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Brandsmartusa is a privately held company that has 11 stores in the Florida and Atlanta, Georgia area. It is a leading discount retailer for consumer electronics and home appliances. In 2007 revenues were estimated at US 1.3 billion and employees currently number over 2600 in Florida and Georgia.

If you have a problem with a product from Brandsmartusa you may call 1-800-432-8579. You may also email a message. For a full list of the phone numbers, addresses and hours for all 11 stores check here.  If you would like to send postal correspondence to the CEO, Michael Perlman you may address your letter to him with Box: IVT32, 3200 SW 42nd Street, Hollywood, FL 33312. Corporate numbers are 954-797-4000 and fax 954-797-4047.

Brandsmart was started by Robert Perlman and has a 110% price guarantee. The unique octagonal showroom design gives shoppers more efficiency in viewing all products in stock. Social presence is found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

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purchase a refrigerator and a stove from brandsmart 12/27/19 the salesman Abdul Orellana gave me a receipt that said rebate and a form then said to me this is all you need for your rebate at that time the refrigerator was still in the warehouse when I retrieve the refrigerator from the warehouse I took it home unwrapped it and thru the box it came in away a week later I begin to fill out the form and realized I had thrown away the upc code the salesman did not mention I would need that he should have said to me something like this form will let you know what you need to do to get your rebate their customer service were very obnoxious


I purchased a brand new Samsung 75" TV. It is still under the manufacturer' s warranty. The tv started shutting down and coming back on. The screen would go blank, come back on. Techs came out replaced parts. Continued same problem after repair. Techs came back, took the whole back of tv off, repaired. Still same problem. Another tech came out, same problem. He said he would request a new tv for us. I called customer SVC today, spoke w / supervisor, Irene. She said they say they are ordering new parts again, because the other new parts maybe defective. We have changed cable boxes 2 times so we know it's not the cable. The tv is a lemon. Brandsmart what is the problem? We have been complaining for months. We told you the Super Bowl is coming up and that was one of the reasons for purchase. Can't have people looking at tv shutting on and off.
Hey we need a new tv. What's up Brandsmart & Samsung?


Purchased an entire Frigidaire kitchen suite at Brandsmart in West Palm Beach, Florida a week ago. Spent over $5,000.00 just for appliances on my kitchen remodel.

The appliances were timely delivered and removed from their boxes. Delivery staff installed the refrigerator, but not the microwave oven, dishwasher or stove. Blue protective film was removed from the refrigerator, but not the other appliances. This can be proven by home surveillance footage.

Fast forward a few days and - while removing the protective film from the other appliances - a blemish is found on the dishwasher front panel. No issues with the slide-in stove or microwave oven. This can also be proven by home surveillance footage.

Two phone messages left for customer service staff were ignored. Only when I tweeted Brandsmart in a public social media forum did they respond. In response, they offered a $25.00 credit on a future order. A $25.00 credit on an order exceeding $5,000.00.

Several direct messages through Twitter were for naught. Brandsmart has refused to properly address the issue other than to deny responsibility.

Totally unacceptable lack of customer service from Brandsmart. From ignored messages, to - finally - an acknowledgement and offer of credit, then denial of responsibility.

Saved money at Brandsmart only to get screwed in the long run. Let the buyer beware.

William E. Lewis Jr.
Vero Beach, Florida.


I visited your store located in Miami at US1 AND SW 160th street as I entered the store racist and derogatory music is blaring,there was a constant barrage of the N-Word and the managers and associates,were oblivious and seemed not to be bothered,This is totally insensitive and definitely has put a blemish on my psyche,i make many purchases in this store,but today has been a nightmare! I would like to discuss this matter you can reach me at 786-231-7927.


