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My complaint is that I have been with windstream for almost a year now and I am usually on time with my payments, until they charged me $120 for a installation of a phone jack when the service rep I had talked to on the phone had said it would only cost $10. I informed Windstream that I have that phone call recorded and would be happy to send it to them because I am not paying the extra money. They said No and said they would offer me a $20 credit. That never even happened. When trying to make payment arrangements they told me that if I dont pay the $200 bill my internet will be shut off when its their fault that my account is even that high. Told them to come get the jack and they can take that money off my account they refused. They have shown no empathy or customer support towards the situation. I have been a loyal customer, and have paid on time every month and they won't work with me. I am trying to pay the $200 that I should not be paying, but they refuse to work with me. Told them I can't pay the whole amount until the 26th they didn't care.


My name is CathyHarris but the account in Charvis Myrick account ending in 5880 mailing address 706 Gordon GA. 31031 100 Oak street we have been with winstream for 3years we have wifi and we have been charged monthly $124.00 for a home phone that we didn't have we havn't had a home phone in 8 years Charvis told the tech that came out to the house i'm not asking for no money back i just want credit off our bill.Thank you


I called to make a payment and used your automated service and it told me my amount and it was confirmed to be payed.not long after maybe a week later everything shut off. Called back talked to a real person and was told it was my fault it was cancelled and that they were goin to give me late fee for not calling and did not say for me to your fault not mine.your rude rep needs to get their crap together hell.its my fault your thing didn't work.i have been a costumer for years and I'm fixing to have you turned off.


My service went out July 3 was repaired yesterday (8th). This morning repair man came to fix my neighbors phone (don’t know why he couldn’t have done his while he was in the neighborhood fixing mine) and as he fixed my neighbors he disconnected mine.. now I am out of service until 15!!!!! Not only did he disconnect phone and internet he now has it where I can’t use my smart phone to access internet. I work at home wonder if I will still have a job? I am looking for another carrier !!


My service was suspended due to non payment on 06/11/2019. I made a payment @1:00p.m. for renewal of service. Customer Service Representative stated it can take up to 4hrs to reinstated service. After 2 hours past, I call to see what was going on and CRS reported the system was down and it was nothing that she could do. She stated the tech support will be work until about 8:00 p.m. About 7:40 p.m. I spoke to tech support, He informed me that normally the CSR call them and requested a ticket to turn service back on. He stated that I could have my service back on last night 06/11/2019. It 1:00 A.M ON 06/12/2019, MY SERVICE IS STILL NOT ON. I have been with your company for over 30 years or more. I never seen customer service department in such poor condition. A few month back, I had a CSR call me on Saturday Morning solicited payment that was due asked for a fee. Normally, I waited maybe 10 minutes. I have the money to pay my bill but it was an oversight. I am a 59 years old African American female feel discrimination against because of my age, race and gender. Please advise me on this matter. This is the second time this happen to me.

Cindy Hall


I can not get dsl line fixed.Windstream tech Sid he was going to change PIN last Friday. Tech never called back.Called Windstream back ticket was closed out.I have static on dsl line when making calls.Last night ran cat five wire from RJ-21 to dsl modem and watched it go to down numerous times, two green leds to two yellow leds,nothing else connected.I also sent email to Windstream C.E.O. . Found his email address on internet and left my phone number,I doubt I’ll get a suspicions are a bad cable pair or a bad dsl port or possible bad modem.All I get is apologies from repair service center but no repair results. Donald R. Vogel 903-389-3907


Asked for current bill-did not receive answer, was not connected to supervisor, then transferred me to "employee number?" My telephone number is 678-880-0849.
Carole A. Fitzpatrick


I buy a house, I sign up for them to allow me to take over their service. On the day of service, I get a text that there is active service at the house, please call us. I call. I email in titles. They send an email, we'll now come out on Wednesday. I call back and tell them someone is at the house now and took a day off to be there, for them. Can't do it. Escalate the call. Supervisor gets on, says they can't send someone out today. I raise holy hades. They say, we'll waive the activation fee and have someone out tomorrow. I call back the next day, since someone was supposed to call me that night. My account is on hold. I patiently (cursing everyone of them, plus their families) explain I had sent in the info. They say, okay we'll send someone out today. Nope. I get another email, they'll be out in two days. Now, two days of work already missed, for a potential install????? This door is closed.


