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This is regarding:
outlet store 160
purchase number 160-0006-7698
Date 3/26/2019
Amount $52.99

I have purchased a pair of shoes a week ago at your Miami Outlet location.  Unfortunately, I found the heel to be too tall and I decided to return them.  On my way back home I had a stop over in Atlanta, and tried to return them at the store there.  I was told it was not possible since this was an Outlet purchase.  I was provided with a number for customer service.

When I called, I was offered to send the shoes back and I will receive a refund as soon as the item is received. I received a return label to send my shoes back to online support and I shipped the item on April 13th addressed to Macy's warehouse as per instructions provided by one of your agents:Tracking Number1Z7270769091426465 
Returned to UPS office on April 13th arrived at destination on April 17th

It is now over three months since my return was completed and I did not get my money back. I received three separate calls asking for a credit card number and each time I was assured the refund will come within a week. I also exchanged several emails.

I called 1-800-777-0000, and emailed I got numerous case numbers. The most recent was [Incident: 190717-006819].

At this point I invested more hours than the value I am getting back and I am very deeply frustrated with your customer services. I expect some swift resolution.


Tried 4times to make payment by phone ask for:last 4digest then : full credit card no# then complete ss no# NO ONE ask for that**then couldn't continue **kept asking for cs**final got cs and explained** totally unconcerned and took payment**very disappointed on how things were handled
Ann Parker


I shop at bloomingdales for ralph lauren polo cologne spray.Last year in 2018 I d the smaller bottle because I was told the the larger bottle was 140.00 so I purchased the smaller one at 112.dollers.well on june 26 2019 I purchased the large bottle for the price of 113.79.and a new employee told me it was never 140.00 dollars.i told her on the bill in 2018 it was another name cologne but I purchase polo.something is not right in glad it is 113.79 now.i have no complaints.i love bloomingdales.just wondering why the cover up.


I was issued a merchant check. When I tried to use in store it did not work. They tried two registers. They called manage 2x - no one came. I then just paid. I called after and jasmine (store manager) said she would credit to my credit card. She was to call within the hour. She never did. I called 4 x after and each time she said she was almost done and would call. She never did!!!


I actually have 3 complaints from last night, April 23rd.
I was in the shoe department trying to get some help.I grabbed a young man who said they were short help and he would get back to me as soon as he finished up with another customer. Never happened.
Then, I was looking at sneakers, and asked to have 3 pair brought to me. The sales associate informed me that one of the shoes was not available. I told him I wanted to see the other 2 DESIGNER EXPENSIVE SNEAKERS. After 15 minutes, I started to leave and a manager or someone at that level asked me what happened and I told her. She offered to have someone get them for me. I refused to wait another second.
And now, another experience. i went to the Theory department and inquired about a pair of pants in my size. The associate checked the computer and said there were none. I asked if another store had them...she should have offered to look. She said there was a pair in 2 stores. I then asked her to call them to see if they could send them to me. She said they didn't do that, to which I answered, YES YOU DO!!
Then, strangely enough she found one for me, and had it shipped. I had to work very hard to spend my money last night. Not cool in the brick and mortar retail climate.
I spend a lot of money in Bloomingdales, and it is my go to store, but this was bad.
Judy Veneroso


I purchased 6 place settings and the knife and pie server from a bide's list. I did this early in case most of the items would be gone. . The wedding is July 4th 2019. They sent it to the bride's home. Your site asked for my address and nowhere was I informed the gifts would go elsewhere. Never has this happened for other weddings when i shopped from the bride's list. Your site never mentioned the address where you would be sending this. Otherwise I would have picked it up in the store. It is the Royce Brunson (groom) wedding.


I am a Bloomigdales American Express Card holder. I have a Black card from Bloomingdales. Yesterday I wanted to use my American express card.
I was told it was rejected. I have O Balance on it.I have a credit limit of $6,00.000. I play my Card balance off every month. I call to find out what was wrong. The Customer center told me the reason was they sent out a new card and the expiration date was different and I had to use the new date. I explain to them my card has a expiration date of 03,21 and I did not receive my card . I call the Store and explain to them to use the new expiration date. They called me back and said the card would not accept my purchase. I was very embarrassed, this is a company Iam decorating
my home with. I Called back to Customer service, and ask to speck to a supervisor . The supervisor said they sent me a new card ,and said I would have to wait until I receive it the card to charge. I could not believe what she said. Them she said they sent the card in a plain white envelope maybe I throw it away. I could not believe what she said. I have other American express cards a I have never had this type of service.
I told her I would the main office and file a complaint. I also will be filing a complaint with Better business. I expect a response to this complaint
I will pursue this further.


There are two charges on my credit card in the amount of 139920, 180.00 these items were never received by me. Ive ask your company several times to remove this charge but to no effort the charge is still on my card. Once agin I did not receive the items and I would like a full refund. It’s was not my fault . If you have any questions please let me know. Again thank you for your time and support.