Bought entire kitchen appliances. Foolishly paid extra for warranty. GE oven broke. Called for service. Earliest available date was 7 days from call seeking service. Waited out the 7 days. I take off work. Repair guy shows up. Says he can't fix oven because my house has electric deficiency. I called and paid for an electrician to come and test my power only to conclude I have no problem. Called for return service. Earliest available date was another 7 days from call seeking service. Waited out the time. Service guy calls and sets up appointment for 2pm. I take off work (again) and am here at 2pm. Guy never shows up. He calls at 3:06pm saying he'll be here at 4pm. Disgusting customer service.


My wife and I, went to your store in west palm beach Florida, to buy a T.V. this was on the 31st of may. We found the TV that we wanted at a good price the LG 55". We did not have my truck so we told the salesman that we would be back in the morning to pick it up. Well when we got there to are surprise they said the price has gone up. Talked to the Rude manager he would not budge on the price after all that and him being so rude Manager Diaz-Silvestri. I had to walk out before I did something I would have regretted. I will never shop in that store ever again. And I'm telling all my friends about this they to will not go. Just so you know I bought all my electronics from your store now I will go somewhere else. Buy the way we went to Walmart and got a 58" better price and no hassle. That manager needs to be FIRED.


I was scheduled to have a technician come out today between 1 and 5. I confirmed by text yesterday that I would be home. I take time off work, the technician calls at 1:15 and I was away from my phone for a few minutes. He leaves a message that "I was not home and I needed to reschedule." Now I have to wait another week to get repair. I have made numerous calls, only to keep getting a call center and women that can barely speak and understand English. I cannot reach a supervisor. I cannot reach someone locally at the store I purchased it from. This is the WORST customer service I have experienced. I am a personal chef with a broken dishwasher (got the product 4 months ago). And this employee needs to be tracked down and fired.


I am beyond pissed off first it takes 2 months to get someone to come look at my TV to fix took 3 weeks for a orderd part to come in just to find out it was the wrong part and they have to order another....I'm pissed and bringing the tv back and I never want to buy anything from again .


I am truly overwhelmed and fatigued with trying to rectify this situation.
I purchased a television yesterday with the hopes of upgrading my current television. The television purchased did not provide screws to mount the television, so to get the correct size screws, I read the manual. All four screws went in but one socket was loose. I discovered, the socket was broken. According to Roy Luciano and a few others, the television is damaged and it was not sold in that condition. O was told over and over again, that I broke the television. I explained to Roy, there is truly no indication that the television wasn’t faulty. After a few no’s, I asked what about the warranties and his ability to accept the television. Roy responded by saying, “I can accept the television, but I will not in this case.” Roy then brought in a gentleman from installation to tell me, the television was damaged, it was my fault and there was nothing they could do.

I was informed by an employee that televisions are accepted in worst conditions then this and truly this television isn’t damage. The employee then commented, you can see it was damaged inside.

I was made mockery of by at least several managers and coworkers that passed the word amongst each other. I was told by Roy L. I do have the discretion but I will not use it in this situation. I was told, by Roy L. and the installation gentlemen to hang it with the 3 inserts instead of the required 4.

I was told Ed A. was the GM but he never once came to personally speak with me. I was told he gave his no from behind the scenes. I pray I can be helped or at least feel like a valued customer.

Thank you in advance,
Cecilia V


My husband and I spent 2 hours making sure all the appliances I needed for an entire kitchen and a washer and dryer to be delivered within a certain time frame only to find out that my items were not available and would not meet my deadline at all. Spent an additional 2 hours calling to speak with a manager only to have them offer a refund instead. No resolution in site. Very disgusting customer service after spending $4,000.


I am very disappointed in the treatment that I received from your delivery driver all the way to the customer service number to your store in Jonesboro GA. I ordered a washer and dryer set off line. Horrible experience and I will not ever buy or shop your stores again.


