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I ordered my food, and there was no line in the drive thru. It was only us and one car in front, that car was at the window for over 20 minutes, until they received their 12 pack of tacos. I was already very upset with that, and then I sat at the window for another 10 minutes before receiving my food, the wait was very unnecessary for my 2 burritos to be made.. So,finally I got my food and both the burritos are very poorely made, they were almost all tortilla shell with nothing on the inside. Plus, they put onions in my bean burrito when I asked them not to!! I am very disappointed in Taco Bell!
-Taylor Anne
Gridley, California


i live in brunwick.ga a mile from taco bell which i go to often i and my family were eating when i notice the wallpaper fallen from the wall because of the wall s being saturated with water on all three corners also with black mold yes black mold the worst kind the walls are also warped from water this is something that corperate office needs to action on soon i sorry to say but its the worst taco bell i have ever seen in this condition you can smell mildew and mold water thats behind walls apon inspection you will see this true i have never filed a complaint like this before but i truely enjoy the taco products thanks the oquinns


This is about store #W750274 1978E Osceola Parkway Kissimmee FL-32824. We picked our son from school. He was hungery and asked us to take him to Taco Bell. Unfortunately we picked up same Taco Bell location we had bad experience one week earlier. We went to drive thru and there were 3 cars ahead of us.

We had to wait 7.5 minutes at the order before the order taker responded and took our order 2 Bean Burritos and a Shake. after placing order we sat at same spot for another 4 minutes before car ahead move forward By the time we reachead at pick up window it already over 30 minutes. I called the manager.

She came out of her office with two other girls, it seemed there was little party in office totally unaware about service timings and kitchen issues. I asked are you the store manager she said no store manager if off today. I asked her who a District Manager she ignored me and went inside. It seemed the store was running by itself. Just imagine at 4:28 pm after lunch hours.

Transaction time is over 30 minutes What would be during rush hours and how many people would leave without ordering.

Some one has to look into it. I do not think the management team is capable to handle busy periods and manager incharge of the area
take some pain to shop to find out by themselves. But certainly me my family and friends will stay away from this store. Sad to see bad management but what can we do. take our business to some one who can take care.

I hope this message reach to Colonel, who sweat and spend his life to earn reputation. Bad apples tarnishing everything he earned.


The current promo is the xxl chalupa you know double meat all that great stuff. We went this evening and ordered 5 got home and opened them you couldn’t even see the meat. They were pathetic. So I dug out the receipt and called the manager and he was willing to replace the order ok cool. But when I said he should do a quality check he informed me everyone that was there had been there for a while and it wasn’t an issue. I just wanted to ask him are you trying to save you food cost because its the end of the month. Even worse you can’t contact corporate or atleast I couldn’t find a way. The whole point is ripping off your customers effects your profit line too.


The other day I was on my way in ur taco bell store in belleville Illinois off Carlyle and there were three of your employees sitting in there car smoking marijuana and I had my three little girls with me and it made me very upset and I don’t appreciate you hiring people that use drugs especially on the job I think you should at least drug test people before you hire them and during employment this was me and my family favorite place to go but not anymore please do something about the problem by the way they were all females thank you.


My husband and I went to taco bell the other day because they have the fresco menu which is Vegas friendly if you substitute the meat for beans. Anyway I order the fresco burrito supreme with beans instead of meat, i even finished off my order with “no meat no dairy” it took them 4 times to get my order right. The last time we went up to tell the girl the order was still wrong, she grabbed the burritos out of my husbands hands and looked strait at him and said “really?” and thew them in the trash. What makes it worse is, we then went to tell the manager and he told us, that we changed our order and it wasn’t a big deal.

With total disregard for the fact that his employee was out of line and blamed us. If you live in Utah never go to the 7200 south and highland location.


I was out late last night and was very hungry. I made a run for the border (Taco Bell). I ordered 4 crunch tacos (Fresco style – no cheese, and add pico). I wasn’t drinking. I vomited 45 minutes after eating. I have been feeling lousy all day with an upset stomach and flu like symptoms. I know it was the food, I should be fine by tomorrow but paid the price for last nights snack!


we went to the kfc taco bell in forsyth mo. several times when it first opened.the staff were dirty sloppy and not once did they get my order rite, drive up or inside. we didnt go for a long time aftwr that. two weeks ago i decided to try again. i went inside figuring it would be faster sence the driveup line was so long.got insuide and was greated by a woman that looked like she had sleped in her clothes.i ordered 4 soft shell tacos and 2 hard shell tacos. it appered i was the only one at the counter, and then realized 3 others were wating. one made the good luck coment.the woman in front of me had already been there 30 minutes.i asked her what she ordered,she 6 tacos.

i then waited 45 minutes for my order. they did get it rite but it had been setting on the counter for at least 25 minutes. last friday i was in a hurry and decited to give it one more shot (herd someone else was managing. i went to the driveup and ordered a 3 peice chicken dinner with slaw and pototatoes, and a # 5 which is a natcho bellgrande with 2 hard shell tacos. the girl that took my order aperently got side tracked because a young man came on and sied my total was 6 dollors and some ghange. my quick mind relized he was a little short. i said does that include my natcho belgrande.

he said no it would be 12 dollars and some change.i drove up to the window and about gagged. there was so much crud on and arround the window, paid my bill and hurred home. opened the bag and to my supprise, no tacos. i will never go back to that store again, the store on shepard of the hills expressy is a model store. all stores should me modeled after.


The last 3 times I went to the KFC/Taco Bell in Forsyth, Mo. I got the wrong order. We went there when they first opened, and the chicken was the worst ever in a KFC. So we hadnt been back. I saw your ad about the chicken fresca tacos. I tried 2 and liked them. The next three times, I received, 1. 2 beef tacos and an awful burrito type thing, when I ordere 3 chicken fresca tacos. 2. I got 3 crispy beef tacos. 3. I got 4 soft beef tacos again, and I asked if I got my right order this time. The lady at the window said that the supervisor was working the kitchen and sure that the order was right. This KFC franchise should be removed from the present owner.


Why would anyone willingly eat taco bell which keeps Imodium in business? Their “taco” meat is like 80/20 ground beef and minced heart/tounge boiled in taco seasoning. Maybe its why gout is making a comeback (lol)? Maybe that’s why she was cranky, she gets paid in all the tacos she could eat and no benefits, so no treatment for the gout and she can’t afford the Imodium. I’d be cranky too if it hurt to walk and I had to clench my cheeks all the time. All the regulars prolly have gout too and they’re cranky.

Maybe they should serve some free zanax and Imodium with every meal and everyone would be happy? Maybe next time you go into taco bell you should bring in a bottle with you and you’ll get better service? Maybe I need to go take a bottle brush to my brain now to get all that visual out of my head. I think Taco Bell is just a grade about dog meat, or maybe it’s a grade below dog meat, lol. Funny how people will eat anything as long as you pour on enough saucey sauce on top!

‘Scuse me, gotta go (lol)

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