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My friend had bookd a 2 night stay at the Hampton Inn in Ormand Beach, FL. As soon as I got the number I called it because I had a few things in mind, without knowing I was speaking to the “Manager” itself, I asked about the ammenities of the room, she state”d, “this is not a Suites hotel” all because I asked if there was a mini refrigirator in the room.

Then asked if there was anything else in the room besides the two beds she stated “just the handicapped bathroom and the two beds” by the way, I didn’t ask for a handicapped room. I asked, is there any chairs or sofa’s she stated no. Based on that infomation, I asked how soon can I cancel she said 6pm.

I stated to please cancel one of the two nights instead she proceeded on stating “why don’t you just cancel the whole reservation, and you are getting a privilidge rate.” I was very upset by her comment, I asked her that she did tell me cancellation time however never stating for what day if day before or same day she said “what do I think”.

The discount she was talking about it was a $5.00 different from the advertised rate, is not like she was giving a free room a 50% discount on it. Not only that, when I cancelled the one night, she up the rate on the one night because I was getting a better deal with two nights.

When I asked to speak with a manager, she said I am the Manager, I was so upset, I told her immediatelly to cancel the whole reservation. If you don’t have the training in knowing how to treat your customers regardless if I am


Was forced out of my house due to plumbing issues and stayed at the Hampton Inn in Hanover, Pa with my wife and 2 children. Apparently they dont care about thier guests in the least. We had roof construction directly over our bed at 8am everymorning for 2 weeks. When I complained at the front desk the lady offered me a bowl of earplugs. Absolutly ridiculoous to even make money off a room where people can’t sleep. I’d estimate the noise was around 95db.


Hampton Inn, Bethlehem PA. We book three rooms for the night of my nephews wedding. We were promised that we could also have a rollaway bed at an extra fee which I agreed to. When we got to the hotel the room with double beds were not much bigger than single beds and they had no roll away beds. Also other people booked rooms and when they got there they were told that the hotel was overbooked and they had no rooms. I was always under the impression that when a bride and groom reserve a block of rooms for their guests that they would be together.

Well we were all over the hotel and it made it impossible to meet up with anyone afterwards. This is the last time I will stay at a Hampton Inn.


Don’t be fooled when the Hampton Inn advertises something like “We welcome wedding parties” or something similar. I booked my brother’s wedding guests at the Hampton Inn, Islandia, NY, Long Island. Our guests took up most of the 3rd floor. Coming back from a wedding, you can expect people to be noisy – and we totally were. They told us to stay in our rooms. Then they told us we were too loud and we had to move to the lobby. Then they told us we had to go outside in the parking lot because we were still too loud. Finally, they called the police.

The police told the Hampton Inn management that they were basically idiots and to stop wasting the police force’s time. In my opinion, don’t “welcome” 50+ wedding guests to your hotel if you’re a hotel that has a “no party policy”. The management single-handedly ruined my brother’s after party. The assistant manager that was working that night seemed to just be a cruel woman who hates her own life. We didn’t break anything, ruin any property or be disrespectful towards other guests or employees. We were just 50 people enjoying ourselves after a wedding at the Hampton Inn.


My wife and I booked a room at the Hampton Inn. Full disclosure – the information we received when we booked the hotel stated they have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Something came up so we needed to move the booking to another date. We explained to the hotel that we still wanted to stay at the hotel at a later date however they will still not approve the refund. In fact, in my opinion, the Hampton Inn hotel staff seemed uncaring and unhelpful and couldn’t care less about our circumstance. The Guest Services toll free number was of no help and their staff seemed just as uncaring. Regardless, a hotel manager telling me to “F-off” and “Go F yourself”. Are you kidding me? I will never STAY at this Hampton Inn…

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