My name is Peter Dawkins and On December 2nd 2018 I purchased a refrigerator from your company( The stockbridge location) and was told that delivery was not available until one week later which was on December 9th 2018 . I agreed to the purchase and paid for the delivery fee which was $39 . On Sunday December 9th I did not receive a call from anyone regarding the delivery of the refrigerator so i decided to call the customer service desk to find out when and what time my fridge would arrive. After waiting about 30 min a customer service clerk told me the salesman was busy and she would call me back. I waited another 30 min and she did call back and said the salesman told her he thought I was coming to pick up the fridge . I requested to speak to the manager and after waiting 30 min he told me he was not sure why the salesman said this and he could not deliver the fridge until December the 12th which would mean I would have to take a another day off to accommodate the delivery.I am writing this letter to inform you that this is unacceptable and your company should respect and honor your promises. I would also like to be compensated for the time i will have to take off because of this mis management.
Peter U Dawkins
129 lost forest Drive
Mcdonough Ga 30252


I just cancelled order #39260433


1. Delivery was between 2:00 and 6:00 pm 11/24. Never delivered

2. Made several phone calls to customer service and told it would definitely be delivered.

3. No appoligy from anyone. Cancelled dinner plans awaiting delivery.

4. Told I would have to wait until 12/3 for another delivery.

Brandsmart customer for 10 years and never treated this way

Bought this now from Lowes.

Completely dissapointed with Bandsmart

Seymour Kaufman


Horrible experience with returning an item on warranty thru warrentek and brandsmart personnel.i have an active return number given to me thru warrentek.went to store to validate the number given and seems that brandsmart cannot find the order number for my return.however this should have been in the system for 2 weeks now.i was treated unfair and felt that i was in the middle of some type of fued between warrentek and brandsmart manager and personnel. That is when i realized that workers at this store treat people with complete ignorance and disrespect and on top of really not helping the customer out during a return.Because of incidents that occurred i will no longer shop your brand nor reccomend to anyone and i will share my story. So today my unit was taken in by customer service.i was given a blank sheet of paper that said "left unit with roy".and copied my reciept on a blank paper and that was that.i asked when it will be ready he reply. I have no idea. WOW....... What an experience .below is a copy of what was given to own reciept copied on blank paper. Oh and by the way i had to tell him to please write my number down . please help very dissatisfied customer.i have spent thousands of dollars at brandsmart as a customer.dont want to part ways but think i might. Ps hope this gets to the right person as i work hard for a living a pay for what you want in life this is a big world and sometimes the little guy isn't heard at all.if there is anything i can do as an inhabitant of this earth to make things better i will. Sincerely sandy setien.


I'm very upset with brandsmart USA in 2015 I bought a washer it last only a year when I call them I was told they can not locate my purchase 400 dollars when to waist I bought a samsung refrigerator4 months ago the handle broke twice already the customer service rep very rude, it's sad they don't want to help you after you make a purchase. NEVER AGAIN. PEOPLE NEED TO STOP SHOPPING THERE. VERY TRASHY SERVICE. NEXT TIME I WILL TAKE MY MONEY SOMEWHERE THEY VALUED ME.


I received an email about previously viewed item being on sale and that I could have 12 months finance with no interest. I contacted the Synchrony Bank for the credit card who confirmed that it will be 12 months on purchases over $600. So I contacted BrandsMart USA sales department for the appliances and asked if I purchased a refrigerator in a dishwasher will be haul off the other items that I already have. Also wanted to know if I can have insurance on the refrigerator if it was not installed in my house if it was going to be in the garage. The lady told me that they will hold off the other items at no charge and that yes I can have the insurance and I said okay. I let her know that I was just going to go ahead and make my purchase on line now that she confirmed the information she told me that I needed to come into the store because there were better deals. I got someone to take me over to the store which is an hour away from my home I got to the store and I looked at the products the prices were actually more than what it was online. So I let her know that it cost him more and that I would just go home and purchase it online. I showed her the price online if I added it to my car and she said that she will go ahead and honor that price and sell me the items that I don’t end up still costing almost $200 more in a store versus what I was paying online. She told me because of the drive over in all the inconvenience that she was going to waive the shipping charge on the phone she said the shipping was $35 in the store it was 40. Ultimately they charge me the shipping because I wanted to 12 months interest which the email said I will receive. The refrigerator in the room having a rebate in between her in her manager it took over 40 minutes for them to figure out how to get me the rebate information I had already advise I was ready to leave several times she just kept asking me to stay give her a few more minutes I ended up being in store for 2 1/2 hours and I complaint before I left the store to customer service in the store she told me to go online and file the complaint. Also I was downstairs trying to buy other items it was a guy downstairs kitchen department stated he was from the cash department and he knew nothing and could not help me and could not call anyone to come help me with my purchases. I have medical accommodations for driving as well as for work and I found this to be a real big Inc. of me is because of the 2 Hour Dr. one dare one bag as well as the 2 1/2 hours been in the store that’s 5 1/2 hours that I used out of my day to get horrible service when I was trying to make my purchase online and she told her manager that she wanted me to come in the store so that she can get credit for the sale that was the only reason.


