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Emirates Airlines is one of the world's largest internation airlines. If you have a comment or feedback about a recent experience, call customer service at (+9714) 708 1111. If you would like to direct your complaint to headquarters, the mailing address provided on the website is Emirates Group HQ, PO Box 686, Dubai.

Common issues include flight delays, change fees, billing problems, and rude employees. Although in some rare cases fliers even reported damaged luggage in excess of $1,000. If you have a problem to report, please let us know by leaving your information on our website.


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Today, 19/10/2016 I was flying from Dubai to Athens with EK 105. I was carrying a suitcase (14Kg), a briefcase (6.5Kg) and a case with my laptop (2Kg). Photo of the last two pieces attached. While checking in Emirates ground staff requested that I put my laptop in my suitcase because my hand baggage (briefcase+laptop) exceeded 7Kg. I complained to the supervisor but I was told that this is the rule.

There was actually one of Emirates staff with a scale checking the weight of the hand baggage. I have traveled everywhere in Europe and Asia with this briefcase and laptop and nobody ever told me that I could not hand carry these two pieces. To my surprise while on the plane I noticed that other passengers had much bigger and heavier hand baggage compared to mine.

Probably they were passengers in transit that started their journey from another airport where these unrealistic rules do not apply. However I felt that the rules do not apply to everybody. Whatever the case with the other passengers this incident is a good reason for me not to travel with Emirates again. It was probably my mistake that I did not listen to my travel agent in the first place who suggested to fly to Dubai with Qatar Airlines with cheaper ticket, good service and a lot more flexible regulations compared to this. I am sending you this email to express
the dissatisfaction of one of Emirates ex-customers.


I was traveling from Beirut to Shanghai on 25 th August via flight no EK 954. I could not find my bag from the baggage belt. As was new in China so did not know anything about lost baggage. Secondly I had to travel from Shanghai to Harbin on China Southern so without intimating anyone I came to Harbin. From Harbin I made several calls to Shanghai airport as well as Emirates airline office but got no response. My very important articles were in the list bag. I'm attaching the necessary documents with this email. Please help me finding out my bag. Will be highly obliged. For information please use the following number or the same email.


I recently had my wallet stolen at Sydney airport. Among other things there was a $250 Westfield gift voucher which I redeemed when my points were about to expire. I sent an email to the Emirates High Street asking them to cancel the card. Unfortunately this was done on a Saturday, as I had been in Adelaide and unable to retrieve the card number. The person who stole the card spent the $250 at various shops on the Sunday afternoon.

The police were informed. The only response I have received from Emirates was to the effect 'you didn't cancel it... and its not our problem'. This is hardly an example of an airline that prides it self on good customer relationship. The symbolic value of a courteous response from Emirates would have certainly softened the personal loss and the associated irritation.

As someone who at one stage was a gold Emirates flyer and who is flying business class with Emirates to Vienna in October this kind of service does not make me want to continue any association with Emirates. Unfortunately the relationship with Qantas, with whom I am a platinum frequent flyer, means that on future flights i will have to go to some trouble not to have to fly Emirates. But given poor service especially on my recent flights from Dubai to Sydney (June 2016) it will be worth there effort.


The worst experience ever with The Emirates useless and careless staff at Dubai airport desk connection flight. After long trip from Madrid to Dubai back to Bahrain. Due to delay in Madrid and late arrival to Dubai although 45 minutes before my flight to Bahrain they decided to put me on next flight in 6 hours although I received a message from Emirates that the flight delayed by another one hour.so there was enough time me to reach the gate and make it. But it seemed that they had overbooked and wanted to refill their aircraft on other people cost.


I had jewelry missing in my bag. My flight was on 20th July from Riyadh to Dubai at 1pm and from Dubai to Peshawar at 3:15 am. Probe into this case before i take any legal action against you. If you need any assistance from my side let me provide you.


Dear Emirates team, On the first flight of our trip (flight number EK141, 30th June, from Dubai to Madrid) our main bag did not arrive with the same flight as us. We filed a complaint (PIR number: MADEK14045) via the lost luggage office of Madrid’s airport (please find the supporting documents attached).

The critical issue was that we travelled to Madrid for a wedding that took place the day after, on Friday 1st July in Aranjuez, a town close to Madrid, and all our clothes and accessorize for the wedding (dress, suit, shoes, etc.) were in the missing luggage. We kept calling the lost luggage office in Madrid during Thursday evening and Friday morning, and in all occasions they told us the bag was still missing and they did not know where it was or when we would get it back. Hence, we were forced to cancel the touristic activities we had initially planned for Thursday evening and Friday morning, and instead we had to go shopping to get decent clothes for the wedding.

This was not only extremely inconvenient, but it cost us a lot of money. We had already bought our wedding clothes in Dubai, where we live and work, and then we had to purchase them again due to the baggage loss. Therefore we urge you to take responsibility and bear the extra costs we had to bear due to this incident, summarized as follows (all receipts attached).

With regards to the second incident, Emirates cancelled our return flight from Entebbe to Dubai (booking reference: MSYAYW, flight EK730, ticket numbers 176 1607483182-3 for Marc and 176 1607483181-3 for Laura). This caused again an enormous inconvenience as we both had to work on Sunday 10th July; we had important meetings to attend and we suffered distress.

You can imagine how upset we are with the entire experience with Emirates. This is totally unacceptable. We were always telling everybody to take Emirates because it is -or so we believed- a first class airline. I have been living in Dubai for almost 10 years and I have never had such a disappointing experience before, neither from other airlines nor even low cost ones. I have flown with Emirates many times before and the level of customer satisfaction and excellence is seriously decreasing. Unless this whole inconvenience gets sorted and compensated immediately, or our perception of and trust with Emirates will be highly jeopardized.


With humble respect this is to inform you that I was traveling in your flight on 29/6/16 but I couldn't complete my journey because suddenly I suffered with stomach pain so after taking suggestions by Doctor my journey had got cancelled. In between these I forgot my luggage in your plane so after 5 hrs when I got some relief I remembered that I forgot my luggage. So I went back at NAS baggage service at Kuwait airport to recover my luggage. Then I raised Property irregularity report. But I did not find luggage yet.. Scanned copy of Property irregularity report and air ticket And baggage claim card no. Has attached for your reference. Please do the needful. As soon as possible.


I am passenger of flight EK0333 Manila to Dubai, I found Worm on my food, please see the attached image. I reported to your crew his name is Joseph and they don't have any action to help this.


I was at the Mumbai airport at 4:10 pm. EK 803 9 May 1905 departure When my turn came to check in, I was told that the flight is overbooked you may not be able to travel on this flight. I working for Vancouver international Airport and Customer Service being my first priority would be to better phrase the statement and say Hello Sir we are Looking for Volunteers for not travel on this flight due to over booking and due to that we can offer a Round trip ticket to travel on the same route with a validity for full one year as an option. After great difficultly I realized that this is what he was offering me and he also mentioned that I have the right to say NO I need to fly on this flight.

I asked him what would be my next flight option he said Next flight out from Mumbai airport which is 10 pm and out of dubai at 2:25 I replied thats fine I am OK with. Sir, we will not be issuing you a boarding pass come and see the supervisor at 6 pm you may travel on this flight. Now that pissed me off I made my call for change in transport my onward bookings were put on hold. Stress was the right word. I asked them what is it you want you want me to travel or are you just using me you are spoiling the name of a reputed carrier and the bad word spread faster. At YVR we take this very seriously and tell the true you are using me to your benefit. Sir ! sorry you have to now travel on this flight you will get a 100 AED voucher. OK I said to myself pointless going on and on took the boarding pass upto Dammam and boarded the flight.

The service was so disoriented nobody new what was happening but not a word was uttered by me to the flight steward. The most worst substandard service. Well I was still not complaining things happen in Service industry and in aviation it is bound to happen. One hour before landing nobody came offering duty free So I approached the Male White flight steward and was sitting next to the emergency door near the gally he pick up the phone to call somebody and no one answers him. Keep the phone down and replies he is busy and will try to get in touch with him. So this take me to the next level of getting upset.

I get up go to two flight female steward and told them I got a voucher from Emirates I would like to use and I know what item I need to buy. One flight stewardess replies Sir its written here you can buy in the DUBAI DUTY FREE SHOPPING too, to that my response was I can ready English and I am not stupid to come to you. The next flight Stewardess replies sir we have many things to do and its a short flight we have to take care of everything. I responded to her do not damage the Image of your airline by telling your weakness I am a DUTY MANAGER at YVR International Airport for 10 years so don't vent out your problems to the customer which is very wrong.

Reaching DUBAI the ground staff got hold of me and said Sir, your flight has left due to inbound arriving late next flight is 225 am now I am in more stressful situation. He says there is nothing I could do to help you out and I told him it was not your fault. I am not making A issue here but please Emirates tell you staff be professional and let the Passenger vent and give him a ear so they become good ear doctors and I know Emirates offers good stuff to keep the passenger even with out the passenger requesting but let not be the staff telling the weakness to the passenger. Need more training and professionalism.

Hope you will take this advice and develop on to better encounter such situation.


EK097 dubai to rome, sit no: 86A, one of your attendant make me feel shameful in public, he tell me that the bad smell is coming from me, reality is not from me, its came from sitting front of me, but he keep insisting. I feel discriminated and unprofessional treatment. This is not good for the company this attitude of attendant.


Sat in 53G as I flew home to Mcr from Dubai on Tue 22/3/16. The very short legged woman in front out her seat back which meant 'the largest screen' was so in my face as I was unable to focus on the screen. She wasn't happy and very reluctantly put the seat up a little but only a little. Not as pleasant viewing for me as the journey could've been, made worse but various children occupying the bulkhead seats. The ICE wasn't an altogether pleasant viewing experience for me. Not looking forward to flying to Dubai again if I have this to look forward to.


We traveled to Delhi on 2.02.16. Four suitcases were given in to load on the plane. There was on stop at Dubai where we were also requested by the person checking the boarding pass at the airport that we should also put are two hand luggage in the plane cargo as there was less room in the cabin. We agreed to this and handed the two hand luggage to them. When we arrived in Delhi and looked for our luggage we found that one suitcase and one hand luggage were missing. All our clothes and medicines were in the missing baggage we spoke to your ground staff in Delhi but they were very unhelpful and told us they could not do anything an we would have to wait and come back again to the Delhi Airport.

We spent nearly 4 hours at Delhi airport looking for our lost luggage without any help from your ground staff. Then we lodged a complaint and left the airport and foe four days we were without a change of clothes and medicines for blood pressure and diabetes as they were in r]the lost baggage. And everyday we contacted your staff at Delhi airport but got no satisfactory answer. Finally after four days our luggage was found And delivered to us. We always travel with you but we were very disappointed this time because of the baggage problem. We want a full investigation into the matter, it was of great inconvenience to us and we should get some sort of compensation for all the trouble caused to us.


I travelled from London Heathrow to Dubai on 9th March 2016 in EK0004 and from Dubai to Sri Lanka in EK0654, on 10th March 2016. During my journey I lost one of my two bags and was in great stress as I had an important document to be delivered in Sri Lanka. I trust that Emirates is one of the finest airlines in the world and I am unable to come out of this stress though I was promised that the luggage will be handed over to me on 11th March 2016.

I am not claiming for anything but would like to mention that I am returning from Melbourne - Tullamarine in EK0409 on 28th March to Dubai and again the same date from Dubai to London Heathrow in EK0003. I kindly request you to make my journey relaxed and comfortable by upgrading my travel. Hopefully I receive my baggage without further delays.


I traveled on Feb 27 2016 by flight EK 219 from Dubai to Orlando. I was seating in seat 21D. From Dubai my T.V nor the light was working. I request the attendant to fix it. They tried there level best to fix it but could not. They apologize to me for inconvenience. I could not read or watch TV during the whole flight time, and really got bored. I am a regular traveler and frequent flyer member. I requested to file a report with customer service about the flight attendant, and they told me they will send this report of inconveniences to your appropriate office.


Me and my family three people we travel together from BKK to Dubai in the date of 18/2/1016. We arrived at the airport at 9:00pm for checking after checking they give us the boarding pass the we have to wait to the boarding screen to tell us which gate do we go on, we wait up to 11:30 pm then the stuff came and tell us that the FLT has been delayed but they wasn’t any information up to 3:00 am then they come and take us to lounge because all hotels rooms are full.

The problem is my father come from the operation kidney transplant and I my self was donor my father was getting better after the hospital give us a discharge they tell us he must get rest very well but he couldn’t get that rest because of the torture him me and my mother and making him sleep on the floor for five hours and he just finish his operation two weeks before it destroy him physically and mentally he need to eat a proper food and vegetable so he can take his medicine very well also he has his diabetic medication need to be on the fridge or they will be destroyed we couldn’t do any of those coz we didn’t know what do when they put us on the lounge and I a donor also need to have a big rest and relaxed instead the FLT made us sleep on the couch.

We aspect a good and well flight from emirates but all we have got was tortured and hard time for our self especially that we are just finish our transplant kidney operation medical process at the Bumrungrad international hospital in BKK.


I have already payed for extra luggage and they allowed me to take my hand luggage and a laptop bag. I thought I was allowed to take my hand luggage for free but I end up payed $192. I have attached both the receipt for your information. I look forward to hearing from you.


I feel compelled to write this email with a growing sense of urgency and sheer frustration at what started out as a simple request for wheelchair assistance and has turned into a bureaucratic nightmare. Time is fast running out and we are still involved with to and fro correspondence that is never ending.

My complaint is about Emirates Airlines Customer Service Sales, please take note of the following info (2 Paragraphs) that we are referring to Emirates at Dubai, they also include information relevant to yourselves and the other content requires questions to be answered by yourselves, and is factually relevant for Emirates Dubai. cc to Info@Emirates (Please note I am asking for Head Office Dubai's help in resolving what has become a never ending round of information seeking by your medical team (Australia) that would appear to be unjustified in light of the following).

My Wife is being treated in a manner that would seem to be recognizing her as a high risk passenger health wise, when the exact opposite is true, see below. My Wife is due to fly out on the 28th February. Time is now running very short and we are still unsure of what is happening. We are seeking your intervention to resolve this issue speedily.

We have used Emirates on many occasions, especially since the year 2000, and have always made the same request for Wheelchair assistance. Once the medical condition has been explained, authorisation has always been given, the same can be said of other airlines we have used since 1996. Since 2000 Emirates has been the airline we have favoured most as we have always had excellent service. Our most recent travel by Emirates was in March, May and June 2013. Unfortunately I now have to report the following issue.We have never been subjected to the type of intense screening that we are experiencing now, even though it is the same medical condition we have always stated in the past. Can you please answer why this is happening. What has changed since 2013 that could possibly warrant such intensive scrutiny now. My Wife's condition has been stable for many many years, and she is classed on her medical form / letter as being of a very low risk category. Therefore, why is this happening?

Why also are we being subjected to such intense scrutiny with never ending demands for more information, more tests etc. I ask that you answer the following question. There would obviously be many of the other passengers who are classed as low risk, have they been treated in the same manner? if not ,why not? Why have we been singled out? There are more than likely passengers that are in a much higher risk category than Gillian, have these been subject to the same intensity as Gillian, if not, why not? We requested a wheelchair in November 2015. The agent contacted us to say you required us to fill out some forms, this we did even though we have never had to fill out these type of forms previously.

