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I like the show Bunk'd but some of the things on the show bother me. For one, the new "campers" are ridiculous. No child who acts like that should be allowed near others. The way they treat Lou is deplorable. Secondly, Hazel has got to go or at least be toned down. Her obsession with Zander is getting on my nerves and her framing and stealing from other campers is illegal. Also enough with the bad food. Come on. This is not Annie.


I'm in my twenties, and I have seen the slow, downward spiral firsthand. It started in 2005 with Hannah Montana and HSM (golden compared to the last FIVE years). Then came 2010, and here we are today in 2016. You are not The CW, Fox, or HBO. We are not asking Disney Channel to be like TBN or PAX (90s/00s), but all the drama and stomach-wrenching humor needs to stop. You are disgusting. I would say since 2010 or so, you are right on par with Nick and the networks I named in this message.


Let me start off by saying I have watched your shows for a long time and loved them. Until now. I have wrote this letter to complain about the reasons I hate your shows. Do you remember good ol’ Hannah Montana? Hannah was a secret pop star. She was friends with Lily and Oliver, etc. I personally loved Hannah Montana. It was actually funny, unlike the shows are today. Hannah and her friends made jokes. And guess what the comedy is like today? Rude and disgusting.

Okay, first of all you make the characters use rude humor to be funny, which I absolutely HATE.You make the characters vomit and have gas. Which apparently, somehow is supposed to be funny. That just grosses me out. There are other things that are disturbing me. Remember in Jessie when she and the kids went to an island after their plane crashed? Well in the plane Jessie had a big blob on her neck which was so disgusting. Then to make matters worse she put a FORK in it, which made made want to gag. And here’s the weird thing I just don’t get: you think it’s funny?

I noticed that during the last two years of Hannah Montana that’s when the comedy went real downhill. Why? The other thing I can’t stand about the shows is that sometimes the characters make fun of adults and the elderly. How would you feel if you were an elderly person and you were channel surfing, and came across a show where kids were making fun of you? Actually, the only show that doesn’t do that is Best Friends Whenever. It’s great that you want to make shows for kids but come on! I would rather watch Nickelodeon. All I am asking of you is if you could change the way the shows are today. I don’t want the next generation of kids to have to watch this.
At one point my my mom actually had you and another channel blocked. She didn’t like that you make fun of adults.

I also don’t like that you make fun of other cultures. In one episode of Jessie, the kids make fun of Ravi’s traditional Indian outfit. It was downright rude and offensive! I am shocked that you think that is funny! How would you feel if you were from a different country and you saw one of your shows making fun of your country or culture. I’m also angry that some of your shows are becoming SOAP OPERAS. Like Girl Meets World. Girl Meets World is serious and funny at the same time. Make up your mind! Do you want to be funny or serious? I really don’t like that you are making shows that are supposed to be all serious either. Come on, kids don’t want to watch that stuff. Thank You for reading this letter. I hope it makes you think about the content of your show and hopefully change it.


I would like to see a whole month with old disney shows like wizards of waverly place, thats so raven, good luck charlie, the jonas brothers, and more. I know that you have it playing on Wednesday nights but, I go to sleep by then. I say this cause a lot of people want this too. They also do the same thing on freeform (abc family) at 11:00. I know that you did a whole thing with 100 movies, but my family would like it if you were able to the same thing but with old t.v. shows and running it for a month. It's 2016 please do it... everybody would enjoy it. :)


I know that Disney does say that it may not be suitable for all ages. I have a 6and a 2 year old who watches Disney. I feel that adult swim SHOULD NOT be on a child's channel. If it does not change my kids will not be watching Disney. I hope that you guys are able to change it. Its not suitable to be on a child's channel.


As my family was watching KC Undercover, we heard numerous times a male character that didn't know KC reference that he thought the character KC was dead and that he liked her better when she was dead. This is absolutely awful to display to be heard in a family television program, especially with the teen suicide rate is alarming.


Same episode 4 times a day in denmark, come on you have enough shows and episodes to show different episodes through the day not the same on - sometimes right after or after tow episodes that not okay. Same move at night and next morning. The tv-guide doesn't fit.


Why do the "new" shows like liv and Maddy, Jessie etc only get 4 seasons. I remember shows years ago were more than 4 seasons long. I understand that there are certain laws that limit things but it's really hard to explain to niece why her favorite shows are going off air. She loved Jessie she loves girl meets world, Austin & Ally, and loved Hannah Montana. I hope that any new show gets longer than 4 seasons.


I don't understand what has happened to this company. I used to enjoy letting my children watch your programs on Disney Jr. They were both informative and entertaining. I appreciated the fact that your programs incorporated both social and scholastic skills. It was nice to see characters treat each other with love and respect, often incorporating manners. Imagine how disappointing it is to go from Disney Jr. to the Disney channel where the characters, both adults and children, behave horribly to one another. I am appalled at the overabundance of sarcasm, lack of manners, disrespect for elderly people, and outrageously rude dialog that seems to be a concurrent theme running throughout every show on your channel. Your programs are targeted towards very specific age groups (3-15). Your writers are influencing and sowing a generation of narcissistic, entitled, sarcastic, ill-mannered young people who believe their behavior is both funny and socially acceptable.