Almost 2 years ago my refrigerator didn't work. They told me it needs a new compressor. I paid over 800 dollar and still it didn't work. Then they told me i have to buy a new refrigerator. And i am out of my money i paid. I would like you to refund my money if not please send me your agent address so i can file a small claim court.


Awful experience. bought my fridge , with extended warranty what a lie. The service person doesn't know what is wrong with freezer ,going temp up itself and defrost and back ,kind of fix it broken LDE ligh in freezer, Call back for fixing it ,the service guy never sowed up 3minth waiting ,called again supposedly today he will be at my place by 6:00 never showed up. Never use this company and their junk extended warranty ,my fridge falling apart and they don't give short,lies and promises ,nothing still fix. More issues the LED light start cracking plastics and not working , the freezer has the same problem,the gaskets is falling apart in pices and it's only 3 years old fridge. What to expect from such incopadent company that they don't care about they client,do be rise and not to buy from them as they are not reliable of their product and their service...


Went to clearance center in Davie FL had the worse experience I've ever had. I usually go to Deerfield Brandsmart, it's not great there but compared to this place it's heaven. The cashiers are rude, we got stuck with a new guy he messed up the checks no one would help him. Then one sales employee Rebecca pretended to help him just to get the computer he was on. Cashiers but in and lie sticking up for Rebecca told that I got eyes and ears. This is all about herself. I asked for a manager 3 times never saw one.


I bought a 65 inch Sony TV that costed more than $2000 last year and the salesman convinced me to buy a 5 years full warranty, and it stopped working on August 15, 2015. I called to place a repair order. It has been 40 days and I don't know when I'll get my TV fixed. I keep calling the electronics lab and the warranty department in Brandsmart, and I didn't get any help. They just kept telling me to wait, and I tried talking to the manager there but they said there's no manager there. Can anyone give me some idea of when my TV will be fixed? I have been a Brandsmart customer for more than 20 years. It's very disappointing and unacceptable. I wouldn't even give them 1 star for treating a loyal customer like this. I hope someone can solve this problem. My repair order number is 783015600. Thank you.


Bought a TV from Brandsmart outside of Lawrenceville, GA. 8-26-13. Also purchased a 3 year service agreement. Have been trying for almost 3 weeks to get some help from Brandsmart. Repairman from Atlanta Professional Electronics picked up TV and reported back it was not repairable. Haven' heard a work from store in Doraville, GA. Went to store and spoke to MGR but she was no help. Sales Invoice no 1330511. Date purchase 8- 26- 13. The TV was BS TV ETC?


We were looking for a complete Kitchen Appliance package on finance. Brandsmart was the right choice where we got a great deal and able to pay it off within 24 months. The staff out there were very helpful and give various options to choose from. I am happy to be a customer of Brandsmart as they have the best in class products. I have referred this to many of my friends and family members who are looking out for home needs on finance assistance. I have planned to go in for other products too during this year end and Brandsmart is definitely the choice.

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