We heard nothing more until February 15th this year when the agent notified us that you were now requesting an air saturation test. For your information this request at such short notice posed a lot of problems as there is only one Hospital that carries out such a test, this is in Perth which involves a round trip from where we live of 5 Hours, plus also an appointment which was very difficult to arrange at such short notice. You should receive the results in the coming week, for your information the specialist remarked that Gillian passed with flying colours, but could not understand why the test had been requested as Gillian does not need Oxygen and never has done. If you had noticed in the medical form, sections Media 10 down to bottom of the page all answers are in the negative including special needs such as Oxygen, yet having had this medical certificate you still requested the travel agent to contact us to see if Gillian needed Oxygen, a question that should never have been asked if the form had been read.

I think that covers most of which I have to say, from this you will see that I have every valid reason to be dissatisfied with the way we appear to have been singled out for such intensive scrutiny. No doubt you will drag out all tried and tested tired old excuses as justification for your actions. However, no excuse can ever explain why you have acted in this manner, nor can it be justified in light of the fact we have travelled many times especially with Emirates and have never been subjected to this treatment before.

What should have been a joyous occasion for my wife i.e. Family gathering for her Mother's 90th Birthday plus a Marriage for her to attend has now been soured by your actions. A lot of money has been outlayed on this trip, please remember that, and treat us as we have always been treated by Emirates, with dignity and respect.


I booked Cairo, Dubai and back to Cairo from the Emirates Airlines corporate office in Cairo AIRPORT OFFICE IN Egypt with one of your staff called Khaled, I asked for a window seat because my wife is very religious, he told me the window at the back of the plane and I agree and discovered after that it wasn't window and he cheated me of he doesn't know his job. I'm very upset because I told him I can go for business for the getting window but he said no need. Flight number 924 on 10/2 I called him and it is mistake and forgive me which is not accepted in an airline like Emirates Airlines.


This is a worst service from EMIRATES, above ticket we purchase online thru Credit card and cancelled ticket , requested for refund same day or next. Its been 4-5 months but still we did not received amount. When checked, we are not able to get any information both in India and Qatar. Could you please tell us how much time it normally take to refund? Not 4-5 months i guess.


I have been a long standing customer of emirates airlines and along with me many of my friends were decided to forego emirates and choose other service providers due to various reasons like very poor customer service when we call in to book tickets, horrible ticket booking system which breaks most of the time, etc. We have been trying to book tickets through emirates.com and we are getting "Emirates is experiencing technical difficulties" error message consistently for several days.

We tried different computers, tablets, phones with different browsers like Internet Explorer 11, Chrome 47, Firefox 41 and still the issue persists. When we call the customer service, they are either hanging up or denying that the site was working. Looks like emirates don’t want business from us. I am writing this email in desolation that at least this would get you started working on fixing things. Meanwhile, I will have to make a conscious decision of not choosing emirates.


Kindly I would like to complain about one of your colleague Daiana Viveros who works in Emirates corporate office and who sell tickets to people and cancelled at the last minute. I would highly appreciate if you could get me in touch with her manager regarding this situation.


I landed today 16 Jan 2016 early morning 3:00 A.M. from Amman to Bangalore via Dubai. I reached home, with my sleepy eyes after a tiring long journey I found out that not only my Check-in bag's lock was broken but the chain was also damaged. I have been travelling by flights since I was 6 or 7 years via domestic as well as international, but this kind of incident never has happened with me. This experience has been very heart breaking as my bag is now use less for further travels. This bag was gifted by my dad and was very close to my heart. Please revert back with appropriate solution. Photos attached for reference for quick resolution.


I have been using Emirates for a long while now but I must admit I am very unhappy on this occasion. My wife found that my son’s passport had expired when she was leaving Pakistan and was at the airport. The check in staff would not let him travel. However, when my travel agent (Cloud 9) spoke to Emirates, they informed the travel agent that there was no reason why he could not travel. Emirates tried to call the check in staff at the airport but they did not respond.

Emirates informed us with the following data: “Passengers with a British passport with nationality of British Citizen shown on the bio-data page are allowed to enter with an expired passport." Person travel agent spoke to at Emirates: Ricardo. Reference provided: PLTIMS. Number provided: 0344 800 2777. Booking reference: UK467893, Issue Date: 10-Oct-15. Now I am being told by the travel agent that it will cost my wife and two sons at least 245 GBP each. That’s 735 GBP in total at least. I am struggling as it is, my wife and children have been in Pakistan for over a month now. It’s costing me so much money to keep them there.


I would like to inform you of the traumatic experience my wife and I had -- deportation from Bali Indonesia. We were booked on flight EK 764 to Dubai and Bali on Sunday, 3 January 2016. All went as planned until we landed in Bali. There, officials informed me that my passport was invalid. Since my passport only expires 7 February 2016 and our holiday was planed for 10 days, I was under the impression everything was in order. Our departure date from Bali was 14 January 2016. However, the authorities at the airport in Bali informed us that, according to Indonesian law, passports need to still be valid for at least another six months.

We were treated like criminals and three hours later, we were deported from Bali back to South Africa on the first available flight, (EK 399). I am extremely angry and most upset. This entire ordeal was not my fault. My passport only expires 7 February 2016. My complaint is: why did ground personnel allow us to fly all the way to Bali? According to the officials at Bali Airport, all airlines are aware of the Indonesian stipulation.

We usually fly Emirates and therefore I am really disappointed and feel we are let down. I want to be reimbursed for the costs of the tickets because this entire ordeal was very humiliating and traumatic for us. In fact the whole trip was a disaster. Spending three days on aeroplanes and in airports, wearing the same clothes and being guarded like criminals, is no joke. We were robbed of a well-deserved holiday that we had been looking forward to.

I have always been most impressed with the service of Emirates Airlines but I will be compelled to inform the public of our ordeal to ensure others do not suffer the same fate. I hope to hear from you soon.


I have bought the tickets numbers 176 2184961073 and 176 2184961074 in 23 January 2015. For some reason i could not travel and I went to EMIRATES office in Luanda Angola to cancel the ticket and have my money back. I was told that it would take 45 days to have my Money back which I considered to be a long time since no one in this office was able to show me a written prove or contract which states that passengers should wait for such a long time.

It was a kind of a verbal rule. To overcome this situation I was advised that i could leave the ticket open and travel when ever I could since the tickets were valid for one year. I could return to Emirates office in Luanda and they could reissue another ticket. In December 2015 I decided to travel to Dubai since my ticket was still valid. For my surprise I was told a different story from the same officer: This ticket requires you to pay almost 52% of the initial value due to the Kwanza devaluation or you will have to cancel this and have your Money back. Does Emirates have reasons to believe that customers do not have the right for timely information?

Why should I bear the costs for this kind of poor service provided by the Emirates office in Luanda? What is meant by a one year ticket from the Emirates standpoint?. Thus the Emirates takes into account THE TIME VALUE OF MONEY? I agree Emirates my charge me a fee to reissue the ticket as per information given to me initially, but to pay 52% of the value on a one year ticket is very unfair. I am looking forward to ear from you very soon since I am planning to return to Emirates office in Luanda 11 January 2016.


I would like to share a complaint about a bad experience on luggage with Emirates, first time I write to you but second time it happens. 2 years ago, I received my luggage with 1 wheel missing and 2 enormous impact on it. I went to Emirates customer service and they fixed it. Last Monday, same thing happened. If the wheel is not missing, it is totally out of the luggage, I have pictures I can share. Frankly, I am not that difficult but if every-times I have to worry about my luggage, what kind of trip and experience is that? I have no idea where or how it happens, but do note that I travel very often (PPS member on Singapore airlines) and it never happened on any other company. I wish you to improve your corporate policy and way of managing the luggage because customers care about experiences, and this one is bad.


To Emirates corporate complaint dept. I arrived at the check in at Bangkok 10.30 pm Tuesday 29.12 .15 to catch the 2.35 am EK149 departure Wednesday December 30 2015 to Dubai. Here I was given my two boarding cards BKK to Dubai AND Dubai to Manchester. PLEASE NOTE the time when I checked on the Manchester flight from Dubai which should not have not affected my seat. My first flight had been good I arrived in Dubai fine. After this is when the nightmare started. I arrived at the Dubai to Manchester gate 19 For flight EK17 at 6.50 am, boarding shut at 7am as stated on my boarding card. I did not stop anywhere as there was no time as I had to clear security and get to the gate before it closed.

When I got to gate check-in I gave my boarding pass to the lady who scanned my boarding card. There was a beep, she said I would have to see the supervisor. The male supervisor informed me that I could not get on the flight as my flight was late and they had given the seat to some one else? I informed him the flight was not late and I was here at 6.50 am, 10 minutes before the gate shut and people where arriving after me. This individual was quite rude to me and was not interested in helping me. I was quite taken aback at the way he responded to me, which in effect left me disgusted and upset. He showed no empathy or consideration for my situation. He told me I had to go to the Emirates desk to reschedule my flight. This was a joke as I had a boarding pass to get on this flight. Emirates let me down and caused me a lot of stress. My flight was changed to 2.35pm and this flight was delayed also by nearly 1 hour.

As a frequent flyer with your airlines I am extremely disappointed at the treatment I received upon my return to Manchester. I do not understand why I was refused a seat when I was on time? This was not my error! I also believe that the customer service I received was not acceptable. To be honest I think you need to train your staff how to deal with situations like this in a more sympathetic way, as they don't appear to have the appropriate people skills to handle a situation like this one. I have also been on social media to see if this has happened to anyone else and read that this is getting to be a regular occurrence with Emirates. I will seriously consider alternate airlines if this problem is not resolved.


Today was a sad day for me.... i was not expecting what has happened. i have regret all the advises i have done to all my friends recommending Emirates airlines. Today Emirates airlines STOLE the joy of my kids...i am traveling with Emirates airline to all countries and extensively for long and short trips, Africa, Asia... etc... you can see how many tickets i have bought in a short period.of time...am i going to travel with your air lines any more? I know I am a small no. in your big volume and may be i will not affect your operation and you will continue without hundreds like me or maybe thousands.... but i am still a Customer, what you have done for me today i wish will not happen to my enemy... cause my enemy kids need to play and and enjoy the Christmas with presents and gadgets.

My kids today cried and i will not forgive for this... i was in a bad situation ... cannot talk... i have no words. Many times when i was traveling on your airlines i saw the hostess distributing some gadgets for the kids... now i am asking my self is this true? Anyway, My story is as follows:

I had my boarding pass at today's flight EK 0953/22 from Dubai to Beirut, gave my luggage and went to the gate...at the time of the plane boarding giving the boarding pass to the hostess to scan it, she told me that your luggage need to be inspected, waiting for almost 30 mins then i have told the hostess that the plane will take off in a short period of time...so how far? after a while a guy came and said lets go to inspect the luggage ... we went to an officer , i have opened the luggage and he searched, then he said, you have a scooter 'Air board ' and EMIRATES AIR LINES DO NOT ALLOW THIS ON THE PLANE'... I said this is a toy sold in the market and not weapon... the guy said i execute orders.

He took it ..without giving any receipt ...which i have asked for...it is my right... i have paid more than 500 $ for the scooter how you take it? I can find an excuse that this scooter has a battery...but hundreds of the laptops inside the plane cabins are there... they are carrying the same lithium batteries. I want MY scooter which i have paid for ( my local no. is 00971506167333 ), Ek 335440, Luggage sticker.


I booked on Emirates Airlines a one way flight from Cairo to Auckland and the layover is 10 hours, when i called the center I discovered that my husband is not eligible for a hotel stay through "Dubai Connect" because he has a Syrian nationality. Although he already has a resident visa in New Zealand. This is DISCRIMINATION and breaking human legal rights. If i knew this before booking i wouldn't have booked on this airline. This should have been written or mentioned when I'm trying to book from the beginning, so I could not book on this airline from the beginning.


I would like to set a complaint about the Emirates Airlines team regarding the delay in my flight from Tampa to Dxb on 19th of December, 2015. The plane should take off at 10:20 p.m on 19th of December, 2015. However it delayed till 5:30 a.m on 20th of December, 2015. This delay affected my work and the duties I have to submit. All my plans were cancelled as well on that day. I am so upset for that. I am a regular customer with Emirates Airlines and this may affect my coming trips. I will not trust this airline as before! I know there are uncontrolled things which causes delay, but i will accept an hour of delay or two hours delay not seven.


On 27 Nov, I checked in 1 luggage covered with an elastic protective case (baggage tag : EK 182963) at the Kuwait airport through to Johannesburg (EK856 ->EK765) via Dubai. Upon arrival at Johannesburg, I found my luggage arrived without the protective case, and the 2 month old new luggage ended up with a lot more scratches that were not there before. I'm not sure why the handles would remove the protective cover, which is intended to protect the new case from mishandling. I've used this luggage with the protective cover about 3 times through SQ & Qantas for the past 2 months and there was no issue. Hence, I would like to seek compensation from Emirates corporate offices for a replacement of the missing luggage protector and the preventable defacement on my luggage resulting from mishandling of the luggage. I would appreciate very much that Emirates would look into this matter and reply to my email, however they have not up to this point. That is why I will contact the compliant department to hopefully escalate the situation.


I flew both ways business class Boise to Ahmedabad (India) via Seattle in 2014 and 2015, I was very disappointed with the quality of food. Before these flights the food was reasonably good. In both trips they have damaged my luggage. I really did not file a complain because I had no intention of flying Emirates again. However, I may have to fly next year so I am submitting a complain hoping things may change.


I was traveling as usual to manila from Kuwait the staff members in the business class was excellent very friendly and helpful, but the staff on Emirates Airlines hosting the flight from dubai to manila was very unhelpful from the first one. Name is Mohammed when he served the food to me he doesn't like it and he didn't serve to me the breakfast on the flight from dubai to manila and he didn't bother to give me the form of health conditions to be filled by passenger just when I left to toilet when I return bake I found it on the side of my glass cup holder and this hostess he look at me in bad way when he take the blanket from my side and when I have tried to fill the form before the landing because he have given it to me at the last moments he is telling me close the try in rude way. I am telling you food is not important to me if you have this person serve the food in the future flights of Emirates Airlines I will not have it even the other staff hostess the ask the other passenger besides me and ignoring me.


I have registered with emirates group careers for a couple of years now concerning job offers. I would like to know what the chances are for a person with African origins to be employed. I have posted for various types of jobs that i know i can handle but after reading quite a number of forums of Africans being discriminated. Do we have to obtain a European or American passport to be accepted?


I am very disappointed about the service which Emirates provided and here is my problem. I have booked flight tickets from Dallas to Bangalore with infant bassinet and they confirmed the seating as well and when I checked in they said they don't have bassinet and they given different seats for all four of us. Am attaching booked/confirmed tickets and tickets which I got it from when I got into. I have very good opinion about the Emirates and now it's worst ever service which I come across so far.Please take it into the issue and am ready to provide detailed information.


