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As a long time viewer of several CBS shows I am writing to tell you that you have lost me as a viewer. I will be watching shows on the networks that have shows on demand through my tv provider whom I pay for access to my local stations of which CBS is one. All of the other networks provide on demand for all of their primetime shows. Your service makes sense for antenna users or internet only viewers but I feel it is unfair to charge again for something I am already paying for. With so much choice out there it is easy to choose other shows.
Regretfully, Shurlee Plouff


To Who it May Concern ! This dispute is a Dotors bill . I've been seeing Dr Favale for years and recently had a change in insurance providers . I told him before any test that it would have to go to Northwell health facilities. But he sent it to his own lab. Now I'm responsible for a $633.48 . If you can resolve this matter for me . Thank you.


What happened to CBS Sunday Morning Proram???
Kuralt and Osgood and I are upset that you are not offering your best program at your usual time.
Forget NFL and $$$!
Please put Sunday Morning back on the air.
Thank you.


I have complained along with hundreds of other people about the loud annoying back ground music on NCIS, NCIS LA, NCIS New Orleans, and many other programs, whats with that????? can't hear the dialog, what is the sense of watching a program if you can't hear over that awful loud music. I have walked to another room, as of it.


The age filters on the cameras for Murphy Brown make the program fuzzy and unwatchable!! I'd rather see the characters with their lines and wrinkles.


This am during John Mccanns funeral, at the beginning with the wreath CBS people brought all the JUNK about our President and what was said YEARS AGO. WHO GIVES A CRAP. SHOW SOME RESPECT FOR HIS FAMILY AND WHAT WAS ON HAND AT THE MOMENT. SICK OF ALL YOU NEWS??????? PEOPLE TRASHING OUR PRESIDENT TIME AND TIME AGAIN.


I am devastated that Scorpion has been cancelled. I am a nurse and work evenings. On Monday night I could not wait to get home and turn the DVR on to watch my favorite show. It was my way to unwind and relax. Thanks for ruining my Monday night's.


First of all it has taken me about 15 minutes to find a link to send this. I am a middle American and a conservative like at least 50 % of the country. Do you plan your programming around us and give us entertainment that is not liberal? What is the % percentage of Gay Americans in this country? A very small % and yet there is a token Gay on every drama. I would not mind a few but come on. What dramas are of a more conservative nature? Tim Allen was removed from another network because of his political views and now he is going to Fox. It was one of the best shows on TV with a big viewing audience. I understand that Hillary is going to be on Madam secretary in the fall. I really liked the show until the writers started leaning left. The Clintons are so crooked, but you just can't see it. I would never waste my time watching that show again. I watch many shows on CBS and if they lean far left I done with it. Rosanne's show was removed from another network over a stupid remark because she followed president Trump, yet Bill Mahr has a show and he is disgusting and as far left as you can go. Many female comedians and actors have been very disrespectful of the office of the president, they still have there jobs. You think the average person is stupid? We elected Donald Trump, better get used to it!!!!! You networks better wake up because there are a lot of us out here and we are really are getting tired of it. Maybe all the writers of these TV shows should start watching FOX NEWS and they will learn some facts instead of all the fake news that is on.


Every time I watch an episode on the CBS website, the site will automatically refresh and force me to restart my episode from the beginning. Even if I'm 30 or 40 minutes in, if I'm in full screen mode or click onto a different tab or window (usually accidentally), it will refresh and I lose my spot in my episode. This is an ongoing issue that I would like to see resolved, as it is very frustrating and preventable. I only watch Big Brother, so I can ensure it happens with this show, and I am unsure about the others. Thank you!


I really feel you are making a huge error by cancelling CODE BLACK! It’s very lifelike and realistic. The acting is awesome and the episodes are so well done. Please reconsider and DONT CANCEL IT


Stephen Colbert is an idiot and a left wing loon. Liberalism is a mental illness and he has it big time. His show should be removed from the air immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the announcer for the Michigan was terrible. You could tell the he was rooting for basketball team. He wasn't even close to neutral announcer. for example a Michigan player take a 3 point shot and the announcer shout "HE WAS FOULED! HE WAS FOULED". At time he used the word "WE". Michigan missed a shot he was "we needed that". Nobody like to listen to a one sided announcer or for that matter a one sided newscaster.