Very very very poor phone service. Every time is rains phone goes out, no line, no dial tone, can not not receive or place call. This issue has been going on for ever for months with no permanent fixes. This time phone has been out for over a month I have called in 8 or 9 times and moreover 25 times in the last month or so. Each time turned in a repair request within not results. Have to give same info to at least 3 people on every call. There are several open tickets on this number now at least since the April 1, 2010. Phone # 903-223-6989 it's still out. What's the issue with getting repair ????

Lionell Joseph
1960 Gun Club Rd
Texarkana,Tx . 75501
Cell 903-276-1805. NEED SOMETHING or RESPONSE. NOW


To Windstream management ,.. Alachua, Lake City, Florida area,..

We are a small neighborhood consisting of 13 houses located in the 5200 -6800 blocks of NW 246 Ave, Alachua County, Florida. ( just north of LaCrosse).... Our neighborhood is accessed solely by means of a narrow elevated limerock road that goes through about 400 feet of low ground at the corner of NW 52 terrace and NW 246 ave. The area consists of a seasonal creek and is regularly flooded whenever we have rains in excess of 5" in a 24 hour period. The water that flows through the area is channelled through nine 36" diameter culverts. They are all at least 50 years old and are completely rusted out and failing. We replaced three of them several years ago and now need to replace the other six. Two are actively collapsing and we no longer can drive large trucks (or emergency vehicles) over them. One of these days a loaded delivery truck will destroy the telephone cables when it falls through the rusted-out culverts. The culverts MUST be replaced now.
We purchased 6 of the replacement culverts about two months ago and need to start placing them.
The problem is that there are two (and possibly a third as identified by an underground utility locater) Windstream telephone cables that run directly over the top of the existing culverts. In at least one of the cases the cable was actually plowed into the top of the culvert (contributing to its failure). Because of this and because we want to replace 6 culverts in all it is impossible to replace them without damaging the phone lines.
For the past two months we have repeatedly asked (with weekly phone calls) for help from Windstream. We have even offered to dig in the line manually ourselves in the ditch that runs beside the road. Several years ago Windstream did in fact allow us to do just that when we replaced culverts in the section adjacent to the current location.
Despite repeated apologies and assurances we get no response from Windstream. A Windstream engineer was sent out and met with us over a month ago and seemed to well understand the situation and its urgency,... but we have heard nothing back despite our making weekly calls to Windstream's customer service.
One of these days a truck is going to fall into the failing culverts,..... and it will be to no small degree because of Windstream's inaction. What we want is the line put in the ditch beside the road. If need be give us the line and we will place it ourselves and leave it at a pole for a junction box on either end for Windstream to connect.
The irony of this situation is that yesterday I received a letter from Windstream saying "Here for you, here to stay,.. our commitment to serving you has never been stronger". For the more than thirty years that several of us have been your customers those words ran true... The continued inaction and lack of a timely response from Windstream regarding this matter really makes me wonder.

Bruce and David Fraleigh

CC to Florida Public Service Commission.


Wished i could give 0 stars. Been with these thieves for well over 20 years only sevvice in area. I have never watched a movie all the way through without dropped service,call and waited for hours and it always the same runaround, quit calling a couple years ago. Now we have someone.else in our area,By By windstream i cant wait. U should send me my money back, thieves,


After complaining to the FCC our service was downgraded without our permission. We were assured that constant outages would be a thing of the past. Not so. Since the last major outage several weeks ago service has been shit. Slow slow slow downloading, it can take 30 seconds for a page to load. My husband cannot do research at peak load times, and it is difficult during off-times. I can type three or four words in a search-box before the first letter appears. Upload speeds are microscopic. We have called the "no-help" line and gotten nowhere. We have repeatedly been told a tech person is scheduled to come out and investigate the problem. Over the last six to twelve times this has happened NOT EVEN ONCE has a tech person arrived. Windstream DSL is the only option where we live, so technically we are screwed. One more word: We have several friends in the area who are on the same line. Everybody's service is equally poor. I say that because several times big hats from Windstream tried to tell us these problems were unique to us. What a dog-and-pony show.


