference between eyeshadow and lipstick! I'm 23! I think I have a very broad and knowledgeable idea of what makeup is and how to apply it!!! She really dished it out to me and I'm once again reminded of why I don't come to these pretentious places. I'm not going to be petty and say I will never shop at a Dillard's again but it's recommended that you go in with your defenses fully raised because workers here really think they are hot shit. Don't be nice like I was. 8 times of 10 they probably don't deserve you at your best.


I rushed to Dillards at approximately 6pm on Saturday evening to purchase a pair of white dress shoes after learning I needed them for church the next day. I had found a pair online and showed them to the sales clerk, Ebony, who said she didn't have them in stock. I asked her to help me find some white dress shoes, and she stated "they're all out on the racks." I asked to try on a size 8 Jessica Simpson and she came back, saying she only had a 7 1/2. I said "I'm pretty sure I can't wear a 7 1/2." I asked to try on another brand in an 8, which she brought out and I didn't like the fit. At that time she also brought out another pair that I didn't ask for (which I appreciated and told her so), but I didn't like that pair either. She not so delicately took both boxes from me and walked off. Needing the white shoes, I approached her and said I'll purchase the first pair. At the register, I said, "I think I'd like to try the 7 1/2 Jessica Simpson. She asked very unpleasantly and impatiently, "are you sure. You said you couldn't wear a 7 1/2." I asked, "can I not try them on? Aren't I the customer?" She responded, "look I'm just going by what you said. You're the one that said you couldn't wear them." Hesitantly, she got them, I tried them on and the fit and style was perfect. As she was ringing up my purchase, another customer whom I had been sitting next to, after trying on the same shoe in 3 different sizes, told Ebony she would come back later. Ebony was extremely polite to her, so I asked Ebony why were you not as pleasant with me as you were with the other customer. She said, "didn't I go back there and get you everything you asked for? Every time?" I didn't respond, just asked for my receipt and left. I have shopped at Dillards many times, particularly for shoes and the clerks have always been helpful, patient and kind. Ebony was not, and if I didn't need the shoes the next morning, I wouldn't have purchased anything. A little kindness goes a long way. Thank you for your attention to this correspondence. Dillards at Columbiana Mall, Columbia. SC.


On 4/3/2019 i went to the junior dept and purchased 2 items. Purchased the items with a check, it took like 20 minutes for the clerk to even do that. On 4/4/2019 I took the two items back to exchange them. One of the items I needed a small, and the other I exchanged it for another dress. Well she said because it wasn’t the same item, she would have to accept it it and give me a refund., however she kept trying and couldn’t achieve that transaction.
The young lady made a call and was explaining that she has done that before but couldn’t get it to go through. She was talking to someone in customer service who told her to give me a refund slip dated for 4/12/19. I wanted to spend the money in the store wasn’t even allowed to do that. Store located in Crestville Hill, Kentucky.
I also went to customer service which did no good! This is not the fire3st time i’ve Encountered problems in that store. I bought 200 and something dollars of perfume and ask for samples- was given one sample. It seems like this store discriminates against African American, my money spends anywhere! If this is how you treat Blacks _ they should know not to spend there money in your stores.. Just put a sign up saying you don’t service African Americans.
Oh by the way I did talk to someone ion customer service, which did no good, SHE ACT LIKED SHEWAS DOING ME A FAVOR BY NOT GIVING ME MY MONEY!
I would appreciate someone in management to call me! Thank You dissatisfied customer!
Angelina Stokes


Racial Descrimination in Columbus Ga. store by children’s shoe department personnel, young African American clerk, totally ignored and abused a Korean lady, who was very patiently waiting. Waited on at least 6 other African Americans while ignoring the Korean lady. The Korean lady was totally demoralized, it was a terrible situation. Talked with the store manager, she didn’t seemed to concerned. This is a blantant case of racial descrimination. I pray you can at least investigate!!!