The crew are very noisy, they talk so loud during the whole trip with personal issues which were the first time I experienced this with top list airlines, they won't shut the curtain by their working station so the lights came through the cabin the whole time. They came to you with their mouth eating, which is quite awful as service industry and when I required snacks, they turn me down quite rude said this is the serving meal time and they couldn't do it but never said they will bring it to me after the meal and so asked me to turn the service light off although most of the top list aitlines would never response like this, I am quite disappointed by the stars they gave to Emirates and it is way below my expectations.


Our flight was from Birmingham UK-Dubai-Manila on October 10,2015. We arrived Manila 11:00 @ night, waited at the carousel for 50 minutes, only to find out that one of our checked in luggage was left in Dubai. We fill up a form at the Emirates counter and have to proceed to our final destination in another city which is 1 hr flight from Manila. Upon our arrival, we have to buy for my husbands shirt, trouser, underwear and other personal things that was not within our budget. And the main reason we're filing a complaint is because of my husbands medications that was in the suitcase. He should take all these tablets without fail everyday, and that time he needed his inhaler but there was nothing to use. My husband suffered too much for not taking his medicines for three days, because we only received our luggage on Wednesday 14th of Oct.

We also have to spend for our taxi fare from the hotel to the airport and back to collect the suitcase at Iloilo International Airport.That three days of waiting was like hell, there was too much arguing & tension and we didn't do anything, we just waited for phone call from Emirates personnel which at most times we have to do the effort and ring because it was like waiting for eternity and nothing was happening. Emirates owe to compensate us for all the hassles & problems that situation had caused us. We look forward to hearing from you.


I have booked tickets with specification of Hindu Vegetarian meal. Since, I was too tired, I have pasted the slip marking Wake Up while Meal is availble. However, the cabin crew did not wake me up. And, while I have woke up, the crew said the vegetarian meal is not available. So, why do you want to.ask that while we book tickets?? Waste of time and no use of setting the expectation. I decided to not have the meal. The crew compelled me to have something, but when I asked for the fruits, the crew said they cannot offer anything like that but can only give whatever comes with the meal except the non veg part of the meal. Is there any meaning in asking the preferences anytime, or you just expect the customers to run and get the meal of their preference before others do? It's okay if the meal is not available, but why do you ask for preference and reject it every time?


Dear Emirates team, I would like to share this with you after I never got a feedback. Not really a complaint, more a friendly request. My flight was upgraded to Business class due to miles collected. The aircraft was a fantastic A380! Pick up in Madrid train station was agreed (the Emirates office was very adamant that I get collected over there). However, after waiting 25 minutes for the driver who never showed up I took a taxi to the airport. He called later, but I was nearly at the airport by then. Could not ask every man standing around if he is my driver....

The flight took off, great seat and very nice staff. Had a wonderful meal, then settled for some rest and cinema. However, that was the moment a gentleman directly in front of me had a medical issue and kind of collapsed in his seat. For the next 3 hours I was standing in the corridor assisting the man together with another Gentleman who turned out to be a GP, I am a Consultant Anesthesiologist. Patient improved. I was the last passenger to leave the aircraft after handing over the patient to the medical crew in Dubai who was boarding the aircraft upon landing.

Staff was nice, but the question by the senior flight crew staff if I know my medical license number put me really off. Would I assist a patient under circumstances in an aircraft (very limited equipment and not really medically trained staff from the point of view of an Anesthetist....) if I would be a teacher? Certainly not. However I followed my oath to take care of the guy. After leaving the aircraft nobody really cared that my luggage was still spinning in circles and sadly nobody offered me a ride home (live close to the airport). Would have been nice at 3 am. However, Emirates Airlines is a very good airline, and I will fly next time again with you, I just would like to ask if you would consider to upgrade one flight for me in future again to Business class for this lost experience? Kneeling 3 hours in the corridor was below Economy (:-) Otherwise no hard feelings at all.


I booked a ticket though your airline and when I was planing to book a ticket for my mother so she can join me and I can take care of her in most of her trip from Canada to Baghdad, I was shocked to know that there were no complementary hotel for my mother. Even though she would have same ticket price, and would have to wait for 17 hours !!! the reason my mother is still holding Iraqi passport your customer service statement was " Iraqi passenger are prohibited from using visa transit hotel". So now I need to know why Emirates airline passengers who hold Iraqi passport cant have a complementary staying in transit hotel. Even though the time of their waiting is more than 12 hours. Previously it was visa problem for Iraqi people which is no longer a valuable reason as the Iraqi people get the visa today very easy when they travel via Fly Dubai, why Emirates Airline insists to use the discrimination phrase and stated Iraqi passenger are prohibited from using visa transit hotel? I need to know why I have to send my mother who is 76 years old for another airline and not keeping her with me. I need an answer for this insulting, is UAE following human rights. Is Emirates Airline has any reason in order to break its own regulation except one reason which is discrimination. I need to have an answer from someone from Emirates corporate offices to answer my complaint.


Regretfully I have two separate complaints. The first is regarding a lost item on flight EK28 from Glasgow to Dubai on the 12th of September 2015. This was my Kindle Fire, which, after contacting Emirates lost and found department, they confirmed that it had been found and asked me to confirm I would pay any customs duty which would be incurred to return my item by FedEx. I did all this immediately but to date have heard no more. The reference number is 092847. The communication has been from a lady called Odessa Mendoza in Dubai airport. Would you please investigate this matter on my behalf?
My second complaint is regarding my return flight from Mauritius on the 27th September 2015. Flight number EK704 at 22.05.

I was allocated seat 82K but chose to sit in seat number 82J as my partner Mr Jack, does not like a middle seat. Whilst I appreciate that safety is the main priority and that in flight entertainment may seem like a trivial matter, for a 6 hour flight my monitor was in an upside down position. Very boring. The crew rebooted the monitor several times but to no avail. It was my partner who worked out that it had been installed up side down and needed an engineer to reinstall it in the correct position. A member of cabin crew did ask for my email address and I did think that by now I would have had some sort of apology for this from Emirates customer Services department. I think this is worthy of note as I am sure I am not the first person to have noticed this on board that particular plane. Your thoughts on both these matters would be greatly appreciated. A timely reply would be appreciated.


I am writing this email with sincere heartache with what i have experienced on my recent trip with your airlines Emirates EK21 on 22/09/2015 at 3.00am from DXB to MANC. I am a regular traveller with your airlines simply due to the reason of it being reputable, however on this trip i have been left mortified and afraid with traveling with your airlines. On my way back from DXB i purchased a valuable gift for my wife from DXB duty free. Whilst traveling the gift was placed in the cabin like all the other passengers placing their luggage in the same place. Upon arriving at Manchester i simply forgot about the gift and carried on out of the airplane. This was simply due to lack of sleep and being tired whilst traveling.

When i was collecting my luggage i remembered about the gift. I was in shock and disappointed in myself that I could do such a thing however i immediately informed one of your employees that was near the luggage area. I was left disappointed when your employees basically told me to forget the item as they will not be able to retrieve it. The gifts value was substantial and being told to forget about it made me even more upset and made me question your loyalty with customers. It wasn't until a short while later that i became really frustrated knowing that i was let down by a reputable airline being a frequent traveler, i felt totally helpless and had no choice but to contact the police with the item being an expensive gift which your employees failed to understand. Upon the police arriving and further inquiries being made the bag was found!

Had i walked away taking on board information given to me by your employees which is heart aching and made me question your customer service i would not have been able to retrieve my gift. Instead being totally helpless and unsupported i had to go the extra mile and contact the police. This has totally made me question your employees honesty for the airlines which reflects your reputation and has left me scarred and afraid to travellng with your airlines again.


Waiting to take off on EK787. For twenty minutes, passengers kept trying to cram oversized bags into the overhead bin. No cabin crew presence for support or redirection. A passengers duty free bottles came crashing down on my head (I was seated in the aisle) Sustained major injury to my face and bleeding everywhere. Their main concern was to cover themselves. A "medical team" came on board to "assess" me. That was a farce. As a medical professional, I know they did not ask me the proper questions or assess me correctly to determine if I may have had a concussion. No attempt to reposition me elsewhere on the aircraft.


I am writing this email considering the situation of two passengers at emirates airlines: Mahmood Salim AL DHuhli and Hisham Mahmood Al-Nabhani. We are students studying at Oregon State University at USA. We always use Emirates airlines for out travels since we have a great point of view toward this airline. However, I have some concerns regarding my last travel. Here is the situation: We booked a ticket on 10th of June 2015 by using Webjet agency for two ways ticket. The route of the flight is PDX to SEA to DXB to MCT.

We decided to make some changes on the last part DXB to MCT which had a transit for about 7 hours. I made a call to Webjet agency to make the change and or cancel this final trip and they gave us a very expensive rate for $600 for each ticket to cancel this final route and book a separate ticket to minimize the time of waiting at DXB. In addition they gave us another solution which saying that we book another ticket and ignore this one and left it as it is. Then we wanted to meme sure if that works, so we called Emirates customer service and explain the situation to them.

They also had this suggestion of making another booking for DXB to MCT and ignore the other trip that requires us to wait about 7 hours in Dubai. We decided to make this idea and when we tried to use the other part of the ticket which has a route of MXT to DXB to SEA to PDX we got a problem on our ticket. They told us that our ticket is suspended and we are supposed to pay some money to use the ticket and go to PDX. This was unsatisfied to us by paying about $2000 for both of us. This is very unbelievable situation and we really need a good response for this situation. I am attaching the references numbers of both tickets.


I traveled Emirates Airline flight Emirates (EK) 225 as Business Class passenger (JH4CKJ) from Dubai to San Francisco on 18th September. I started having little bit of itching in the last hour or so before landing. Subsequently I had developed blebs and itching all over the body and am taking anti allergic medicines since then. I am sure this was some sort of insect bite on the plane. the reason I am saying that is that an announcement was made on the plane for a medical doctor on board. I being a doctor made myself know to the crew staff and then was asked to see a passenger. This young man also had a large swelling on his arm which was clearly allergic in nature and was itchy.

I told him it was some form of insect bite and because it was getting better no emergency medicine was needed. I would really like to bring this into the notice of the highest authorities as the cleanliness and hygiene of the plane needs to be seriously looked at and I would like to launch a complaint as it has seriously affected me on my trip where I am attending an important medical conference. This is very unfortunate too as emirates is one of the best airlines in the world and such happening can severely affect its reputation. How can I go for the compensation?


I and my husband traveled with tickets with confirmation numbers. We always prefer to travel through Etihad Airways because it is good airline. I would like to bring on record that the agency at Dubai, which arranges the wheelchair is really tarnishing the image of Etihad. They cheat the passenger and force them to walk on foot at one pretext or at another. Just after landing of the Aircraft they would say , " walk a little you will get the wheelchair".

On insistence they would provide wheelchair, which would drop you in the Buggi that takes to the office of Danta. They before one hour of the departure of the plane would send you in Buggi to the boarding gate and the driver will insist on the passenger to walk to the boarding gate. This happened to us in Dubai during our journey both ways that is while while going to Pakistan and on return to USA. On both occasion a lot effort was made to convince them that both me and my husband could not walk.

The officials of Dnata working their try to cheat the passenger Their intentions are always to deprive the passenger of the facility, which emirate promises to provide in the tickets. This is for your kind information and necessary action.


I was trying to book flight tickets through your official website on Friday (21-May-2015) from Mumbai to Stockholm. In my first three attempts to pay for the ticket, the Emirates website displayed a ‘payment failed’ message. The 4th attempt to pay for the ticket went through successfully. However, when I later checked my bank accounts, the amount had got deducted 4 times. I checked with the banks, and they said that the transactions were successful from their end even if the tickets were not booked.

On 26th May I wrote a mail to Emirates asking for refund and since then I call up customer care team everyday to get an update on my refund request. But till now , I have not received any satisfactory reply from them and neither my amount has been refunded back.


My name is Jehad M.W. Ismail. I am an emirate frequent flyer since 2003. My frequent flyer number is EK 128551312. I am writing to you a complaint because I flew out of Sydney, Austrailia on Wednesday, June 9th on flight EK 412 bound for Dubai and then to JFK on Friday, June 12. Unfortunately, I was not able to continue my journey Sent from my iPhone.

When I initially checked in at the Emirates check in counter in Sydney, I presented my passport and my ESTA authorised documents who advised me that I should present my ESTA visa again once I check in at Dubai airport. I was not informed of any issues with my documents or visa and therefore was cleared to board the plane towards Dubai.

On the the morning of Friday, June 12th, I went to the airport after I checked in online for my forward journey to JFK. When I arrived at check in counter at the airport in Dubai, I presented my documents and my ESTA visa, as I was advised to do so, and only then I was told for the first time that my ticket had been suspended and without providing any more details, I was asked to speak with the ticketing and reservation. After visiting the ticketing and reservation department, I was then directed to speak with the ground supervisor near the business class counters.

After visiting the ground supervisor, I was then told that the US had requested Emirate security to not allow me to board the plan. I was then told by the ground supervisor to visit the US embassy in Dubai to clear the matter with them. The staff at Emirates mislead me, which resulted in 1) me staying at Dubai at my own expense in order to visit the US embassy and 2) I lost the amount I had paid for all of the sectors of my ticket.

First, the Emirate staff knew or reasonably should know as an employee of an airline that the US embassy is closed Friday’s and Saturdays. As an employee for a major international airline, the staff should also know that I cannot just go in person to a US embassy and speak to them about this issue, especially since I am not a US citizen. I personally learned this of this information after I stayed stayed in Dubai, at my own expense, to visit the US embassy as Emirates advised me to do.

As a gold member who spends at least $12,000 a year flying with Emirates, I was not offered any sort of accommodations while this issue was being cleared. In fact, I was actually asked to buy my own local SIM card, in order to get in touch with the US embassy. I stayed in Dubai for a total of 4 days in order to find out why I could not continue my journey to the US, but was still not provided an answer as I was told that the decision would be mailed to my home address.

Second; after learning the information from the US embassy, I call Emirates to explain my issue and to get details on how I can use my ticket to fly back to Australia, but was told by the supervisor on duty that I cannot because I cannot use my ticket out of sequence. I was not helped by the supervisor, but instead was told that “I can’t help you.” The supervisor asked me to call back Tuesday morning at 8am to find out what I can do.

Again, following the advice of Emirates, I call back the next day, only to have to repeat myself to the agent and ask for a supervisor again. The supervisor finally agreed to send me back to Australia, but was advised that I would lose all of the other connections / sectors of my ticket and I cannot use them in the future to fly elsewhere. From a $3,200 (USD) ticket, I was only refunded the taxes totaling approximately $500 in Australian dollars.

This is completely unacceptable, especially for a frequent flyer who spends at least $12,000 a year traveling with Emirates. Had I initially been advised of the issue before I boarded in Sydney none of this would’ve happened. Even in Dubai I was not offered any sort of accommodation to help me as we figured out why I couldn’t travel to the US. After it was all said and done, I was only returned the tax portion of my ticket, am not even able to use the value of my ticket in the future traveling elsewhere. On top of it all, as a frequent flyer with Emirates, I was not even flown back to Sydney for free.

The customer service experience was horrible and this is day light robbery. I am asking for a full investigation into this matter and an amicable result to transpire after.


I travel often for my line of work. On May 8, 2015, I travelled to Dubai through Emirates. The flight there was amazing. I got excellent service, the staff was pleasant, and the food was as I requested.

