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I would love to hear the announcers just announce the game and keep their stupid know it all remarks to them selves, No body gives a rats ass what you think. There is one on the TT/Bears game that is so one sided- Love to see him get fired. He is such a know it all!!!!!!


I am one of your best followers, I am retired and I watch Fox round the clock I love the day time shows, but my big complaint is Onew Williams on the five. I watch this every knight 5 days a week, in my opinion he takes down the entire show. If you watch it your self you will see always 4 out of five see things the same way and he never sees it there way. I thought he should be fair and balanced he is not all he is good for is to attack my president I think he brings down your show single handed.


I am sick of watching a LITTLE news with my commercials. "Fox news channel " now I've been seeing the host come back on air and they play more ads right over news then come back and miss MORE news. WHAT THE HELL


This morning Friday at 9:23 am pacific time there was the beginning of an add for Rohrabacher but it was cut off!
This seems very suspect and a deliberate attempt to push Harley Rouda. Please put Rorabackers Add back on or risk losing another family and friends and relatives from watching your news shows!


I love watching Fox. It is my only source for the news; however I am beginning to get a little disgruntled. I will start with Shepard Smith. Why would you even consider having some one who is so blatantly anti Trump as one of your news anchors. When he is on I change the channel. Even Mike Wallace is exhibiting more and more anti Trump Bias. Mike Wallace is a CNN master at asking "gotcha" questions which are aimed at putting our President in a negative light. Lastly.

WHY HAVE YOU STOPPED AIRING PRESIDENT TRUMP'S CAMPAIGN RALLIES. You used to be the only channel that showed the rallies in their entirety. I love his rallies and faithfully watch every one of them (when they are aired). THEY NEED TO BE AIRED SO HE CAN GET HIS AGENDA OUT FOR EVERYONE TO SEE. Your news anchors can still break in for breaking news.

Thank you for the opportunity to vent. Sincerely Roger D. Ellison, Lt. U.S. Navy Ret.


Why in hell do you think we want to hear the devil's son and what garbage he has to say. FOX news channel is becoming too liberal in what and how it broadcasts programs these days. I tune in to hear conservative talk NOT liberal, lying garbage. And too much advertising, 20 minutes+ for every hour. I tune to OAN more and more for the truth and no advertising. History events instead of advertising garbage. It will be on OAN until the devil's son and his garbage goes off !!!!!!!!!!

We are not a democracy we are a Republic.


This is a complaint about the Baylor vs. Oklahoma State game on Saturday November 21st. This game was on Fox CFB, and in the 3rd quarter the announcers referred to the Baylor team as "porch dogs" who were well trained and ready to go. I believe to refer to any person as an animal in 2015 is unbelievably rude and insensitive. At one point he said that the "dogs" did not need to warm up and were ready to go run after a car at any point. Fox you are a joke! I don't know who those announcers are, but your corporate office should review the game and discipline them.


One of the best sites to get latest and hands on information in and around the world. Not just this Fox News has various sections like business, politics, entertainment, Science, Health, Sports and many more. I get all what I missed out through out the week on Fox News. Fast and quick access to the latest news. They have Live News which is why I like this site as it gives immediate happenings. A great site if you want to know anything in the entertainment section. I get all that I missed out due to my busy schedule under this section. I definitely would like to suggest this site to anyone who want everything under one site.


Stay tuned to Fox channel for the latest Breaking News, Business reviews, Sports updates, Gossips, updates related to Entertainment, Lifestyle, Travel and many more. I guess you have to put up with a little bias from them though, that is my only complaint!

Being a communication channel reporter, I always wants to present the right information to the people and it is only possible with this channel. I get the latest updates accurately and the online services made me to get the updates wherever i am. Thanks for almost always giving me a channel and providing me the right information, fair debates, exclusively live.

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