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Bought the top of the line 40″ Samsung Flat screen TV from Best Buy, the salesperson talked up this Black tie protection plan which if we had a problem just to call and they would send a service tech to the house and if they could not fix it they would replace it, so I bought it. 8 months later NO picture. Made the call…. 7 calls and 6 days later still no best buy tech. But he did call me but I think it was from another country cause I could hardly understand a word he was saying, I do believe he ordered a part he believes I need, just tried to call him after 4 days of not hearing from him and got his answering machine than called Geek squad AGAIN.

After finilly getting switched over to a “think” was a manager she keep repeating that the part was just ordered Monday and took 5 days. NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY ANYTHING FROM BEST BUY!


went to best buy in deerfield il ,wanted to see the stereo’s ,amps ,speakers minding my business a salesman asked if i needed help so i wanted to see how smart or new what hewas talking about so i end up buying almost $1,000 dollars of equipment to put in my chevy hhr now comes the best buy installation 2 guys almost 2 days to install ,amp,speakers the radio was going to be on the 3rd day so i said forget it now that these idiots wired everything wrong because the right rear speakers didnt work some times so i brought it back ,again the idiot named john says he fixed it i say thanx next day door chimes

turn signals dont work take it back again the idiot john says the amp is defective ok gret another one same thing again happens buy now i amso pissed because i had to take it to the dealer to find out problem which they said amp is wired wrong suggest i take it back to et it removed now i am dealing with idiot manager micheal benachuto this idiot should return my money and call it aday instead says he needs to talk to best buy corperate on this problem he is the biggest asshole i no and best buy is the worst to do business so stay away from deerfield il best buy please they are idiots


I took my Dell laptop to the Best Buy geek squad for repair. As has been my experience in the past they could not make the repair in store. So sent it out to a repair facility. After being out for approxiamtely two weeks, it was returned. However, it never made out of the Manalapan store because,you guessed it, still not working!! I’ve been without my laptop for weeks and still no update from Best Buy. Calls to the store and the corperate office for status updates provide a lesson in a futility with their customer service. I have never had to deal with a company that is less interested in coustomer service!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH BEST BUY!!


I bought a laptop computer at Best Buy. I was told by the salesman that all of their computers go thru the “Geek Squad” cleanup process, before going on the floor for purchase. This process is that the Geek Squad people open up the computer and remove all the stuff that you do not want (ie all the meaningless icons etc) However they charge $100 for this. There a no computers on the floor that have not gone through this process. So each computer that was listed as $700 is now $800. You have no choice if you want your computer at point of purchase. But the real kicker is that if you want to return the computer, the extra $100 is NOT REFUNDABLE. So anyway you look at it, buying a computer at Best Buy is a scam.


We purchased a 55 inch tv, a ps3, a wii, and a denmon surround sound to go into our new basement we refinished… Spending all this money with best buy and the fact I have an escape the tv would not fit. Two weeks later I still do not have my tv. The schedule you a time saying they are going to be there from 9 to 11, you take off work and wait and they don’t show, so you leave and they show an hour later and don’t call. I called the local store and they say the delivery people have no set schedule and delivery times are no guarantee… after two weeks of this bs, I renting a uhaul tomorrow to bring home my tv…… Best Buy needs to appreciate customers who spend $3,000 with them, totally unsatisfied…


Here are the events that unfolded surround my complaint with Best Buy, the Geek Squad, and the warranty on my Samsung 63″ 3D TV.

Called Geek Squad to file for service on my Samsung 63” 3D TV. Representative to all info for TV as set me up for 3-7-11 Tec Repair Service Request # 43968211. Repair vendor Sherwood Magnavox Repair at 225-275-6900. I called after a long wait to talk to the repair person as listed above. He said I don’t understand why Best Buy keeps doing this. Informed me I was still under the factory warranty. I knew that but was guided in the direction by Geek Squad. He told me to call Samsung at 1-800726-7864.

I called Samsung and spoke to the rep and she set up the service call. She gave me the following to track the service under ASE-4007992772. She completed the service and the shocking hit. It would be 2 to 3 days before I would be contacted. She also tells me if I don’t here from Service that I need to call back. I’m sorry I believe this is why I have a warranty so the product company does the work and provides me with a service. This is not expectable.

I traveled to our local Best Buy in Covington and spoke to Warren and Shawn in the TV Sales and explained what I have been going through trying to obtain Warranty Service. I also had the both of them read the document prior to this update. Warren replied that I was getting the run around and Geek Squad did not handle the service correctly. So after about an hour Warren and Shawn working through Geek Squad set me up with a service call for Friday March, 11. With once again Sherwood Magnavox Repair. Service order 440-356-89 for the hours between 12 and 4 pm.