On my return journey, I was horrified. I did not receive my special diet that I requested. The staff had to make up something for me to eat, but this was difficult as I have a few diet restrictions. I still had to pay for my special food even though I never received it! I requested a drink from an attendant at 3 different times and she never returned with my drink. She completely avoided me and ignored my requests.

I have tried finding an address or email to write to the Customer Services and cannot find one! I would like to make this known to the Emirates Airlines as opposed to a complaint site, but there is no contact information that I can find. This is quite frustrating. If I haven't flown so many times prior, I would never fly Emirates again just because of this one incident. I would hate to see this airline go under, but it only takes incidents like these to have the customers never return. Emirates, you might want to retrain your staff...


On the 19th May, I was travelling from Islamabad to Dubai (flight no. EK 615 seat no. 12A and 12B). I was travelling with my three year old son. The flight was early morning around 3.20 am.

One hour before landing in Dubai, my son needed some milk. I asked one of the Crew members if they could fill my son's bottle with milk. After waiting 15 mins, along with my son crying badly, I had to go to the kitchen side myself to ask for milk. One of your air hostess, whose name I didn't get, treated me very badly on asking for milk. She in her high, rude tone asked me to wait in my seat and that she can't help (like I am a begger asking for milk for my son). I was standing there along with my crying son until one of the
other male crew helped me.

I have travelled many airlines but your crew's attitude and behavior towards me was unacceptable. In the future, I will never travel with Emirates and I would advice anyone with kids to travel with Emirates.


I live and work in Stockholm, Sweden and hold a senior position in an Education company there. I travelled to an Education conference in Lucknow from Stockholm on 13 May 2015. I flew from Stockholm - Dubai - Delhi with Emirates Airline and then Delhi- Lucknow with Jet Airways.

I and my company colleagues fly often to the Middle East and India and have an Emirates Frequent Flyer card. 11 of us are scheduled to fly to Dubai in June. I always check-in online and print out the boarding passes. I did this and travelled to Lucknow very safely attending my conference.

On 18 May, I was scheduled to travel back for a very important Business Meeting and dutifully did my on-line check-in in the morning, catching the Jet Airways flight from Lucknow - Delhi at 3.10pm, arriving in Delhi at 4.30 pm.My Emirates EK515 flight was not until 9.50 pm. So I killed some time in Delhi Airport and went to the International Departures section to board my Emirates flight at 8.20 pm.

The Immigration queque was long and it took around 35 minutes to get to the Immigration Officer, who rudely told me that they did not accept on-line check-in boarding passes and I would have to go to the Emirates Airline check in desk! I ran there to find that they had already closed the check in gate at 8.55!!

In panic I ran to the Information desk to explain my plight. The information clerk called Emirates Airline and said someone would come in around 5 minutes... half an hour passed and no-one showed up!! At 9.30 I asked again, and the clerk said someone from Emirates had been but they could not see me!! I was standing there all the time!! She called Emirates again and said someone would come right away.

I reminded her several times and eventually at 9:55 a very rude young man turned up and said that I would be Off-Loaded as a No-Show!! I complained and said that I wanted to speak to someone higher - I was firm, but very polite, but was rudely escorted out of the airport by security and told to come back at "around midnight."

I bluffed my way back into the airport at around 11:30 and went to the Emirates desk, and eventually was directed to the Emirates Shift Manager, who seemed to think that it was all a big joke, but did get me through to Emirates Reservations. I thought that I could catch the 4am Emirates Flight and still catch my EK 157 connection to Stockholm at 8am.

I even offered to pay to be upgraded to Business if the flight was busy. The Reservations Manager was polite but absolutely unhelpful!! She said that "maybe she could help if I waited until 3am, but could not guarantee" and that maybe I could get the next flight which left at 8am, but it would be costly. I begged for help, but she said that she could not help. I had no alternative but to buy the cheapest Airline flight I could back to Stockholm - with Aeroflot, at a cost of 1300 Euros!!

I wish Emirates to at least compensate me for the 1300 Euros and take action with Emirates officials to Delhi Airport. I am very insulted, as "a valued customer" by their rude and callous behaviour.


I have already submitted a complaint but to date have not received a reply to my complaint. I have been requesting for a reply but have only received 2 return emails that you are looking into my complaint. Is this the reason you do not provide a telephone number so that people will forget and get fed up and give up?? Well, let me tell you with the hell I went through flying with you, I will not give up until I have satisfactory reply from you!!!


I would like to Thank you for the excellent service you provided and I'm very proud of your Airline and I wish you every success. However, I have something to mention to you. I became very sick in Dubai as soon as I had my meal. I suffered from severe stomach ache, diarrhea and bloating. After I arrived to Melbourne, I was sick for about a week as a result of the food that I had on the plane. Hence I couldn't write to you sooner.

Also my baggage got damaged, one bag has been torn in number of places and the other one is badly scratched.


Date: 10th May 2015
Booking confirmation - IZLIVB

I have been a loyal customer of Emirates Airlines. The hassle I experienced on 8th May 2015 on the airport of Dubai when I was about to travel from Dubai to Qatar was just unacceptable and it actually ruined my whole trip. The fact is that I was actually on a business trip of Al Shahba holding company. The trip varies from Jeddah to and Dubai to Qatar and my return was back to Jeddah. With respective duration period of 6 days stay in Dubai i.e. from 2nd May 2015 to 8th May 2015 and 6 days stay in Qatar i.e. from 8th May 2015 to 14th May 2015. I do have the booking confirmation that satisfies the above information.

I successfully accomplished my target in Dubai. But when I was heading for my trip in Qatar and reached the Dubai airport, there were a lot of people heading for check-in-counter due to slow action of the staff. The staff member get to my notice that I was 13 minutes late for check-in and as per the rules and regulation of Emirates Airlines, I have to pay 300 dirham due to no-show. I have not neglected the condition and paid the amount to catch the next flight in the evening.

I have reached the airport at appropriate timing and headed for check-in-counter. The check-in was successfully done by Mr. Rashid, the staff member, who cross checked my documents and my profession to satisfy whether I am eligible to travel or not. After check-in, I was issued the boarding card and my luggage was sent.

When I headed for boarding, I was stopped by the aircraft staff. I was astonished by the fact that came to my notice by this member that my profession was not suitable for this travel. The question is that when my profession was not appropriate for this travel then why was I issued the boarding card?

Perhaps, I have to meet a number of supervisors in the airport because there was not I single supervisor to help me for my problem. At last I meet a Duty manager named Mr. Kumar. I was told by the manager that check-in was on departure side so I have to go there. It was about 3 A M and I was just roaming in the airport. I came to the supervisors ‘Mrs. Marjo and Mrs. Mahira’. I was not well co-operated by them as they refused to give me the legal document and asked me to mail Emirates Airlines regarding the complaint.

Then I reached to the manager named ‘Mr. Ahlen Lizorte’. I didn’t get any support from him and he even used harsh language against me. Being a customer to him he is not supposed to behave with me as if I am urging him to do anything. I just want my rights to be claimed. As I was having no evidences against him, I have to record the voice his voice so that I can present it as some type of evidence. I actually did not have any information that it was ILLEGAL to tape anyone’s recording on airport. So I was told by a staff that I have to go to police station because of this act.

I was released by officer because I was no knowing that act was illegal and I was told to take care of it next time. I was also told by the officer that all the right that I was in need will be given by the Emirate Airlines only. I issued a new return ticket from airport and I have to book a room in a hotel named ‘Coral Daira’ for 1 night. Then I came back to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Due to the Emirates Airlines Staff I have faced a number of problems. I didn’t get any proper response. My Airlines booking for Qatar was wasted [Dubai to Doha (Qatar) and Doha (Qatar) to Dubai]. My booking in Qatar hotel was wasted. I have to stay 1 night extra in Dubai. My whole Business Trip was ruined.

Now I need proper response.


I Ekta Tangri along with my sons Master Praneel Tangri aged about 8 and Master Vihaan Tangri aged 21 months boarded Emirates Airlines flight EK 242 from Toronto Pearson International Airport on May 8, 2015 for New Delhi and occupied seats 43 J and 43 K . Just around departure time of 9-50 PM , an air hostess suspecting master Vihaan Tangri to be very ill, called the doctor. The doctor finding master Vihaan Tangri running 101 temperature instead of providing medical care declared that master Vihaan Tangri would not be allowed to travel . All this looked pre planned to adjust some other passengers and I along with two minor sons was forced de- board the flight. Is this how a mother with two minor sons treated by the Emirates Airlines?

I have provided details of guarantee of medical certificate for master Vihaan Tangri regarding his fitness to air travel to Canada office of the Airlines on with request of immediate allotment of confirmed seats to me and my two minor sons master Praneel Tangri and Vihaan Tangri to allow us to join marriage celebrations of my younger sister in India this week. I still have possession of the boarding passes and the bags with the airline stickers. In case the Airline does not act to provide us confirmed seating on New Delhi flight on May 11, 2015, I will be forced to get cancelled the reservations (as also of New Delhi- Toronto flight on May 29) I will be left with no option but to claim damages accruing from pre- planned huge inconvenience and mental torture inflicted on us by the action of the airline staff in forcibly de boarding a mother with her two minor sons from the New Delhi bound flight .


I always recommend Emirates to all friends & relatives but this time I was let down. The flight from Perth to Dubai on 6th May was great but my connecting flight from Dubai to Birmingham was not a good experience.

EK037 was late leaving, then we were delayed as some passengers were unable to fly so further delays as their bags were offloaded. Then I found my seat was in front of a couple with 2 noisy children so I could not sleep at all. I asked for an extra pillow for my back & this was never brought to me. I fetched one myself an hour later. My seat did not recline at all & due to the larger woman in front moving, my screen kept going blank.

Then we waited & waited for coffee after our meal. Every attendant promised they would be back then after a long delay my fellow traveller asked yet again & coffee was supplied.

I requested a vegan meal which was fine but then the afternoon tea consisted of two minute sandwiches, one of which was chicken!! In all these small but significant events spoiled my journey & I am dreading the return journey now on 28th May from UK - Dubai, then Dubai - Perth.


Ek38 to Dubai. The flight was one hour late getting to Dubai from Birmingham. The same thing happened on the flight from Heathrow date 07/04/2015 landing in Dubai 08/04/2015. The connecting flight with Ek418, nobody off the Heathrow or Birmingham flights made their connection. We had to queue up and it took 2 hours for you to deal with just 2 dissatisfied customers arranging other flights!

We then had to complain to the person in charge about the length of time it was taking to book alternative flight about 30 more people. Surely, you could of held Ek418 back considering the amount of people of the Heathrow and Birmingham flights who actually made it to the gate 8.50. The plane was still at gate. Was this plane actually over booked? If so, why does this happen? It is the last time I will use Emirates Airlines and a lot of other disgruntled passengers have said the same thing!


I was flying from Johannesburg to Dubai; dated 11th Apr. 2015, (EK768) my seat no. : 27D. (Due to me as Vegetarian) I per-Booked my Vegetarian meal, as LADY STEWARD came serve my food(all passenger special meal request)before others(as norm.). I Notice that my meal is not veg.(i complaint to steward lady."she said okay" and left. In the mean time they were start serving meal to all the passenger, every one finish eat, my food tray still untouched in front of me, no one change. than they start collecting trays from all the passengers; I asked "i did not get my correct meal, its more than an hour,even everyone finish eat already. she replied to me "Oh, we are very busy serving the passengers". so i ask "I am not passenger? or did I made mistake to serve my food wrong.

She said unfortunately there is no Veg. Food left. if i like she can bring from First Class section but that will take some time(like doing me a very BIG FAVOR). I told the steward "I don't need your favor of any Food". i told her that your attitude and service is PATHETIC, don't even bother serve me anything the whole flight. Even than no one came to say APOLOGY or any kind of gratitude about mistake. That shows how PATHETIC service EMIRATE have and since than i have decided that i will never travel EMIRATE AIRLINE.


The complaint is with regards to utter rude, unprofessional, and, to your company, disloyal behavior of your check in supervisor Mr Jahir Parker. I approached him with the innocent inquiry whether a fairly minor excess luggage charge could be waived or, alternatively, charged to my frequent flyer points. I was advised to do so by the check in clerk . The response of Mr Parker was a dry, irreverent and somewhat sarcastic “go and fly with another airline”. It was the last thing I expected from a service employee in a service extending company. I am a professor of international business, and I will continue to refer to this case as long as I teach And I teach in no less than twelve countries World wide!

My proposal is to give those responsible for client communications a special training stressing the message and the associated behavior. I am sure you are doing something like that but it seems that your effort is ineffective. Give another serious look at this activity and review it. I can help you there.

And, it goes without saying, you should express remorse for the behavior of this errant staff.


Before we left UK, we found it necessary to change our return date by one week. For this my husband and I were charged £1000 for date change and also extra for our tickets. Considering it was all done by e-mail we printed our own tickets out therefore, no postage or paper involved and no staff. What a rip off!! We have made a complaint to Emirates but so far no answer is forth coming.


EK 641-Ref ticket no.1762108016476c1 09th April 2015 I was having flu when I asked and begging excuse ,one of the female serving staff -hostess to provide me some tissue but even after 10-15 minutes waiting she did not bother.even I pressed the bell button and it was on till landing but no one attend my request.Then,I requested Mr. muhammad, the staff host and requested for the provision of some tissues but he did not bring.After the flight landed I enquirer Muhammad why he did not bring tissues,he did not reply. Is this the level of passenger care? How far such an indifferent and apathatic attitude by your service staff? Ultimately we should abandon ultimately traveling with Emirates airline that as whole is intoxicated with greater market share or monopolized market business and thus ending up with business failure just because of poor customer care and indifferent staff attitude.

Such rude and attitude was again repeated when I was coming to Islamabad from Dubai on 13th April thru EK-612 at 3.20 a.m when after taking break fast I asked for water from the hostess who was having trolley and was busy busy gossiping with male host who was also standing with serving trolley but instead of providing me water asked me to wait and she kept me waiting.when I asked her again she was utterly rude and making faces and utmost discourtesy. All what I noticed instead of serving passengers,the staff prefer gossiping and socializing with each other and feel averse and indifferent to the passengers perhaps they feel Emirates will succeed for ever that in fact will not be the case.Every rise hath a fall n Emirates will definitely destined to face if staff mal attitude and indifferent behavior with the passenger continues unchecked.


On 28th January 2015, I booked a flight through Emirates.

When I checked in at the airport, I was issued a board card, and my baggage was accepted. As I walked away from the check-in desk, I was called back, and asked for "Yellow Fever Certificate." Although, I had been to Dar Es Salaam, in the month of October 2013, when I had climbed Kilimanjaro, for charity, I had my vaccination. Unfortunately, on this journey, I wasn't carrying this with me.

Since I did not have the certificate, I was refused boarding, and had my boarding pass taken away from me, and my bags were offloaded from the conveying belt.

However, something completely different happened. I asked him, could I ask my dad to scan across my yellow fever card? He said, "yes, this will suffice", however, time was of the essence. This was the only option I could think of, because I knew if I got a yellow fever shot, I’d have to stay in the country for 10 days. All of a sudden he tells me, I can get you the jab, and you're good to go. Just pay me $50, and I'll let you through.