Please look at your online picture of order #0449445644 and look at picture of the dress you sent me I emailed a picture to Stephine per her suggestion. Dress on line is a delicate and soft looking pink with what appears to be white flowers on a soft light grey background. Dress I received has all bold/overpowering pink flowers on a dark ugly grey background. This is false and deceptive advertising and for this reason I think you should at least exchange it. I understand Stephine states there is no difference in your online picture appearance and the picture I sent, really?. Please review and advise.


I went to the Dillard’s in cedar hill Texas to exchange some clothes that were too small that I had received as a gift. The women’s department manager Crystal, was rude and refused to listen and even put her finger in my face while I was trying to explain that the clothes were a gift. Don’t go to Dillard’s in cedar hill Texas at uptown mall if you want good service!


I have my Dillard's Bill with payment due on June 21, 2016, Wells Fargo has called me 22 times about my bill to Dillard's. I will pay when I am paid by the school board. I have 20 days to pay, why call me all the time? Is this good business or bad relations? When I started trading with Dillards and Mr. Dillard was alive, nothing like this would have happened


I have been a teacher in Las Vegas, NV for the past 35 years and when I can afford it, I have always shopped at Dillard's, especially when they used to have 75% off sales. Last year, I began shopping at Dillard located in the Meadows Mall in Las Vegas, NV; they have very good bargains and I purchased nearly my entire wardrobe there. They have a policy of "All Sales Final," which I have no problems adhering. Since my husband knows that I buy my clothes there, he purchased a dress for me as one of my Christmas presents. Since he knows my size, I simply hung the dress in my closet until I decided to wear it.

Today, I put on the dress to wear it to work; it fitted perfectly; however, the zipper was broken! It zipped down, but it would not zip back up. Needless to say, I could not wear it today. After I left work, I took the dress back to the Meadows Mall where my husband purchased it; explained what happened to the manager, and asked for an exchange. She emphatically refused to exchange the dress (even after I told her that I have been a customer for over 30 years)! She examined the dress, noticed the tag was still in tact and the broken zipper; yet she would NOT allow me to exchange the dress. I feel that what she did was poor customer service and petty. If I am not allowed to exchange the dress, I will NEVER shop at Dillard's again!


Dillards seems like it has nicer clothes than most other department stores. I still do not like how expensive everything is. Seems like a total rip off.


August 21st, 2015 at 8:04 Friday night I went into Dillards. I was checking the shoes hoping to find a deal. I found a pair of shoes but was unable to try them due to them being tied together. I did put one foot in them and they seemed to fit. I went to a clerk at Southpark mall and told her I would like to do $20.00 on the dillards and pay for the rest on the debit card. She was a very young pretty lady and I knew she has an attitude that she was better then everyone else.

Her name was Melissa and she said WE CANT DO THIS in a rude way. I told her yes there is a way they did this for me in the shoe department the last time. I will do it but I am telling you that you cant. When I swiped the card she said told you we cant do it. She shows me on the pad there is no option for it. I asked for a manager and her reply was I will get you a manager but they will tell you the same thing. She swings her hair and turns around. I was never so embarrassed in my life. I looked in the waiting room and everyone was looking. I took the shoes and went to the jewery department and she called the manager and the manager said she was sorry and will take care of it. I bought the shoes but when I put both of them on I felt they fit but was to high for me.

I wanted to take them back but do not want to go to the store again at Southpark went there for years but never was embarrassed. I thought I will go to Fairlawn this weekend and exchange them. When I looked at the receipt it reads 3 day return limit on the receipt. I would appreciate that all that I had went through that someone would exchange these shoes past the 3 day limit. I spend a lot in your store and would appreciate someone contacting me about this matter soon.


I was looking for a lace gown to be worn for one of my sisters wedding. Dillard's came to my rescue as I found exactly the right color and dress that I wanted. I immediately made the purchase as I had not much time in hand. Thankfully the order was shipped and I received it within 2 days from the date of purchase. Dillard's has some really good collection and have sections for men and kids as well. I like the handbags and accessories they have online and would definably love to make a purchase in the near future. I received many compliments for the gown that I wore on the wedding and thanks to Dillard's for this.

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