Service was suppose to take place between the hours of 12 and 4pm. 4pm has come and gone so I had my son contact Sherwood Magnavox Repair and the man told him the same thing as stated on 03-07-11. Warren also told me to call him if anything went wrong. I will be contacting him on 03-12-11.

I contacted Best Buy, Covington and spoke to lady and explained what had happen on 03/11/11 and if I could speak to Warren or Shawn. She replied the Warren was out and Shawn would be coming in later today and she would have him call me. Well here I sit and nothing has been done.

I called Best Buy in Covington and did not get a answer. So I called back later this pm and still no answer.
I then called the Geek Squad and first spoke to Agent Marsee at and around 12 Noon. I then explained to her my frustrations and getting a very new TV Repaired or Replaced. She then transferred me over to Agent CJ. Agent CJ had all my info and explained to me the reason Sherwood Magnavox Repair at 225-275-6900 did not come out was due to a Trip Charge and Agent CJ said that Best Buy would handle this. He then gave me another service # 44035689 and set the Repair up for March 15th between 8AM and 12 Noon.

Repair rep did show up from Sherwood Magnavox Repair. He ran a Diagnostic test and found mother board bad. Rep told us that it would be 7 to 10 business days before the part comes in. He also tells us WE NEED TO CALL GEEK SQUAD TO REMOVE TV FROM WALL BEFORE HE WILL REPAIR THE TV. My wife then calls Urlanda back at Geek Squad and got the run around and finally the tell her that she would call back on 4HRS TO SET UP TO HAVE TV REMOVED FROM WALL. WELL GUESS WHAT SHE HAS NOT CALLED. THAT LAYS OUT THE STEPS I NEED TO DO BUT REMEMBER IM SUPPOSE TO HAVE A WARRANTY.
5PM Est Time my wife received a call from Geek Squad that the service to remove the TV off my wall has not been set up yet and waiting on Sherwood Magnavox Repair man to call her with details. WELL THAT’S NOT HAPPENINING BECAUSE HE TOLD MY WIFE TO CALL.



Best Buy Geek Squad sets a service that is not available tie extended warranty starts.
At no time when I purchased the 3d TV, Blue Ray 3D Player, was the Warranty in detailed I called Samsung for Warranty Work.
Warranties provide by Samsung waiting period of 2 to 3 business days before I’m contacted about a service date and if I’m not contacted I need to call back. Call back I believe this is why I have a warranty.


I spent just on this purchase alone totaling $ 4366.57. I find this hard to believe the poor service and run around that I have had to do in uncalled for seeing warranty work means your Product Provider should be doing the leg work and I have been the on that’s done the leg work. No where in anything provided by Best Buy does it lay out the above hoops you must go through to set up a service a call and to date that has yet to be done.

Name: Henry Marechal
Address: 25500 Crown Dr
City: Ponchatoula, La
Zip Code: 70454
Date: 03-07-11
Purchased: Magnolia Store in Metairie, La
Sales Person: Stephen Patterson
Serial #: Z1ZY3CKZB00069P
Model Code#: PN63C8000YFXZA
Subject: Complaint to be filed with the BBB


I purchased a new laptop from best buy. When I got home i turned on the computer and it was broken. It crashed twice. I took it back to the store and they said that it was still under warranty and they would try to fix it. For the next 6 months I would pick my laptop up at best buy after it was “Fixed” get in the car, turn it on and LOOK ITS STILL BROKEN! Finally I told them i just wanted to switch it out for a new one. They said that they wouldn’t do that because they resolved the problem every time. Finally then the best buy warranty expired, they called me (again) claiming it was fixed (Again) so I go it…and pick it up and it still broken. I said well no fix it and they said the warranty is out you will have to pay us now. How is that fair!


I’m very disappointed the way two Best Buy managers treated me, despite it was their mistake, displaying an item stocked on the shelf with the wrong price. Best Buy did not wanted to honor it. The name of the managers: Bryan C Wurst and Eric Abrams. Evanston IL 60202. (Date 02/21/2011). The item was a Voice Recorder. Called Best Buy Customer Service and Spoke with Corney who totally ignored me as well. Is that the way you treat customers to cover your staff mistakes not doing their proper job. Also they implied I did move the item in order to get a lower price. There were a couple items stocked incorrectly. I had been there the day before shopping around and I came back today to buy the item and I got shocked when I experienced all this.


Used a Best Buy vending machine in Vegas. Wanted to purchase some headphones. Selected the headphones I wanted via the touch screen. Fed the machine my credit card and was promptly delivered an iPod. No receipt printed. The only record of the transaction will be my bank statement. I’m waiting to see how it is recorded in the record. 800 number on the front of the machine rang for over a minute before the automated service attendant answered. While navigating the voice prompts, I was disconnected. Will take the device to Best Buy but am not holding out much hope of an exchange due to lack of a receipt.