Since bribery isn't within me, I refused to pay, and I wanted to speak to the manager. He said yes, but you'll have to wait for the flight to take off, as he's assisting the pilot. I said fine, by this time, I knew I had missed my flight, and everything was out of my control. After speaking to the 'Manager' he tells me, you'll have to visit Emirates office tomorrow morning and buy a new ticket. When I asked him about the yellow fever card, he said a scanned copy will suffice. I said ok, fine.

Next day, I went to the Emirates office, and was forced to pay $444 for a new ticket, then I was good to go. The same evening, I returned back to airport, and checked in happily, but wasn't quizzed about my yellow fever certificate?! If it's essential, how come he didn't ask for it? And why was I forced, to go through the trauma of buying a new ticket?

I'm shocked, by the action of Emirates staff, as I was told bribery is against Emirates policy. On my return journey, from AHD to DXB, I spoke to an Emirates personnel, and he advised me to write a letter immediately.


I just returned from a trip to Hong Kong, and I was not informed that I would not be picked up at the Hong Kong end since you cut back on costs. This surprised me as I was traveling Business Class. Very upsetting! The plane you used to get us from Hong Kong to Dubai was so antiquated that it should go to a museum. It was a horrible experience! I took my daughter via Dubai for her to have the EK 380 experience and some of it was just dreadful. We had to hand carry our bags down in Dubai and be bussed into the terminal. Very uncomfortable and disappointing. You must let your passengers know you are cost cutting.


On February, 25 2015, My parents traveled on Air Emirate FLT 212 Economy traveled from Houston to Dubai and from Dubai to India. As per their request, we had requested Wheel Chair for both of them because of Health condition. My Father has COPD and Heart Problem. He is 70 years old. He can't even walk a few steps. Their experience was ok from Houston to Dubai, but when they had to take flight from Dubai. They experienced worst traveling.

In detail, from Dubai, Emirate customer service was really bad. They did not provide wheel chair for my Mom and Dad. My Father had to walk a lot, and he started to get shortness of breath and chest pain and Asthma Attacks. My poor parents could not speak English where they could ask for help. Somehow my parents manage to get to the flight. My mom spoke little English to explain to air host to tell them my dad could not breath well, and if one of the air host can pick up hand bag and put in top compartment. Guess what Emirate, shame on your staff, she said. She can't do it the old 70 years customer has to do it, because she has back problem.

Second trip from India to Dubai, again on 24th March 15. Air Emirate FLT 501, No Wheel Chair provided from Dubai. Why Is that? Not one time two time bad experience, my mom is having Knee surgery because she had to handle the luggage and my dad because my dad couldn't walk because of Asthama and she fell down. she has to go through the knee surgery and and my dad had to hospitalize. We told all our family and friends never travel with Emirate ever again!!


I, Mohammad Amjad Khan, flew with Emirates from Islamaba to Glasgow via Dubai on 6 April 2015. My complaint is about the fight crew from Dubai to Glasgow flight No.EK025, seat No.28C. I have travelled with many airlines, and until the experience I had on this flight, I would have put Emirates first. Many of my family and friends are also frequent flyers with Emirates.

This was a very unpleasant and disturbing journey for me. So much so, that I could not relax sufficiently to have even one minute of sleep during the flight. I have an ongoing difficulty holding cups etc with one hand, due to my shaking hands which causes spillage. The Air Hostess, during my meal when serving me coffee was exceptionally rude! I asked her to please put the cup on my tray explaining the above difficulty I have. She abruptly said to me "if you can't hold the cup how can you drink from it?" When I explained my problem to her she still insisted in giving me the coffee in my hand resulting in me spilling it. She turned away and started serving other people ignoring the situation. Other passengers sitting next to me were also disgusted with her attitude towards me.

Later, during the flight, I request another cup of coffee, and she said I would need to go with her to the kitchen area, where the food is stored etc. This was odd to me, but I followed her. Again, I explained my difficulty with my shaking hands but, she still gave me the coffee on a tray which I had to carry back to my seat spilling most of it on the way. At this point, I asked to speak to the Head of the Cabin Crew, and she walked away saying that that person was too busy serving first class customers.

This kind of treatment I would not have expected from any airline crew, especially Emirates. It left me feeling upset and angry, completely spoiling any pleasure I may have experienced during this journey. As for my hand shake I can provide medical evidence that this is an ongoing difficulty I have. I am really disappointed by the lack of understanding from your crew and feel ostracized for asking the flight attendant to do me a favor by handling my coffee differently than she is used to. I am so embarrassed by the treatment of the flight attendant that I will NEVER use Emirate again. I will also recommend my family and friends to be wary when they travel with Emirates as they, too, might be put in vulnerable, self-deprecating positions.


I missed my connecting flight due to a delay in my city by emirates which led to me missing vital family functions on my original due date of arrival and the following day. None of these missed functions can be replaced. Consequently I had health problems as I did not have my medication which were in my main luggage. Evidence for all the above dates and times and events can be proven.


I travelled from Dxb to Manila apr 14 2015P with my 14 month old baby boy 330 am Flight. The customer service was rubbish. They serve the breakfast while my baby is sleeping on my lap so I told the stewardess to serve it later coz I cant eat while my baby is on my lap and I want to wait till he wakes up so we can eat together. When he wakes up I askes the stewardess to serve it and she said that they are preparing for lunch and it will takes time if I want the breakfast I told her I can wait. But she never comeback to me at all and found out that they dont serve breakfast anymore. my baby and I was so hungry and they let us wait for lunch to be serve which tooks 1 more hour. so I asked them again at least to give me a cup noodles for my baby they told me to wait again and nobody comes back. They took my stroller so I have to get out of the plane with 2 bags and a child carrying everything They told me that they will help me but nobody did. Im so disappointed and will never use this airline again.


We were due to fly home on 18.25 flight on Tuesday 31st March 2015 from Manila to LGW via Dubai . We taxied down to runway and then waited for an hour before told that the hydraulics were faulty. We then went back to airport and waited another three hours while plane was checked and found to be irreparable at the time. we were then disembarked and stayed another hour or so in airport until we were told we would be taken to hotel for the night. We were given our first proper meal since boarding the plane at 18.00 hours at about 1.00 in the morning. 7 hours later. Then we were informed later on in the morning of 1st that our flight would be 20.00 1st April 2015. A few hours later we were told that the flight would then be the following day at 07.30. Each time there were long delays before any info reached us. We did not have any luggage and were in the same clothes for two days!. We were then woken up at 02.00 on 2nd April 2015 and taken to the airport at 03.00. for the 07.30 flight.

At 07.30 nothing happened after several individual passengers had asked the ground staff we were eventually told that the crew had not turned up and were due to arrive at 08.30. The passengers were very agitated and when the crew turned up they were not received very well although we were later told taht they were on schedule but the plane was never going to leave at 07.30. We finally left over an hour late. As we approached Dubai there was a sandstorm and we were delayed landing by another hour. Needless to say we missed our connecting flight from Dubai to LGW.
we were then told at the transfer desk that the next flight would be almost 12 hours later at 02.50 the next morning!. We were then taken to yet another hotel which was poor quality and stayed there until 12 midnight when we were ferried back to airport. We finally arrived at Gatwick at 07.30 on the 3rd April . Two whole days late. My husband and I both lost two days paid leave and were due to complete on the 2nd April with the purchase of a property , which we failed to do and got charged another £260 pounds late fees.

We were upset that we were so late back and very upset with the non existent communication at times and lack of clean clothes and facilities we had while waiting for the plane to be put right. We were told that the flight from Manila was a new plane but we have our doubts about that as the tv monitors had all the same marks on them as the original plane did as we kept the same seats. We wish to make a serious compensation payment to us for the financial and emotional cost to us as a result of the long delay and bad handling by Emirates Management.


I would like to bring to your attention the following payments made by my husband and myself to Emirates Airline recently. On the 25th February 2015 we booked 2 tickets to Perth W.A. going Economy on the 23rd March 2015
and returning Business Class on the 20th April 2015. Unfortunately I had to change the date of return as I was required to be back in the U.K. on the 13th April. Mmanaged to change these tickets but at a very high cost of £ 500 each, then on top of this had to pay £670. 90 each making a total of £2341. 80 added to the money already paid making £6064 .68 in total. Don't you think this is too excessive for 2 Economy and 2 Business Class tickets? As we are both retired Senior Citizens it seems likely that we shall have to forgo our hoped for trip to Australia for Xmas to see our family. Perhaps you can see fit to refund our £1000 which we had to pay just to alter a date by 1 week. Thanking you for what we hope is a favorable reply.


Flight EK424 11th April 2015. (flight duration 10 hours) The plane was a very old one and our seats which were replacements were VERY uncomfortable. We were served a meal a couple hours out of Dubai and received nothing further in the way of food until about 2 hours out of Perth. As we had traveled from Paris (6.5 hours and spent 4 hours walking around the airport ) we were hungry and in need of food. On asking how long until food would be served we were told 30 minutes and the stewardess brought us some nibbles (I was in dire need of food). When the meal eventually arrived IT WAS STONE COLD. However I ate it because I was so hungry and being seated at the front of the aircraft I was not able to ask for it to be reheated. On reporting this to the stewardess , her reply that she THOUGHT the musn't be working! I certainly hope it is now. Very disappointing Emirates, up til this point your airline has been of a good standard


I did not type the title Mr into my son's ticket and it came out his name has "choose" Arvin . So I needed to amend the choose. I called up from oversea for more then an hour but was only told at last that I could call the local number. I always like emirates but with this experience I had, I will think twice next time before I choose emirates. I would like to file a compensation claim for the cost of my phone call!


We travelled on flight EK030 on the 9th of April2015. We have travelled with Emirates for 9 years Business Class and never had one complaint. However on this flight l needed to use the toilet and the Chief Stewardess was in the isle talking to a seated passenger so l said “excuse me please” to which she lifted her head and said “SIT DOWN THE SEAT BELT SIGN IS ON THE CAPTAIN PUTS IT ON FOR A REASON”. Her manner and attitude was rude abrupt and quit nasty. While l do understand they are only doing their job l certainly do not expect to be spoken to like that. l waited 47 mins for the sign to go off in that time passengers where still mobile in the isles and nothing was said to any of them. In that 47 mins the toilet light went on and off over 20 times. l personally don’t think this particular Chief Stewardess was professional and did not set the high standards which I’m sure Emirates Airline expects of their staff. However the rest of the staff while doing their job where polite and pleasant.


After deep thought your company was selected to start a family trip to Thailand, the fact that the UAE aviation company is a leading manufacturer in the field of aviation in terms of service and professionalism.
The ticket was booked through Nzairin Tours office in Nazareth to start our journey from Amman, Jordan to Dubai and then to Thailand Banچcoc Airport. Once we point registration (check in) in Amman airport were told by the officer that there is a delay in the flight from Amman because of the delay in the arrival of the same plane, which took off from Dubai to Oman, it may prevent catching the second plane, which will take off from Dubai to Banچcoc . This matter has raised our fear the lack of boarding a plane from Dubai to Banچcoc time may prevent us to catch the plane Thai (Bangkok airways) reserved in advance of Banچcoc to Chanچ Mai in northern Thailand, and that means staying long hours at airports with Bntina the girls.

In addition, the small Celine daughter suffers from Celiac Disease (sensitivity to چlutin) and this complicates the matter health and diet may not be her meal Basic It is difficult for us and convenient meals in during prolonged at the airport waiting for us, as well, all the change in the date of the trip could lead to prevent it to get a meal "without چlutin" because such a meal should be pre-ordered even available on board. Unfortunately, this is what really got our daughter Celine was not able to get food in each of the two flights from Dubai to Banچcoc, and Banچcoc to Chanچ May. Delay the flight from Amman to Dubai led to disruption of the planned program for the trip.

We stayed over night at Dubai Airport, continued our journey more than 24 hours instead of the last 12 hours only. We fail plane Bangkok airport to Chiangmai, waited long hours in the airport Bangkok. We had to pay the amount of $ 150 extra to ride on board another plane in Bangkok, faced difficulty great with our daughter, Celine, in an appropriate and eating meals, due to allergies, the diet did not have the stomach to own our daughter Celine in the plane of UAE (due to switch plane) and also in the plane Thai. Because the request special meals are already, and the consolation young daughters in withstand the rigors of travel. We started a family trip disappointed and upset. Is corporate responsibility ends when the traveler arrive the desired destination?


Booking Reference: E3UKKF - Flight EK637 - From Peshawar to Dubai and EK009 from Dubai to London. when Mrs. Ameena Zaidi checked in Dubai, the Dubai Emirate staff included the hand luggage plus two small pieces which together were approx. 39 KG.and charged her Rs. 19,000 for extra luggage. Her allowance was 30KG plus 7.5KG for hand luggage - by including them all together and limiting total allowance (luggage plus hand luggage) to 30KG was not the right way of doing it. it is clear that no allowance was given for the hand luggage resulting in additional charge; no receipt for the payment of Rs.19,000 was given either saying that it is all on the computer. there appears to be a serious administrative problem in Peshawar as they may be doing the same thing to other travelers as well, for this reason this needs to be investigated; also extra charge paid by her which was not due should be refunded to her I would appreciate an early reply.


Took a flight from Seattle to Dubai after 4 hours of flying I was thursty and asked for water didn't get the water for 15 minutes so I called them again to see if they have forgotten me, nobody came called three more times finally a lady came to me and asked with stern voice "what do you want" I was shocked and embarrassed.Filed a complaint when I got home and response was as if they don't care. Unless I am compensated for this experience will never ever fly with them and I will spread the word.


Very bad customer service, my flight delayed for 2 days and no any compensate and the team have poor customer service to deal with the clients. My work affected and no one cars while complained to the crew. I need someone to call me and compensation is in order as well.


I received an email informing me that the airline had had to change my flight ( I had booked it over a month earlier via lastminute.com). Quite apart from there being a mis-connection on the new itinerary, it meant that I had to wait a lot longer between flights. I contacted Lastminute.com and requested that they put me through to Emirates to speak with them and the travel agent ( Lastminute.com) to explain how inconvenient ( apart from wrong) the new itinerary was.The person I spoke to at Lastminute.com was Jigar and the person at I presume Emirates Customer Service was Rose. This only happened today 04/04/2015. I am still shocked at the level of un-proffessionalism, rudeness and utter disrespect shown by Emirates today.

It really did seem like Rose was annoyed at having been asked to speak to the customer as she said to Jigar that he should have looked into all aspects of re-booking before involving the customer in a conference call ( I , the customer, asked for this call and I said this to Rose but there was only silence as a reply) and kept speaking to Jigar as if he was totally inept- all the while I was listening as it was a conference call and of course Rose was aware of this as she spoke to me too. She was condescending beyond belief, I cannot comment on the periods during the call when both Jigar and Rose were speaking and I was on hold but no matter how frustrating, her response was not justified. And the fact that she carried on knowing I was also a part of the conversation, shows that she also could not care less about how I , the customer, felt and she thus showed no respect towards me either. Emirates, have flown with you a number of times and I am a Skywards member but this could very well be the last time I do so.