Ms. Phyllis Rodriguez
202 Cork Street
Stafford,VA 22554
(540 840-5741


We purchased a very expensive mens coat at full price at the flagship New York store while traveling shortly before Thanksgiving. We were given a promotion gift card but forgot about it while traveling. I just found the promotional card and it expired December 24th. I called our local Bloomingdales and was told they will not extend or honor the card even for a full price purchase. Bloomingdales has lost me as a customer for my lifetime and I will share my bad experience with other family and friends. Something like this happened to me years ago at Neiman Marcus and they kindly gave me an extension to use the gift card. They earned my loyalty in that one act of treating me like a valued customer. Good bye Bloomindales forever!


Our account number is 21-058-797-550-7. Over the years, we believe that we have been loyal Bloomingdale’s customers. Unfortunatly, your American Express affiliate has not treated us accordingly. Over the years, we have had a number of instances where legitimate purchases were questioned. Most recently, we actually did have a fraud. Now, seventeen days later, we still don’t have new cards. Clearly, this had inhibited our ability to purchase your merchandise. More importantly, it is appaling to see how long it had taken to service “one of your best customers”....:your words, not ours.


called customer service about my loyallist account and the man was nasty and when I asked to speak to his supervisor he disconnected me.
I wrote a letter also.
my experience was number 1


To whom it may concern, I am having a problem with orders I have placed on line using my Bloomingdales American Express. I opted to return some items and the returned items were returned back in October 2018. There has been no credits deposited back to my Bloomingdales American Express Card. I have made many phone calls referencing this issue with customer service. All in which each and every phone call conversation promised this situation would be quickly resolved, only to discover each time I would inquire and not seeing the credits back to my Bloomingdales American Express Card that no one has made progress in resolving this situation. This situation has been left unresolved for almost two months now.
I have never experience this ever and I am not happy with the way customer service has handled my issue and how I am faced with needing to reach out to corporate to stress the concerns I am having. I am needing this situation to be resolved immediately. This has gone on long enough and it is simply not acceptable. There has been so much time that has lapsed with no resolution to the problem that is occurring with my Bloomingdales American Express Card. I will be needing someone in the corporate office to contact me immediately. Contact number 703-371-2624 Thank you!


Allowed my reward points to get used. My gift cards online where used and during the time that it was being investigated, allowed the upcoming card to be used. It's been over a month, November.


I ordered a necklace back on Nov. 29, 2016. Soon after I received an email that it was "in transit". After three weeks I received nothing and it was still listed as in transit. I sent several emails, of which I retained copies, and received absolutely no response at all. Finally I called Bloomingdales customer service and was told "this never happens" and that they would re-submit my order and give me 25% off for the poor service.

I received the necklace and of course the 25% was not taken off of my bill. I again contacted Bloomingdales via email only to be told that I needed to submit an email address other than the one I provided, which of course makes no sense at all. Basically they are trying to make things as hard as possible for me so I will give up and they won't have to give me the 25% off that they stated they would. They are a poorly run company that does not care about customer service.


I spent my entire Tuesday shopping online for Christmas presents for my Husband and family. On Wednesday I placed two orders, one of which was processed without any issues. The second order I placed through my Bloomingdales account had been cancelled three times in one day. From 10:00am to 4:30PM I had tried to get this order placed. I was tossed from the ordering department who blamed the credit department and the credit department blamed the Credit protection department.

Late in the day I confirmed my identity with the credit protection company and my Bloomingdales account was charged the $1098.00 for the order I had tried to place several times. That same evening I was called At 4:30PM by the credit department who assured me and apologized for the inconvenience that my credit card was charged and the order was placed and I would have my order by December 13th.

I called this morning just to be sure that the order was in your system as nothing was showing on my account profile and low and behold the order was cancelled again. I was placed on hold and the call was disconnected and called in again and placed on hold. The order department didn’t know what to do so I asked to be transferred to the credit department where I finally had enough and ask that they cancel all orders and refund both orders. I have to tell you not only did I waste two days for nothing but I have never gone through so much disorganization just to place an order.

I missed time off of work and I am extremely disappointed with the service I was given. One hand doesn’t know what the other hand is doing and all departments blamed each other leaving a customer with no resolution.


I purchased fine jewelry on my Bloomingdales loyalist card - it was to be interest free for one year - I paid regularly on the account it took over six months before I received a statement regarding this account. I noticed that interest was being charged I called David at the Boca Raton, FL store David Yarman Fine Jewelry Department. He said he would take care of this and that did not happened I called the credit card department the representative made a $300+ adjustment to the account.

When I got my Bloomingdales statement it was not listed I called again regarding this and the second representative said she saw the notes in the system but that the adjustment had not be made and that I had waited to long and she did not have the authority and it was not going to me made and that she only said that to humor me. I spent approximately $10,000 dollars in this story annual and until this matter is settled I will not do any more shopping or any member of my family.


Want that classy and rich look. Well Bloomindales is the place you need to knock into. I have purchased Vince Flat Thong Sandals and believe me for the compliments I have received. Once I placed the order, I received a confirmation and the shipment was pretty fast. Love the sandals that I ordered and for the fine work and quality they have used. I have also got a $25 discount as the total I spent on my purchase was around $230. Bloomindales is known for the brands and designers they market. Awesome collection by some really good designers.

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