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Ann Taylor is an American specialty apparel chain for women. The corporate website is There are over 1,000 stores nationwide with some under the name of LOFT. Revenues in 2014 were reported as US 248 million and in 2012 there were over 19,000 employees.

If you want help with an Ann Taylor shopping experience you may call 1-800-342-5266. You may also find contact information here. If you would like to contact the CEO of Ann Taylor you may address you letter to Gary P. Muto or Katherine Krill with: Times Square, Sb4, New York, NY 10036. You may also send a Customer Relations Inquiry to 4079 Executive Parkway, 3rd Floor, Westerville, OH 43081.  The NY corporate office phone number is 212-541-3300.

Ann Taylor was founded in 1954 by Richard Liebeskind and the company’s mission is to ‘inspire women to put their best selves forward every day’. Social presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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I contacted them to tell them about a sweater coat we bought. I literally wore it TWICE and it PILLED terribly! I look like a homeless person wearing it. No offence. They told me no problem just return it-which of course I also pd for shipping. After a week goes by I get an email stating they will not do anything and she made a mistake. Well let me say this-I am a VERY LOYAL customer there and we spend a ton of money there-NOW I am going to find a BETTER company that actually handles an issue! NOT LIE then forget about me...NOW I have lost $140 and $14 for shipping!


Received no call back about an order purchased at the Somerset Troy, Mi. store. I tracked my USPS order and never rec’d it on1/2. The post office was no help for two weeks I waited to hear from them. Contacted AT main office on 1/30 and explained what happened to LaLa and she handled the situation by ordering me another top and stating it was AT responsibility to follow up to find out what happened to my package. LaLa diffused a complicated inconvenience for me. I appreciated her excellent customer service. She was given all my information to verify my concern. Sheila wallace


was in line waiting last night (12/19) to ask price on a pair of pants. When the sales person engaged me she abruptly stopped what shew was doing for me , logged her terminal to the punch out for an associate to punch out and decided to have a conversation with that associate about what to bring in for food today. this went on for 3-4 mins. no apology of anything to me, it was like i wasn't there, and maybe it was in my mind that i was holding a pair of $100 pair of pants in my hand. When she finally finished the conversation she then took the pants to check the price while i got the stink eye look as i was bothering her. so I hung them back up and left. went down 2 stores and bought what i was going to purchase $600 worth of clothes at your store to H&M. the person that I was buying these for asked me to go back and purchase the pants because you are the only store she checked that had them in her size. so this time i get associate 6770502 who's is chewing gum like a cow chews its cud. Really, i thought that was not allowed at "Ann Taylor Stores", when i purchased the pants she had to go to the ground to count my cash. Not sure if she was scanning my money or not, but it made me very uncomfortable, this took 2-3 min before she entered in the money so that i could get my change. i am still feeling remorseful that i had to endure this and dont worry i wont recommend this place to any of my professional friends. with the way the economy is you would think my experience would have been better. ps I have been a long time customer with AT, but my money can be used a other places . all this for $56.00 pants. you can all me 925.875.8135. i doubt anyone will


Hi my name is Suzette Mack and I'm the Sr. HR Generalist for Care Synergy. I'm a career woman that has worked in business settings for over 30 years. I need to wear clothes that are fashionable and well made as this is the expectation of my career. My complaint is that the last 4 Ann Taylor shirts I purchased, the material ripped after about 4 wearings. They all seem to have a hairline rip that eventually gets bigger and bigger. I really liked all 4 shirts but sadly they ended up in the trash. I didn't complain until the 4th shirt. These were all collared shirts that I like to wear to business meetings. I've paid various amounts from $50 on up.

Your customer service from the staff is always impeccable. I really like your store but not sure I can keep purchasing clothing that doesn't last.

Anything you can do to make this good would be very welcomed! My phone number is 303-641-9598. Thank you for listening.


