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Brown's chicken is one of America's most recognized brands and is the leader in the quick service chicken category. They founded in 1925, Brown's Chicken headquarters in Chicago since 1950. This Brown's Chicken & Pasta chicken nugget meal come with all-natural chicken breast meat that has been breaded and fried. Brown's chain of casual Italian American-style restaurants in the Chicago metropolitan area consists of Italian-American comfort foods, including pasta, subs, pizza, salads, and sandwiches. On January 8, 1993, infamous as the Brown's Chicken massacre occurred at a Palatine, Illinois, branch. Seven people they're killed, including owners and five employees, who lay bound in the walk-in freezer. In 2002, James Degorski and Juan Luna they're held responsible for the murders. The massacre hurt the entire Brown's Chicken chain. Sales at all restaurants dropped by 35 per cent within months of the incident.

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