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The customer service in the women's department the cashier was rude and very unfriendly ...a person with that attitude does not need to work in retail will defiantly make sales go down people want friendly environment not rude customer service beside that is her title and that she does not wear well ....


I have a complaint about two store Buford ga and winder ga both store manager racial profile their customer they treat you nice when you buying but when you have to return something they treat you like you stole something I have shop at both of these stores for many years the management is awful I didn't realize until I return some jewelry with the tags and receipt and I used my Belk card. They embraced me raising their voice disrespecting me in both incidents the managers were Caucasian I am an older women I also have been calling and trying to get some type of response no success I am very surprised at the way I have been treated and don't think I am going to stop here they have treated a customer with no respect and the embarrassment was awful people were looking at me while they talk down to me I cannot accept that treatment something has to be done if not I am going to keep trying I am no longer spending my money at a store that treats me that way you probably don't care because I am only one person but I am quite sure I am not the only one I can understand one store but two stores that's a problem and telling me to take my merchandise where I bought I I can talk my merchandise to any Belk store that is my right as a customer who purchase something from your store


I ordered some items on a limited time weekend sale last weekend which was the first weekend in November. I had 2 other ladies look at this deal that I saw to make sure I was reading it correctly. It was stating that a nuwave airfryer was on a buy one get one free sale. I ordered them to be picked up in the store at the Columbus MS location. My friend did some online ordering as well and received an email instantly stating when she could pick her items up at the Tupelo MS location. I never received an email so began to think my order did not go through but decided to check my card and the money had been taken out of my account for the items. I went to the Belk store and even though I had no receipt the items were brought out to me but there was only one air fryer. I explained the sale and management came to talk with me stating I was wrong and that is not what the ad said and they do not do sales like that. She brought out a small basket accessory that she said was the free item after initially telling me there was nothing free that came with it. She was not friendly and treated me like I did not have sense enough to read. I explained that was the only reason I ordered and if she could not honor it I would like a refund. I could not show a receipt that I never was sent so it was literally my word against hers. She was having trouble figuring out how to refund only the airfryer so I decided to just return everything. I had spent almost 300 dollars on this order! It was one of the worst experiences I have ever had. What a way to start off the holiday season! No more Belk for me- Honestly, I would not waste my time.


I purchased shoes totaling 107. and change. For some reason I didn’t receive one pair of shoes that was out for delivery. I went on to purchase the same shoe in a half size, because I love the shoe, I ask to wave the shipping because this was a replacement. The manager Shawn or Sean from the Jacksonville, NC store would not do It. It wasn’t my fault the package wasn’t delivered. What happened to customer Care!!!
Very Poor Service!!! Vert displeased!!!


I purchased earrings and the clerk jerked one off the card and put the other in my bag. I called and she found it after I left. She mailed it to me and it was damaged. Upon contacting they called my husband and said they were mailing me a new pair.? That was a week ago, no earrings as of today’s date. I am two hours from the store an cannot make a trip to talk to tjlhem.!


The rep who placed my order didn't put in my discount for opening an account;therefore,I was charged the full amt.after contacting cust service by phone and online,i still didn't get charged the correct amt.the price of the item was $32 and I was to receive a $6.93 credit for account opening.the balance was $25.07 plus tax;however,the rep subtracted that credit amount from the inaccurate original price of $32 plus tax=$33.92.the credit amount should be deducted from item price of $32 and then be charged tax on that amount.they couldn't figure that out.the whole ordering process was a disaster and unacceptable. I'm sure if I experienced this others have also.i just want this complaint to get to the right dept so someone can address these problems.customer service reps are useless.elaine raulerson


I want to complain about how the women at the makeup counters treat there customers when you return a product . I just asked a woman at Estée Lauder to return some makeup from Mac cosmetics and she told me no . Then when I told her I felt uncomfortable she told me she didn’t have to be talked to that way and proceeded to contact the manager .


This is a complaint that has happened many times and I want you to addressee it please. You promote a shopping pass for a extra 20% off on regular & sale Priced Purchases storewide with your Belk rewards Credit card, Then in small print below the ad excludes most every thing you sell in the store. This is a very poor way to do business. YOu get people in to the store and them tell them what them want is not on sale at all..
Please advise me what you plan to do about this crooked practice.


I waited 3 weeks for a return label to return a Blazer that did not fit my son after the 14th time of calling I was told to UPS the Blazer back and the shipping charges would be put back on my credit card. Now they refuse to give me the $14.00 that it cost to send it back. I will never to business with this Store again. With so many complaints why isn't it fined by the government.


Website not working properly .Called to do order by phone. Attendant asked for sku, which website did not display. I told 3 times, she kept saying she could not help me w/o it. I told her , let me speak to someone who can help me, & she hung up. I called & reported her, but evidently this Co doesnt care. I got nowhere. I will NEVER shop with this Co again.