First, I will provide some background on my situation. Your service is provided at my weekend home at 34081 Palm Beach Road, zip code 30731. I have also seen it listed as 34081 Highway 57. The account number is 070085484, and the associated phone number is 706.862.2639. The account is still listed in the name of my deceased mother, Lenora McCalley. I have requested this to be changed into my name for several years, but have been unsuccessful. That, though, is unrelated to my current issues. I pay approximately $95 a month, including taxes, for a location I use for at most ten days a month.

When I arrived on 03.22.19 for a weekend visit, my service was not working. It was losing connection and having to reboot multiple times. I called for repairs and was told that they would work on it and also scheduled a repairman to come the next day, 03.23.19. They called later that evening and said the problem was resolved and canceled the repair visit. On 03.23.19, I found that I was still experiencing the same issues. They scheduled a repair visit for 03.24.19, saying they would be there by 4 PM local time.

There were periods when the service was working, but it had to reboot multiple times. I remained at home the entire day waiting for the repairman, but he never arrived. About 10 minutes after 4 PM I received an automated call saying that the repairman would arrive on Monday, 03.25.19 to check inside connections. Obviously, this was not feasible since this is a weekend home.

When I arrived on Friday, 03.29.19, for a weekend visit I found that I was experiencing the same issues and called again. A technician visit was scheduled for 03.30.19, and he arrived in early afternoon. He checked all internal connections and installed a new modem. He also installed new filters in order to eliminate the buzz on the phone line. No complaints at all about the technician. He was professional and performed his job well. I believe his name was Adam.

By the evening of 03.30.19, I was back to having the same problems. I lost service 5 times between 8 PM and 1130 PM. The next morning, 03.31.19, the problems continued. The service crashed approximately every 20 to 30 minutes. It always rebooted, but never stayed on for extended periods. I made one phone call that day and there was buzz on the line which eventually got better but never went away entirely. The call was made on the jack that has a filter with connections to both the phone and the new modem.

At this juncture, I am at a loss. If all of the internal items are working correctly, there must be a problem with getting signal to the house. I need to have wifi at the house so I can do work from there and hope you will be able to diagnose and fix the problem. I am returning there the afternoon of 04.05.19 and will be there until 04.07.19, but I cannot guarantee being there the afternoon of 04.06.19.

Please notify me as to how we can address this issue. Thank you. Walter Smith


Everytime i call they cant explain my charges they tell me they dont know why they are on there or where those charges come from then say they will transfer you but instead hang up refuse to let you speak to a manager. And NO ONE speaks english.


Email security has failed. Windstream won’t allow me to access or change email account information.


On 2/8/19, I set up a payment arrangement with customer service for a specified date. In spite of that arrangement my service was still disconnected. I contacted them immediately and was told it would be reconnected within FOUR (4) HOURS. LIE IT WAS NOT RECONNECTED AT ALL!! On 2/9/19 I contacted Windstream again and was transferred back and forth over FIVE times between Windstream and dish network with no one seeming to comprehend their own polices of sticking to their end of committment. Not one person accepted the confirmation number that I was given by Garrett, the customer service agent from 2/8 which would have confirmed what I was saying.

This is the worst service provider that I have ever had to deal with. I deal with them only because its the provider that the apartment complex chose for ALL residents to use. If that was not the case, ABSOLUTELY I'd terminate Immediately. The absolute worst!!! If you have the option of another provider, then go with the other provider!! This many people would not just be online wasting time writing bad reviews if it was not experienced by them.


United States
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I have had Windstream internet service since 1995 in the same location. The absolute only reason I have been a Windstream customer for this long is because I have no other option in my area. Windstreams prices are high and I have never had good service. I lose my internet service multiple times per month sometimes multiple times per day. I have had hundreds of service calls and tech visits over the years but I have never had good consistent service. Windstream's own internet site is terrible. Their customer service set up on the phone is terrible. There is absolutely nothing at all that is redeeming about Windstream. Windstream does not care they have never tried to resolve my issues nor have they tried to make anything different or better to make sure I am satisfied. I will never and have never recommended anyone use any of their services.