I always loved shopping at the Loft and Ann Taylor. Over the years, it has become difficult to shop at these stores as they have closed. I've made purchases on line and have had to travel to a store for returns and exchanges. The closet store is on Montague Street, which is never easy to get to with travel, traffic and parking. My most recent experiences with the Loft have me so turned off by the quality, or lack thereof, of customer service. The "team" including the manager at the Montague Street store could really use some training on customer service and how to talk to customers. Anyway, the purpose of my visit to the store was to make exchanges. I shopped, tried on, and exchanged, and paid. The store wasn't busy and many team members were around in the store. Not one team member offered any help, not even in the fitting room where I needed help retrieving different sizes. I came out several times looking for help and in a quiet store with nearly no one in it snot 1 team member helped. Next, I get to the register to exchange and pay (my purchases exceeded the dollar amount of my exchange), the cashier Jennifer was abrupt, rude and impatient. She also said she could not take back one of the dresses because it was mail return only, which wasn't indicated anywhere on my packing slip. I bought several things that day and she packed them in 1 bag like rags in tissue paper. Clearly, I needed a second bag and she needed to fold my purchases, which looked like garbage when I took them out of the bag later at home. Next, I needed to exchange 3 of those items for sizes and so I returned 2 weeks later yet again to make exchanges. On this particular day, desk associate 467858 (her name is not on receipt) was also rude and abrupt and didn't seem to know what she was doing. She rang in 3 separate exchange transactions for the current selling prices, which.l were less than what I paid. Hmm, I had a receipt and I had my loft card, which I used for the purchase transaction. So she had to void out the transactions and so them over. Had she just listened instead of having a rude attitude, she could have saved herself the extra work and went back to doing nothing much sooner. One other thing is that, again the store was not busy and I waited a long time for a cashier because someone was checking out ahead of me and there was only 1 cashier while several others stood around and did nothing. To add onsikt to injury, the worst thing about that is as I was walking to cashier another woman came out of left field and the associate took her items without acknowledging that I was waiting on the line and clearly next. I said, "Excuse me, I've been standing here and I'm next." I got no response from the cashier and a nasty look from the customer who disregarded that I was next. That's when sales associate 467858 said she would ring me up and was visibly annoyed that she had to. Really? This is ridiculous. The team at this store is in need of training on customer service, people skills and common sense. Thanks for your time.


Store located at Citadel is my favorite store to shop. I always go there for myself and for gifts. Usually I have a great customer service experience, but this time I felt very disrespected by an employee, Bernadette. I asked her for help on a size, and she said she would be right back. I waited for a long time and after a few minutes I realized she was behind the register, ringing up customers. I decide to get in line and risked taking the wrong size.

When I got to register, it happen to be Bernadette that was going to ring me up. I mentioned to her that I was waiting for her and that she never came back. In a defensive way she answered that her boss asked her to open a register and that's what she did. At that point it was clear that I had no value to her as a customer. A manager very respectfully did show up and apologized when I explained what had happened. She said she had no idea that Bernadette was helping me.

Which I feel Bernadette should of let her know that she was assisting me and not just walk away. As I walked away, Bernadette with a smile on her face and a sarcastic voice told me to to have a good day? Instead of apologizing for the bad service she gave me.


I went to the Ann Taylor store in Towson last Saturday to return a pair of earrings I bought online. I had the receipt, but I did not have the card that the earrings are attached to. The woman at the cashier told me I could not return them because they needed to be attached to the card. I ask her why, and she said " Would you buy a pair of earrings that was not attached to anything." She was so rude, and embarrassed me. I was so upset because I have an Ann Taylor Card, and I spend a lot of money with Ann Taylor. If I was able able to return them I would of spent more money.


A very bad experience with an Ann Taylor salesclerk while I was paying for the pants I bought there. She asked me for all kinds of Id's and then told me to come behind the counter and use the cash register to sign up for e-mails from your store. I never had a bad experience and she ask me for my social security number she didn't need that I didn't give her that information. I filed a complaint about two months ago and still have had no response please e-mail me back or should I take this to a higher level.


Ann Taylor has given me the best trending outfits and accessories for my casual and official wears. I suggest you all to shop with Ann Taylor for all gender requirements and has best clothing,accessories,shoes,petities, shipment around the globe, on-time delivery and the best quality service. I was really impressed and ready to swipe my debit card to shop the latest collections in Ann Taylor. My only choice to shop the best quality items will be Ann Taylor forever and i suggest you too shop and grab the fabulous offers right away.

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