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I placed an order online for 3 pair of men's athletic shoes. I received 2 pair in one shipment (one of the pairs was the wrong size). The status, after two weeks, stated the order for the third pair was "processing order". I emailed customer service concerning the status of the order. No reply. After several more days, I emailed them again, and again, no reply. It wasn't until I had called customer service and spoke to a "manager" that I finally received an email saying that the order had been cancelled. No reason given - just that it had been cancelled.

Meanwhile, I had placed another order for a Safari Hat. I received a package with a different type of hat. I was told to return it. I paid $13.05 to have it returned to Texas. I contacted customer service for the status of the order. They told me that the returned hat had been received, that I needed to submit a receipt for the shipping cost and if I still wanted the Safari Hat, that I needed to re-order it. Unfortunately, I hadn't saved the receipt. That's when I called and spoke to the "manager" named Crystal (mentioned previously).

Crystal had promised me that she would check into the order for the shoes and that she would re-order the Safari Hat herself, waive the shipping cost, and give me a discount on the cost of the hat to offset my loss (return shipping cost). A few days later, I got the email saying the shoe order had been cancelled and I received the exact same hat that I had gotten the first time, with a copy of the invoice from the first shipment. All they had done was to take the correct sticker from a Safari Hat and attach it to the wrong type of hat and sent it right back. There was no discount applied.

I am not foolish enough to spend another $13.05 to return the hat again, nor will I re-order the correct hat for the third time. I've already paid for a pair of shoes that are too small, paid $13.05 out of my pocket to return their mistake, and suffered the inconvenience and aggravation of receiving the wrong shipment twice. And I've been charged $25 for a hat that I never received.

It took just under a month to receive the cancellation notice for the shoe order, and that was only after I had made several inquiries. It has been over a week since I notified them of the second delivery of the wrong item. I called customer service to speak with Crystal and was told that she was very busy and would call me back. I knew that there wouldn't be any such call.

I've been cheated out of nearly $40, with no explanation or even an acknowledgment of my requests for satisfaction. I am a veteran living on a fixed income. I deserve better than that...... everyone deserves better than that.


I bought a sectional couch at the end of July. The couch was delivered August 12 but It was broken, so I called Pensacola BX and they store reorder another sectional couch. Today is October 3, I move to a new house August the 12 and since them I have nowhere to set. I would like to know when my couch is going to be delivered to my house, and I would like to know why you sent to my house a couch that was very damage. I paid a lot of money for it.


I purchased a vacation through MWR Exchange Vacations/ GOV Vacation Rewards on March 24, 2015. I was over-charged. Government Vacation Rewards will not reimburse my Military Star Credit Card.

This company, because of its association with AFFES, appears to honestly support the travel needs of the Military and dependents. This is not true. I am a surviving widow of a Viet Nam Veteran that paid $1030.00 for two days at the Wyndham Panama City Beach, 14700 Front Beach Rd., Panama City, Florida 32413.


I authorized a payment of $67.00 dollars, but the system took out $322.00 dollars. If I did not authorized $322.00 dollars to be withdrawn from my account regardless if it was the system or live representative only $67.00 dollars should have been taken out because that was authorized.


My cousin is an army official and she has got no Sales Tax & Free Standard Shipping offers on her online shopping thru AAFES special incorporated for Army Men and Women. AAFES has apparels, handbags, shoes, beauty & health items, baby items, electronics, Homes & appliances, military stuff, emergency kits, stationery,toys,seasonal wears and gifts which are all available in special discounts for them. Military Star Card is the special benefit to avail exciting discounts. If you are under Military community, i suggest you to try AAFES and feel proud.

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