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On the 25th 07/2011 I walked to Maponya Mall to find one of my brothers a birthday present. As usual I walked to Woolworths Store. I then got fascinated by this jacket for R599 witch I thought he would like I then paid for it with my bank debit Card. The next day I took the present to my brother but the guy never liked the jacket then on the 27th I took back the disliked jacket to the same store in Maponya Mall. I then explained to the lady behind the counter as per my reason for being in the store she then pulled the pack from my hand in a very rude manner without saying a word back to me she left with the item.

Within 3to 5min she came back with another lady whom approached me to say No we cannot except the item I then immediately said to HER but I got the cash payment receipt .she the turned around to say the item is no more in a resalable condition I then demanded some clarity to that she then said no the is cigarettes in the pockets I then said please give them to me No she could . she then turned around to say no she had to go get her manager as she couldn’t give me anything the manager guy by the name of Tebogo very arrogant said to me the jacket has some Odor smell under the arms I then disputed that as I know for the fact that the jacket was never been abused in any way since I was under the same roof with my brother.

I was driven to frustration as I felt being treated like a shop lifter by store stuff and they Manager I was left with no choice but to dump them with the jacket with my receipt. I then called the customer service on the same day to lay my complain up till today I never had from Woolworths.


Have you noticed how majority of staff at woolworths petrol are unhappy due to moral problems and lack of training. Workers are expected to work by themselves with minimum training and when they ask for help are told they should know. Quite simply the whole woolworths petrol systems relies on bare minimum staff to keep prices down, this is okay but there should be some way that there is a better support for staff. Staff are overworked, put up with numerous customer complaints as they are the frontline of the business, they work for minimum wage and the amount of people suffering from work related issues is numerous.

So much for a family orientated business woolworths markets itself on. They cannot even look after own staff.


I went into Woolworths in Jean avenue Centurion. Bought a few things like I always do. Went to the cashier, she scanned the items. I gave her my standard bank card. She swiped it 3 times and said it was declined. I said I would draw the money but for some odd reason none of the ATM’s worked, I guessed standard bank must be off line. So I drove to the next place, to see if I could draw money. Due to me not be able to buy it there I went to another store to buy the things I needed. To my surprise it went off from my account. So now what?

I was humiliated in front of a whole store, I didn’t took my items home as my card was declined 3 times according to the cashier, so I paid for what exactly?


Woolworths call centres are a waste of time and money!! For 2 days I have been calling, faxing and emailing. Emails don’t get responded to and calls don’t get returned. Every time you call you get through to a different person who you then have to explain the whole sob story again to or leave a message for the 5 other people who you originally spoke who never return calls. In-between this you get cut off after holding 20 min!! I find it ridiculous that the very same documents that FNB will accept to change details they will not!!! Woolworths spend less money on your adverts and more on your call centres and training up your staff!!! Your service is PATHETIC!!!

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