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I was in France from Mid Dec to Nid Jan - last 2 days - no data roaming. I'm heading to the USA mid Feb and I want to know what the issue is? 22.01 Called on to enquire as to what the issue could be, 1st operative didn't think there was an issue as long as I could make calls. worst customer service person I have ever spoke to. Finally got put through to Customer relations - Hannah - helpful - was supposed to come back to me on the Monday with info form technical team and info as to status of my account as "Feel at Home " is only valid for 60 days in a year. I asked for clarification as to the current usage on my account.

No phone call - Phoned them on 01.02.16 - spoke to Kenneth - he was stroppy and unhelpful and surmised that the issue could be with "Feel at Home" account but couldn't check and didn't think it was necessary. Phoned again on 02.02.16 spoke to Barry -, there was no record on my account of any request being made for this situation. There does not seem to be an easy way to access this information which I find bewildering considering they say that your account can be auto blocked if you have gone over your allowance of 60 days. I now have to wait 72 hours for this information. To be fair Barry has been the most helpful so far but after what must be around 3 hours of conversation with 3 I am no further forward.

They are a a complete shambles.


Hi I have been a sim only customer of yours for nearly a year I upgraded to a contract last week and I received my new Samsung Galaxy handset on Friday I only really looked at the phone pre openly yesterday as I have been busy.

When I took the protective screen off of the phone I noticed A very fine hair line crack on the screen. I phoned customer services this morning and explained I then just got transferred to the insurance team they then transferred me back to the customer service team they then transferred me to handset swap out team who then transferred me the technical support team this took nearly an hour.

However despite all this I was told that because I did not report the fault in 24 hours there was nothing you could do i find this incredible as its something that you would not notice immediately the crack is so fine but at the end of the day it's faulty so I should get a replacement if this is not honoured I believe i am still in my rights to cancel my agreement.


Terrible customer service. I was in London and got a temporary phone ot use for a few months while there on business. My phone died and I spent an hour on hold waiting for customer support!

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