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David’s Bridal is a fashion retailer specializing in wedding, prom and other formal wear.  It is American’s largest bridal-store chain with one stop shopping for everything wedding. There are 300 stores in 45 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. In the 12 month period from June 2011 to June 2012 revenues were reported as US 740 million.

If you have a problem with a David’s Bridal shopping experience you may call the corporate office at 610-943-5000. You may also address a postal letter to CEO, Pamela B. Wallack, 1001 Washington St., Conshohocken, PA 19428. You may also find internet contact info here. Call 1-844-400-3222 to reach Customer Service.

David’s Bridal began in 1945 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL by David Reisberg. Social presence may be found on Facebook, Linkedin Pinterest, Instagram and Google+.

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I have tried several times to get help with my father's account. I call the number on the card but once I enter the requested account information the line goes dead. I am trying to accept responsibility for an account that should never have closed.


I bought a dress a few days ago. It was ordered, then later found out it was discontinued. I came in to get a refund, only to find out EVERYTHING IS FINAL SALE. NO REFUND ONLY EXCHANGES. WHAT A RIPOFF!!!


Ordered my daughter a homecoming dress on Oct 5, 2019 from the Mobile, AL store. Was told it would be in on Oct 22nd. Called on Oct 24th no dress, management contacted warehouse, turns out it was never shipped out. Was told it was going out that day or the next, then it would be overnighted to me, days pass Still no dress! Called back Oct 28th still no dress. Operation Mgr says she has been waiting for it to come in, then will overnight it to me. My daughter’s event is in 2 days, haven’t tried the dress on in size, able to match accessories or anything. I’ve ordered a dresses from China and got it back 3 weeks. I’m So upset!!!


Good afternoon,    I replied to the email survey but I feel I need to contact someone about my experience at the David's Bridal shop in Johnson city tn.

 My bridal squad and my self went to your shop on saturday july 6, 2019. The experience was less than perfect!  The ease of making an appointment was greatly appreciated. The smiles and prompt greeting was great when we arrived. We were introduced to a lady,  here is who will be helping you,  and we were off.  I was so excited, being a first time bride I had so many expectations of what the experience of wedding dress shopping would look like, however it was NOTHING I ever thought it would be,  we walked through the store looking at fmdofferent style dresses ,  we never once discussed my budget or even if I had one.  She automatically choose the cheapest dresses she could,  we came across this one dress.  It was stunning,  a ball gown sweat heart neck line.   Beautiful dress,   I adored it,   she was very nice asked if I would like to try it,  of. Course I did it was the one dress out of them all that I awwwwwed!,  my bridal squad very excited for this dress they all agreed I should try it on,  the lady first looks at me looks at the dress looks back at me and says " this dress is over $1200 are you sure want to try this dress on!  I was speechless,  not because of the price that was no issue,  but because she humiliated me infront of everyone asking something like that! Everyone around got quite,   I felt so discriminated against,   was it because I didnt LOOK rich enough for the dress,  or because of my disability and I wasnt good enough for that dress ,  or was it because I am a plus size curvy women and my curves were to much for her !! From that moment on it was all down hill,  I DID NOT try the dress on,  I felt belittled and I wasnt allowed to try it on,  we went to try on the dresses that we had already picked.  By then I am in tears,  my experience as a bride to be is ruined,  I am horrified,  she did not stay with us ,  she would come put me in a dress and walk away i waited 25 min  for her to come help me change my dress!! But she didnt have any problems helping some else, that changed 4 dresses before she would help me get to my 2nd dress.  I have never in my life been so degraded. Then she kept pressing for me to buy this dress I did not like.  I didn't buy it but she didnt want to take NO for answer,  I left there in tears,  no dress. My wedding is in 27 days , and i am to the point idk if i want a dress i dont want to go to another dress shop and be humiliated again. I will never understand why this lady would ever want to ruin a bride's day,   I hope and pray she never treats another women the way she did me. My heart is broken. I'm so upset. Mad, and heart broken, abs humiliated, I feel discriminated against. Shame shame David's bridal .


Not even close to what I ordered. I bought a dress that took 3 months to come in and it was a sloppy mess! I was using it for 2 events... so I also had a special wrap made (in store) for the 2nd event. The 1st event...
Maid Of Honor dress. Have no choice but to wear it... but I will NOT have pics taken with the Bride... What a shame!
The 2nd was for my 25th Anniversary Vow Renewal (which I have now cancelled due to this sloppy dress). Thanks for ruining something that should have been a Special day....as not many make 25 years anymore. Seamstress took out about 15 inches of excess material and it still needs that much more taken out. She has really tried hard to help me and admitted the dress is jacked up... her words, not mine! The dress has been discontinued during the time it took to get it to the store....so no chance of getting a new one. It looks like a generic knock off of the one I tried on. Paid a fortune for a dress that will be thrown away the same night as friends wedding. Wish I had time to get something else. The worst part is cancelling my Vow renewal... it was going to be the wedding we NEVER had and you have made sure that I will NEVER have it. I hate you for that!!!!