Yesterday 12/11/18 I was in line to purchase some pants and was third in line, the clerk helped them other two when I got up there and placed my item on the counter, she left, she said you need to find somewhere else to check out, I have to go to the bathroom. Now, I understand emergencies and all but why not tell me earlier, can you go to another register I am having an emergency, no she helped them, talked to them, talked on the phone about changing her work schedule and some paper she is supposed to turn in at 4:00 and them BAM...sorry you are not important and that one item is going to have to be purchased elsewhere....I was so angry, I did find another register and I told them what happened. They told me her name is Ruby, the rude one that treated me like that.


I returned several rugs I ordered from Belk due to the cheap quality of the rugs. That was September 7 to 14, as the return department gave me several different call tickets. As of today, October 18, I have made phone calls almost daily since September 20, have talked to at least 15 different people at Belk and Synchrony Bank and still do not have this $1,500 credited to my Belk Elite account. Finally, Synchrony put a hold on the interest on the account and assigned a case number to look into this. Talked with Belk Customer Service on October 8 and reached a supervisor in Jacksonville, Danielle, who assured me she had put in a credit that day and I would see this credit in no more than 7 working days. Yesterday, October 17, still no credit. I called and talked with Danielle yet again who said she did not know why this had not been credited and that a meeting would be held that day to go over problem accounts and this case would be discussed. I requested a call back and has of 1:15 p.m. on October 18, I have heard nothing. The case number is 326079. I am paying my balance of about $500 and closing this account. I will not be shopping at Belk any longer. Belk can do whatever they want with the $1,500 in return merchandise. If they want to sue me, then they can send me a summons to court. I have already written to Belk CEO Lisa M. Harper in Charlotte and the Better Business Bureau.


This is the second time I have went to Belk's in Lumberton, NC to purchase deodorant by Estee Lauder. The five pieced gift set with a 35.00 purchase, plus a 10 day supply of free foundation was not available. I am quiet upset about this since it's the second time in less than 6 months this has happened to me.

It would be nice to get the 5 piece gift set and foundation which is clearly advertised in your sales catalog. This came out in the Black Friday in July flyer. I am highly disappointed since I have not received one.

If possible I would like to receive one thru the mail or at the Belk's store in Lumberton, NC. I am willing to provide my phone number in order to pick this up but would prefer to have it mailed to me.

My mailing address is Rachel Shoenfelt, P.O. Box 503, St. Pauls, NC 28384


We received your flyer dated for December 21 and 22. On the first page you refer to Christmas as x-mas. We are Christian's and love our Lord Jesus and do not appreciate His birthday referred to as Xmas. We love shopping at Belk and use our card often. We feel using Xmas instead of Christmas could hurt your business. Thank you.


I have been purchasing all of my Clinique products from the Belk Store located in Chattanooga TN. at Hamilton Place Mall for years. The bonus items were going to be available on 8/2/16. Last week I purchased my foundation and preordered the city block to go toward the bonus items. I received a call last Friday stating the product I purchased did not have a total $ amount to get the bonus and I could add a $7.00 item to make up the difference. I never called the store back to add another products and when I checked my bank account this morning identically another $7.00 item was added to my preorder because the product I ordered was $24.00 and something.

I have a problem with additional funds being taken out of my bank account without permission. That is stealing, theft... I did not have a problem adding something else for $7.00 as I was going to the store after work today and was going to add something.. The point is, you do not take additional funds from a clients bank account without their knowledge, that is a federal crime. I will be speaking with the Belk corporate office manager of that counter today after work.


I love and buy Givenhchy products and am very unhappy that Belks has now discontinued the sell of my favorite. Please reconsider selling Givenhchy for us the long time patrons in Warner Robins GA. Store always has dirty dressing room floors and corners on the floors nasty, broken locks and doors. Selections are great. Service good. Await your response.


Third time's a charm. Ordered a Large shirt, it arrived in a timely manner, but it was a 2X and way too big. Called customer service and was told that they would exchange it. Their only saving grace was that they didn't charge me shipping. Waited a week before getting my new shirt. It was also a 2X. Called customer service again and they are going to exchange it. Again. Not sure I'll get it in the right size this time but third time's a charm.


The heels come loose after a month of casual wear, the side came unglued from the sole at the heel, and the bottom of the shoe came unglued, then after 3 months the bottom of the heel came apart completely. (New Balance 608 9 1/2 4E). Going to have a hard time shopping at Belk ever again.


I am happy when I give the best to my kids, especially on their birthdays and Belk helped me to pick up an awesome dress for my kid on her birthday.  I shopped online for all my Kids, Men, Women for the best clothing, jewellery, handbags, accessories, toys, kitchenware. I have many choices to shop by brand, gift coupons, discount coupons on every item which I picked. Free shipping is the one of the best customer delight which Belk is providing now. I really than Belk for giving me space to pickup my choice within my budget.

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