If this is the standard of customer service one can expect, it will be. I expect a reply and do sincerely hope that you address this issue with the department in question. I can only describe this as a surreal and unpleasant experience.


I flew to Dubai for my honeymoon with the newly wedded wife Georgelyn on the 22nd March with Emirates Airline (first time using Emirates for both my wife and I) - booking reference number was IL8446. The flight to Dubai was great, we were so pleased with the service - From the service given by the Emirates staff at check-in in Gatwick Airport as well as the service throughout the flight was just amazing. The staff seemed genuinely interested in our wedding, honeymoon and our lives -after having the perfect honeymoon experience we were looking forward to our journey back home. Unfortunately (to say the least) the experience to return home was not only disgustingly poor but it has ruined what was meant to be one of the happiest times of our lives.

My wife and I arrived at DXB Terminal 1 check in approximately 75 minutes prior to our flight time, upon arrival at the airport we were directed to Area 1 by an Emirates staff member to check-in, after reaching the appointed area we waited around 10 minutes where we were again were redirected to Area 4, once we reached the correct area and waited a little more, we were told by the emirates airline assistant that due to being 4 minutes over the 60 minute threshold for check-in we were unable to board the flight. We went on to explain to the assistant that we had been given the wrong area to proceed check-in where we had been waiting and then had also been redirected through no fault of our own She rudely informed (whilst in conversation with her fellow colleague in the residing check in point) that there was nothing that could be done and that we had to purchase new flights to return back home. Her name was Bhavika, she could see my wife and I were visibly upset, which prompted my wife to ask again if she could please help, it was our honeymoon and we were due to collect my 5 year old son the same evening as well both being due back to work. At this point my wife was very near to tears to which Bhavika informed once again that she cannot do anything. I then asked to speak to a member of management as I felt she was completely unsympathetic to the situation and more than likely cannot authorise any assistance for us. Bahvika replied that there's no manager available despite not even checking to see if this was indeed the case.

I began to feel frustrated about the behaviour being shown to us, I asked what we can do or where I can find a manager to which she replied again that a manager was unavailable. My wife and I began searching around the airline for a manager, after approximately 20 minutes pacing around we found Mr Hisham Parkar who said he was the duty manager. We began explaining our situation to Mr Parkar, he replied that even if a premium customer is 1 minute late there is nothing that can be done other than to purchase a new ticket to which I replied we actually reached the counter on time but were redirected, he reiterated that it is standard protocol regardless, there is nothing that could be done despite the issue with the counter. He did not seem to care or show any levels of customer interest/ empathy/ attention or service, he seemed like he just wanted us to disappear. I explained that I needed to collect my son and that we were both due back to work early hours the next day as we were due principle meetings, he said that regardless of any circumstance, there is nothing that can be done and that is final.

We proceeded to the ticket office where we paid £250 each to fly back home the following day, the assistant was aware of our situation and informed that the initial woman Bhavika could have let us through or done something at that point but far too much time had passed and there is definitely nothing that could be done now. Although we felt she had informed us of this as comforting words, this just added more distraught to the experience. I had to make arrangements for my son, we both had to inform our places of work to which we have managerial positions and as senior members of our organisations, to delay our return to work is not of a standard either of us live by.

I work in customer facing environment for the current number one luxury retailer globally and understand that whilst processes are to be followed, exceptions can be made in certain situations. Regardless that it was my honeymoon the fact of the matter was that we had in actual fact adhered to the pre 60 minute rule of checking in however due to being told to proceed to another counter, this caused a delay in our check-in. So, if rules and protocol are followed so rigidly where would you consider the fault to lie? I'm sure you would agree that for a procedure to have absolutely no flexibility in ANY circumstance as qouted by the duty manager, to redirect a customer at the point of checking in with limited time is surely unacceptable, no? This is only one factor, secondly, as I've stated I work in a luxury customer environment that prides itself on the deliverance of excellent "above and beyond" customer experiences and service. Since leaving the airport, I have viewed my wife in tears and described the experience with Emirates at DXB Airport Dubai as just terrible and of such poor service/standards it has completely ruined our honeymoon, I feel exactly the same, to have such little regard your customers was simply appalling.

We discussed the whole experience to which we felt was in such contrast to what we were shown at Gatwick, are Emirates aware of the poor service delivery in Dubai? Is this lack of engagement due to a very apparent language barrier? Do you feel it is acceptable that this type of service is justifiable just because it may be in line to what other customer facing companies in Dubai have allowed? An explanation is mandatory as I will not let this go, my wife and I have been made to feel distraught and upset beyond words when we should be having the time of our life right now. Usually, we always check in online prior to our flight however, with this being our honeymoon we did not have that at the forefront of our minds, despite this we still got to DXB with enough time to actually board.

We have spent the last 2 hours recollecting the events of what we have endured today, I truly hope that this is not a matter of little concern and will actually be followed through accordingly. I await your response.


Upon checking in, I upgraded my flight using my miles to Business Class as I wished to be seated in a seat in which I would be able to sleep. After 2-3 hours of settling into my seat, post breakfast, I requested a mattress as I intended to sleep. My request was ignored by the steward. Only after a further request was the action fulfilled, where I had to put the mattress on my own seat. Previously this had been done for me. I was annoyed even more so when I saw that other passengers were having their mattresses laid down for them. When laying down my own mattress, I noticed that my seat was also dirty. Dry mucus was on the seat as well as the canopy enclosing my seat.

As we proceeded into the flight, I tried to get some sleep. Every attempt to sleep was jeopardised as the stewards would stand in the aisle next to my seat and engage in useless conversations about other passengers. After many failed attempts at sleeping, I asked the steward if he could please move as he was interrupting my sleep by holding the curtain open, flooding noise and light from the bar behind, directly into my seat. My request was ignored. I requested on numerous occasions for a bottle of water, these were continuously ignored, even though other passengers were being offered them. After much frustration, I specifically asked the steward for a bottle of Voss as I had seen the steward restocking other passengers personal minibars with a tray full of Voss bottles. My request was immediately and explicitly rejected by steward, who instead gave me a glass of water.

The general attitude of all the stewards towards me was rude, obnoxious and unhelpful. Not once was any proactive service given to me and every request was seen as a chore. I was made to feel guilty every time I made a request. Why was I treated so unfairly at all instances throughout the flight? Why did the staff single me out?After a disappointing and tiring 24 hour flight, I was further dissatisfied when my luggage arrived second to last, even though it was marked Business Priority. As you can see from the above, the Business Class flight was not worth the 45000 miles I paid. I wish for a full refund of the miles to my account, or for my future flight to Australia to be upgraded to Business or First Class.


Emirates book my tripped with two stops on my way back from Islamabad Pakistan to Dubai and Dubai to Italy and Italy to Newyork and from Newyork to Los Angeles my home city. I was traveling with my son with 4 checked in bags and two hand Carry. When we eventually reached LAX our luggage was lost After few days my luggage with 3 bags opened and stolen stuff reached home and one was lost. it's been two months now the bag has not been traced as of yet.I feel helpless because the compensation they are giving me does not match my loss . I want to know if anyone could help me to pursue this matter By the way I paid the ticket to emirates and emirates on my coming back trip made me travel on Jet Blue from Newyork to Lax Please help and guide where to go


I am sure you all are familiar with #Emirates Airline. you all must be familiar with their tall claims of being World class. they claim to be providing with best customer service in the industry. they claim to be providing best Flight experience of all time. they are all just claims and plain lies. I have been traveling with Emirates for more than 10 years. i have seen them perform to a good level . now I am seeing their decline. For starters they are Arrogant as hell. I will tell all of you about my recent Experience on an emirates Flight in detail below.

On 1st February 2015 i was traveling on EK 623 Lahore to Dubai and then from Dubai to Amsterdam on EK 147. My first Flight was supposed to Fly at 9.20 P.M but it was late for 45 minutes and it's not the first time. when ever I fly from Pakistan to Dubai or from Dubai to Pakistan Emirates is always late and almost never ever on time. so Flight took off late and then off course landed late. and then we didn't even get the terminal. we landed farrr from terminal and then took stairs down to bus. that bus took another 20 minutes to go to the terminal. this is absolute crap service from Emirates. I have never ever seen European or American flights getting the stairs. it happens on Pakistani Flights. SO Emirates Discriminates as well. after landing in Dubai we were suppose to get a hotel stay. we were entitled to it. but we were denied the hotel stay we were told that we were suppose to book it ... whattt? we were never told that we were responsible for booking for our hotel stay? i never get that in email. I get all other crap from Emirates about new offers, new destinations crap but not about my hotel stay which was going to be actually helpful to my Flight Experience? i was not traveling alone i was with 2 brothers. we were three. Emirates could have taken initiative and offer their returning and loyal customers some comfort. if not hotel at least they could have given us a lounge to spend 8 hours. but no because they are arrogant.

We had to pay 450 Dollars to stay in a lounge for 4 hours. Emirates was useless. i was very angry about it. but since i could not do any thing at that time i kept quiet and took my next flight. which was EK 147. which was supposed to fly at 8.20 A.M and look at that we were on time. this flight was all right. since it was going to Europe so obviously standards had to be good. The food was cold and dry. Again Pathetic Service By emirates. Upon Landing in Amsterdam i got hold of free wifi. and started tweeting about this Bad experience . Emirates got in touch and told me to lodge an official complaint. which i did. what happened to that complain i will tell at the end.

On 10th Feb i took EK 52 From Munich to Dubai. which was fine no problems as i said European and other countries' flights get better treatment. i had a stay of about 20 hours. i got the hotel from Emirates. which was as bad as their service. but not that bad. sinks and showers were blocked. but any way. my flight to Lahore was on 4.10 A.M on 11th Feb. we went to air port on time. looked at the gate and went for shopping. Luckily before going to the gate we were suppose to go to we checked screen and the gate was changed. we went to the new gate. but there were furious customers arguing with Emirates staff about changing the gate at last-minute. there were old men and women who had difficulty to walk . Emirates did no announcement and people had to run to the new gate. this is the level of Service Emirates has fallen to. I bet They would never change the gate of Any other Countries Flight. this honor only goes to Pakistanis. they think we are beneath them. Emirates is arrogant and Racist.

Now about The Complaint i lodged. i was told I will get a response in 30 days but their rep got in touch sooner. I explained every thing. but that Representative said this was fault of my Agent. i mean look at the common sense of the man who is From Customer Affairs. He simply said we can't do any thing and its your Agent's fault. how could that be my agent's Fault? my Agent works on a commission . Emirates is the one who takes all the money to their bank Accounts. Doesn't Common sense dictates to Facilitate Your 3 customers who are stranded on an airport. Some how Comfort them rather than pointing fingers. Should they have given us a lounge? . I mean come on we paid 3500 Dollars for three tickets. don't we deserve good quality service? if we didn't book hotel whose fault is that? I say Emirates. if they can email me about Crap Promotions they certainly can email us about booking your hotel stay. I had traveled to USA from Lahore before. Emirates offered me Lounge when my Lay over was less than 3 hours. was not it common sense to give us at least a lounge ? And I am their Sky Ward Member. if they can do this to me, their regular Customer. what will they do to New Customers?

Does Emirates Facilitate us when we are late? When our luggage is over weight? why should i let it go? I decided to write this blog. because of their Arrogance and Racism. i want them to provide high Quality Service to Pakistani Flights . i want them to take their Customers Seriously. i will not keep quiet. i will keep writing about it. i will write to Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum of Dubai if i have to. they can't take us for granted. i mean how could they blame it on my agent or me? you can send me Crap about New routes but you can't inform me the booking hotel for your transit is my responsibility? how hard it that? one email could have saved them this trouble. i will never ever travel with those arrogant, racist idiots. I am never ever giving them business. this Blog is for Public Awareness. stand up for your rights. these Corporate Companies don't Own us. They run on Our Money. If they can't respect us they can go to hell.


I am sure you all are familiar with #Emirates Airline. you all must be familiar with their tall claims of being World class. they claim to be providing with best customer service in the industry. they claim to be providing best Flight experience of all time. they are all just claims and plain lies. I have been traveling with Emirates for more than 10 years. i have seen them perform to a good level . now I am seeing their decline. For starters they are Arrogant as hell. I will tell all of you about my recent Experience on an emirates Flight in detail below.

On 1st February 2015 i was traveling on EK 623 Lahore to Dubai and then from Dubai to Amsterdam on EK 147. My first Flight was supposed to Fly at 9.20 P.M but it was late for 45 minutes and it's not the first time. when ever I fly from Pakistan to Dubai or from Dubai to Pakistan Emirates is always late and almost never ever on time. so Flight took off late and then off course landed late. and then we didn't even get the terminal. we landed farrr from terminal and then took stairs down to bus. that bus took another 20 minutes to go to the terminal. this is absolute crap service from Emirates. I have never ever seen European or American flights getting the stairs. it happens on Pakistani Flights. SO Emirates Discriminates as well. after landing in Dubai we were suppose to get a hotel stay. we were entitled to it. but we were denied the hotel stay we were told that we were suppose to book it ... whattt? we were never told that we were responsible for booking for our hotel stay? i never get that in email. I get all other crap from Emirates about new offers, new destinations crap but not about my hotel stay which was going to be actually helpful to my Flight Experience? i was not traveling alone i was with 2 brothers. we were three. Emirates could have taken initiative and offer their returning and loyal customers some comfort. if not hotel at least they could have given us a lounge to spend 8 hours. but no because they are arrogant.

we had to pay 450 Dollars to stay in a lounge for 4 hours. Emirates was useless. i was very angry about it. but since i could not do any thing at that time i kept quiet and took my next flight. which was EK 147. which was supposed to fly at 8.20 A.M and look at that we were on time. this flight was all right. since it was going to Europe so obviously standards had to be good. The food was cold and dry. Again Pathetic Service By emirates.

Upon Landing in Amsterdam i got hold of free wifi. and started tweeting about this Bad experience . Emirates got in touch and told me to lodge an official complaint. which i did. what happened to that complain i will tell at the end.

On 10th Feb i took EK 52 From Munich to Dubai. which was fine no problems as i said European and other countries' flights get better treatment. i had a stay of about 20 hours. i got the hotel from Emirates. which was as bad as their service. but not that bad. sinks and showers were blocked. but any way. my flight to Lahore was on 4.10 A.M on 11th Feb. we went to air port on time. looked at the gate and went for shopping. Luckily before going to the gate we were suppose to go to we checked screen and the gate was changed. we went to the new gate. but there were furious customers arguing with Emirates staff about changing the gate at last-minute. there were old men and women who had difficulty to walk . Emirates did no announcement and people had to run to the new gate. this is the level of Service Emirates has fallen to. I bet They would never change the gate of Any other Countries Flight. this honor only goes to Pakistanis. they think we are beneath them. Emirates is arrogant and Racist.