I went from watching my children enjoy learning new things from your programs to cringing every time I hear the annoying theme songs to such program crap like "Bunk'd", "Austin & Ally", and one I hate most, "Jessie", just to name a few. I'm sorry, but no small children come up with such sarcastic, rude retorts THAT often or quickly. Thanks to your programs, my children have now had several lessons on why the behavior they've witnessed on your shows isn't appropriate or acceptable at any time. I now limit their Disney Channel viewing to movies only and enforce strict rules that they are not allowed to view your "original" programming. Shame on you, Disney executives. Walt would be rolling over in his grave right now if he could see what you have done to impressionable young minds all over the world.


The Girl Meets World series never plays the episodes in order. I record them but I sometimes have to wait days to get the missing episodes in the series. Please would you play the series in order. I watch the Disney Channel all the time and am getting tired of small problems like these that add up to a really big frustration. Perhaps eventually the corporate office at Disney will hear the complaints and fix the issues.


On Disney Jr, you advertise that if you write Sofia a letter she will write back. When the kids see the cartoon and Sofia is actually answering them and sending them a letter that's what the kids are expecting. Yes you did send them a letter but the thought was not put into it. My two children wrote Sofia a letter. They both asked her a different question. Neither one of their questions were answered. In fact they both received the same exact worded letter. Now my three year old didn't pick this up. But my six year old who could actually read the letter that was sent did. His question was not answered and also she said she hoped she could meet him one day. Well Sofia you met us in February when we were at Disney. You might not remember because you meet a lot of kids. But My six year old does remember. This write to Sofia was a complete let down. Why would you advertise this and not answer their questions. We loved the idea. But the letter was a complete let down.


Disappointing to see how much marketing and ads go into showing witch-themed toys, shows, etc. Once upon a time, Disney channel showed educational and innocent cartoons to kids. Now the very influential teen-like mind set has totally corrupted the quality of the channel and now I must monitor commercial breaks for my two year old because who knows what given moment a witch or ghost will pop out or the new wannabe-bratz/chuckie look-a-like dolls.


Whenever I watch Disney channel, and it goes to commercial or back from commercial, the guy that transitions back to the show makes me angry. I hate how he narrates everything that's happening. A simple "we'll be right back" would be just fine. But when he does this, it makes me want to throw my shoe at the television. Everyone I have mentioned this to feels this way as well. Please fix this. I'm very upset with it and avoid watching Disney channel because of it. Thanks, Kaylee


I'm 14, and Disney Channel used to be my favorite channel. I should mention that I'm from Dallas, Texas. I understand, as a southern state, we are the subject of many stereotypes and jokes about our "culture." I can handle the occasional joke at our expense, but Disney has taken it too far. I actually really enjoy Girl Meets World, but they had to go down the road of making a character the epitome of a stereotype. I've never met one person who has an accent in Texas, the only people wearing cowboy boots and ten gallon hats are tourists, and the people I know who can actually ride a horse, ride English instead of Western. This ridiculous portrayal of my home needs to stop. We are not rednecks. We are not something to be made fun of. I've seen other examples of this on Jessie and Wizards of Waverly Place. I'm deeply wounded by what has been shown. Children all over the U.S. now think that that's how we live. Our city is no different than any other. The show directors need to take a step back and think, "If someone talked about my home like this, how would I feel?" That's all I have to say on the subject.


Dear Disney Channel, I appreciate the fact that you are diversifying your shows and including more people of color. As it is important to be inclusive of all cultures. However, just so you are aware, not all little black girls are sassy and speak in double negatives! I'm just saying.. if the characters Zuri from the show Jessie and Judy from KC Undercover put their hands on their hips and roll their eyes one more time, I'm going to vomit! The images of black women are so one sided on television and it's starting with our kids! Banning Disney channel in my house!


Your new Disney channel sucks. ALL of it. The adverts, the actors, the shows but the worst is the shows. I was in love with Disney when I was younger, heck Id still love it now if it were the same. I legit hate the shows now-so fake and childish! When my younger siblings watch it I ask them to watch it when I am out of the room. Maybe to make the many happy who prefer the old shows you should have marathons of the old ones. Like lizzie mcguire (cant remember how to spell it) or that's so raven, kim possible, the sweet life of zack and cody. I see you sometimes play H2o which is good! Keep showing old shows. Maybe make another Disney channel which is exactly like the old one (even ads).


I am a very concerned parent to a 7 year old who loves the Disney channel for the most part. I use to watch it as a child and it has really changed. The shows are getting violent and show aggressive behavior. The show KC undercover is one of the ones that I feel is very inappropriate for any age. The show when KC was in a detention center or jail really shocked me. The show where the two girls beat each other with their robot arms? I can not believe what we as a society are portraying to our children. As a major corporation I wish you all would really consider adjusting these shows so they are more appropriate and teach our children better life lessons and how to treat others.


My name is Donna and I love to watch Disney Channel. I watch it almost every day... Provably because I'm 12 years old... But what I wanted to say is that I don't like the new theme song on Austin & Ally. I liked the old one. I also would like to tell you that Disney is going down hill. Your movies aren't as good as the older ones and I think you should leave the old shows on. I am a Kim Impossible and a Wizards Of Waverly Place fan. I think that all the old shows should be put back on Disney Channel or at least have a day in the week where you guys show the old shows and movies all day. I hope you read this and keep it in mind. Give it some thought. Thank you.


Disney Channel is always a magical world not only for kids but also for everyone who wish to round up in dream lands with animated cartoons, imaginary colorful life. My weekends are always interesting with my kids watching Disney Channel shows, Videos, Games like Club Penguin,Monstober etc.,. You can also visit Disney park where we have colorful theme parks,exciting games and lot more fun when stepped in.

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