I was promised a lower price for my Windstream internet. I have had to contact you every month since spending over two hours on the phone. This employee called and has sent me several emails with assurances. Now she basically says she has lied, oops.
Number: 912-583-2050
I have checked the account. We have given you a 60.00 plan per month and a 1 year promo for 20.00 that equals 40.00 per month +taxes. Your Bill shouldn’t be more than 45.00 per month.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Tammy Seiser
Supervisor – Early Life Cycle & Retention │ Windstream

115 S 2nd AV West│ Newton, IA 50208

O: 1-877-610-2905 Ext. 43026 │ F: 330.486.4125


I applied for service over Three weeks ago no one contacted me yesterday I contacted them I was told my order was canceled reordered tried to port my number last night and today now I’m told it’ will be ported but no one got the info to port it and told it’s too early to know what was done there has been such a mix up with this credit went through so that was no problem paid 50.00 connect fee first time I would like to personally speak with someone on this 229- 794- 2282


Regarding Account #7116052 on hold with Customer Service for 46minutes and still holding. Because I asked to speak with a supervisor regarding
the account. Dan place me on hold after 17minutes to reach out to his supervisor and never can back. You can confirm via your recording the call and request. 1/23/2019. I assuming he was counting on me hanging up or the line disconnecting. Wow! talk about bad customer Service!

The original request for this account was regarding any outstanding invoices, if we have any open invoice please email or mail to us regarding
account number#7116052. I'm going to hang up now after the customer service person (Dan) not picking back up on the call.


I have been with your company for over 17 years and have not had a problem up until the past month. I started noticing slower than usual Internet back in December 2018 and called and had a service call set up for a tech to come out. the tech came out (granted not once come to my house) and worked on the lines that are on my road. This fixed the problem for about 20 minutes. I called back to let them know the problem had started back and they told me I would have to wait for another appointment "10 days later". 10 days later I received a call from tier support who told me that they saw some virtual errors on the line and cleared them up and that the problem should be fixed. I was at work and I told them I would check it got when I got home. Of course when I got home the service was back to the normal slow speeds so I called and they set up another service call for a tech to come out. third time the tech called and we went through the same thing and still the service was not back to normal in fact whatever he did made the internet speed slower and even to the point where it goes out at times all together. I had another service call today and I guess the tech gave up completely because he noted that there was nothing else he could do and that the reason the internet was slow was because I was too far away from the main office which is an obvious lie because I have had this service with no problem for 17 years. I called back and whoever the lady was that took my call was not listening to anything I was saying and was trying to tell me everything was the problem besides what the actual problem really is which seems to be a bad line. I proved her wrong by showing her that it wasn't the devices in my house, it wasn't because I had too many devices hooked to the modem as she was saying because I disconnected them all and turned off the wifi and showed her the slow speed still didn't change. At the end of the day I now have a 6th service call set up for someone to address this issue on Wednesday 012319. Mind you each time I have to have someone or myself take off from work to be here for no one to actually "ever" show up at my house and that's horrible customer service and a huge inconvenience to me the customer. Could someone please get involved with this issue that can get results and fix the problem. I am paying for a service that I am not getting and just want the issue fixed. Treat me like a customer and not like a number or a dollar sign please.


Took 421.00 out of my bank and will not refund it admitted they did and keep switching me to people in other countries can not get a financial person in the USA going to find other options for phone and internet