Now about The Complaint i lodged. i was told I will get a response in 30 days but their rep got in touch sooner. I explained every thing. but that Representative said this was fault of my Agent. i mean look at the common sense of the man who is From Customer Affairs. He simply said we can't do any thing and its your Agent's fault. how could that be my agent's Fault? my Agent works on a commission . Emirates is the one who takes all the money to their bank Accounts. Doesn't Common sense dictates to Facilitate Your 3 customers who are stranded on an airport. Some how Comfort them rather than pointing fingers. Should they have given us a lounge? . I mean come on we paid 3500 Dollars for three tickets. don't we deserve good quality service? if we didn't book hotel whose fault is that? I say Emirates. if they can email me about Crap Promotions they certainly can email us about booking your hotel stay. I had traveled to USA from Lahore before. Emirates offered me Lounge when my Lay over was less than 3 hours. was not it common sense to give us at least a lounge ? And I am their Sky Ward Member. if they can do this to me, their regular Customer. what will they do to New Customers?

Does Emirates Facilitate us when we are late? When our luggage is over weight? No they never do. why should i let it go? I decided to write this blog. because of their Arrogance and Racism. i want them to provide high Quality Service to Pakistani Flights . i want them to take their Customers Seriously. i will not keep quiet. i will keep writing about it. i will write to Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum of Dubai if i have to. they can't take us for granted. i mean how could they blame it on my agent or me? you can send me Crap about New routes but you can't inform me the booking hotel for your transit is my responsibility? how hard it that? one email could have saved them this trouble. i will never ever travel with those arrogant, racist idiots. I am never ever giving them business. this Blog is for Public Awareness. stand up for your rights. these Corporate Companies don't Own us. They run on Our Money. If they can't respect us they can go to hell.


We fly for dhaka from jfk and we brake at dubai, more then 15 hours we stayed on floor of dubai airport after that we fly again dubai to dhaka With flydubai, no body healp us nobody offers Volantryaward anything. So I have a question you. Emirates and flydubi both of them same? is it your emirate service? can you tell me why the people's take emirates service. I HAVE ALL DOCUMENTS.


I do not label this as complaint. Instead, a comment. While giving the inflight instructions, before take off, the PA system shows an young man on the screen, watching the seat belt tightening itself. This is misleading.
In reality, it is not. The passenger has to tighten the seat belt by pulling the belt. No matter to whatever extent the technology has progressed,the passenger still has to tighten the seat belt on his/her own. The passenger sitting next to me, was waiting for the seat belt to tighten it self. I ended up correcting him and tightened his seat belt. Things like these look simple but play a crucial role in the business of airlines.


Service on Sydney to Dubai 413 Friday 20/02/15 was indifferent. Catering department seemed in crisis with some passengers waiting long after others for their meals as the system seemed to have failed. Flight from Dubai due to leave for Birmingham at 08.05 on Saturday 21/02/15 was delayed by bad weather. There were absolutely NO public announcements and it was up to us to find staff and ask. After more than two hours we were told boarding would happen soon, but another long wait and then we were held in the plane on the Tarmac and only took off minutes before three hours elapsed. My seat was 34 A and the entertainment centre was not working at all for the seven hour journey, despite efforts by cabin staff. There were no spare seats so the attendant said she would report the fault and look at compensation but I have heard no more.

In my experience, there is a great degree of variation in services on different journeys with Emirates. I had a terrifying transfer last year when another delay caused time to be tight which was not my fault. I have artificial hips which always cause the security machines to alert, and was whisked away by a security officer in full burka to a private room for a search, despite protesting that I was happy to stay in public view! I then had to run for the bus which took an age and the boarding gate had closed! To be fair, transfer yesterday by train was fast and efficient. I am disappointed in Emirates.


I have been looking for weeks to book an Emirates flight from Sydney to Amsterdam.for myself and my 2 kids. Finally knew the exact dates to fly so went online to book. Filled out the forms with names and credit card details. As soon as I agreed on everything and thought the booking was complete it came up with an email that the booking was incomplete due to changed seat availability!! Went strait back online and the same tickets are 300 dollars more expensive. I want to call the number that is given and when I call it it says the number is not connected!! This is ridiculous Emirates!! Please send me an email to arrange the booking for me. It should be easier to book online, not more complicated!!


We were travelling part of our holiday with emirates and this was our first experience of using their flights. I must say we had high expectations and were looking forward to it. The opposite occurred. The service we received on the first flight on the 20th march flight no. Fz8k42 was really bad. The staff looked so miserable and unfriendly. Not a smile between them. There was a blonde slim girl in particular ( not the Australian) who was particularly rude and abrupt with passengers. Twice she dropped a stack of cups on my husband but just huffed and puffed as if it was the other girls fault. I asked for a cup of coffee after seeing another customer getting one and I was told we weren't doing coffees yet we would have to wait for abit. After having superb services from British airways on the first part of our holiday this was a huge let down. British airways were always walking up and down offering drinks and services On this flight customers had to call the staff each time for service. There was numerous assistance lights on at one point as I went to the toilet and I saw the staff sat down chatting and eating instead of serving customers . It was a disgrace. Our next flight with emirates on the 21st march 2013 (fz8k42) wasn't that much better the only difference is the staff looked alittle happier. Hugely dissappointed and has strongly put us off flying again with emirates. We did mention this to our rep at our holiday destination meeting and we soon realised the other guests in our meeting were hugely dissappointed with emirates as well and they weren't all on our flight so seriously urge you to look into future service procedures or you will lose a lot of custom. Very unhappy customer.


I wish to make a change and dispute to a flight booking made on 15 November 2012. The booking was in reference to my son, Caleb Noel Macaraeg, during the online booking, an automation to his name was made without any intension of of this mistake to Calendar Noel Macaraeg. At the time, this error was generated by the automated correction in the iPad (I used while online booking it) and was unknown this had occurred at the time.

I wish that you please consider this error as a system error at the time and I would greatly appreciate the change in name fee be waived.

Can you please correct my son's booking to Caleb Noel Macaraeg and please forward amended booking confirmation to myself. Your anticipation to this request is greatly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,
Rowena Macaraeg


On 9-03-2013 I Came off a EK flight from Dubai to find my personal belongings were drenched in aviation fuel fom the flight, I have already sent a letter to customer services to be absolutely told flat out its not there fault, so on that note I have been in touch with the watchdog regs and ombudsmen citizenship advice bureau and told me that I am we'll within my rights for a reimbursement or even a replacement for my personal belongings, can you please write back and let me know what you are planning to do with this.

Thank you Ashley Neale.


Our plane was late leaving Heathrow London. So we missed our connection at Dubai, we managed to get to the check in gate but were not allowed through although we could see the passengers and airplane there. No, we had to re- book for the next day, At 11-30 am a taxi took us to a hotel for 10hrs Taken back to the airport for a 2-45 am flight. Then when we got to Singapore there was only one case on the conveyer belt.. The case was found and brought to us at the hotel at 8pm. That evening. We had only 3days in. Singapore this was now cut down to two ... We are now in Singapore airport waiting again for a flight, Qantas to Sydney ... They have just announced THIS FLIGHT WILL NOW BE TWO HOURS LATE ... This was supposed to be a special holiday for the two of us Which has been spoilt I do feel the airlines let us down,, It was doomed from the start, flying out on April 1st ... Even the hotel room was No 13 on the 13th floor. ......


It has come to a shock to me after reading the refund email and speaking to one of your executives as well right after this email and being felt misguided by an airline company who i have been faithfully travelling with for all my travels to and fro dubai since the past 5 years.

To give you the entire story i had originally booked my ticket for a BOM - DXB - BOM flight for 2nd Feb 2013 return 8th March 2013 for a price of Rs.19585/- . On the 1st of February at about i had called the local Emirates office in Mumbai to reschedule the ticket to the 9th of February 2013 return 15th February 2013 and also readily paid the fare difference of Rs9472/- .

However later on the 8th of February i made a call again to the local Emirates office in Mumbai and ask the lady on the phone to cancel the ticket as i could not travel anymore. I clearly remembering having a great confident conversation with her regarding the cancellation of my ticket where in she mentioned to me that cancellation charges of Rs3500/- plus a service fee of Rs 433/- making a total of Rs3933/- would be charged and the rest of the monies would be refunded to me.

It was no where mentioned to me or even hinted for that matter that my ticket is a non refundable ticket and i would only be getting a refund of the government taxes. I should have been clearly told about the exact refund amount for me to take a decision accordingly. If you hear my recorded conversation from your database you will clearly hear me asking that " will i be getting a refund of 25000 something odd" and i was given the impression that that would be the amount somewhat refunded to me.

If i was going to be refunded only the government taxes i should have been told clearly like how i was told last night when i called the office at 12:20am. Had i known i would be loosing Rs 16600 in the bargain ( 29057 - [8452+3933]) i would have definitely paid the rescheduling charges and postponed my ticket even further.

I would like to know why was i not given the complete information and refund amount details. Are not the offices equipped with such functionalities to immediately calculate refund amounts and convey them to your frequent flier. It is very sad to see this how I have been treated and lost such great amount of money and more than that lost my faith in the airlines as trust is something which once lost makes it very difficult to regain again.

Please let me know what can be done in this matter. The time of my call on the 8th of February was 4:449PM. I would like to request you to kindly re analyse the recorded conversation from your database and see for yourself and come up with a solution for my problem.

Looking forward for a favourable reply so i can proudly travel on my airline as i did in the past.


on 15th feb 2013 itravelled to dubai via emirtes airline on ticket no1762629931894 from karachi on boarding no 33H on flight no ek601.ihad areturn ticket of ek 604 on18th feb 1:30 in the morning. after arriving at dubai i changed my flight to ek 608 on 17th feb at 1455 hourswith confirm ticket no1762629931951 .at atrport checkin counter they tell me that my ticket is shown as suspended then they send me way back to ticket sales,the lady over there checked my ticket on her system and ask me to go back at check in counter and tell them to contact her on a no. i have gone back and afterwards i was given my boarding pass 31B;this whole process cost me about 90 min.then the check in staff advise me to rush to the immigration and then to the departure lounge as only 45 min. were left before take off;but when i reached at gate 32,the lady over there tell me that our sensor didnot pickup your boarding pass ;mental torture starts againthen they also called someother farooq who was travelling on the same flight and after calling on so many numbers finally theyallow me to travel.this was the worst flying experience of my life i have travelled in a lot of airlines and alot of time in emirates too but now i feel that i have to think ten times before i fly to emirates...


I left perth on the 03 june on flight ek421 heading for dubai int airport then onto glasgow, to visit my sick mother, and hoping do some buisness while there. As we where getting close to landing, i decided to go to the bathroom and freshen up. i started to brush my teeth, and have a wash, and as i have a bottom plate with dentures i, decided to clean them so i took them out and left them on the top of the sink .just. as i was finishing there was a message on the airlines radio systems to go back to your seats as we where about to decend.

So i hurried out of the toilet and back to my seat, leaving my bottom plate in the bathroom. I discoverd my plate was missing after i had gone through the security scanners, as i tried to get back to them, but could not get any one willing to help me, they the emirates staff I found did not understand ,or where just not interested they probably thought a plate with dentures on it was not that important, but they were very important to me as i had meetings scheduled and i had to be there with gaps in my mouth.

I feel that if i had been allowed to go back as soon as i realized they were missing this would have been averted. iphoned straight away and went to lost and found at terminal 3 but it was to late the staff thinking they were not important when cleaning the plane probably binned them.But as it was a metal plate it was expensive about 1000 dollars australian i believe staff should hand everything in when found, no matter how trivial they think it may be.As iam a emirates frequent fligher i look forward to hearing from you soon.


Dear Sir/Madam

I have emailed couple of months back and never heard anything from you side. I am going to email as many places as I can now so you guys hear what we've been through!

I am a frequent Emirates airline flyer. I always try to fly by emirates even though sometimes the ticket is little bit expensive than the other airlines. But I have peace of mind that the flights are always on time and good service is always guaranteed.

We had a very different experience recently. We booked two flights from Birmingham to Karachi and the connection time was 1.5 hours at Dubai. We were going to Karachi for only two days on an important business and for that reason we had to arrive early in the morning. We paid extra money to have this flight with less connection time.

When the flight landed at Dubai airport and the local time was told we were sure that we need to hurry to catch the flight. I informed the stewardess about my next flight and she was very worried that we might miss our flight. She immediately contacted someone on the phone and explained the situation to them. She asked them if we could leave the plane first. After talking on the phone she was looking very hopeless and said we have to wait and go to the transfer desk as soon as we are inside the airport.

As soon as we came to the door of the plane, much to our surprise, the plane was not at the terminal and there was a bus waiting for the passengers. It was a 20 minutes nerve wrecking journey to the airport. It was a shock to see a bus taking passengers on such a modern airport. Airlines have all the information about the passengers and know exactly about the connecting flights. Emirates could have done something for us to take our connecting flight.

When we reached the airport and to the transfer desk, we were shocked to see that there were at least 200 people in the queue and there was only one person on the counter. By the time we reached the counter we were tired, hungry and thirsty because of the long flight. I explained the situation to the person at the counter and much to our surprise we were told “You have missed your flight and the next flight is after 7 hours”. She never said sorry on behalf of Emirates that we missed our flight and that we have to stay at the Dubai airport for 7 hours for no reason. It was very traumatic for me and wife as we had to arrive at Karachi for 8 am meeting. I was not able to contact anyone in Karachi at that time as well as it was 3 in the morning over there. I and my wife drove from Haverfordwest in Wales to Birmingham airport which is 4 hours’ drive. We woke up at 4 am UK time to arrive at airport on time. She was not able to sleep on the plane and then we had to stay at the airport for 8 hours because we missed the connecting flight which was not our fault at all. She was feeling sick after a while because of all the stress and distress caused by airline and the fear that we are going to miss out meeting next day.

The next flight was delayed again by one hour. By this time we were sure that we are going to miss our appointment. And by the time we reach Karachi, it was too late and the whole point of us going to Karachi was lost.

I must say that I and my wife are very dis satisfied with the level of service we received from Emirates airline. We missed our important meeting and above that it took couple of days for my wife to recover from this traumatic experience. I was never expecting such a low level of service from a world class airline. We have to travel back to Karachi now in near future again for the same meeting which we missed because of Emirates airline.

I am not sure if this letter/email is going to make a difference, but it is sad to see the level of service declining over the years.