To whom it may concern I purchased a tiara for my wedding and when I pick it up it came in a to go box which I thought was a joke . It’s this the way it’s supposed to be ship and given to Your Brides ? When I ask the manager about she just laugh it off ! I feel that it should have been carefully packaged and secure being that it did cost $199 . I’m so displeased and not sure if I will get my bridesmaids dresses from here after all .
I’m even scared to get my dress altered now .


I am extremely disappointment with all my encounters with David’s bridal during the process of getting my maid of honor dress for my best friend’s wedding. To start, we all went to David’s bridal in Paramus NJ. We had a very rude sales person that fitted us for our dresses. Even the brides grandmother was very upset with how she talked to us girls and told us we didn’t look good in certain things. Finally we found our dresses and got them ordered. I ordered a 18 even though I wanted a 16, because the sales person told me I didn’t look good in the 16. Then the dress comes in the mail, some strings were ripped. Then a few months pass and I try on my dress again, and I was swimming in it. I had lost some weight. So then I went to David’s bridal in Middletown NY to see if I would have time to exchange the size before the wedding. I originally was told they would exchange my dress for another size before the wedding for free, if they had enough time to order it. At the Middletown NY store they did not have a size 16 dress for me to try on. So instead I tried on a 14 and it fit and zipped all the way, but it was a little tight. The lady that was helping me was one of the managers. She kept telling me that the 16 wouldn’t fit me and that the 18 fit me fine. This was while I was in the 14 that fit me!!! I looked like a box in the 18 and I told her that I would like it to be fitted more. After going back and fourth for a while she told me that Danbury CT had a size 16 I could try on. My mom and I then drove an hour and a half each way to go to the danbury David’s bridal. Luckily, the lady that helped us in Danbury was one of the nicest sales people ever. She knew exactly what I wanted and agreed that I needed a smaller size and then even alterations. She told me I would need minor alterations in the back of the dress to tighten it up around my figure, and also tighten my straps. She said it would be about $25 for my alterations, maybe a little more if I got the straps done too. She set me up to order my new dress in time for the wedding, she also told me to make an alteration appointment ASAP. While she was ordering my new dress, she saw the comments that the David’s bridal in Middletown had left after my visit. She said that they said I didn’t need a new size that mine fit fine, and that they shouldn’t let me get a smaller size. This lady then wrote in the notes that I definitely did need a smaller size and even alterations. When I got home to Middletown I went to my store to make the alteration appointment. Today I went to my alteration appointment in Middletown NY. This was the worst experience of them all, even after all those other horrible encounters. David’s bridal in Middletown is the worst. My appointment was at 2:30 I didn’t see someone until 3:00 when I told them I needed to be out of there by 3:30. After pinning my dress to my liking, they came over with the alteration price and it was $160 plus $25 for a rush (which I was never told about prior to today). They wanted me to pay $160 alteration for a $170 dress!!!! I was told it was going to be much cheaper than that! So then we asked to talk to the manager, the same lady we had dealt with in the past that was extremely rude! She goes onto say “oh yes I remember you guys, what’s the problem”. We tell her the problem and she says “oh I’m sorry you were told that, nothing we can do here, Danbury should definitely match what they told you but I don’t know what else to tell you”. We mentioned we were not driving back to Danbury and she said I understand but we can’t help you. These employees had no care about the things they put me threw. They already had the dress sold to me, and that’s all they seemed to care about. They didn’t care about the fact that strings were loose or broken on my dress when it was shipped to my house. They would not fix it for free, even when the manager said that those things should have been looked at before it was shipped. I will NEVER step foot in David’s bridal again. This is the second wedding I’ve been in, and both have used David’s bridal. Both times were disasters, and both times we were very unhappy with the process. We thought we would give them one more shot but after 2 different weddings, I now know not to go back to David’s bridal. I will be telling my current friends that are engaged or soon to be engaged not to use David’s bridal, it has not been worth the trouble I’ve been out through. I really hope that my complaint will change things, I’m sure it won’t.


1st visit my mom & I were headed to the clearance isle after walking in for my scheduled appointment, the sales lady said “we don’t have your size in clearance” she doesn’t even know my size!! We should have left then, but I’m a nice person so I swallowed my pride thinking I was just a fat ass. Then my “person” was helping 2 other people, although you schedule to have undivided attention & help. Every time I needed her she was nowhere to be found. My mom came from out of town so I picked a dress that day.
2nd visit was alterations, apparently I was supposed to bring someone with me to help me?! Who knew. Then as we are pinning my dress (I had lost 20lbs since visit 1) the lady asked me if I had undergarments on to “hold my fat in” I weigh 160 pounds
3rd visit was supposed to be final alterations, my maid of honor (my sister) & I were running late for this appointment so my sister called to let them know that we were running a bit late as our father had just had a heart attack a few hours before (we were told if we rescheduled we would have to wait 3-4 weeks to get back in) I have 50 days until my wedding day. The lady who answered said it would be okay & she’d let the alterations dept know. We came in 11 mins late for the appointment. Then waited another 10 minutes to get called back, we then are approached by the sales manager who says I will not be seen, we literally left my dads hospital bed to come to this appointment & called to tell them we’d be a little late!!! Didn’t matter the sales manager disappeared & an alterations associate comes out telling us that they are on a tight schedule & we could not be seen today. After she spent another 20 minutes with us we gave up & rescheduled (nothing had gone right today) I cried a little, we rescheduled. So the total of 25 minutes she spent giving us every excuse in the book...couldn’t we just have gotten my dress done?! Not one person came in after us at 630 pm...they close at 9pm, but we still couldn’t get helped?! I’m ready to just get a refund & call a news channel so that no one has there entire wedding experience ruined like mine is!