Our internet service was disconnected at 1 A.M. this past Friday night (1/5). We had a tech out to our house a few weeks ago to address slow speed. That tech performed work at the box, and moved the router/modem into our new office. Tech suggested that we look into having Cable Annex run to our house, since our neighbor across the street had that service. However, lines would need to be run under the street and under our driveway. The tech left. Apparently, he set up a new account, which cancelled our exisistant service,
Our initial call Saturday began with demands for payment; payments that were not due, Those have been refunded. Every call Saturday, Sunday and Monday began with demands for payment; payments that were not due. Having a business and being in Real Estate, our internet is crucial. We’ve been scrambling to conduct business thus far this week. Today I called the Commerce, Georgia Windstream Office . They seemed to know the issue and the tech, and his mistake in opening a new account for us, for service not yet available (lines under the road, etc). They promised us service would be restored. I also called 800/347/1991 as back up; not trusting our local office. I spoke with April, who has been the only pleasant part of this comedy. April profusely apologized and spoke with her supervisor. Assured us that our payment was being reversed and that we would be issued a $40 credit, and that our service would be restored by 7pm. We later were called by April to be assured that the service had been restored.
It’s 9pm and our service has yet to be turned back on. In hopes (curiosity really) of starting off tomorrow on the right foot, I just called 800/347/1991 aging to see if technical support could be of any help. I’ve just been told that we were disconnected for non-payment!!!
How many times does an account holder have to pay per month to not be disconnected? I even offered to pay my paid bill once again, if it would trigger having our service turned on. They told me to call customer service tomorrow.....again. If Windstream can mistakingly turn our service off in the middle of a Friday night.....if they can apologize to us, refund our money, and issue a credit, why can’t they flip our service back on!? This is pathetic service and insulting. Windstream should, at the very least, be embarrassed.
Resolution or not.....the treatment we’ve received from Windstream, and the incompetence they’ve displayed, has us searching for alternatives.
Ron Peavey


Internet service is down.

On Wednesday, January 2, 2019, I noticed that the rated 25 megabit access was reported as 13 Megabit on Speedtest.Windstream.Net.
I contacted Windstream Internet Technical support and reported the issue. After testing the line, rebooting the modem/router and
the remote Tech executing some kind of line refresh, the Tech decided that someone would have to be sent to my house to diagnose
the problem. The Tech wanted to send someone Friday, January 4, 2019. I informed the Tech no one would be home to provide assistance
until Monday, January 7, 2019. I was assured that the Service Tech would contact us on Monday to provide a solution.

On Friday, January 4, the Service Tech contacted me from my home to work on the problem. I informed the Service Tech that the scheduled
time was Monday, January 7. He requested to try and diagnose the problem from outside my house. I do not know what the Service Tech did
for communications ended.

On Saturday, January 5, I received an Automated call that my problem had been resolved and the service call for Monday, January 7 was

On Sunday, January 6, I attempted to go online which failed, and found that the Modem/Router "Internet" indicator light was amber color
instead of the normal Green. I called the Tech support line and the Tech asked that I perform the Modem/Router reset steps. I informed
the Tech that I had already performed the steps twice, but agreed to perform them again. The Tech stated that a service call would be
processed on Wednesday, January 9. I informed the Tech that was unacceptable and informed her of the above issues, and that my spouses
job was to telecommute from home requiring her to have Internet access. She agreed to expedite the problem with a service tech coming
out Monday, January 7.

On Monday, January 7, I contacted Windstream support asking for a status and was informed that the service tech would not be at my
residence until Wednesday, January 9. I informed the support person that this was inacceptable, that the support tech on Sunday had the
"expedited" the call for Monday, January 7. This second support person stated she would attempt to have someone provide a better answer.
No One has contacted me since.

The original problem was a slow internet, now the internet is down, and Windstream Support cannot provide a date when my service will
be back online.

I would rather give a rated experience of less than 1 star.


I got my Windstream service in September 2018. The first week was a nightmare. I had to call customer support three times and finally I got someone to assist me instead of ignoring my problems. I thanked her Supervisor for her great service. My T. V. Service “freezes”. I will be watching a program and then the screen will show that the connection has been lost. Several service men have been to check the problem. They have replaced the box, the modem, checked the connections and replaced the card on the outside of the house. I am still having the same issue. I called 12/15 to report the same problem and was told another service appointment could not be scheduled because of an outage in my area. I was not happy but I called back on 12/17 and again was told no service appointment could be scheduled. This representative did not even read the notes on my account before he started the same spiel I heard on Saturday. I asked for a Supervisor and was told that she was busy and would call me back. No calls but I got a email that a service appointment was requested for Saturday. I am totally frustrated and am ready to return to my old cable provider. I am sure that your company can provide better service than what I have received. I have not included all of the frustrations at the service that I have received from Windstream. What is your response to my issues?