I attempted to exchange a digital Samsung camera purchased at best buy about 3 weeks ago with its original packaging and my sales receipt. However, I was told buy the best buy “Geek Squad” representative that “your stuck with this model… we have a 14 return policy… sorry”. I was not aware of this ridiculously brief policy, the original Best buy sales staff and “Geek Squad” was eager to sell a camera and other items, but never informed me that I only had 14 day to try the camera and return it if unsatisfied. I simply would like to exchange this very difficult to use model for a more user friendly camera. How hard is that best buy?


My brother purchased me a 50 dollar gift card from Best Buy for my birthday which I intended on using. The card has no expiry date. I waited for Christmas to roll around for a discount and upon trying to purchase an item online my card number would not work. I called best buy advising them of the problems and they told me it was my fault and that I must have entered the digits wrong, I should wait 24 hours as the card was now locked and retry the next day. I advised them I did not enter the numbers incorrect but would wait and try again.

The next day same problems occurred so I called best buy back. New employee tells me to purchase the item I wanted and she would apply the 50 dollar balance afterward once the transaction showed on her end. So I give her my credit card number and we purchase a 100 dollar blue ray player. I receive a notification billing me for 100 dollars. I call back and they tell me they can’t apply the balance after the purchase. I ask to speak with a best buy manager and they refuse to let me. I tell them I want a full refund they deny one as the transaction’s gone through.

Finally I tell best buy I want to make a complaint, they tell me they’ve documented one and I’ll receive an e-mail in 48 hours telling me whether their going to right the issue. No e-mail returned. WHAT A ****** JOKE this company is. So just to tally it up, my brother lost 50 dollars. I never got a gift. Im out 100 dollars, and the original blue ray player I wanted sold out due to their delays so I had to pick another one. Bull****. DONT BUY FROM BEST BUY, thier crooks.


I’m glad I finally found somebody to share this complaint with about best buy. I took my laptop in to get repaired last month to the geek squad and they still haven’t gotten it back to me! Every time I call or email the best buy customer service line I get more excuses and more delays. I’m tired of the problems and sick of complaints about this. Take your computer to a local shop where you will get a REAL person, not best buy where they don’t care about your business. The only reason these large companies care is because complaints affect the stock price, best buy is just the same! Geek squad shouldn’t be advertised as good guys…


I ordered the Samsung-46″ and chose the delivery date. The phone rep indicated the item was in stock and available and I got confirmation that it would be delivered by Christmas. I waited until 6pm Christmas Eve and contacted best buy only to find the TV was out of stock and unavailable for delivery! I called Best Buy customer service back and they claimed more excuses and problems with their system and then offered me a $50 gift card! This was not my first problem with best buy, but this will be the last. Over the last 5 years I have spent thousands on the newest toys, at one time putting myself into serious debt, so thank you Best Buy this will be the last time I shop here. Best Buy absolutely ruined my Christmas and flat out lied to me about products being in stock just to get my money.


DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, TAKE YOUR ELECTRONICS TO THE GEEK SQUAD! They haven’t the foggiest notion of what your problems are, much less how to fix them. When my $1200 HP suddenly died, I rushed it into the Geek Squad. A week later I was told that, basically, my machine was dead, that it had so many problems it simply could not be repaired. That sounded fishy to me, so I took it to someone who knows a bit more about computers than I do. The GEEKS could not tell me that it was simply a matter of replacing the hard drive in my computer. When I returned complain, no one there could respond!


Horrid store, horrible experience! Oh man, where to begin?  Do you know how many times I’ve stood on line at customer service and watched people wait (as I did the first time) to pick up an item, only to be directed to another line somewhere else? Put up a sign!!! And why isn’t there a sign explaining that if you are returning or exchanging defective opened electronic merchandise, you must actually wait in the Geek Squad line (not the regular customer service line) so they can look at it there before they’ll agree (or not) to a return/exchange? Put up a sign!!! How much do I despise this store, and especially its King of Jerks Geek Squad employee? If my life depended on it, I still would never go back there again. Not for any great deal or bargain or location convenience. Not. For. Anything. Ever. P.S. Put up a sign!!!


I bought a GPS system at best buy but didn’t like it. So after 3 days I returned it in the original box with all the items in the box, with paper work and cords all wrapped in the plastic, including the receipt. The lady at the best buy refund desk said, there is a 15% restock fee for items returned, but nobody at best buy told me that! I asked how much would that be, and she said it will be $45 for you. I said, all you’re going to do is walk over and place it back on the shelf then charge me $45 of my money for restocking? She said that’s the best buy store return policy. I couldn’t believe it!!!

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