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Why is it there has been no home phone connection for nearly a week? Our neighbors are experiencing the same issue. I am running a business and how can I do this if there is no way customers can reach me or I can`t reach them? Mobile service is pathetic in our area and cant even rely on that. What if I need emergency services to attend. Am I or a family member going to be able ring for help? NO. Every time NBN is worked on something goes wrong and the internet SLOWS down to basically nothing. I am not getting what I paid for and quite frankly, should be billing Telstra for loss of business. This is becoming a more frequent issue and am over it. Peoples lively hood and lives are at stake. FIX IT please.


order Number 000450000169610
I want to make a coplaint about the change over of the phones on my lease plan where nothing was said to me about the defect of one of the change over phone from a samsung 7 to the samsung 9plus until I received the my next account statement which was twice as high than my normal bill,and when i enquired about the amount i was informed it was about the insurance to one of the phones.
As i have said nothing was mentioned to me about the phone at the time and if it was i would have kept the phone as the phone to me looked and worked perfect to my needs it was only the time that I had to do the change over on the Lease plan ive got with you.
I'm reqesting that someone from telstra looks into this for me as i have paid the bill which was late as i still havnt been able to sort this problem out and dont want to be charged more for and error made by telstra staff ????
I would like either a refund for the phone or the phone handed back to me????
If either of thesee are unsusseful I'm prepared to make CONTACT WITH THE COMMUNICATIONS OBUDSMAN To resolve this simple matter.


On about Monday this week an upgrade was processed in the Microsoft Office. Ever since that time we receive two or three copies of emails from our service provider Telstra (Bigpond). This has never happened before. We seem to get two copies of the same email, but if one deleted an unread copy then we get a 3rd copy. I have to say it does not happen with all mails. What changed in the software and how can we return to a normal state?


I continue to read more and more negative customer feedback online about Telstra. Is there a management change coming at the corporate HQ?


2 of our clients - holiday home owners - have been told that they cannot get an ADSL connection because the exchanges in Kewarra Beach and Freshwater are full. Has Telstra given up on its customers since it was paid out outrageously by our stupid government for access to its copper lines? How can it not take on new customers? Surely, part of the deal of privatization was to service Australian's telecom needs?

My business is based in Edmonton. We stiil have a way to go before we will be connected to the NBN. Meanwhile my ADSL service gets slower and slower. Obviously more people are using the internet now than 5 years ago but surely Telstra should be keeping pace with demand. Individual demand is also increasing because of the downloading of movies and TV shows via Netflix and others.

Telstra appears to have given up on servicing its customers. They have been paid by the government and the attitude appears to be to be that we are no longer the concern of Telstra. We just have to stew and wait for the NBN.


Ongoing issues - asked bill amount got told I was in excess credit of -$348, they would not honor this despite hours spent on the chat, gave me a 'discount' - ongoing errors on bill EVERY month- asked 4 months ago for Telstra Platinum to be cancelled, still not done- this is due to charging $15 per month to use the service and wait times on phone are often over 50 minutes despite paying a Platinum fee. - cancellation fee for sim card (mobile broadband) I never used- had it sent to me as a 'bonus' with a bundle then started getting charged to have it monthly (I never requested it in the first place). Got charged $99 fee for cancellation of this same service.

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