Two very distressed frequent flyer

Farrukh and Madiha

Ticket Details are as follow:

Mr Farrukh Altaf

Reservation code IBPVYY

Ticket Number: 1762596211912

Mrs Madiha Ali

Reservation Code: FQKZAD

Ticket Number: 1762596211913


Dear sir/Madam,

My name is Mr. Mohamad Riyaad Moosuddee and my Skywards reference number is 130218583.
I am writing to you today to relate several incidents which occurred to me whilst travelling through your reputed airline, namely Emirates Airline. On 1st March 2013 I booked for a multiple destination ticket and ticket number is 176 3039863947-48
The incidents are as follows.
On the 4th March 2013 I called the ticketing office in Dubai from Bangkok at 5pm (Bangkok time) to make changes to my ticket for the trip Singapore to Dubai, as I was not fit for travel for medical reasons. The ticketing office told me to go to the Emirates office in Bangkok to pay for the penalty to issue the STPC in Bangkok itself. However the office in question was already closed and I went on the 5th March 2013 at 9 am (Bangkok time) to pay for the penalty fee (see attached Receipt). Whilst there, the lady at the counter in Bangkok Office told me that I can pick up the STPC at the Singapore airport to collect the STPC before check in. On 6th March 2013, at my bitter surprise, at check in at Singapore, the person at the check in counter told me that there is nothing on the system and that I shall contact Dubai directly.
From Singapore to Dubai (Flight number EK 433) at lunch time I was offered a fork which was not clean, and contained stains which resembled animal excrements. It was a horrible and disgusting experience which made me extremely uncomfortable throughout the flight. And I could not eat anything as I was nauseous (See attached Video to this email) I presume that Emirates Airline has a duty of care towards its passenger’s health and safety and also that Emirates airline has the responsibility to check and ensure that spoons and forks provided on board shall respect a minimum hygiene standard. I immediately called upon the hostess in charge on the flight (Ms. Nicole Clarneiro) telling that I wish to speak to the senior Flight purser to complain about this incident. She told me that there is no need to call the senior staff as she will take the responsibility to report the issue and that she will ensure that I am contacted at a later stage for a feedback on the matter. Unfortunately, till date, nothing has been done and I was never contacted, and that is why I am writing this email today.
Arriving in Dubai to enquire about my STPC, The lady on the counter told me very rudely that “we cannot do anything for you Mr.” This happened on the 6th of March at around 1 PM on my arrival at the ticketing counter. Being in a very sick state due to the incident on the flight EK433 I was extremely disappointed and my health condition worsened due to lack of food. I needed rest, but due to the lack of professionalism and lack of care from your member of staff I had to endure hardship. I had no option than to stay at the airport for 14 hours.
I am seriously affected and concerned by the way I was treated by your members of staff. I am a frequent flyer, and I surely do not wish to repeat this kind of experience. I am completely unsatisfied by the way I was made to believe that my feedback would be taken up. I am disgusted by the dirty fork that I received on your flight, and I find it extremely unprofessional to be treated poorly by your staff at the ticketing counter in Dubai. As I did not receive any STPC when I paid for my penalty fee, I believe that I received only a partial service for a full payment that I have made. I expect a minimum level of customer care when choosing to travel through your airline.
May I humbly request your utmost consideration to this email.
I will be at your disposal should you require more information with respect to this email
Yours truly,
Moosuddee Mohamad Riyaad
Tel: (230)7362500


My family and I have always been an Emirates customer. As a matter of fact, just in the past 3 years, my family and friends have used Emirates over 25 times. Needless to say, I am very disappointed in the service that I received on Dec 19th . I had never expected Emirates to treat me like the way the manager did at the LAX airport. A Women was beyond rude and threatened me very bad and she was actually yelling at me beside talking very nicely like other air line's employed.

The Problem was that I received another carrier bag (form some one to take with me) after I checked in my Luggages then I showed the carrier bag to the lady that I had to get my Lunch Ticket for Dubai and i asked her if this is fine to take in the air plane or not and she said if you already checked your luggages in it's OK just take it. Finally I passed the gate and and one of the employees told me that you will not be charge for that but just let me check this in for you as a luggage because it's a little bit bigger that carrier bag.

I fallowed her but when she was talking o me Very disrespect full and saying that you have to pay $175 for this or I don't let you go with this flight.but at the end she charged me $50. they way she was talking to me in front of other passengers made me feel shame, no one had talked to me like that before her. I felt really sorry for Emirates at that point I've never expected Emirates to Hire someone like her.

Emirates is Spending Millions and Millions Dollar on advertising to get more and more customer but it will loose it's customer by having this kind of managers or employees.

I heard that even if I write a complain latter to Emirates they will not care about your complain and they will continue what they are doing.
But I really appreciate it if you take this series and think about her position in your company, because even if she don't treat other please like that anymore, at least Emirates will loose 20 to 30 of it's customer because if i go back to U.S.A next month and see her still working in her position I will think that you did not even read my Email and you won't care about it.


i submitted a complaint which was dismissed without looking at the facts i provided.
I have asked for you appeal procedure or contact details of the managing Direstor and so for have been refused these information.
I want my complaints reinvestigated as i strongly feel that it was dismissed.

see original complaint

Dear sir

Thank you for your response which i found totally unacceptable. I would like to appeal against your decision as you have not taken any of the facts i mentioned in actual consideration.

I would like to point out that ,as you kindly said that i had 2 pieces of luggage, weighing a total of 41 kg.
however i had one suitcase weighing 31 kg and a hand luggage weighing 10 kg.
i am entitled to carry one piece of luggage weighing up to 30 kg and a hand luggage of 10 kg

As i pointed out that i had only 1 kg over my allowance.

As i was on a wheelchair, i was told that they could take my hand luggage in as it may cause me difficulty during the flight. I was not informed that i was going to be charged for it. i was quite happy to pay for the extra 1 kg, which i thought i was charged for.

if i was told that i had to pay for my hand luggage i would have happily taken it with me and not send it in as extra luggage. at no time i was told that i was going to be charged for my hand luggage. I did not asked for my hand luggage to be sent in. they asked me whether it was ok by me for them to take it in. No one mentioned extra cost.

When traveling outward to Mauritius from Gatwick, they did take my suitcase and hand luggage in ,without any extra payment.
I did not asked for my hand luggage to be taken in as extra luggage. I would have been quite happy to take it in with me. I would not have even had to carry it personally as the airport staff was carrying it for me as i was being assisted on a wheelchair, due to my mobility problems.

Should you not be able to resolve this ,i would like you to provide me with the appropriate e-mail and contact details of your managing Director.

should this not get sorted out amicably, i am considering sending all my mails and your communications to the airline ombudsman, the media and on tweeter. You cannot charge someone £442+ for an extra kg.

Yours sincerely

Mrs ramburuth

In a message dated 11/03/2013 10:33:45 GMT Standard Time, Customer.affairsUK@emirates.com writes:
Dear Mrs Ramburuth

Please find a copy of our response dated 28 February -

Our Ref No: LON/X/YP/300113/6838395

28 February 2013

Mrs Geeta Ramburuth


Dear Mrs Ramburuth

Emirates Booking Locator - FZUU4S

I write further to our acknowledgement, with reference to your email dated 26 January. Thank you for taking the time to write to us.

Firstly, on behalf of Emirates, I am sorry to learn of your disappointment due to the excess baggage charges which you incurred whilst checking-in in Mauritius for flight EK3706, on 21 December, to Dubai.

Our investigation reveals that you had a total of 2 pieces of baggage weighing 41 kilos whereas your free baggage entitlement for travel in Economy class was 30 kilos. Therefore our staff correctly charged you for 11 kilos of excess baggage totalling MUR22,000.

The problem of excess baggage always tends to create difficulties for both passengers and airlines alike. The carriage of excess baggage on airlines is governed by well-defined limits laid down by the industry. Whilst our handling agents are permitted to apply some flexibility, our normal policy is that any excess baggage exceeding the free allowance has to be charged for at the applicable rate.

Mrs Ramburuth, I must inform you that Emirates are not in a position to offer any recompense, nor are we in a position to offer any reimbursement in these circumstances.

Once again, I am sorry for any disappointment felt, however I would like to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to respond and clarify.

Yours Sincerely

Yasser Paul

Customer Affairs

From: Ramburu@aol.com [mailto:Ramburu@aol.com]
Sent: 09 March 2013 19:15
To: Customer Affairs UK
Subject: Re: FW: Refund for innappropriate overcharged for extra luggage.

Dear sir

I was promised an answer within 30 days and its been now 41 days.

Can you please look into this ,as this is causing me much distressed and hardship.

Have you got a contact number i can call you on and speak to someone who can sort this nout once and for all.

Yours faithfully

Mrs Geeta Ramburuth

In a message dated 28/01/2013 13:02:16 GMT Standard Time, Customer.affairsUK@emirates.com writes:

Dear Mrs Ramburuth,

Thank you for your feedback concerning our services

We have assigned your file to a Customer Affairs Officer who will look into the points that you have raised and reply to you as soon as their investigations have been completed. Please quote reference number LON/X/300113/6838395 in any further communications.

Please be advised that we deal with all feedback in chronological date order and we endeavour to reply within 30 days

Yours sincerely

Zaleha Chaytor

Customer Affairs Administration UK

From: Ramburu@aol.com [mailto:Ramburu@aol.com]
Sent: 26 January 2013 16:34
To: Customer Affairs UK
Subject: Re: Refund for innappropriate overcharged for extra luggage.

Dear sir

i forgot to add that on my outward journey, they did send my hand luggage in as they say that i would have difficulty on the plane and i did not had to pay any extra. Hence the reason why i am so distressed about the whole situation and now asking sincerely to be refunded and compensated . I do suffer from Hypertension and as a result of all this , i had to cope with a headache all the way back to the UK. I was grateful i got home safe.

I await your urgent response . I would prefer a response by post in addition to e-mail as i have to rely on others to access my mail .

Many thanks .

Mrs. Geeta. Ramburuth

In a message dated 26/01/2013 16:07:58 GMT Standard Time, Ramburu@aol.com writes:

Dear sir.

Further to our telephone conversation , i would like to say that we have been valued customer of air emirates and have a family membership for Skywards, (EK 384 393 564)

As you can see a group of us travel with AE in October 2012 to Mauritius via Dubai

) 1769476399068 under ANDREWS/JOHNMR
2) 1769476399069 under BAKHSHI/HEMAMS
3) 1769476399070 under BAKHSHI/OMARMR
4) 1769476399071 under RAMBURUTH/INDIRAMS
5) 1769476399072 under RAMBURUTH/ANEETAMS
6) 1769476399073 under RAMBURUTH/ANJULIMS
7) 1769476399074 under SINGHLALL/DAVINDERMR

and I traveled in Nov 2012 and returned in DEC 22/12/2012 (176-2292446095 under RAMBURUTH/GEETAMRS )

and my Husband is due to travel to Mauritius on 31/01/2013 from Gatwick via Dubai.

My complaint is of how i was treated and charged an exorbitant fees for going 1 kg extra luggage on my return journey from Mauritius on 21/12/12 at the airport. which has caused her and still is , lots of excessive distress and hardship.

I am disable with mobility problems and needed assistance when i travel. I had a good flight and has no complaints about the service which reflects the reason why my husband is traveling yet again with AE on 31/01/13.

When checking in at the airport in Mauritius, i was told abruptly that i had 1 kg extra luggage and that i either remove the excess or pay for the excess. I was taken back and quite annoyed as others were getting through with much more extras without having to pay anything.

Despite my plea, i was rudely told that i was holding the queue and many others were waiting to check in.

I was on a wheelchair and got quite emotional. The only support was from the person pushing the wheelchair.

I was asked whether i wanted my hand luggage sent in as it was causing me some difficulties as i was also carrying my hand bag which contained all my papers and medicines.

to this i replied that i would be grateful if that could be done as it would make things easier and at time it was mentioned that i would have to pay extra apart from that 1 kg of excessive luggage.

Due to the pressure i was put under to do this and that due to other people waiting to check in, i was pushed to a different counter where i paid for the extra kg . Due to the state i was in and put under by the checking staff, i paid by my credit card and sigh without checking out of anger but also out of trust.

I never thought about it until this am when i received my Barclay Card statement and to my surprise and anger, i was charged £462.29 p. This is causing me much distress ,not only reliving the whole distressing experience but now more hardship.

I have been to the travel agent where i purchased my ticket, out of desperation and was told to contact customer service as this is unacceptable and that i was very unfairly treated.

The Staff at the airport were very unhelpful and unsympathetic. They ignored my plight ,did not acknowledge my difficulties and more distressing still they were talking to one another and seemed to be giggling to one another at my expense. i found this to be very unprofessional.

I would this to be investigated further and be compensated for the distressed and emotional state i was left in on my 16 hrs journey back and more importantly for the unnecessary overcharged fees i was unaware i was paying at the time as i was not informed. The employee that was assisting me was helpful . As i was on a wheelchair, he did take the papers from the counter and handed it over to me for signing and at no time there were any communication from the person from the counter.

I await your response as soon as possible, as i will be expecting to pay my Barclay card within the next 15 days.

MY postal address is 55 Barfield. Sutton-At-Hone. Dartford. Kent. DA4 9EJ.

Yours Faithfully

Mrs. G. Ramburuth


I have lived in SA. for 33years because of family commitments I have had to travel to uk and return via emirates twice recently.During my stay in uk i lost my SA. identity book and my credit card.On 22February ref. BLE1YZA1 I was to depart Heathrow.On trying to check in I was told I would not be allowed to travel and must rebook in UK. with a return ticket the flight controller seemed indifferent to my pleading I had my SA driving licence proof of residence and proof of purchase of ticket in Durban.

Eventually the emirates stewardess suggested I be allowed on the plane to Dubai but would not be issued with a boarding pass Dubai Durban. By this time I was a nervous wreck imagining being stranded in Dubai penniless.On arrival in Dubai I was greeted by a lovely courtious stewardess who issued me with a boarding pass ,and said she could not understand the problem.My bag was offloaded in Dubai and the stewardess said there was a 50/50 chance of getting it on the plane to Durban.I arrived Durban went through immigration no problem.My bag also arrived damaged with a wheel broken off.I must add apart from these unfortunate incidents service was excellent.


Flight EK 978 and EK 217 Oct.28, 2011 both delayed 22 and 68 minutes respectively, many passengers including myself stranded.This airlines fails to get connecting passengers to planes when flights arrive late. Its staff need to learn first lessons in civility and hospitality,.I got sick running for miles across Dubai Airport!. Staff at counter very rude:. They ignored my dietary requests/. I showed my dr's letter for medical assistance but their head steward disregarded the letter for any accomodation;. They broke my luggage'. Emirates Airlines packs the plan without regards to passenger needs:. It was my first flight with this airline".

I never had problem like this with other airlines. I have contacted Emirates Cusomer service about my broken luggage and all problems with airline but instead of taking a report they have referred me to a no name email address which I have sent 2 emails. I read somewhere it takes them more than 6 months to respond! I sent an email to your Online Booking Query Department on 25 November 2011 and they forwarded my email to your office in Singapore. I also sent 2 reminders dated 27 & 29 November 2011. Up to now I have not received any reply from your Emirates Office in Singapore.

By not replying my email, Emirates is showing disrespect to me (a 68 year old senior citizen). Therefore, I can conclude that your service staff are negligent in carrying out their duties to seve the customers. By ignoring my email, Emirates gives me the impression that your staff have never been trained to respect and serve their customers. How can Emirates Airlines serve their customers well when they cannot even control the working attitude of their own staff. I hope to get a better response from you this time.


we travelled with Emirates airlines from SOuth Africa to Kuala Lampur. I was extremely disappointed with the service that we received from the airline. Firstly when booking my ticket i asked if my son who is one and a half would be able to get a bassinet and i was advised that yes he would as long as he is under 11 kg which he is. when we on board the plane and requested one the airhostess refused to give it to us as they said he was too big for it. secondly the airhostesses are obnoxious and rude and are not helpful at all. I am not sure why they think they have the right to shout at passengers when they feel like it. one of the connecting flight were filthy. my husband had a seat where the food tray was sticky and dirty and when asked for helped the airhostesses could not be bothered to assist. This is extremely disgusting service from such a big airline. It was my husbands first flight with Emirates and we were both extremely disappointed with this kind of service. We are paying for these tickets and therefore we expect value for our money. We dont expect to go on a flight with people who think they have a right to shout.

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