My DSL over the last year had dropped to around 1.5meg, but I'm paying for 24meg. I work from home and use a company IP phone and the speeds are so slow, the phone connection keeps going in and out of Service. The same thing happens when using WIFI calling on Iphones. When we first upgraded to 24meg DSL, we were getting 20 to 24meg and didn't have any problems for a few 2 to 3 years. the speed test I attached is at 6:00pm. I can no longer get the upload speed above 1meg. I've called in to Windstream several times, but get the same response ( someone will reach out to you soon to schedule a tech visit). I was suppose to get a call back today about a schedule, but that didn't happen. I want continue to pay $100 a month for this level of service. Either someone takes the time to look into this issue and give me the speeds I'm paying for, or I will disconnect and go with a wireless local loop with AT&T. I hate to sound like that, but I have to get the speeds back up, just to do my job!


Since January this year, I've had to put up with the needlessly complex and troublesome Windstream Webmail IMAP platform. An unsatisfactory substitute for the simple, straightforward PoP platform it replaced, Windstream Webmail continues to present problems on a daily basis. Some of these are admittedly minor, but they're a constant annoyance.

Multiple login attempts are required frequently.

After login, the mail folder list routinely doesn't appear unless the screen is refreshed.

Opening mail, moving mail to folders, and deleting mail is often slow or very slow, with the following message appearing regularly - "The server or network is slow to respond. To cancel request, press Cancel Request". Who's the 'genius' responsible for the phrase, "To cancel request, press Cancel Request"?

From time-to-time e-mail messages opened upon receipt continue to be shown in bold font in the inbox as if they haven't been opened.

New flaws appear willy-nilly. A platform that must've been developed by incompetents, it should never have been forced upon customers.


The customer service numbers is busy 24/7. The cost has risen dramatically. I only get service about 40 percent of the time yet I pay for 100 percent.I filed with FCC and Windstream sent them and me a letter saying they know they have problems yet did nothing to resolve. The upgrade to 50mps was supposed to be free yet they charge 10.00 a month. Monthly bill 89.00 for their profit surely not for my service.


Applied for internet service on order C22104 with a due date of 12/5/18. We applied around the 1st or 2nd of November. We have since requested service much sooner with a requested date of 12/9/18, but we have not received a firm commitment for ant date other than the 12/5/18 date.
Our service is located at 125 Sunflower Lane,Flinton,pa 16640 and phone number is 814--6873126.
We would like to have a firm commitment date for this work to be completed,and waiting 30 days for service is a bit too much. Any assistance and answere woud be very helpful. Thank you for looking into this matter.


Less that one star, way less.

My number at service is 803-359-2828.

My cell phone is 803-447-5291.

I left a long message about my problems, and you system crashed just like the rest of your service.

Call me Monday


I discontinued my service with windstream last month, I was told after we were finished our business there would be no additional charges unless my modem was not return within the allowable 30 days after the envelope they sent me. yesterday my bank account was charged $86.96, my usual monthly charge. much to my disappointment. so I called your customer service she told me I went a day into the billing cycle winch I believe she is wrong because the other costumer service lady checked everything before we ended the conversation because this is exactly what I thought would happen and was trying to prevent. I have had a long history with windstream and I have always paid my bill, (even when I didn't have service for 8 months, I still paid, and now I feel so angry after my conversation with your customer service rep that I want no further dealings with Windstream if they take one penny of that money, it was obtained I feel dishonestly, and I fully expect it to be returned.

THis for me this time is not about the money, now it's about the principle. you can look at my history, and even though I had one of the worst experiences with windstream that I have had with any communication companies, I stayed loyal and I kept my bill paid on time every time, even when I was out of the country and had no service for 8 months I still paid.