Horrible service they don’t have display dress what you see is what you buy 900 for a dirty dress that I had to take back to be cleaned still was not clean so they wanted me to bring it back again now my alterations lady is booked so I’m stuck with a dirty dress worst experience


This has been the worse experience for my fiancee. You are the worse. From sizing her and having her buy a dress that was way to big and to get it sized right is going to cost almost what it would to buy a new dress. Whats even worse when she went in to have them fit her for sizing the lady that measured her asked who measured you, this is way to big, they should have known better, but she was the 1 who did the measure meants. Now today she received a call letting her know her vail had come in, and when she called on it at both the Kalamazoo store and the grand rapids store they hung up on her. Now stacy said she's not gonna worry about it because she won't have to deal with them anymore after she gets her vail. Sorry i couldn't let this go. A wedding is supposed to be a womens greatest day and to get this kind of attitude from your employees when we have spent alot of money with them already and was going to get our tuxes from them as well, which will not be happening now, i can find someone who will appreciate our business. So now i have to ask is this poor customer service the reason that you were rumored to be going out of business. Just UNACCEPTABLE, got our money this time, never again and we will be spreading the word, not a place to shop. Disgruntled former employee.


hello my name is krystal
last Saturday march 6th 2019 I had a appointment at davids bridal in south Portland maine. My appointment was for 1030 I showed up at 1020. My appointment would have only taken a few mins maybe 10 at the most because I was just picking dresses out for my bridesmaids so they can go to try them on on there own time. I went to the front where the girls standing there put my name down and said someone will be with you in just a few minutes. I stood there already knowing what I wanted for 1 hour and 20 mins. I finally went up to the girls again and said excuse me how much longer do you think it will be for someone to be able to help me... The girl replied ooh no one has seen you yet they must have forgotten about you and kind of giggled. Well I wasn't happy at all when the girl finally came over to help me she was great and had me done in no more than 15 minutes. As much as I want to continue my service with davids bridal I think I might have to go elsewhere do to the disappointment and the customer service


We purchased a dress at 1300 and a veil for almost 200. The experience was great with our stylist. It was very busy being a Saturday 1/27. The check out process took a long time. No big deal We where then told it would be 20 weeks before may daughter would get her dress. The veil would be in anytime. Well the veil came in and my other daughter picked it up for her. 1/31 She brought it home and I looked at the bag which was worn veill was rolled in bag comb was bent in every different direction. Def shop worn. I was told we where getting a new one. Rest assured!! Well I called David's Bridal spoke with manager Abigal, and she again assured me that once she received it she would order a new one. Then we had the issue of getting it back to her. She said she would get back to me on who would be picking it up, or that she would be sending me a return envelope. Well a week had passed thinking she was just sending us the return envelope that never happened. Saturday Morning I called to a very frazzled Manager Abigal telling me that the reason why she did not get back to me is because the veil is discontinued and had to find it, and that she had just talked to me on Sunday which was not at all the case. She then was very put out because she was the only Manager working and that she would have to go to UPS at 730 at night to get a return envelope after her shift last Saturday. I then said that first of all she had lied to me about being able to get this veil. She a gain offered me a 10% discount on the new veil (REALLY) After the way I was treated by this Girl. Bait and switch!!! I have heard of all the shotty business transactions at this store I went along with going there. I now know that this whole experience is not going to go well. We purchased the dress based on the veil. As I think most brides do. Being in this business you would hope that you are not treated as a number. I had asked Abigal for her District Managers phone number she would not give it to me, but I would hear from him that day which was last Saturday never heard anything. I had also emailed your customer Service Saturday, and it did say I should hear something in 48 hours. I am at the point of going to Facebook to warn people of this stores business practices. I am to the point of looking into a full refund. After the way this woman was. I honestly do not feel we are going to be treated well and that we can not trust that my daughters dress is going to be in the same condition. I hope I get a response soon this will be the 4th time that I have reached out to Davids Bridal.


Really love David's Bridal. This is not a complaint as much as a compliment for their service as we prepared for our wedding. They took care of everything and the customer service was fantastic! Highly recommend this company.


My wedding bells are going to ring on this Friday and I want to choose the best attire for the special occasion. My friend suggested me about Davids Bridal and it's really awesome to step in there for wedding collections. Davids Bridal is the ultimate brand for wedding dressess, bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses, tuxedos, shoes, wedding decor and also design wear accessories. Online shopping, free shipping on all orders, mobile application services are also added to their special services to avail for all. I recommend Davids Bridal is the best shop for your life's memorable events.

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