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I wanted to leave Vodafone as the signal quality had been reduced in quality, firstly they admitted they had a problem and asked me to be patient as works were being done. After a month there was no improvement and so they agreed I could end my contract with cost. A date was chosen and communicated for me to move to Three. The date came and went and neither phone had been released from the network and so I was left without a phone for the next few days. Eventually after many phone calls one of the phones was ported over.

The other was not for weeks and they decided at this point I now owed them money for ending the contract early. They released the other phone and I heard no more then threatened weeks later to take me to court should I not pay these several hundred pounds. Not wanting to go to court I paid it but asked why the original operator said the contract could be ended without cost as there was no network available. I'd asked them to make a note of this but was later told the operator shouldn't have offered that and then the notes had disappeared all together. Vodafone are liars with poor quality staff in there Indian call centers and thieves of my money!


Last month of contract. Request pak code and inform moving to EE. Pak code provided and later used. Was told just to pay up outstanding amount on contract which did do. Then receive bill for early termination £181. Phoned and told will waive. Month later get bill again.


Vodafone pissed me about to the extent that I left. You took money from me for services I didn't request or receive. When I left my account was in credit. I spent over 40 minutes on 2 occasions with your useless call centre to be told that the money would be back in my account the next day and its never been received.


I smashed my phone and requested the upgrade I was entitled to. I received my new phone and they told me in 24 hours the number would transfer. Nothing happened. A month later I'm still waiting. I've been in the shop six times, and been told countless times that in 24 hours it would start working. I've lost all hope. On my latest visit, I was asked 'what are your options?' by the staff. Completely shocking customer service. And still no working phone!


The WORST WORST WORST company ever, all the team members are so rude and try to pass the blame around, asked for a manager to respond to me, advised they would.. never heard from them, asked for a complaints number 'sorry we do not have a complaints department. So What happened? I started my contract in August and asked them to keep my number the same as my previous phone, they advised this would be done, a couple of months down the line and my friends have been advising me they are texting my phone but someone with the same number keeps responding advising that it is not me.

Spoke to the tech support team, (who laughed at me and told me that shes leaving in 45 minutes) who advised I should speak to apple, I advised that it is not my imessages what are the problem, however I did as requested who then advised that this not their problem but to reset my apple ID - I did so and now I cannot even send Imessages - So i am paying for a service I am not getting along with what I see a big breach in data protection. Today I have received a text advising that my phone is not the lead phone on my account - when I don't have any other phones - the live chat function is ridiculous as they do not know what to respond with and just pass on to another team for me to keep going around in circles.


I accidentally over my vodafone phone bill on Saturday 20 March by £100. I rang on 20 March and advised them what I had done and was told to call back on 23 March when the money would be on my vodafone account and ask for a refund. I did this and was told it would take 7 working days to be processed and the money should be in my account then. I called again on 2 April to be told that no one confirmed my bank details therefore the refund hadn;t take place. I gave my bank details and was told this would take 7 working days to be processed. I had an on line chat with someone @ vodafone to complain a couple of days later and was told that my refund paperwork had been raised again and would be processed but that it was a bank holiday so it would take a bit longer to go through and I was given £15 as a goodwill gesture for the issues/inconvenience. I had to ask for this several times before it was given to me.. I was told that the money would be in my bank account on 10 April. So having checked the bank to see still no refund from Vodafone I called again and was told the money had been refunded and was sitting against my vodafone account...i was also told that in order to refund the money to my bank account it would take as requested on 2 April that 10 days wouldn't be up until 13th to 16 April so the money would be in my account then,after a long discussion and reiteration from myself that the money was already in the vodafone account and NOT in my bank account as requested by me on 20 March I was told that an urgent email will be sent to a manager asking him to approve the refund to my bank account. This would take 72 hours to be read and processed by said manager and I could then expect a refund in my bank account around about the 28 April. I requested more compensation and was told I've had all I am allowed to have on the claim and that I would have to wait for the money to come through. I was also told I could contact my bank and ask them to complete an indemnity claim which would take between 3 to 5 days to go through. Contacting my back I was told an indemnity claim cannot be made as the payee is not unknown and that I needed to go back to vodafone to get my money back....I am going round in circles here. I know I made the mistake to start with but I took action as soon as I had done it to claim my money back and Vodafone are being difficult and unhelpful and are fobbing me off and are refusing to refund my money. I also cannot cancel my contract as I have to pay the cancellation fee even though I said I wasn't going to pay it Vodafone refused to cancel my contract..... Please can someone help me???


they are no table to help on roaming service .. without informing keeping on hold .. no English speaking people . even if you select English they will speak in Hindi ... no escalation matrix .. they don't transfer to manager if you ask .. they disconnected my call 2 times .. no knowledge on domain .. poor communication skill .. not able to solve the problem

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