Please don't take my word for it please look at my history and make the right choice and put my money back into my account. thank you


Since July 12, I have been trying to get my phone hook up using my same phone number
Here is a list of my phone calls:
7/13 Anita-did get port verification and told it should take 3-4 days
7/16 Anita -Left message and did not return my call
7/16 Ten minute wait-had to hang up
7/16 Pam-Will check into it
7/17 Anna-will be done by tomorrow
7/18 Angela Will be done today (8 A.M.)
7/18 Simon Will be done by the 20th (4 P.M.)
In the mean time I am paying both Spectrum and Direct T. V.


On Saturday June 30th I called customer service about my internet service not working which was caused by a broken wire.I was told they would be out July 3rd and would call. On Monday July 2nd a service guy called and left a message that he was on his way out without knowing I would be home.l specificly told customer service I would not be at home on Monday July 2nd.I rescheduled and still no repair person.I don't have internet and it's a week later.Why can't your repair people call to set up a time that I can be at home?


We have had multiple issues with our phone service. We've been customers since 2009. Service used to be great but this year it has been very bad. We are searching for a new provider.


stop the spam. every day I forward several pieces of spam to and and nothing is done. I have been doing this for over a month and a half. every day i get several pieces of spam where there is a title not an email address in the "From" section. here is a sample. "ThePhotoStick" <>; this sends me 95 percent of the spam but because it is not in the From section the Windstream Filter will not block it. YOU SHOULD. This is the last time I will reach out to Windstream. If you do not stop this spam I will Drop you service. Feel free to contact me at 1-402-657-5982. David Rushlau


I am about ready to call the PUCO. My Outlook 2007 email will not go out. It will come in. I have called and they tell me they are upgrading after trying to fix it and I will just have to wait. I am tired of waiting. I pay my bill each month for service. Sunday I could not make a long distance call, I would dial the number and the phone did nothing. I do not want to talk to someone when I call for help that I cannot understand. I have been a Windstream customer for many years but I am about to not longer be one!


why dont you fix my phone and internet ihave heart problems and it has been a week andno one has showed up you are the worst service i have ever had


We have been trying to get Windstream to tell us if they can run internet into an industrial site for three weeks.
These are the most incompetent bunch we have ever worked with....First they did not know how to read a map even with Gps
coordinates. We finally got some one to come to location who said he could not make a decision if it could be run about 250 feet..
We have now been thee weeks and counting. They have been told we were not putting a building on that site if we could not get
internet. They are oblivious.....
We will probably end up moving to another site where we can get Spectrum...and forget Windstream...
Thats how bad it is....


I have been with Windstream for 3years so I give them a call about my bill could I make some type of arrangement on them every time I ask them they are like no we can't make any arrangements on the bill come on everybody has a bump and need help sometimes this is the worst phone company I have ever been with I hate Windstream.


I've been a Windstream customer for the last 11 years and never gotten the speeds I paid for. I pay for 10mbps and get 1 to 2mbps. There customer service is horrible and promise more than they can deliver. I was told, I was getting 10mbps unlimited access not even close.


Lighting knocked out my router yesterday. Windstream said it would be about 5 days before a serviceman could come. Decided to take computer to Best Buy to see if the Ethernet connection was good. Technician checked it and said it was bad. He said if I purchased the Geek Squad warranty that they would repair the computer to original condition. I told him the CCA was probably bad but he assured me it would be changed if it was bad. I purchased the 2 year warranty for $281.10.

They called the next day and said the computer was repaired. I went to pick it up and they had a sheet listing of the things they done to it. The last item said that the Ethernet connection wasn’t working because the drivers weren’t compatible with Microsoft Windows 10. I have been using Windows 10 since around July so I knew this was pure BS. They had also wiped all my personal info from the computer. After much arguring about them not repairing the computer they agreed to refund the warranty price minus $100 for the useless service they supposedly performed. I decided to go ahead and buy a new computer. The store manager said he would take $80 off a computer priced at $279.99. I purchased the computer and immediately set it up at home.

I went to the Best Buy Site and checked the price of the computer. It was on sale for $249.99 so I feel like the store manager lied about the $80 off. He also said he would give me an additional $20 off but never did. I was lied to by the Geek Squad and lied to by the store \manager. i will probably still buy items from Best Buy but you can be assured it will never be with the blind trust that I had before. I no longer consider Best Buy to be a reputable company.

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