I can't understand why you remove Let's make a deal and put Ellen in it's place during March madness. I pay to see programming at the regular times not switched to suit somebody else's agenda.


I am disgusted that CBS would allow Colbert to have such freedom to denigrate the President everyday. He boarders on treason under the cover of comedy. It,s a shame a handful of executives can have such power over millions watching CBS negative opinions.


I purchased an LG refrigerator 9/14/15. It stopped working on 12/8/17 for no apparent reason. I have contacted LG, Home Depot (where purchased) and the repair company under the warranty Appliances Unlimited. Service Tech came to my home on 12/14/17, and stated he did not know why the unit stopped working, but he would order a compressor. Once the compressor came he would then install a "dye filter" to see if there were any leaks. Warranty company can not tell me when the parts will be in or if they have been ordered. Home Depot refers me back to warranty company, and LG refers me back to warranty company. When I called number given for warranty company, it is Home Depot. They refuse to replace the refrigerator because they say they warranty company would have to authorize that. Meanwhile, the holidays are coming with guests coming to my home and I have no refrigerator and no answers from anyone. I am out $1500.00 for this refrigerator. someone needs to be held responsible.


Please have "Bull" shave off his facial hair. Makes him look unprofessional and skaggie. He is much too handsome to have the hair distract from his good looks.


Trying to understand the newly released information about Dish/CBS contract negotiations. We have no complaint YET! But, we are dismayed at the possibility of losing CBS programing on our Dish service. Gee whiz, y'all put us thru this back in 2014 - now, so soon? If we lose CBS programming we lose our favorite shows - NCIS, NCIS New Orleans, NCIS Los Angeles and Bull. Should this happen my CFO (Chief Financial Officer <as in spouse of 54 years> insists we will have to switch to Direct TV.This will be difficult for 10+ year Dish customers (many more years watching CBS programming!) PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Don't make us do that.


Clarence Reece
210 S Pine St
Van, TX 75790
(903) 805-1158


Well Shelby should have been DQ after breaking the lenses on the lasers as it was not broken before hand and she was past Jason's time anyways. Also in the Care Package, it was stated that it was to be used as a Veto, meaning if she was on the block she could either save herself or someone else. We also heard Shelby stating she was cheating with help from Production. Now we all know what really happens when we get fish during a regular season. But Production has been very blatantly helping the BS girls. Hope you are going to be happy with so many no longer watching CBS. Too many pare pissed. You should have fixed both errors that we all know you made.


My CBS complaint is that I am more worried about commercials than the actual game. I experienced this enough, to watch them ruin college football, but they're still doing it with the super bowl. The comments of the people they have to describe the game often do more to detract from the experience than help. That's why I turned it off. Good luck Peyton.


My complaint is about the football coverage on CBS sports. I believe the announcers are Phil Sims and Jim Nantz. Wow! What a terrible game these two usually call. Phil Sims sounds like he has the IQ of a 4 year old, and can simply verbalize what he is seeing on the field. Hey CBS corporate -- this is why nobody wants to watch your network and they are switching to ESPN and Cable TV.


I can't tell you how much I hate CBS sports after watching the Kentucky and Cincinatti NCAA tournament game today. Kentucky is a team full of money hungry future NBA players. They are a disgrace to the game of college basketball. Yet what does CBS do while announcing March madness? Talk about how great Kentucky is, how much their team isn't a bunch of "one and dones". Wake up! That's all this team is, a bunch of one and done players recruited by Calipari to make money and oh by the way make a quick pit stop in college for a few years. College education is what separates our great nation from other countries, yet CBS seems to want to ignore this and just talk up a broken team in a broken college basketball system. Stop the madness and just tell the truth!

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